The Demigod Exploited Their Small Brains

I often wonder why people lie when they know that, given time and probing, the truth will eventually uncover them as total losers. When former Attorney Generals Jefferson Sessions and William Barr were questioned by the press this weekend about investigations, subpoenas and spying on members of the press, Congress and Donald Trump’s own inner circle, both men said they didn’t know what occurred. Are they lying or is there really a deep state with its hands on the levers of power at the Justice Department?

It won’t be long before we know more, but I thought I would throw out a few ideas here. First, we might be uncovering an abuse of power by the 45th President that has far reaching consequences. Did Trump have a lower-level prosecutor and/or judge in his pocket who signed orders, issued subpoenas and passed that information to the President without the top leadership of the Justice Department knowing? Former A.G. Alberto Gonzales said it’s unlikely that Sessions and Barr did not know about these cases. It seems obvious to me that either Barr, or his Deputy A.G. Rod Rosenstein, kept the gag order intact.

Bill Barr Thinking

While mass shootings are plaguing America, we are forced to consider the fact that Donald Trump was much worse than any left-wing website ever claimed. If the President of the United States was spying on the press, members of Congress and even his own lawyer then perhaps Susan Collins, the Senator from Maine, can learn from it. The lesson is that Trump has a narcissistic and criminal mind, and he will never change, Susan.

The plot was perfect. Jeff Sessions, one of the first members of Congress to endorse Donald Trump for president, wanted to be the Attorney General. Trump gave him the position, but right after an investigation was launched into Russian interference in the 2016 Election, Sessions recused himself from the probe, and rightfully so. After all, he worked on the Trump campaign and had a legal obligation to remove himself from the investigation. Trump blew up and kept bullying and belittling Sessions in public. This made Sessions vulnerable to his own desires to please the President. He was perhaps manipulated and pushed to get more involved in the investigation than he admitted. Sessions was the A.G. when these subpoenas were issued by the DOJ, and if he didn’t order them then who did? Should be easy to find out.

William Barr appeared before Congress and was asked by Kamala Harris whether anyone from the White House asked him to open an investigation. Under oath, he cloaked his answer by saying there might have been discussions but not orders. Barr and Session must be brought to Congress and sworn in to testify in detail what actually took place. If the Attorney General and the Deputy A.G. didn’t know about a major investigation, then who did? I sense that Barr lied to Congress when he was asked about investigations and requests.

Sessions also lied to Senator Al Franken and Harris in a hearing about whether he met with Russians during the Trump campaign. He said he got confused and wasn’t sure what they were asking. Now he claims he cannot remember whether he approved data dumps from Apple. He cannot remember about a gag order he asked the judge in the case to approve? Something is rotten in Denmark.

I’ll stop short of calling both Barr and Sessions liars, but they certainly appear to be in love or in fear of Donald Trump. They wouldn’t even take credit for protecting the country from whatever amazingly deep and dark national security threat that required invading the privacy of Americas. I’m reminded of the time Barr said it wasn’t “tear gas” but pepper pellets that his security forces used to “clear protesters” in Lafayette Park. You fat, hair splittin’ jagoff! The damage to the eyes, noses and throats of those peaceful protesters is the same. Stop fabricating a diversion from truth.

Before the release of the Mueller Report, William Barr decided to protect Donald Trump by saying that the report exonerated 45, when it didn’t say that at all. Barr attempted to obstruct justice, and now we have caught him and Sessions breaking policies at the very least and perhaps being guilty of violating the civil rights of American citizens. It’s time we hold accountable the perpetrators of these injustices.

This story is moving at the speed of light. It all started with leaks, but light travels faster than water. We have this late breaking story from the financial news network, CNBC, “John Demers is leaving his post as head of the Justice Department’s national security division within two weeks.” It seems that Demers was the person who oversaw the investigations into the leaks during the Trump administration.

All the secret subpoenas, draconian gag orders and illicit surveillance by the White House will now be put under a microscope. Current Attorney General Merrick Garland said this today, “As I stated during my confirmation hearing, political or other improper considerations must play no role in any investigative or prosecutorial decisions.” Okay, but will you arrest someone who had your job in the past?

I would like to see Congress take a secret vote on whether Trump should be allowed to run for any federal office. It would be the ultimate censure should the orange boy be rebuffed and barred from holding office ever again. It would also be a tremendous first step in repairing America and relieving the pressure on Republicans to kowtow to Donald John Trump. It’s time to put America first and forget about the loser big mouth on the golf course.


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Should We Take Matt Gaetz Seriously?

I have always disliked two kinds of people. One is a person who relishes kicking a guy when he’s down and the other is a person who has inherited his affluence and power and misuses them to abuse people. I am not describing Donald John Trump, although he is guilty as charged, I am talking about the Representative of the Congressional 1st District of Florida, Matt Gaetz.

A while ago I suggested here that we should use the popular “cancel culture” to cast off young Matthew, but ultimately decided that was a foolish idea because it would probably give us another like Marjorie Taylor Greene. But let’s focus on Rep. Gaetz and who he is.

Gaetz was born in Hollywood, Florida in 1982, making him 38 years of age. He grew up in a house that was used in the film The Truman Show. As of 2018, his parents still lived in that Seaside, Florida house. A sign on their white picket fence reads, “the Truman house” but it has nothing to do with Harry Truman.

How did Matt get so powerful so fast? Well, that’s where his father Don Gaetz comes in. See, old Don was immensely powerful in Florida politics. He served in the Florida Legislature from 2006 to 2014 and during some of those years he was the President of the Florida Senate. Don sent his son to Florida State for a B.S. degree, then Matthew attended the College of William and Mary where he got a law degree.

Young Gaetz worked at a law firm in Fort Walton Beach, Florida which is near his home in Pensacola. His old man groomed him for the family business and Matt started his political career at age 25. He represented the 4th district in the Florida House of Representatives from 2010 to 2016, when he was elected to the US House of Representatives, where he’s been reelected two times since.

Gaetz became a supreme Donald Trump fanboy. Documentaries have shown him calling Trump at all times of the night and day to give him pep talks, advice and major ego stroking. I’ve always viewed the Trump/Matt relationship as a father/son situation. Remember, Matt’s father’s name is Donald and, while I am not a shrink, I think Matthew’s desire and efforts to please the Donald would be a great topic for a psyche class term paper.

When US Representative Liz Cheney voted to impeach Donald Trump, Matt felt he needed to protect his father, ah, I mean, his “president.” Gaetz traveled to Wyoming to be part of an Anti-Liz Cheney event and a small part of my brain whispered, “He better be careful.” You see, Liz Cheney’s father is the Dick, as in Dick Cheney, who has a soft spot for his daughter and will protect her in all ways at every turn. Now here’s a quick backstory. Not only was Dick Cheney, George W. Bush’s VP, but for years he ran the CIA and then worked for Haliburton. He’s the best example of a “deep state” you could find in America.

In a statement sent to Insider, Matt Gaetz’ office said that, “Over the past several weeks, my family and I have been victims of an organized criminal extortion involving a former DOJ official seeking $25 million while threatening to smear my name. We have been cooperating with federal authorities in this matter and my father has even been wearing a wire at the FBI’s direction to catch these criminals.” Okay, so Mr. Gaetz confirmed the investigation but deflected to a claim of extortion. First, if he’s involved in some kind of sting operation why the hell is he talking about it?

Next, he’s going on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show to explain things? I’ll get to Tucker, but let’s back up a bit. Matt Gaetz is no stranger to controversy. Remember that he wore a gasmask in Congress to poke fun at Covid-19. There have also been some ethics inquiries into him.

In June 2020, following an argument with then-Representative Cedric Richmond, Gaetz said he had been living with a 19-year-old immigrant from Cuba, Nestor Galbán, since Galbán was 12 and he considers Nestor to be his son. Later he clarified that Galbán is the brother of an ex-girlfriend and that Galbán spends time with his sister, with Gaetz’ family and with Gaetz. In 2017, Gaetz called Galbán “my helper.”

In December 2020, Gaetz announced his engagement to his girlfriend Ginger Luckey. She’s the sister of major Republican donor Palmer Luckey, who was the founder of Oculus, a virtual reality company. So, punk, are you feeling lucky? December 2020 is also when the probe by the William Barr Department of Justice was opened into Gaetz, who allegedly had sex with a minor and engaged in sex-trafficking. He admitted on Tucker Carlson’s show that he flew a young lady to Washington.

Here’s another tidbit from USA Today. In late 2017 Gaetz was the only member of the House to vote against a bill allowing the Department of Transportation to assist in combating human trafficking. Gaetz argued that he was against expansion of the federal government, which seems like a lame reason to me.

Tucker & Gaetz

Now here’s where today’s news gets weird. According to the Washington Post, Gaetz said to Tucker Carlson, “You and I went to dinner about two years ago, your wife was there, and I brought a friend of mine, you’ll remember her.” Matthew connected that friend to an ongoing Justice Department investigation saying that the woman had been “threatened by the FBI” and told “she could face trouble” if she didn’t confess to authorities that Gaetz was involved in a “pay-for-play scheme.” I don’t know how many FBI questioning sessions Mr. Gaetz is aware of, but generally the agents give you a standard warning that if you lie to an FBI agent it can be used against you in court.

Then, live on-air, Carlson took on an appearance of stunned astonishment and said, “I don’t remember the woman you are speaking of or the context at all, honestly.” At the end of Matt’s appearance Carlson seemed to distance himself from the Gaetz tale by saying, “That was one of the weirdest interviews I’ve ever conducted.” Okay, Carlson didn’t want to be used, how rare for him.

Something is going on with Gaetz. He’s been alienated by many of the old guard Republicans in Congress, even though they won’t publicly admit it, and several news outlets are reporting that Gaetz has expressed doubts about seeking reelection in 2022. The word on the street is he’s considering a job at the conservative media outlet Newsmax, which would be a good landing if this investigation doesn’t lead to charges.

I live in Florida and have little to no respect for Matt Gaetz. He seems to be a pathological liar, just like his hero Trump, and I cannot understand why anyone would take him seriously. The problem with “made men” and what we used to call “lucky sperm” in business is that Daddy can protect for only so long and their assumed power can be taken away at any time, especially after making a big mistake. We need to know more about Gaetz’ relationship with Nestor Galbán and we certainly should hear from the 17 year-old young woman. I’m not out to cancel Matt Gaetz. I just want him to be honest and transparent, you know, like the glass house he lives in.

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Asian hate, another challenge in the matrix

I am not naïve to the ways of the world, but at times I must be reminded of what is really going on. There has always been a notion of “US” and “THEM,” and it started when Europeans first came to North America. We were THEM in that equation and the natives were US. They were here first, but we overpowered the locals, took all their land and then became US.

The Orchids of Asia Day Spa is located in a strip mall in the small, town of Jupiter on Florida’s east coast. According to the magazine Vanity Fair, “Orchids charged $59 for a half hour massage and $79 for a full hour. Like many spas in the United States, it’s staffed by women of Asian descent.” Stand by, this will play into today’s story of white male privilege, sexual needs and the belittling of women.

Jupiter, Florida

I’ve had only one professional massage in my life, a gift from a business associate. The masseuse was a muscular, masculine woman and when I entered the room, she asked me, “Clothes on, or clothes off?” I took off my clothes and she handed me a large bath towel. It was an exhilarating non-sexual session. Her large, strong hands rubbed the stress out of every muscle in my body. I tipped her and thanked her for her work. Not all massages go this way.

Now, back to the Orchids of Asia Day Spa. With a strongly worded warrant, a holdover from 9-11 inspired Patriot Act, the local cops expanded surveillance to dig deeper into what was happening there. It didn’t take them long to figure out that the place was involved in sex trafficking and prostitution. To bust the place under Florida law, the cops needed to prove that their customers were getting special treatment, which meant collecting evidence and arresting men who were paying for sex services. Guess who turned up in the dirty laundry?

Police surveillance video at the Orchids showed Robert Kraft, the 78-year-old owner of the New England Patriots, visited the spa on the afternoon of January 19, 2019 and bought the complete package of services from one of the workers. That made the woman a “sex worker” and it made him a “john” and he was charged as such. Now here’s where white male privilege comes in. According to NBC News, Palm Beach County prosecutors lost a key court decision that led to the court tossing the video of Kraft allegedly soliciting a woman at the spa. State Attorney David Aronberg said, “Although there was probable cause to make an arrest, the evidence cannot prove all legally required elements of the crime alleged and is insufficient to support a criminal prosecution.” Kraft dodged a bullet in the same county that let Jeffrey Epstein off the hook. The billionaire would have been forced to sell his football team had he been convicted of the crime.

Each state has their own laws regarding prostitution. While there are some federal laws which cover sex trafficking and other nefarious sex-related activities, for the most part sex offenses are a local issue. On December 23, 1959, rock and roll star Chuck Berry was arrested in St. Louis, Missouri. He was subsequently convicted under the Mann Act, also known as the “White-Slave Traffic Act of 1910.” It criminalizes the transportation across state lines of “any woman or girl for the purpose of prostitution or debauchery, or for any other immoral purpose.” The Mann Act, passed in June 1910, was named after Illinois Congressman James R. Mann and that “white-slave” part of the description was exactly how people spoke back then.

In some cases, sex work is regulated by specific counties. Nevada is the only state where prostitution is legally permitted, but it’s strictly confined to brothels that operate in isolated rural areas, far from the bright lights of the strip. There, stripping is allowed and regulated. When I heard about the terrible shootings in Atlanta this week, I wondered just how many day spas exist there.

There appear to be dozens! I lived in Atlanta for more than twenty years and during my time there strip clubs were the rage. They had names like “Gold Club” and “The Cheetah (I, II & III)” which, as I remember, served a fantastic free-range chicken dish. In 2001, the owner of the Gold Club, Steve Kaplan, pleaded guilty to one count of racketeering and was sentenced to a three-to five-year prison sentence and charged a five million dollar fine. The federal government took over the Gold Club temporarily, you know, just to see how strip clubs operated.

I was appalled when I heard Captain Jay Baker of the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office discuss the Atlanta spa crimes and certain facts about the alleged shooter this week. Why would a law enforcement officer provide so much information about an open investigation? This is what he said about the 21-year-old man who essentially admitted to shooting eight people, “He was pretty much fed up and kind of at the end of his rope. Yesterday was a really bad day for him and this is what he did.” It seemed more like Baker was having a bad day when he produced that incredibly tone-deaf statement. Why was he allowed to speak at all?

According to the Washington Post, Capt. Baker’s Facebook Page promoted a T-shirt saying the novel coronavirus was “IMPORTED VIRUS FROM CHY-NA.” The more than 250,000 people who live in Cherokee County deserve better.

Jay Baker & Alleged Shooter

Let’s not forget that one-time president and full-time loser Donald John Trump railed against China, blamed them for the pandemic and then taunted CBS’s Asian American reporter Weijia Jiang when she asked him why he was calling it the Wuhan flu. When Weijia pressed him for an answer, Trump abruptly ended the press conference. In case you forgot, here’s how it went, “Why does that matter?” asked the reporter who was born in China and came to the US at the age of two. “Why is this a global competition when, every day, Americans are still losing their lives?” Trump barked, “They’re losing their lives everywhere in the world. And maybe that’s a question you should ask China. Don’t ask me, ask China that question, OK?” The president called on another reporter, but she forcefully interjected: “Sir, why are you saying that to me, specifically?” Trump replied, “I am not saying it specifically to anybody. I am saying it to anybody who would ask a nasty question like that.” Then, he walked away, Scott free. Robert Kraft also got to walk away from his problem.

I think Captain Baker was planting a seed of doubt in day spa murder case. It’s an old trick. Woody Allen pulled it when he was first accused, get out front and make your case first. Attorney General William Barr did it with the Mueller report. Speak out before anyone else and build a defense for bad deeds. Create an excuse or a smoke screen. Defend the accused before you know all the facts. The matrix was designed by men, for men, and I’ll add white men.

Mayor Keisha Lance-Bottoms

We all should admire the woman who stood up and told the truth, a strong black woman who happens to be the Mayor of Atlanta. She quickly declared she would not condone “victim blaming” in the spa shootings. During a press conference, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms responded to a reporter’s question about the type of spas that were targeted in three shootings, perhaps alluding to Jay Baker’s statement that the shooting suspect said he had a sexual addiction. She heard what Baker said, she analyzed it, and she offered a smart statement to rebuke the attempted defense of a murderer. IHMO, when the police defend those who kill, we are doomed to anarchy.

So, a man worth $6.9 billion gets a hand job from an Asian woman in Jupiter Florida, gets caught and then she goes to jail. What’s up with that? I guess Robert Kraft is addicted to sex and anything he does for self-gratification is okay. It might be time to investigate Jay Baker and see what he has in his closet. The bad habits of men will probably never go away, but when does the hate end? We have a major problem when a kid from Woodstock Georgia kills those he exploits as a solution to HIS problem. Robert Aaron Long needs to stand trial and, if convicted, go to jail for a long time. I am sure the psychiatric treatment centers in the Georgia prison system will help him. Maybe Captain Baker can donate some of his salary to improving the quality of healthcare in the local prisons. This is a terrible crime and a bad time to be an idiot. The press never sleeps.


The book that tells it like it is…

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Stop Cooking the Political Petri Dish 

I learned a few things in my high school chemistry classes. In those days, almost every element had been found, classified and named. We were taught how salt, sugar, light, heat, oxygen and motion affected certain substances. We were taught that a virus or bacteria depended on nourishment to thrive and grow. It was all so logical. Living things need fuel.

Donald Trump is like a germ, virus or bacterium eating away at democracy. I wonder what he has against our form of government, which is fundamentally our way of life? That’s likely a question that can’t be answered, but there’s a basic truth about a germ growing in a petri dish. As long as the lid remains closed, it is controlled.

The Donald is given a lot of oxygen every day. I myself give him too much time, effort and air. Most of the energy I expend on him is polluted with negativity stemming from the absurdity we have all suffered through these past four years. We must cut off this dangerous demigod’s air supply to escape his outlandish lies and pitiful but painful plans.

If we are to believe the media, Trump recently had several screaming meetings in the Oval Office with the damaged brains of Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani to plot the overthrow of elections in those states that voted against him. It’s unbelievable that these seditious fools urged little Donnie to declare martial law and use the military to somehow force re-dos of the 2020 elections in certain states. I think we all are ready for a new President. Hey Trump, it’s not fucking golf, it’s democracy. This is no game for cheaters.

We need to stop talking about Donald Trump. It’s time to deny him the light and oxygen he so desperately needs. Let’s cut off the free TV exposure and the free newspaper coverage. A one term president is a loser because either they did a terrible job or no one cared about them in the first place.

Michael Flynn’s vision of America is perverted and sick. Both he and Trump believe they are above the law. Flynn asserts that the military can solve any problem and their power should not be checked by a level-headed chief executive, Congress or the Judiciary. These two bozos are true enemies of the people.

Attorney General Willian Barr’s final press conference was highly interesting. He placed the bow on his office’s investigation into the 1988 terrorist downing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Scotland, an act that killed 243 people. Barr announced new charges against those involved, but he didn’t stop there. He used the platform of the press conference to pitch a percussive punch squarely on Donald Trump’s jaw.

Mr. Barr dismissed any notion that a Special Prosecutor is needed in either Trump’s election fraud fantasy or the financial matters of Hunter Biden. He stated neither issue violated federal law, perhaps clarifying these things for us because he’s feeling guilty about the way he rolled out the Mueller Report.

Someone will be in charge at the Department of Justice for the next 29 days, but it’s unlikely that agency will mount any effort to use its power as a weapon for the outgoing President. After all, it was the rank and file of the department who told Barr it would be a waste of taxpayers’ money to pursue action related to the election or Hunter Biden.

As for Trump, it’s clear that even Fox News is running out of conspiracies to spray across the petri dish to help the fat man grow more scum to overthrow the people’s will. They can talk about Hunter Biden and voting machines all they want, but democracy is stronger than dogma.

The Trump campaign and Donald’s personal attorneys attacked two technology companies. Rudy Giuliani alleged that Dominion Voting Systems had fudged vote results in “Michigan, Arizona and Georgia and other states.” Giuliani tweeted that Dominion “was a front for SMARTMATIC, who was really doing the computing. Look up SMARTMATIC and tweet me what you think?” Well, I did look it up and what I found was rather stunning. Dominion is a Canadian/America company that makes voting machines. Smartmatic is a competitor of Dominion and both firms are now considering legal action against Rudy’s false claims.

According to the New York Times, “Dominion sells its services to about 1,900 of the county governments that administer elections across America” but Smartmatic hasn’t worked in any US election since 2007. Both companies have commissioned their lawyers to send letters to Trump attorneys and the campaign, as well as pro-Trump media outlets Fox News, One America News Network, and Newsmax. A good chunk of the money Trump has bilked out of his loyal fans during his stolen election flim-flam will probably go to these companies when they win their lawsuits, which would be a victory of sorts.

Alabama Representative Mo Brooks and that state’s newly minted Senator Tommy Tuberville will come to Washington on January 6, 2021 to witness the counting of Electoral College votes. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will vigorously condemn Brooks and Tuberville should they disrupt the process in any way. It would be great if both leaders would refuse to seat both Brooks and Tuberville, but Nancy and Mitch won’t do that because they cannot claim to want “regular order” while doing something so irregular.

And the news from last night was another indication that everything about Donald Trump is a lie. Last night the President of the United States pardoned convicted cronies. war criminals and political operatives. So much for that claim he’s the “law and order” President. Trump wanting some attention got it by pissing on the long-hard fought COVID relief bill, that included keeping the government running. Demanding changes after it was debated and passed by Congress and threating to veto the bill, Trump showed how disconnected he is from his party, Capital Hill and his own staff, who were surprised by his negative video.

Through science, we know that slime seems to use a form of logic when it grows in the lab or in the wild. It avoids salty things and moves toward natural sugars. Certain bacteria will die if they come into contact with salt. When you see a rusted out car, you can be certain it had a confrontation with salt, and the salt won. We need to pour salt onto those wounds our loser President is nursing.

We have a known antidote for Donald Trump. It’s cutting off his oxygen and giving truth some air. We must stop listening to him and reporting about him. Most importantly, we must stop believing him. I would much prefer our only knowledge of the man to be a grainy photo of him and other half-nude, overweight world tyrants sitting together somewhere on a desolate beach. Okay, barf, but it’s come down to this. Let’s isolate from Donald John Trump and vaccinate ourselves to protect against any further damage by this destructive egotist and needy narcissist. It’s time to kill the scum and throw away the petri dish in which it grew.

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Trump Puppet Pence Attacks and Attracts

Vice Presidential debates are fun events that usually have no bearing on the outcome of a presidential election. People are far more interested in the candidates for president, although this year the VP debates gave us a chance to see the “next in line” of two presidential candidates who are over 74 years of age.

There are many great quotes about the position of Vice President, like this one from our 32nd Vice President John Nance Garner, the position is “not worth a bucket of warm piss” and “the worst damn fool mistake I ever made.” If you’ve never heard his name, I guess he was right. And who can forget this Johnny Carson line, “Democracy means that anyone can grow up to be president, and anyone who doesn’t grow up can be vice president.” That’s funny, unless you happen to be the Vice President.

The vice presidency became more than an interim position on the way to the Oval Office when aggressive people like Dick Cheney and, I will add, Joe Biden used the unwritten power to get their way. Biden handled the recovery for his boss Barack Obama after the 2008 financial crisis, while Dick Cheney managed to trick George W. Bush into a war. The VP is also the president of the Senate, which gives them little work but much importance when a vote is tied. They get to break the tie.

Fly on the Veep

In last night’s debate, Mike Pence donned the same bully cloak Donald Trump wore in his debate with Biden. Pence seemed more polite but, as we say in radio, he is a real MIC HOG. There was only one debate participant that understood the two-minute limit, and that was THE FLY on Mike Pence’s head. Surely you heard about, or saw, a rather large, black fly land on Pence’s bright, white head. It stayed on camera for a full two-minutes.

When I was a kid, I spent some time on a farm and one of the gross realities is that where there is cow crap, there are flies. I’m sure all the bull crap that flew out of the Vice President’s mouth last night attracted that insect to him. Let’s face it, the nation saw a black-on-white crime, but I was disappointed that Senator Kamala Harris didn’t point it out on live TV. Maybe those plexiglass shields kept her from seeing the fly on the wall, I mean head.

The Pence attack on Biden related to the mysterious swine flu breakout was patently lame and predictable. In case you forgot, the US faced a swine flu global pandemic in 2009-2010; they always last at least two years. The World Health Organization and our CDC estimated the US toll at 60.8 million illnesses, 273,304 hospitalizations and 12,469 deaths. The indecipherable, illogical claim of Donald Trump is that if Obama were president during the COVID pandemic, there would have been millions killed. Of course, our Idiot in Chief and his Vice Puppet Pence provide no evidence or reasoning for this inane claim.

The President’s bleat of “Don’t fear the virus,” coupled with his claim that 12,469 American swine flu deaths was a total failure, makes the 211,000 COVID deaths a catastrophe of epic proportions. Trump’s claim that the seasonal flu kills just as many people as the coronavirus is false information which also undermines his misrepresentation that the Obama / Biden team did a bad job.

I hate to be dogmatic, but if we had only12,000 or even 30,000 coronavirus deaths, I would say that Trump did a good job, but we are currently above 211,000. Trump and Pence have been blind, deaf and dumb on the global pandemic. The term “unhinged” doesn’t even begin to describe the stupidity and ignorance our “leaders” dish out.

So, do we want more derangement, unbalance, witlessness and idiocy for another four years, or have we had enough? The morning after the Pence / Harris debate, the big, orange pumpkin went on Fox News and called Kamala Harris a “monster” and a “communist.” Really? Trump’s narcissistic personality disorder and his mind addled with the effects of dexamethasone, a steroid we took to cram for finals in college, is pushing the Trump train off the rails.

Harris must have gotten under the Donald’s skin last night because he’s spending lots of time, energy and political capital attacking her. Trump is now threatening that he’s going back on the campaign trail! Really? Until the President’s doctor releases all the results of his COVID tests, no one should go near the man. And until Trump releases his tax returns, no one should vote for him.

This just in, according to NBC News, “President Donald Trump required personnel at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to sign nondisclosure agreements last year before they could be involved with treating him.” Really, don’t they work for the taxpayers?

We know that Pence is a religious zealot saddled with the usual trappings of signs from a higher power. So, consider this. The best-known mythological spirit associated with the negative symbolism of flies, is Beelzebub. A popular nickname for this devil is “lord of flies,” and he can be depicted both in human form as a fallen angel or as a demonic-appearing fly. My best suggestion to Mike Pence is head to church now, and Karen Pence, get thee to a nunnery!

Former Trump Fan

Mike Pence wants to tell you, especially you women, that he knows what’s best for you. He wants to control your mind and your body. He wants to dictate to America his draconian values and his perversions of freedom. He’s the same person who didn’t let women vote for 144 years, who kept Africans as slaves for centuries and who now is actively endorsing voter suppression to demolish our democracy.

The destruction has begun, but we have time for us to fix this. The fly can lay its eggs in the field of white privilege, but we can clean them up and move on. It’s time to throw these bums out of office along with the incompetent grifters they have put in place. This is my delete list for Biden. William Barr, fire and investigate. Mike Pompeo, replace and investigate. Stephen Miller, dismiss with a swift kick in the pants. Dr. Scott Atlas, cast out with a request that his medical license be revoked. Louis DeJoy, fire, investigate, arrest and charge. Betsy De Vos, fire and ban from all public schools for life. Finally, we come to Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Time will confirm, but Pence has so much Trump stink on him that he’s forever ruined in politics. As for Trump, let the Southern District of New York determine his crimes. The good news is that Biden will NEVER pardon him.

The book that tells it like it is…

Gold, God, Guns & Goofballs: If you only read one chapter of this book, try “Take a Knee for America” and think about our never-ending conflicts between minorities and the police. I’m not asking you to take a stand but having a deep and honest conversation about why some people think the way they do would be productive. This is a book for the moment which seeks to start a conservation about peace. And if you are worried about social media, you really should check out the chapter called “Social Media Menace.”

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Trump’s Disregard and Denigration of Truth

Where should we begin to cut into the infection that has weakened the body politic of America? I watched a brilliantly produced documentary on Netflix called The Social Dilemma. You can read about it here. After viewing, I wondered if there is a cure for our addiction to data regardless of its source. The video alleges that we are on a downward slope because of manipulation by social media. The highly heady show talks about the denigration of truth online, concluding it’s so severe that recovery from the infection of hype might not come for another generation, if ever.

You might think Donald Trump is the cause, but he’s not. Trump and his evil crew are just exploiting the free and open internet for sinister purposes. A friend of mine from another country was sorrowful about in his nation’s current leader. He said the whole country is in peril due to its leader’s lies and bad policies. I reminded him that his ruler won’t live forever, but that’s of little comfort while your rights are being taken away. Trump’s latest bold move to undo Chinese influence is attempting to ban Tik-Tok and Snapchat from US platforms. Now, it’s more than a trade war, it’s going to become a real info-war! Pun intended.

Dr. Robert Redfield

Trump claims he knows more than anyone else. How can that be? It’s clear that he knows precious little. He stood before the America public saying that Dr. Robert Redfield, his chosen head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), was mistaken when he told Congress his time estimates for delivering a COVID-19 vaccine to the world. Trump also disagreed with Redfield about the effectiveness of protective masks, which Redfield said could be even more helpful than a vaccine in combating the coronavirus. This blatant putdown of Redfield just hours after the CDC leader testified under oath was alarming. Consider the source, however. It’s the same clown who the night before said that the virus will go away without a vaccine. He claims we can recover with “herd mentality.” I’m sure he meant “herd immunity,” but, once again, we see a lack of worth in his words.

Trump’s selection of a phrase may have been a Freudian slip, referencing those Americans who are loyal to him to a fault. Herd mentality, mob mentality and pack mentality are all similar terms related to the lesser known concept of gang mentality, which is a mechanism allowing people to adopt certain behaviors when influenced by their peers on a largely emotional, rather than rational, basis. This is what we have with Trump.

This weekend the United States will cross the mark of 198,000 total people perishing because of the COVID-19 virus, and here’s our leader trying to pull off the old move along there’s nothing to see here routine. US Attorney General William Barr, now also Donald’s personal lawyer, has elevated himself to the role of decider regarding committed crimes, discarding the opinions of “younger” associates and lawyers in the Department of Justice. While Mr. Barr was pontificating about his assumed power, he also compared the pandemic’s stay-at-home orders to slavery. That certainly doesn’t speak to his knowledge of pain or slavery. One was free labor at the end of a rifle and the other is a public health effort to protect citizens of all races. One of the stupidest things said by anyone in government, ever.

On Thursday, September 17, 2020, Chad Wolf, the “acting” United States Secretary of Homeland Security, refused to show up at a Congressional hearing into threats to America. Wow, I guess this administration will not talk about anything bad until after the election. Isn’t it time for Congress to find the defiant Mr. Wolf in contempt and have the Sergeant at Arms arrest him? The good news is Christopher Wray, the Director of the FBI, did show and testified.

Chris Wray, FBI Director

We learned that military police used to clear the park near the White House for the President photo-op holding a Bible up in front of a church included a discussion of possibly using a “heat ray” weapon against citizens peacefully protesting racial injustice on that day. This is far more than a sinister perversion of justice and law enforcement; it’s the unconstitutional actions of a bad leader. Donald John Trump has broken his promise to protect the Constitution. He should be removed from office.

Herd immunity has been used during other global pandemics, but most experts believe use of that method, as Sweden did, would kill as many as two million people. So, when you hear Donald Trump pitching that method, know that he is asking you to die for his incompetence. We will forgive those of you under the spell of “herd mentality” should you come to your senses before voting on November 3rd.

If you don’t get truth after asking for it and chose to believe a jerk who admitted he wasn’t telling the truth in the first place, then you are the fool. The administration once discussed the possibility of having the USPS send millions of masks to US citizens to confront the virus. According to the Washington Post, “There was concern from some in the White House Domestic Policy Council and the office of the vice president that households receiving masks might create concern or panic.” So, rather than protect us they let us twist in the wind? If you ever wanted proof that the big, orange pumpkin doesn’t care about you, now you have it.

Trump’s disregard and denigration of truth is more than inexcusable. Trump has lived his life blaming others. When the shit eventually hits the fan, we will see our “leader” with a paste of waste on his face. The 45th President of the United States of America should be, and will be, blamed for his catastrophic policies on healthcare and the coronavirus. He’s truly a “killer president” and a damn lying leader.

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Trump’s Seditious Chaos Sowing

It’s all just a joke with Donald Trump. Imagine a preacher giving their Sunday sermon at the church pulpit and proclaiming that any woman who had the audacity to wear red is a whore. Not only would that cause much disdain throughout the congregation, but everyone in the sanctuary would be looking around to see what the attendees were wearing. When people in positions of authority say untrue or outrageous things, we sometimes accept them until we think about what they said.

Donald John Trump encouraged people to send in an absentee ballot and then go vote in person on Election Day, “Let them send it in and let them go vote, and if their system’s as good as they say it is, then obviously they won’t be able to vote. If it isn’t tabulated, they’ll be able to vote. That’s the way it is. And that’s what they should do.”

Voting twice in the same election is illegal and both President Trump and Attorney General William Barr know it. During an interview on CNN, Barr didn’t object to President Donald Trump’s statement that voters should cast two ballots this November. Bar expressed no outrage or dissent about Trump’s extreme suggestion. Barr said, “This is playing with fire. We’re a very closely divided country here. People trying to change the rules to this, to this methodology — which, as a matter of logic, is very open to fraud and coercion — is reckless and dangerous and people are playing with fire.”

William Barr is a disgrace to American justice. He doesn’t have the balls to stand up and tell the citizens of this country that VOTING TWICE IN AN ELECTION IS UNLAWFUL! To make matters worse, he’s the source of the Trump screed that mail-in voting is full of fraud. Having a loaded gun in your hand is extremely dangerous, but it’s not a “matter of logic” that merely holding a weapon will always lead to death. It’s wrong to demand that sick and vulnerable people risk their lives to vote. If I had a say in the matter, William Barr would be the first person I would fire in a new administration. His father gave us Jeffrey Epstein, and William gives us baskets of bullshit.

Donald Barr & Jeffrey Epstein

Barr went on to answer the question of what Trump was trying to say, “I don’t know exactly what he was saying, but it seems to me what he’s saying is, he’s trying to make the point that the ability to monitor this system is not good.” I am fed up with these feckless, fat assholes telling us how bad things are, but don’t have the brains or conviction to fix them. Listening to Barr could lead you to believe that his Justice Department is an arm of Trump’s campaign.

Continuing from the Trump playbook, Barr claimed, “I accept that there is some preliminary activity that suggests that they might try again. It wouldn’t surprise me if Russia tries something again of the same general genre before.” After that pronouncement, he added, “I believe it’s China, because I’ve seen the intelligence and that’s what I’ve concluded.” Following that, Barr declined to give more details.

I am sick and tired of William Barr, a non-elected head of the Department of Justice, spewing out his conclusions like he’s a judge. He’s an employee of the Executive Branch, but he acts more like the President’s personal lawyer.

Let me get this off my chest. When asked if Obama and Biden committed “treason” by “spying” on the Trump campaign in the lead-up to the 2016 election, the Attorney General of the United States said, “Well, treason is a legal term. I think he’s using it colloquially. To commit treason, you actually have to have a state of war with a foreign enemy. But I think he feels they were involved in an injustice. And if he feels that, he can say it.” No, No, No! If the top guy in the White House is saying that Biden committed “treason” without any charge or credible evidence, he’s attempting to hurt his opponent and not just riffing on the subject of law. Why can’t Barr just say the President shouldn’t use that term? Why did he give Trump a Get-Out-of-Jail card with the word, “colloquially?”

President Trump has said Barr could, “…go down as the greatest Attorney General in the history of our country, or he can go down as just an average guy. It depends on what’s going to happen.” While Barr wants the legal community to believe he’s doing his job in righteous ways, he uses terms like “spying” instead of surveillance, which is something the FBI does every day to Americans. Barr used the term, “Russia-gate thing” describing a fully functional and sanctioned investigation into Russian interference in our election by Robert Mueller. I concluded early on that William Barr was not a real Attorney General. He’s just another political appointee, operating in ways that clearly demonstrated he doesn’t have the American’s people’s back on the subject of “liberty and justice for all.”

Another conclusion that tumbled from his fat, bull-frog mouth is there is “no systemic racism” in America’s law enforcement agencies and police departments. William Barr admits that racism exists, and there are some police officers who might have racism in their souls, but he’s hung up on his own definition of racism. He’s trying to say there aren’t some built in racist polices, practices or procedures in the training of police officers and the exercising of their duties. He did admit that we have much work to do. What work would that involve? Making sure we know who the “bad cops” are and keeping them off the forces or in the streets with loaded guns. You see, if there isn’t a system to fairly, honestly and completely eradicate racists from law enforcement, then we have a systemic weakness. He admitted that in a roundabout way but did not say anything meaningful regarding those he oversees on the federal level.

Thinking ahead, I would love to have the next Attorney General be Preet Bharara. He was the US Attorney of the Southern District of New York before Trump fired him. Bharara is one of the only US attorneys to land a conviction during the housing and money scandal of the mid-2000s. It would then be great if new A.G. Bharara appointed another former SDNY US Attorney, Geoffrey Berman, to serve as special prosecutor in an investigation of the Trump administration. We the people need to know the depth of the corruption, who was involved and who should never hold any political office ever again. Hey, it may sound like LOCK HIM UP… but lots of Trump guys have already been jailed. Sue me if you like, but make sure you have a good attorney.

Finally, I’ll sew up this post. I voted early by mail in the Florida primary that was held on August 18, 2020. I was curious to know what would happen if I tried to vote again in person. I walked into my polling place and spoke with the folks there, explaining that I had already voted by mail and was curious what would happen if I tried to cast another vote here. They were very friendly and helpful, electronically running my driver’s license (one registers to vote in Florida when you get a license) and showing me that my vote had already been counted. They also directed me to a website where I could see if my vote was in the count for the future. You see, William Barr, you and all others who think Florida is unorganized and fraught with “logic-based” fraud are WRONG!

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Political Operative Ideolog A.G.

I respect most of the institutions of our government, but I never assume everyone nominated and confirmed to run those departments, commissions and agencies are honest or hold our citizens’ interests as a priority. Simply put, we have dishonest people in every walk of life, including government. It’s sad, but true.

When Donald John Trump was elected President, it wasn’t a great surprise that he nominated Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III as Attorney General of the United States of America. Sessions was the first member of Congress to endorse Trump and he became a central figure in his campaign. Mr. Sessions led to the administration bringing onboard Stephen Miller, the vile speech writer and immigration hardliner. As much as I do not like Sessions, when he was called upon to do the right thing, the legal thing, he recused himself from the Russian interference investigation.


Trump lost it and bitched that he didn’t have an Attorney General to protect him from people who wanted to get at the truth. In Trumpean thought, the A.G. is supposed to be the President’s attorney, not the head of all law enforcement in America. That notion is clearly wrong. The White House has their own legal counsel who work with the President and the administration. The Department of Justice is supposed to be a fully independent part of the Executive Branch and work for equal justice under the law. So, Sessions hung on until the Donald found William Barr to be his shield against oversight.

How did Trump find his new A.G.? Barr applied for the job by writing a white paper sharing his belief in the “almost absolute” power of the Chief Executive. Of course, he was the perfect choice. There is no doubt that William Barr is a far-right ideolog who doesn’t see the difference between his political desires to protect his version of the republic and his responsibility to protect the America public from injustices, political tricks and the lies of President Trump. He judged and announced his view of the Mueller Report before we had a chance to see it. Who made him the Supreme Court or Chief Justice?

In his haste to please Trump, William Barr has trampled the First Amendment and caused many to distrust his department and the system. He is making things worse, not better, just as his orange boss does. The members of Congress, and especially those Senators who confirmed Barr, are complicit in his corrupt reign. Showing a long, cunningly edited video during the House Judiciary hearing was an over the top excess of propaganda.

I am highly irritated by William Barr because he never presents unbiased and apolitical viewpoints on law or the Executive Branch. I hate to say this because we have a lawyer in the family, but Barr comes off as a sleazy back office lawyer with his hand out, not so much for cash but for approval from those who agree with him. He’s not focused on ways to make things better. He never advises the President to use negotiation tactics. At every turn, Barr understands what Trump wants, spoken or unspoken, and proceeds to deliver the goods.

Barr is using the statistics of white and Black deaths at the hands of law enforcement as evidence that systemic racism is not part of police departments in America. This is Donald Trump’s position and now we hear Barr’s frog-like mouth spewing the same drivel. After being so confident there is no racism with police, he wraps those decrees with words about Tim Scott, the Black Senator of South Carolina, being pulled over by police in D.C. Isn’t that a glaring example of systemic racism?

“Operation Relentless Pursuit” is an anti-crime program which was started right before the coronavirus pandemic. According to Barr, that plan was brushed aside while the administration wielded their shoddy combat against the pandemic. The program was restarted under orders from Trump who named it “Operation Legend.” I have no idea what that means, but I am always skeptical of any domestic law enforcement effort that needs a name. They should be reserved for military actions abroad. The strange label is Orwellian phraseology to justify their unconstitutional acts.

William Barr thinks he is above the law because he is part of the Executive Branch. He can be arrested and tried for any crime, but here’s a question. Who would arrest him? The person who initiates prosecution is Barr himself. Yes, he could be impeached, but that has proven to be a partisan activity without any truth being presented. We must wait for an election.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal

During the House hearing yesterday, Barr continued to deny the use of tear gas at Lafayette Park on June 1, 2020, while a US National Guard major testified in different House hearing that tear gas was used, and he knows it. He picked up the shells on the street that day. And when Representative Pramila Jayapal of Michigan challenged Barr on why white nationalist protesters in Michigan earlier this year did not face the same federal response as Black Live Matter protesters, Barr argued it’s a matter for governors. It was alarming to this observer that the Attorney General had no awareness of the threats of death and hanging of the state’s Governor during those protests, where right wing radicals were armed with automatic weaponry. The Justice Department sees the pro-Trump people as positive, while Black Lives Matter people are thought of as terrorists. Who is this man?

I have no respect for William Barr. I am sure that if he was the first Trump A.G. there would never have been the Mueller investigation or report. I’m also quite sure the facts of Russian interference during the 2016 election would have been swept under the rug. We live in a world where the only things that matter are Donald Trump’s priorities, and all that Trump cares about are those things that make him look good. There is no regard for what is best for our citizenry, and Barr is a parasite on the wounded body of American democracy, eating away at people’s rights.

I know that being the Attorney General is a tough job and the number of cases that person must oversee is outrageous. With thousands of pending decisions, the A.G. must keep a focus on the most important matters. Yes, the Attorney General should appear at Congressional hearings to explain to the American public what they are doing and how they are doing it. They also must justify questionable words and actions. When they lie under oath, they are breaking the law. We cannot have a deceitful Attorney General.

Barr will leave when Trump leaves and he will probably write a book that will show him as the big, fat, white-man hero riding a white horse, but he’s just another dirtball politician who shades, covers and lies to protect Donald Trump. It’s just another brick in the wall separating us all from truth and justice. Barr’s father gave us Jeffrey Epstein and he gave pardons to all the Iran-Contra criminals. We need to get serious about confirmation hearings. Barr should never have been confirmed. We need to STOP BAD GUYS from gaining power in America.

The book that tells it like it is…

Gold, God, Guns & Goofballs: If you only read one chapter of this book, try “Take a Knee for America” and think about our never-ending conflicts between minorities and the police. I’m not asking you to take a stand but having a deep and honest conversation about why some people think the way they do would be productive. This is a book for the moment which seeks to start a conservation about peace. And if you are worried about social media, you really should check out the chapter called “Social Media Menace.”

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Trump Infects Judicial System & DOJ

When I was growing up in America it was all too easy to see corruption and face the reality that who a person was determined how they would be handled by the police and the courts. The mayor’s son was arrested for painting cars in the visitors parking lot of my school. He was never charged. The case just disappeared. Most Americans believe that there are two systems of justice, one for the famous and wealthy and another for the rest of us.

I think we would all like to believe that when facts prove offenses they will be dealt with fairly in the judicial system. We know that our founders wanted to limit the power of judges, so they gave the Chief Executive lots of flexibility in determining how the law was administered. The Executive Branch gets to not only run the Department of Justice that decides which cases are brought to a court, but also which infractions they deem either unworthy of prosecution or below the level for legal action. We put a lot of faith in how they operate because they have the power to ruin a person’s life or allow them to start over and redeem themselves. We can only hope they get it right most of the time.

Let me add a wrinkle here. The President of the United States has the power to appoint judges with congressional confirmation. A president can shape the court by those he appoints. The founders also gave the President the undisputed power to pardon anyone he feels was unjustly charged or convicted. That’s an awesome privilege in the hands of a reasonable person which can be used to overturn the errors of a malicious judge, but what happens if the President is a vindictive lunatic?

Trump bullied, manipulated and forced the DOJ to drop all charges against Michael Flynn, who lied about talking to the Russian ambassador before Trump was sworn into office. Flynn admitted to the infraction in court, twice. He also lied to Mike Pence and this so disturbed the Vice President he demanded that Trump fire Flynn. Trump removed Flynn from government and said it was because he lied, a fact which no one disputes. He plead guilty to the charges and was about to be sentenced when along came William Barr. Attorney General Barr acts more like Trump’s personal attorney instead of caring about American citizens and the law.

Trump keeps declaring himself the “law and order” President while his base claps and cheers and coughs on each other. One thing is crystal clear; Trump is attempting to change the way America does business and, like a third-world dictator, has moved in ways that may make it difficult to recover our democracy when his term is over. If you control the decisions of this country’s judges, why wouldn’t you simply do whatever you want despite your action breaking a law? Trump is undermining the very foundation of our system of government. The three supposedly equal branches are being unduly influenced and controlled by Trump the man, not the President.

The courts don’t always give us logic or reason or even fairness. They give us opinions and those opinions become law.

You might say, “Oh, you’re making a mountain out of a mole hill! Trump’s just joking.” Don’t be such a blind fool. He wakes up every morning asking, “What can I do to take more power and stay here forever?” He’s the demon the forefathers warned us about and if we don’t stand up and demonstrate, we will lose our freedoms and will render the phrase “justice for all” inoperative.

Will other people who lie to the FBI or mislead the courts also get a pass simply because they have a friend in the Oval Office? Does this constitute a precedent, or is it just a goddamn miscarriage of justice? Here is what happened. A US appeals court directed a federal judge to drop the criminal case against President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn. It’s no secret that this demand came from Trump to those in the Justice Department, and it prevents a judicial review to determine the propriety of the request. In other words, the Executive Branch has power over the DOJ and can manipulate which cases are brought to court.

Just as William Barr stood before a national TV audience and declared that the Mueller Report didn’t find any laws that were broken, he has now placed himself above the court, and the disrespect he shows for truth and law is more than appalling.

In any other time, Barr would have been impeached. Attorney Generals Alberto Gonzales, Griffin Bell and General Harry M. Daugherty were on the chopping block, but they all exited rather than go through the embarrassment of impeachment. Their offenses were varied. Daugherty was allegedly involved in kickback scam involving bootleggers and the Congress delayed action.

The case of Griffin Bell is somewhat blurred by time, but five Department of Justice attorneys resigned over A.G. Bell’s reluctance to pursue others in the department for illegal activities related to domestic spying. Bell indicted the Acting FBI Director L. Patrick Gray, Mark Felt and former FBI Assistant Director Edward Miller for authorizing break-ins of New York City radical political activists’ offices and residences. This was in 1978, long after the Watergate break-in. He must have been a true-blue Democrat because President Jimmy Carter appointed him to be his Attorney General, but Bell only served two years before the chicken shit the fan. Oh, by the way, the spying truly took place. It wasn’t a hoax.

The case against George W. Bush’s A.G. Alberto Gonzales is straightforward. He was politically damaged by Democrats who lost confidence in Gonzales and accused him of excessive politicization of the Attorney General’s office. If my memory serves me right, Alberto Gonzales, kowtowed to Bush and VP Dick Cheney and paved the way for justifications of torture and the onerous Patriot Act. Lifelong Republican William Barr, who served in George H.W. Bush’s administration, is nothing but a political operative for the Red States.

Trump has infected the Department of Justice. All those who work in the DOJ should be wearing masks to protect themselves from the orange dementia virus. I have said this before; the first dismissal by the next president should be William Barr. He’s unworthy of the position and will go down in history as a big, fat liar. I can surely prove he’s fat, and so is the President. They have been eating at the same table for decades and taking everything they wanted. I hold hope that justice will eventually be served. Barr and Trump will not swallow the truth, but time will show how dishonest these “hombres” have been behind the scenes.

Although his sentence might have been only three or four months in jail, the fact that Michael Flynn is going to get off SCOTT FREE disturbs me greatly. It will be the ultimate slap to the face of justice if Trump brings him back into the administration. Of course, we know Trump doesn’t give a rat’s ass about having rats in the People’s House. Disgraceful.


The book that tells it like it is…

Gold, God, Guns & Goofballs: If you only read one chapter of this book, try “Take a Knee for America” and think about our never-ending conflicts between minorities and the police. I’m not asking you to take a stand but having a deep and honest conversation about why some people think the way they do would be productive. This is a book for the moment which seeks to start a conservation about peace. And if you are worried about social media, you really should check out the chapter called “Social Media Menace.”

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Ultimate Confrontation with Truth is Coming

For the first thirty years of my life, I didn’t think I would ever be a father. I was unmarried and too busy being successful. Then I took a spouse and managed to have four great kids. I have a fantastic relationship with my ex-wife and an ever-present and caring connection with my kids, even though I live far away from them. Part of this has been facilitated by technology and another part by cooperation and understanding of the importance of family. No matter what, it’s always family first.

Typical American Family

The father of any family must exhibit some degree of leadership qualities, regardless of his style or background. Over the years, with “women’s liberation” and progressive feminist viewpoints adopted by mainstream America, the leadership of many families is a cooperative experience. Of course, a single mom must adopt the role of both mother and father. Each year, we celebrate a Mother’s Day and then a Father’s Day. I’m not sure why we need them, but each is a nice gesture and acknowledgement.

This week’s abundance of news has overwhelmed my brain. I guess that’s what we get with Donald John Trump. Thankfully, some of the reports are good for the family of America. The Supreme Court gave the DACA kids a reprieve for now and they also decided that transgender or gay people cannot be discriminated against in the workplace. Yesterday, a judge decided that there was no way to block the new John Bolton book, which has already shipped to merchants. What will happen next? Will the Trump White House ask the Justice Department to arrest John Bolton?

Ultimately, Trump and his minions will have to deal with the ever-enlarging number of people within the government, military and judicial system who are pushing back, pointing out the president’s boldfaced lies and delivering decisions based on law and facts. You know, the truth.

Trump is like the deadbeat father who likes only some of his kids and does everything he can to intimidate, bully and piss off the others. He gives money to the kids he likes, while pushing the wife and his other kids into the shadows. This metaphor is not to say that the Donald is a bad father in real life, but I do believe the man does not feel love unless the spotlight is shining on him.

It’s incomprehensible that the President of the United States would place thousands of his fan base at risk of being infected with an incurable disease. Trump is doing nothing intelligent to keep the COVID-19 virus in check. He’s moving into an immoral denial of reality and creating an ultimate death cult. This evil man has no problem endangering his most loyal voters. If dominating the news was the only thing that mattered, then Trump would be king. In reality, Trump is more than negligent; he’s an appalling miscreant.

Why can’t I respect him? Just as you don’t need to respect a bad father, you don’t have to get down on your knees to worship a president who is unworthy of that office. The people who attended the Tulsa rally wanted to show their support for Trump, but their inarticulate reasons for not fearing the virus are convoluted. One Oklahoma woman said, “Well, I know there is some risk, but I have my health. I’m not worried.” There you have it, folks! She has all her arms and legs now, so why not jump into the alligator-infested pond? By the way, those gators haven’t eaten for a month.

Bloomberg Photo

Here is an important question. Is Trump using the Department of Justice to go after his enemies? The Friday night press-release-termination of Geoffrey Berman, US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, has restoked fears about abuse of power shared by many of us and our government leaders.

Berman issued a statement, “I have not resigned, and have no intention of resigning, my position, to which I was appointed by the Judges of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. I will step down when a presidentially appointed nominee is confirmed by the Senate. Until then, our investigations will move forward without delay or interruption.” In typical “New Yorker tough guy style,” Berman raised his middle finger to the DOJ and to Attorney General William Barr, who is his boss. By Saturday midday, Mr. Berman did finally step down, but the controversy will not end there. Another investigation is needed.

Donald Trump behaves like a mafia boss, taking out the people who are investigating his friends, donors, operatives and made men. The more leaks we have about Trump’s behind the scenes behavior, the more we see truth in John Bolton’s viewpoint that Trump’s actions are not for the country but solely for himself.

We must confront the many lies, liars and losers that have surrounded Trump over the last four years. Our founding fathers focused on the structure, laws and possibilities of our country, not on the dark, negative side of partisanship. Back then, the US was designed for, and delivered freedom to, only a certain class of citizen. If one was not a male, a landowner or white, they had no voice in this new land. Over time, we have changed the rules, the laws and even the Constitution to make this country better for everyone.

Abraham Lincoln would have laughed at Donald Trump saying he’s done all this imaginary stuff for African Americans. Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin would have asked him to leave Philadelphia’s Constitutional Hall in 1776. Trump would have been pushed aside by the 40th President because Ronald Reagan didn’t have time for long, meaningless conversations. Former Presidents Carter, Bush, Clinton and Obama do not take the orange baboon seriously. President George H.W. Bush, before his death, made it clear that Donald Trump was not to be invited to his memorial, which speaks volume about our inane, embarrassing leader.

Every father has an unwritten agreement with the universe to keep his kids and loved ones safe. Donald Trump has asked people to die for him. Dictators do that, but holy men don’t. They say Jesus died for our sins, but God never asked us to give our lives for a political rally. Why would he? His doctrine is love of all people. Trump loves a person only if that person loves him. It’s not America First; it’s Trump First. Sadly, until he is removed from office, it always will be so. What a selfish bastard!