Historians will have fun with this guy

When we finally left school, we took with us a final grade average. If we were lucky, we got out of college with an average in the high three-point-whatever range. Even though most of us can’t brag about a 4.0, those numbers mean something. And with that on the table, I believe Donald John Trump earned maybe a 2.1 average for his four years of on-the-job training and golfing.

Let’s do a quick review of his missteps and failures, starting with public relations. Trump’s positive approval rating never exceeded 47%, which meaning 53% of Americans never thought he was particularly good as president. On the last day in office, that approval rating had fallen to 39%.

According to the internet, Trump incited an insurrection, mismanaged a pandemic that killed nearly half a million Americans, separated children from their families at the border and then lost those kids in the bowels of bureaucracy, tear-gassed peaceful protesters on Lafayette Square for a stupid photo op while holding a Bible in front of a church, tried to block all Muslims from entering the country, got impeached, got impeached again, had the worst jobs record of any president in modern history, pressured Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden, fired the FBI director for investigating his ties to Russia, bragged about firing the FBI director, took Vladimir Putin’s word over the US intelligence community, diverted military funding to build his wall and caused the longest government shutdown in US history. Whew!

But what about his style? Shouldn’t he get some points for being different? After all, he called Black Lives Matter a “symbol of hate,” lied nearly 30,000 times, banned transgender people from serving in the military, ejected reporters who asked tough questions from the White House briefing room, vetoed the defense funding bill because it would rename military bases with Confederate monikers, refused to release his tax returns, increased the national debt by nearly eight trillion dollars, had three of the highest annual trade deficits in US history, called veterans and soldiers who died in combat losers and suckers and coddled the leader of Saudi Arabia after he ordered the execution and dismembering of a US-based journalist. Those aren’t really bad things, are they?

Maybe we need to focus on the way he stepped up to take dramatic action. Consider that he refused to concede the 2020 election, hired his unqualified daughter and son-in-law to work in the White House, walked out of an interview with Lesley Stahl, called neo-Nazis “very fine people,” suggested people should inject bleach into their bodies to fight COVID, abandoned our allies the Kurds while siding with Turkey, pushed through massive tax cuts for the wealthiest without helping working Americans, incited anti-lockdown protestors in several states at the height of the pandemic, withdrew the US from the Paris climate accords, withdrew the US from the Iranian nuclear deal and withdrew the US from the Trans Pacific Partnership which was designed to block China’s advances. Okay, maybe he didn’t always make the best decisions, but let’s not forget that he showed up for work every day, well, at least on Twitter.

Donald Trump worked effectively at making sure the United States was always in the front row. He pushed the leader of Montenegro out of the way during a photo op, failed to reiterate US commitment to defending NATO allies, called Haiti and African nations “shithole” countries, called the city of Baltimore the “worst in the nation,” claimed that he single handedly brought back the phrase “Merry Christmas,” even though it hadn’t gone anywhere, forced his Cabinet members to praise him publicly like some cult leader, believed he should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, berated and belittled his hand-picked Attorney General when he recused himself from the Russia probe and suggested the US buy Greenland. Pushing to the front and colonizing another country sure sounds like leadership to me.

His grade should’ve been higher because he picked the “best people,” but he didn’t get the credit because the press refused to point out all the great things he did. In retaliation, he repeatedly called the media “enemies of the people.” He also claimed that if we tested fewer people for COVID we’d have fewer cases, violated the emoluments clause, thought that “Nambia” was a country, told Bob Woodward in private that the coronavirus was a big deal but then downplayed it in public, called his exceedingly faithful Vice President a “pussy” for following the Constitution, nearly got us into a war with Iran after tweet-threatening them, nominated a corrupt head of the EPA, nominated a corrupt head of HHS, nominated a corrupt head of the Interior Department, nominated a corrupt head of the USDA, praised dictators and authoritarians around the world while criticizing allies. See, even though more than 180 people were fired, forced to resign, or left in disgust, he always did have the “best people.”

He was constantly out there fighting for the little guy and was falsely accused of being a “racist,” when he was just maybe a little into racism. Sure, he called a U.S. Senator “Pocahontas,” used a racist dog whistle by calling COVID the “China virus,” hired and associated with numerous shady figures, including his campaign manager and national security adviser who were eventually convicted of federal offenses, pardoned several of his dubious associates, gave the Presidential Medal of Freedom to two Congressmen who amplified his batshit crazy conspiracy theories and awarded Rush Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom because he was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. Shouldn’t he get extra points because he honored a hateful misogynistic and racist talk show host?

Back From Tulsa

We should consider that Trump was honest a few times, well, not that often, but let’s not forget how he got played by Kim Jung Un and his “love letters,” threatened to go after social media companies in clear violation of the Constitution, botched the response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, threw paper towels at Puerto Ricans when he finally did visit them, pressured the governor and secretary of state of Georgia to “find” him votes, thought that the Virgin islands had a President, drew on a map with a Sharpie to justify his inaccurate tweet that Alabama was threatened by a hurricane and allowed White House staff to use personal email accounts for official businesses after blasting Hillary Clinton for doing the same thing. He sure put the hippo in hypocritical!

If this all seems bad, there’s much more. I could go on and on but that would lower his grade to FAILED. There was that time he forced Secret Service agents to drive him around Walter Reed Hospital while contagious with COVID and that fantastic presidential debate line telling the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by,” which they did. How did he manage to fuck up both the Census and the US Postal Service in one term? He also withdrew the US from the World Health Organization in the middle of a pandemic and did so few of his duties in his last three months that his daily schedule stated, “President Trump will work from early in the morning until late in the evening. He will make many calls and have many meetings.”

Then he finally left. Should he ever be allowed back in considering those terrible grades? After all, he’s not a minority. Equal opportunity policies don’t apply to fat, white liars.

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Trump’s Disregard and Denigration of Truth

Where should we begin to cut into the infection that has weakened the body politic of America? I watched a brilliantly produced documentary on Netflix called The Social Dilemma. You can read about it here. After viewing, I wondered if there is a cure for our addiction to data regardless of its source. The video alleges that we are on a downward slope because of manipulation by social media. The highly heady show talks about the denigration of truth online, concluding it’s so severe that recovery from the infection of hype might not come for another generation, if ever.

You might think Donald Trump is the cause, but he’s not. Trump and his evil crew are just exploiting the free and open internet for sinister purposes. A friend of mine from another country was sorrowful about in his nation’s current leader. He said the whole country is in peril due to its leader’s lies and bad policies. I reminded him that his ruler won’t live forever, but that’s of little comfort while your rights are being taken away. Trump’s latest bold move to undo Chinese influence is attempting to ban Tik-Tok and Snapchat from US platforms. Now, it’s more than a trade war, it’s going to become a real info-war! Pun intended.

Dr. Robert Redfield

Trump claims he knows more than anyone else. How can that be? It’s clear that he knows precious little. He stood before the America public saying that Dr. Robert Redfield, his chosen head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), was mistaken when he told Congress his time estimates for delivering a COVID-19 vaccine to the world. Trump also disagreed with Redfield about the effectiveness of protective masks, which Redfield said could be even more helpful than a vaccine in combating the coronavirus. This blatant putdown of Redfield just hours after the CDC leader testified under oath was alarming. Consider the source, however. It’s the same clown who the night before said that the virus will go away without a vaccine. He claims we can recover with “herd mentality.” I’m sure he meant “herd immunity,” but, once again, we see a lack of worth in his words.

Trump’s selection of a phrase may have been a Freudian slip, referencing those Americans who are loyal to him to a fault. Herd mentality, mob mentality and pack mentality are all similar terms related to the lesser known concept of gang mentality, which is a mechanism allowing people to adopt certain behaviors when influenced by their peers on a largely emotional, rather than rational, basis. This is what we have with Trump.

This weekend the United States will cross the mark of 198,000 total people perishing because of the COVID-19 virus, and here’s our leader trying to pull off the old move along there’s nothing to see here routine. US Attorney General William Barr, now also Donald’s personal lawyer, has elevated himself to the role of decider regarding committed crimes, discarding the opinions of “younger” associates and lawyers in the Department of Justice. While Mr. Barr was pontificating about his assumed power, he also compared the pandemic’s stay-at-home orders to slavery. That certainly doesn’t speak to his knowledge of pain or slavery. One was free labor at the end of a rifle and the other is a public health effort to protect citizens of all races. One of the stupidest things said by anyone in government, ever.

On Thursday, September 17, 2020, Chad Wolf, the “acting” United States Secretary of Homeland Security, refused to show up at a Congressional hearing into threats to America. Wow, I guess this administration will not talk about anything bad until after the election. Isn’t it time for Congress to find the defiant Mr. Wolf in contempt and have the Sergeant at Arms arrest him? The good news is Christopher Wray, the Director of the FBI, did show and testified.

Chris Wray, FBI Director

We learned that military police used to clear the park near the White House for the President photo-op holding a Bible up in front of a church included a discussion of possibly using a “heat ray” weapon against citizens peacefully protesting racial injustice on that day. This is far more than a sinister perversion of justice and law enforcement; it’s the unconstitutional actions of a bad leader. Donald John Trump has broken his promise to protect the Constitution. He should be removed from office.

Herd immunity has been used during other global pandemics, but most experts believe use of that method, as Sweden did, would kill as many as two million people. So, when you hear Donald Trump pitching that method, know that he is asking you to die for his incompetence. We will forgive those of you under the spell of “herd mentality” should you come to your senses before voting on November 3rd.

If you don’t get truth after asking for it and chose to believe a jerk who admitted he wasn’t telling the truth in the first place, then you are the fool. The administration once discussed the possibility of having the USPS send millions of masks to US citizens to confront the virus. According to the Washington Post, “There was concern from some in the White House Domestic Policy Council and the office of the vice president that households receiving masks might create concern or panic.” So, rather than protect us they let us twist in the wind? If you ever wanted proof that the big, orange pumpkin doesn’t care about you, now you have it.

Trump’s disregard and denigration of truth is more than inexcusable. Trump has lived his life blaming others. When the shit eventually hits the fan, we will see our “leader” with a paste of waste on his face. The 45th President of the United States of America should be, and will be, blamed for his catastrophic policies on healthcare and the coronavirus. He’s truly a “killer president” and a damn lying leader.

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There’s No DeJoy in Mudville!

If you are a baby boomer you probably remember the game called post office. A bunch of kids would get together at someone’s house when the parents were away and couldn’t possibly know about the party. The participants were divided into a girl group and a boy group, unless the party was being sponsored by LGBTQ kids.

One group hung out in the designated post office. It could be a bedroom or Dad’s office. The other group huddled in another room. Perhaps they would be waiting in the sitting room or sitting in the waiting room. Each person in the other group individually visited the “post office.” Once there, they would get a kiss from everyone in the room. Yeah, I know, super-spreader activity. Then, the thoroughly kissed person would return to their room. After everyone from the other group had visited the post office, the two groups would switch places, then the new post office members would kiss all the visitors who arrived from the other room. It was a stupid kid’s game, but what has been done with the United States Postal Service (USPS) is much more absurd.

Mr. Louis DeJoy’s Post Office game may have started with a kiss, a giant, sloppy one planted on Donald John Trump’s corpulent ass. DeJoy donated more than a million dollars to Trump’s campaign and, as of May 2019, Mr. DeJoy became the local finance chairman of the 2020 Republican National Convention.

But wait, there’s more. Mr. DeJoy divested some investments before taking on his USPS role, including selling shares of UPS and Amazon stocks. He did not, however, divest his $30-$75 million equity stake in XPO, a subcontractor for the US Postal Service. So, Mr. DeJoy’s company makes money from the Post Office, which is a clear violation of ethics. After congressional protests, the USPS Inspector General began a review of DeJoy’s policy changes and whether he was complying with federal ethics rules. Was DeJoy sabotaging the Post Office to slow voting by mail? That seems like a plan Trump would love and support.

Yesterday, August 18, 2020, DeJoy announced that the Postal Service would suspend most of the cost-cutting and operational changes until after the 2020 election so the anticipated surge of mail-in ballots could be handled. Okay, pause a moment, let that sink in, and then resume reading.

BANG! I’m no Perry Mason, Mr. DeJoy, but are you now admitting guilt of causing the slowdown of one of most important services and institutions in America? You cut Post Office overtime, changed time-tested methods of letter delivery, removed mail boxes from their locations and ripped out high-speed mail sorters. What was the purpose of these moves?

Aren’t we all getting a little tired of people with agendas that screw up our country? Veterans and senior citizens receive their medicines and healthcare products via the mail. Some of those drugs are wrapped in ice packs to preserve their quality. Why would any rational human slow down such deliveries? Why would our President do anything to hurt veterans and seniors?

The Postal Service delivered the pandemic stimulus checks. Many people receive their paychecks, social security checks and many more important items in the mail. Companies send bills by mail and delays will slow payments which will negatively impact the economy. Why would our President do anything to hurt the economy?

When asked if he told DeJoy to executive these orders, President Don said he never talked to DeJoy. Well, he lied. According to official White House records, the Donald met with DeJoy in the Oval Office. What was the purpose of that meeting? DeJoy will appear before Congress on Friday and then again on Monday. I hope he knows that it’s not only un-American to lie to Congress, it’s also against the law.

If I were on the committee, I would ask three questions: 1. How much money do you make from the USPS-XPO deal? 2. Did Donald Trump tell you to make those cutbacks and other changes at the Post Office or did he approve them? 3. Why did you rescind those changes? If DeJoy admits that his changes caused major operational disruptions to the Postal Service, he should be asked to resign.

Some say that Trump wants to privatize the Post Office as the US has done with prisons. Gee, how did that work out? We should be hiring more postal workers now through the election and into Christmas. Let’s make the Post Office better!

Some institutions, agencies, commissions and services don’t make money. According to the Brookings Institution’s Bradley Patterson, the cost to taxpayers associated with running the White House under President Obama was approximately $1.4 billion per year. Trump’s expenses far exceed that. Maybe we should defund the White House. Between doctors, security, food, ground-keeping and staff, the White House spends a ton of money and brings in no cash.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has a 2021 budget of $1.895 billion to support 4,728 positions and 4,590 full-time equivalents (FTEs) to protect investors, facilitate capital formation and maintain fair, orderly and efficient markets. By comparison, the White House spends $1.4 billion and only has 377 employees. Wow!

The Post Office must be saved. It’s time to fight those who are destroying our institutions and making America less great. Donald Trump put Louis DeJoy in charge of the Post Office not to make it better but to help him slow the potential of voting by mail, which he believes would hurt his chance of reelection. He’s playing post office with porn stars and political operatives like Louis DeJoy. Maybe DeJoy will get a big, wet kiss from the Donald for incapacitating the USPS, but let’s all hope our parents will get home in time to break up the dumb game Trump is playing.

NOTE: I would suggest that when you drop a letter into a US Mail Box, you add the time and date you dropped it. (see graphic) We need to continue to put pressure on the Postmaster General. He must be held accountable.





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Cheater-in-Chief Changes the Rules

It didn’t surprise me when the newspapers broke the story about Donald John Trump, our 45th President, allegedly paying a porn movie star and a Playboy bunny $130,000 each to keep their mouths shut about the affairs. He cheated on his wife right after their son Barron was born. This is not hearsay. According to the testimony of Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen, that is exactly what happened.

Russia helped Trump get elected, but the Donald would rather look the other way than take aggressive actions against further interference from China or Russia. He’s quite comfortable with cheating because he’s done it all his life. From not paying vendors before, during and after bankruptcy, to preventing African Americans from renting his properties in New York, Donald Trump doesn’t play by the rules.

If a rule gets in the way, he changes it. His deregulation actions are not keeping America safer, they are endangering communities and kids everywhere. Why would an American president say it’s okay to add pollution to our land, seas and sky? We were making great progress before Trump.

Georgia’s Governor Kemp

Brian Kemp, the current Governor of Georgia and previously the state’s Secretary of State, has been investigated by the United States House Oversight and Reform Committee, claiming that Georgians faced unprecedented challenges with registering to vote, and significant barriers to casting their votes, during the 2018 election. That’s such a blatant conflict of interest. While running for Governor, Secretary of State Kemp headed the administration of the elections. Regardless of party affiliation, any such incidents in other states need to be examined. This is plainly wrong.

Trump has been haranguing and lying about the United States Postal Service (USPS) for years, but now he has placed a true “yes man” in the position of Postmaster General. The New York Times story quoting the President, says it all, ‘“CORRUPT ELECTION’ that will ‘LEAD TO THE END OF OUR GREAT REPUBLICAN PARTY’ and become the ‘SCANDAL OF OUR TIMES.’” Trump predicted that children would steal ballots out of mailboxes and then went so far as to suggest delaying the election instead. What a desperate son-of-a-bitch.

Attacking the Post Office is not merely a budget issue with Trump. He put new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy in charge and gave him his marching orders. Along with being a major Republican donor, DeJoy’s wife serves as the vice-chairwoman of the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships, which is tasked with reviewing candidates for White House fellowships, whatever that means. DeJoy’s claim to fame is his High Point, NC company called New Breed Logistics, which he sold for $615 million.

Mr. DeJoy’s opening statement regarding the USPS was rather negative, “The Postal Service is in a financially unsustainable position, stemming from substantial declines in mail volume, and a broken business model. We are currently unable to balance our costs with available funding sources to fulfill both our universal service mission and other legal obligations. Because of this, the Postal Service has experienced over a decade of financial losses, with no end in sight, and we face an impending liquidity crisis.” I boldened that one point on purpose.

Postmaster General DeJoy

It would make much more sense for Congress to fund the service from now until the end of the year, and make a permanent course correction after the election. Let’s not thwart the mail flow during a pandemic and election year. We heard Trump whine about how he didn’t want to wait days and days for the election results, even floating the idea that it could take years. This, while people who get their medicine through the mail are waiting because their packages are being stacked up in their local post office. DeJoy told them that the guarantees on immediately delivery can be ignored. Oh, we know where that is coming from. Regardless of the result, Trump plans to challenge the election in court. It’s what he does.

When the Trump Organization was in trouble financially a few years ago Deutsche Bank called its loan. Then the Donald sued the bank. Really? He owed money, failed to make payments and then he went after them? The bank countersued and part of the settlement involved the bank loaning Trump more money. WTF?

Last night, the New York Times reported, “Deutsche Bank has opened an internal investigation into the longtime personal banker of President Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, over a 2013 real estate transaction between the banker and a company part-owned by Mr. Kushner. In June 2013, the banker, Rosemary Vrablic, and two of her Deutsche Bank colleagues purchased a Park Avenue apartment for about $1.5 million from a company called Bergel 715 Associates, which was partly owned by Jared Kushner.”

According to the Guardian, “Germany’s troubled Deutsche Bank faces fines, legal action and the possible prosecution of ‘senior management’ because of its role in a $20-80 billion Russian money-laundering scheme. The case, nicknamed the Global Laundromat, took place between 2010 and 2014 and the bank’s internal memo claims it was a scheme to move money into the western financial system.”

If any of those funds were used to pump up the businesses of Trump and/or Kushner, it would be a giant conflict of interest and possibly prosecutable criminal activity. As most experts have figured out, Trump isn’t as liquid and rich as he says he is, and he needed someone’s help to get out of the deep debt brought about by bankruptcies. It’s on record that his company borrowed hundreds of millions of dollars from Deutsche Bank.

Jared Kushner, a senior adviser to the president, disclosed in an annual personal financial report late Friday that he and his wife, Ivanka Trump, had received $1 million to $5 million last year from Bergel 715. After this story broke, Kushner’s lawyer said he had nothing to do with Bergel 715, a real estate company. Not only is that such a disingenuous statement, but the fact they released it late Friday is so Trumpean.

The debacle with the Post Office goes much deeper than its finances; it’s a corrupt and out in the open attempt to suppress the vote. Trump is a criminal, just like Richard Nixon. Congress should step up to the plate and knock this issue right out of the park. We need to fund the states so they can conduct all methods of voting. DO NOT BE BULLIED BY TRUMP.

Now, for you junior crime fighters online, focus on the connection between Trump’s and Kushner’s tax returns, Deutsche Bank and personal banker Rosemary Vrablic. After you get the data, by hook or crook, you will learn why Donald J. Trump kowtows to Putin and Russia. It’s all about the money. Always has been.

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Trump’s Mar-A-Largo Boredom

I love when people say, “It’s time to take off the gloves!” as if punching someone with your bare knuckles would do more damage to the person you are fighting. The real result of punching with no gloves is damage to your own hands. But in the spirit of over-using the cliché, maybe this year I will take the gloves off.

First, this low-life con man, who the manipulated masses elected to the most important office in the land, keeps forcing himself into every conversation at the New Year’s Eve party. I didn’t invite this person to attend my party and I wish he would shut up and go home.

I don’t give a rat’s ass how much golf the douche bag plays, but I am increasing irritated by his constant stream of negativity. “No wall, No DACA!” comes right after Trump tweeted about bi-partisanship in the New Year. We get it asshole, you want a freaking wall to compensate for some limp, failing body part.

He keeps pressing himself and longing for attention, like a spoiled-little brat who was deprived of his mother’s breasts and constantly craved his father’s attention. Just as the year was ending, he complained about the Post Office not charging Amazon enough to deliver their packages on the weekend. What a dipshit! He doesn’t realize that thousands of postal workers earn overtime to work those packages. What does he want the Post Office to do, give the business back to FedEx and UPS? CNN, yes, CNN, did a great job analyzing this latest blunder by Trump in this article. Donald J. Trump is one of the most unqualified, ill-equipped and naïve people we have ever elected President.

He tries to pump his low numbers in the polls by quoting a one-off that showed him with a decent score. He continually slams Fake News and seems to lack the ability to relax and enjoy his family during the holidays. And then, while millions of Americans are suffering through some of the coldest temperatures in decades, he tweets that the country could use some global warming. His modicum of knowledge of anything science-oriented embarrasses the citizens of this great nation and makes them feel worse, not better. If confronted, he will say that he was just kidding. The joke is on you, bozo. The sea level in West Palm Beach is expected to rise five to six feet and maybe Trump will live long enough to see Mar-a-Largo under water.

He throws a bone to The New York Times, the newspaper he seems to hate the most, with what the Times termed a rambling monologue. You don’t need to ask him any questions, simply turn on the mic or camera and let this idiot babble.

The Donald is like a circus monkey; throw a peanut and sit back and watch him do tricks. He relentlessly rambles and violently vomits his vile viewpoints and reconstructed truths, commonly known as lies. He made sure he worked in “there was no collusion” more than sixteen times. This baboon is more worried about dissing the dossier than making any sense. He is the walking, talking embodiment of the “implication of the opposite,” not comprehending that the more he denies the more it seems like he is guilty.

He blamed China of violating the sanctions against North Korea and claimed he “caught them RED HANDED” without any awareness of the pun or the accuracy of the accusation. What a dickhead to say on Twitter that China was in violation of an international order, when he is attempting to work with them. Why wouldn’t he simply pick up the phone and call their leader to discuss? Their government sent a message that they are not in violation and take the UN agreement very seriously. Another horrible glitch in the rancid brain of the “leader” of the free world.

There are a lot of people who don’t want to talk about impeachment because they can’t see a high crime or misdemeanor being committed here, but what about a lack of judgement and putting the country into a threatened position? This great Orange Leader isn’t taken seriously by the competent world leaders, and those with direct contact know that he is a liar.

I have said from the beginning that Donald Trump should be impeached for lying. And that I truly believe that the founding fathers assumed that the President of the United States of America would tell the truth to the people of this land. Our current president, with his corpulent orange body, will exploit his position for wealth and power until most of the voters stand up and force this fraud from his position. We need to rid ourselves of this whinny complainer and get on to better things. If he wants to know why he isn’t doing better in the polls, it’s because he always seems to have to put down someone. He’s slowly running out of “someones” to put down.


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