He Tried to Pull Off a Coup and Failed

This NBC News weekend headline hit me hard, “Off the grid, heavily armed and radicalized: He’s a law enforcement nightmare – Lonnie Coffman, a Capitol protester from the backwoods of Alabama, represents the kind of threat that keeps crime fighters ‘up at night,’ a former FBI profiler said.” Oh, great, now we have rebels amongst us thanks to Donald Trump.

Untrained Trump Insurrectionist

What does the word “confederate” mean? It’s a person one works with — an accomplice, accessory or collaborator — especially in a secret or illegal venture. The term took on special meaning by those who supported the Confederate States of America during the Civil War. Those traitors brought groups of people together in an alliance of common cause to overthrow the US government. They were not successful, but 620,000 Americans died because of their desire to keep slavery.

Only five people have died so far in Trump’s indoctrination, instigation and incitement of the Capitol Hill riot a week and a half ago, but things could very well get worse. What are we to do? How do we reverse the cause and course of the millions of people who believe that the presidential election was stolen, and the Biden presidency is illegitimate?

What can happen when a lunatic decides to fire on the National Guard? In May of 1970 at Kent State University, we saw the damage militia can bring to protesters, but how can we prevent such a confrontational scene from happening? There is no one who could inspire Trump to issue a statement admitting he lost, and Biden fairly won the election. The man always acts exactly opposite of what any reasonable person should. That’s just who he is.

We can’t let this fat, worthless piece of shit ruin our nation. If Abraham Lincoln had lived longer, some of the lessons learned in the Civil War wouldn’t have been ignored and we could have averted the notion of carpetbaggers and Jim Crow laws. It’s sad that Andrew Johnson, the man who took over for Lincoln, was just another southern racist.

It’s good that Twitter and Facebook stepped up and acted responsibly. They are finally applying their rules and policies consistently. The cable news networks, including some Fox News reports, have painted a more realistic portrait of the narcissist who has been living in the White House, but he certainly won’t be there to greet the new President. He’s a pure loser,

Did you see that former military man carrying wrist ties and stalking about the Capitol during the riot? Surely his nylon wraps were intended to restrain members of Congress, but he offered this lame excuse, “Oh, I just found them on the ground and was going to give them to the police.” Yes, I’m sure he was going to do just that. His lawyer will deliver carefully written excuses to the court and a judge will have to glean the man’s true intent, but anyone with half a brain can see that he’s a liar, just like his orange idol.

Clutching Power

Let’s set aside the lies of that dipshit. We should concentrate on the Donald’s behavior and where he will direct it next. To what end does this madman think he can affect reality with his conspiracies? Donald Trump has no moral compass, and he did not learn any lessons with either of his impeachments, despite what Susan Collins of Maine thinks. The man is incapable of comprehending facts and consequences and therefore oblivious to the worthwhile lessons he might otherwise absorb.

Where do these militias set to harm our structures of government and the peace of the nation get their ideas? Well, Ronald Reagan taught that government interference is bad, and the two Bush presidents demonstrated that starting a war without a declaration was easy when citizens’ heads are filled with nationalistic fervor. After electing our first African American President, the “birthers” came along with their lies and the phrase “Take our country back.” The white supremacists then adopted the phrase, and their meaning was taking the country back from Black people. If you don’t believe me, ask them.

All the while we obsessed with those weapons of mass destruction over there we were deregulating ownership of similar weapons over here. Ask the parents of the kids killed at school in Newtown, Connecticut. Here’s a thought-provoking headline from USA Today, “America’s other epidemic killed 41,000 people this year.” Yes, this year alone firearms killed nine times more Americans that those killed in the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars combined.

The incompetence of the Trump administration’s handling of COVID-19 contributed to over 400,000 deaths in this country, more than any other in the world. If you told me that Vladimir Putin was in total control of Trump and guiding him toward a grand sabotage of our country, I would absolutely believe you. Here’s Putin’s checklist: sew distrust of our institutions, create a vast cultural divide among our citizens, push the state into political disarray, decrease the effectiveness of our educational institutions and foment Civil War. Does any of that sound familiar?

The United States is vastly different than Turkey, with a tyrant who wants to be a sultan. When the attempted coup of January 6th failed here, our wannabe dictator was not strengthened but severely wounded instead. With more than 67% of our citizens saying they disapprove of the job Donald Trump has done, it’s clear that he is both a LOSER and a FAILURE!

Trump is utterly incapable of crafting a useful strategy. Those “loyal” judges he appointed are strict Constitutionalists. They don’t have the back of our raving, lunatic President. Why does Trump think that everyone owes him something? Well, it’s not surprising; he’s been taught that since he was a child. Read Mary L. Trump’s book.

Donald Trump owes us an apology for fucking up America, but don’t hold your breath waiting for it. I need readers. The FBI and local police forces will have their hands full with those proud boys, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and antigovernmental militias who attacked Congress. Expect to see many infiltrations, investigations, arrests, charges and trials over the coming months. These goofballs are not afraid to tell the truth about at least one subject, their allegiance. According to the Washington Post, the “retired firefighter from Pennsylvania who has been charged with throwing a fire extinguisher at police officers felt he was ‘instructed’ to go to the Capitol by the president.”


Oh, I hate to do this, but I must. There is this thing called the Nuremberg defense, sometimes referred to as “Due Obedience.” A defendant might say “I was just following orders” or, in German, “Befehl ist Befehl (“an order is an order”). A member of the military, law enforcement, a firefighting force, or the civilian population might invoke the defense under the belief they should not be considered guilty of committing any actions that were ordered by a superior officer or official. Here’s a bit of historical reality to demonstrate the defense isn’t always successful. 199 defendants were tried at Nuremberg for Nazi war crimes. Out of the 161 who were convicted, 37 were sentenced to death. So, those who gave criminal orders suffered the consequences. Let’s see how things play out for Donald John Trump.

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