Don’t we all have it?

I’m not sure exactly why, but I have never liked Steve Bannon. He’s a purveyor of false statements and conspiracy theories, plus he holds disdain for any institution with which he disagrees, including the American judicial system. Stephen K. Bannon was not only the architect of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential election campaign, but for some time became a trusted advisor to the 45th President in the White House. Bannon, along with two other guys, also ran a private fund-raising effort named “We Build the Wall,” to bolster the president’s signature initiative along the Mexican border. Those three guys were dipping their grimy hands into the money pot and taking funds. Ironically, the small section of the wall that they built was washed away during a storm.

Trump pardoned Bannon in the waning hours of his presidency. This was highly unusual because the prosecution’s work was in the preliminary stages, and it was clear that a trial was months away. The pardon was a favor — a quid pro quo intended to keep Bannon from ever testifying against Trump. That bubble is perhaps about to burst because Bannon’s possible role in the January 6th insurrection occurred before his pardon, which contained no mention of the Capitol Hill riot. Not only can Bannon be called to testify, but if he played any wrongdoing in that matter the pardon would not protect him. By the way, if you want to see all the people Donald Trump pardoned you can go here.

Bannon was subpoenaed to come before the January 6th Special Committee and testify. Both he and the records that also were part of the subpoena did not show up at Congress last week. Now, the committee will present the matter to the entire House of Representatives for a vote on Contempt of Congress. What is that you ask? Contempt occurs when an individual intentionally interferes with congressional action. Congress has the power to restrain such individuals by declaring them in contempt of Congress, which is similar to contempt of court.

Congress’ ability to impose a contempt charge against an individual interfering with its duties is considered an implied power of the legislature. Experts believe that one who withholds information or testimony can be judged in contempt and held for a period between one day and a year. Although our Constitution does not explicitly provide for Congressional power to hold individuals in contempt, such power is considered implied because Congress could not effectively perform its duties without it. So, where will this Bannon situation go?

Remember that even if Steve Bannon appeared before Congress, he could invoke the Fifth Amendment and refuse to answer any question on the grounds it might incriminate him. Under law, no American can be forced to testify. Past Congressional committees have used the court system to incarcerate people. In 2005, a federal judge sent New York Times reporter Judith Miller to jail for 85 days for refusing to divulge her confidential source to a grand jury investigating the disclosure of a CIA agent’s identity. She finally testified. Why wouldn’t Steve Bannon be put in jail for not talking about what caused the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6th, 2020?

Here’s some insightful background on Steve Bannon. He was an officer in the United States Navy for seven years in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Some believe that Bannon harbored a distaste for military command and disagreed with not only the way the Navy was run but also how we fought wars.

After his military service, Bannon worked as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs for two years. Some say he made tons of money there. In 1993, he became acting director of the research project Biosphere 2, and he was also an executive producer in Hollywood. He produced eighteen films between 1991 and 2016, and he was an investor in the production company that funded the TV show Seinfeld. In 2007, he co-founded Breitbart News, a far-right website he described as “the platform for the alt-right.” He saw the Trump bandwagon as a way to effect change of the highest order upon the United States, but his outspokenness got him in trouble with Trump. The Donald so disliked Bannon’s candor that he diminished his status, but never his influence, within Trumpworld.

Many of Trump’s most radical policies and speech patterns came from two people in the Trump White House, Steven Miller and Steve Bannon. When Trump said, “There were good people on both sides,” he was probably repeating something Bannon had said to him. Bannon believes that all problems in the United States government are fundamentally the result of bureaucrats and elected officials running amuck. He openly declared war on what he called the “administrative state.” This was not a novel or new idea.

Most self-appointed experts believe the administrative state’s weaknesses are 1) Nondelegation, interference from above on those executing policies, 2) Judicial deference, believing the courts should be allowed to judge and rule without review or oversight, 3) Executive control of agencies to the point where a president, governor or other official believes they have the right to hire and fire those at any level of government, 4) Procedural rights, due process given to people who do things wrong, even if those things are really bad, and 5) Agency dynamics, where a head of a commission, committee or local agency is given the ability to  enforce regulatory compliance and adjudicate disputes.

I agree that all of that seems confusing and in conflict with itself. It’s like the guy at a homeowner’s association meeting complaining about the board making all the decisions. The president could stop the proceedings to lecture how representative government works, but that would waste time. Logic dictates that one cannot complain about an institutional structure and demand majority rule on every issue, because the majority’s position may not agree with that of the complainer. On the other hand, giving greater authority to one person and demanding micromanagement on every issue could deter productivity.

In general terms I don’t think Steve Bannon knows what he’s talking about, but I do believe he knows a lot of about what happened on January 6th. He should be locked up if he refuses to testify and comply with the Congressional subpoena. He beat the fraud charge because Trump pardoned him, but if he thinks he’s got a shot at destroying democracy over some illusion of self-worth and misinterpretation of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, I say, “Fuck him and the big orange horse he rode in on.” If that disheveled man had anything to do with the insurrection he should be put in jail. Period. Yes, you might say I have contempt for Stephen K. Bannon.


Trump’s Pardon of Bannon & Others

Every morning, I read a passage of dialog from the Broadway musical A Thousand Clowns. “I gotta know what day it is. I gotta know what’s the name of the game and what the rules are without anyone else telling me. You gotta own your own days and name ’em, each one of ’em, every one of ’em, or else the years go right by and none of them belong to you.”

I know that if I break a rule, I will have my day in court, and if found guilty of a crime, I will certainly do the time. With that in mind, it’s numbing and discouraging to realize that a single person in America has the power to overrule a judge or jury. The power to pardon was awarded to the United State president by our founding fathers. It was intended as a means of intercession when corruption, partisan political rancor or other such nonsense put an innocent person in jail. Things changed when President Gerald Ford gave Richard Nixon a preemptive pardon, which set an absurd precedent that a person who hasn’t even been convicted can be pardoned.

Beach Bum Bannon

Let’s examine the case of Steve Bannon, whom Donald Trump just pardoned. Bannon was an officer in the United States Navy for seven years, and after his military service he landed a plum job as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs. In 1993, he became acting director of the research project Biosphere 2, which was a total failure because its hubristic, pseudo-scientific experiments never accomplished their mission.

Then, Bannon became an executive producer in Hollywood and between 1991 and 2016 he produced 18 films. Because of his early investment in Castle Rock Entertainment, which produced the phenomenally successful TV show Seinfeld, Bannon will never need to work again.

In 2007, Steve Bannon co-founded Breitbart News, the far-right website he described as “the platform for the alt-right.” In 2016, Steve joined Donald Trump’s campaign as the Chief Strategist, and then after the election he was named Senior Counselor to the President. That position latest only eight months when Trump realized that Bannon was a destructive force and dismissed him.

After Bannon left the White House, he and Trump continued to talk, and it seemed there was unity between the philosophies of the two men. In many post-White House interviews, Bannon was extremely supportive of his Frankenstein monster.

So, why does Steve Bannon need a pardon? It begins with this lead story in the in the August 20, 2020 edition of the New York Times, “Stephen K. Bannon, President Trump’s former adviser and an architect of his 2016 general election campaign, was charged on Thursday with defrauding donors to a private fund-raising effort called ‘We Build the Wall,’ which was intended to bolster the president’s signature initiative along the Mexican border.”

Seven men In the Trump administration were charged and or convicted of felonies, including Paul Manafort, Michael T. Flynn, Michael D. Cohen and Steve Bannon. All of them except Michael Cohen were awarded pardons and will go free. Interestingly, Cohen turned on Trump publicly and reverse logic indicates if one says nice things or nothing about Trump, they’re awarded a get-out-of-jail card.

I get miffed and aggressive when I see someone get conned out of their hard-earned savings. I know people who have given their money to swindlers who claimed their investment would double or triple in months, but eventually learning they were the victims of a Ponzi scheme. Bannon attained large investments by using the President’s words that a wall was on the southern US border to protect against the murderous caravan that was coming to get us. Allegedly, Bannon and his co-conspirators skimmed millions off the top of those investments for themselves.

Why do I care that Steve Bannon was pardoned? It’s just my silly, middle-class mentality that people who hurt others should be punished. Even if they don’t go to jail, they should be made to pay back the money they stole and apologize to their victims. In the case of Bannon, none of that will happen now. I am even more frustrated because the broke-dick wall was erected too close to the river and parts of it washed out during a flood. Investment dollars were in the coffers and the wall failed to deliver on its promise of security. Bannon and his crew are just like those shyster aluminum siding sales guys who bilk families out of their savings.

I find the number of white-collar criminals on the Trump list of pardons interesting. It’s part of the Trump foundational philosophy that Mary L. Trump outlined so perfectly in her book about her uncle. Donald’s father Fred preached an anti-IRS, antigovernmental mantra that eventually led to his brainwashed son barking orders at his rabid followers to storm the Capitol Building.

Trump’s presidency enforced the heartfelt belief of many Americans that there are two rule books, one for the rich, entitled and connected and the other for everyone else. Here is something all those Trump-loyal Republicans need to realize; Today they must separate themselves from this man who just left the White House. They must disassociate the party from the man. As for Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, they are not Trump and would be wise to stop acting like him.

Unjust Judge Pirro

And just before I posted this, Trump remembered that he forgot one more person to pardon. This tweet was posted, “New: Trump has pardoned Al Pirro, who was convicted of tax fraud. Pirro has previously worked with Trump on real estate deals and is the ex-husband of Fox host Jeanine Pirro.” She must have called him and screamed “bloody Mary” murder when she saw that her husband’s name wasn’t on the list.

We must address the pardon power of the president for the future. The chief executive should have to stay the crime, the date range of when it was committed and why they gave the person a pardon. A simple, “I like his wife!” would do.

The seriousness of America’s situation would not be resolved with jail time for Steve Bannon, but for many of us that would be a positive indicator that justice works in America. The stench of Trump will take time to dissipate, but in the meantime, we should focus on the future. Let’s try to heal the hurt of a corrupt and useless president and let only good thoughts in. Let’s stop building the wall and joyously celebrate the reality that America survived a total fucking idiot of a president.

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Anthony Scaramucci vs. Steve Bannon

Myths, such as Newton’s apple and George Washington’s truth about cutting down a cherry tree, remain in our consciousness. Trump forges fictions every day. He says something that isn’t true, repeatedly, and some people believe it. He believes windmills cause cancer but offers no evidence or facts to back up his idiotic premise.

In his latest saga, Trump failed to disqualify the concept known as QAnon. This far-right conspiracy theory group claims there is a secret plot by an alleged “deep state” against President Donald Trump and his supporters. The theory began with an October 2017 post on the anonymous imageboard 4chan by “Q”, who was presumably an American individual which probably became a group of people. Trump says he knows “very little about them,” but knows they like him very much. That wasn’t an endorsement but it planted a seed. By the way if the “deep state” QAnon fears is so powerful why is Trump still president?

One of the major problems of our 45th President is he’s not smart enough to understand the difference between a myth and the truth. Q said that Hillary Clinton was the leader of a ring of pedophiles that were sacrificing children in the basement of a D.C. pizza place. You might have thought that QAnon would be discredited after one of its followers was arrested trying to gun his way into the pizza joint, but that didn’t happen. To the contrary, the appeal of QAnon and its number of followers have increased.

When spoon fed simplified examples of partial facts without details, our minds often run wild. We gobble up preposterous theories to make us feel better about things we cannot understand.

Our President cannot accept basic theories, equations or facts and he will never change. Trump would deny gravity if he thought his base believed it was a hoax. I can imagine he would even push a member of his cabinet off a 20-story building to prove he was right. Looking at the splat on the concrete he would claim the person was obviously a member of the “deep state.” He’s already denied the severity of a virus.

Donald Trump has never understood the word, asymptomatic. He honestly believes that if an asymptomatic person tests positive for COVID-19, they are safe to be around. That is idiotic and could lead to the “leader” of the free world being put on a ventilator at Walter Reed. I’m not wishing for that, just saying.

Someone I have grown to sincerely respect is Anthony Scaramucci. In his economic speeches, the Mooch talks about asymmetric information as it’s applied to business. This is also known as “information failure.” It typically occurs when one party in an economic transaction possesses greater knowledge than the other party. We have a massive information failure in our country and it’s all Donald Trump’s fault.

Clearly the doctors on the White House pandemic task force have much more information about and experience with viruses than Donald Trump, who is controlling every transaction concerning the virus attack on our country. If this is the “art of the deal,” I’m not buying it.  Bad advice has led to more death. Now we learn that a significant voice of reason has been hospitalized, Dr. Anthony Fauci. He’s having polyps removed from his larynx. That why he has that raspy voice we’ve all grown to love.

Another fact that plopped on our desk today was the arrest of former Trump advisor Steve Bannon. According to the Fox News website, “The DOJ indictment states that Bannon and co-defendant Brian Kolfage told the public that they were a ‘volunteer organization’ and that 100% of the money raised would go toward their stated goal, which was to raise money for the federal government to build a wall along the US-Mexico border.” The federal government had nothing to do with it.

DOJ Drains Swamp

The Department of Justice believes those representations were false and the indictment lays out the case that Kolfage, Bannon, Andrew Badolato and Timothy Shea raised upward of $25 million and then paid themselves. Bannon, they allege, received more than $1 million through the nonprofit. The two most important members of the Trump campaign, Paul Manafort and Steve Bannon are cons, just like their boss.

Anthony Scaramucci is a smart guy. He graduated from Harvard with a law degree. Steve Bannon has master’s degrees from Georgetown University and Harvard. That is where the comparison stops. Scaramucci is probably a closet Democrat. Bannon was a Navy guy who moved to the far right during the Gulf War. He’s just like Roger Stone, a person who believes the end justifies the means. Bannon is an ideolog, while Scaramucci sees the world through realistic, hard, cold facts.

Knowledge is power in an asymmetrical world. Stunts that fall short, like building a wall without the legal right to do so, are doomed to fail. A portion of the show-wall Bannon’s organization built was washed away because it was constructed too close to the Rio Grande River. Maybe they didn’t have enough money to do a good job or they never intended to build that wall.

We Build The Wall FRAUD

If one person involved in a transaction possesses greater knowledge than their partner, the “other party” is at a disadvantage. While we are at 173,000 coronavirus deaths, I am sure there is a big pow-wow in the Oval Office to discuss how to handle a judge’s ruling on Trump’s tax records, the arrest of Steve Bannon and how Trump should attempt to tweet away the increasing strength of Joe Biden. No part of those deliberations will help save American lives. What a damn waste of time and a total disgrace.

Trump is a symptomatic carrier of a dangerous hate virus which is infecting frail minds and fascists. Donald John Trump tests totally positive for the disease. Scaramucci was fired because he told the truth about Steve Bannon. Remember what he said that got him canned? It happened during what the Mooch thought was an off-the-record conversation with the New Yorker magazine, “I’m not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to suck my own cock! I’m not trying to build my own brand off the fucking strength of the President. I’m here to serve the country.”

In the end, little Antony was right. Bannon was just worrying about Bannon and used Donald Trump to gain power, just like Kellyanne Conway and the rest of those sucking sycophants. They are all liars and they will eventually have their days in court, the sooner the better. Deliver the indictments!

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Trump’s String-Pulling Puppeteer

It concerns me that our esteemed president continues to seek advice from a person he knows is bad for him, simply to convince himself that he wasn’t wrong in hiring the guy in the first place. It’s like a man who has gone through a bad divorce, but cannot stop forcing himself into the ex’s life.

The first time Steve Bannon talked to Donald Trump, he knew that he had found a mark he could mold into the embodiment of his kind of idol. With Trump, Bannon could maneuver the waters of discontent and manipulate the mob to adopt his demonic dogma. Bannon’s agenda is a mix pure xenophobia, white-nationalism, sexism, racism and a touch of Nazism. He would deny, totally deny, that any of those warts are there, but they are. He’s just another rich white guy trying to fix things.

The bargain Trump made with the devil was very simple. Make Bannon his chief strategist who would deliver the Breitbart audience to the base. Trump always needs a strong ideolog to keep him on track, just like he had with Roy Marcus Cohn, his feisty lawyer in the good old days. In short, Trump has never been his own man. He needs a father figure all the time, and that figure never cares about other people, only the prize.

Bannon is rich (tons of money in the TV and movie businesses), which makes him acceptable to Trump. Bannon doesn’t make Trump feel inferior in a physical sense. Next to Bannon, Trump is taller, more attractive and appears to be in control. But the truth is, Trump is totally under Bannon’s spell.

When Trump needed to make a decision on Roy Moore, he sought Bannon’s counsel. When the Donald is mulling a strategy for dealing with Congress or the fallout of the claims of Trump’s sexual misconduct, he calls Bannon. And now, we have Bannon and Breitbart becoming a force in politics, attempting to pick winners and losers. Bannon has declared war on the RNC and, they too, have sold their souls.

Trump backed Luther Strange, while Bannon went all in with Roy Moore. Surely, Bannon must have felt like he was in the Groundhog movie when all the women came out to accuse Judge Roy Moore for having a proclivity toward underage girls. Bannon went right back to the Trump playbook by denying and attacking the accusers.

Bannon claims the accusations of sexual impropriety are “a setup” from the “opposition party,” by which he means the press. Moore even threatened law suits to force them to shut up, just like Donald Trump did last year. And that strategy just might be working. One survey says that 71% of all Republicans in the state of Alabama believe the women who have come forward are lying. Isn’t America great? Roy Moore will probably win.

Last night in Fairhope, Alabama at the Roy Moore rally, Bannon appeared to be running an end game around Roy Moore himself and using the opportunity to attack the Republican party leaders and work toward defeating Mitt Romney in Utah. The rumor is that Mitt will run for the Orin Hatch seat in the US Senate. Yes, early this week, Mitt Romney attacked Roy Moore saying that his election in Alabama would be a stain on the Republican party and this set up Romney as the target.

Bannon attacked Mitt saying he used his religion to get out of Vietnam. I almost fell off my chair when I heard Bannon belittle all Mormons and their religious duty to serve as missionaries in the world. That seemed quite ironic, knowing the head of the Republican party, Donald Trump, never served a day in the military and would have never given up years of his life to non-profit service. Our great Orange Leader wiggled out of fighting in Vietnam via college and medical deferments, the latter for an imaginary bone spur.

The force behind Breitbart tried to shame the whole Romney family by pointing out that Mitt’s five sons did not fight in Afghanistan or Iraq, while thousands died. He must be forgetting that none of Donald Trump’s offspring have served in the military either. But that doesn’t matter. We now see where Donald Trump gets some of his meanness. When Bannon said that “Roy Moore has more honor and integrity in his pinky finger than your [Romney’s] entire family has in its whole DNA!” I was appalled. One might not agree with Romney’s politics or religious beliefs, but who can question the integrity, honor and faith of his family?

Steve Bannon was, in effect, quoting Romeo and Juliet and wishing a plague on both your houses. One house is the Republican party itself. The other house is a free and open press, the cornerstone of the First Amendment and the backbone of America. We know Bannon doesn’t like Muslims, Jews, African-Americans, poor people, uppity politicians and anyone who thinks he is full of shit. Count me in, Steve.

Winning justifies the means is the true Bannon mantra. Niccolò Machiavelli put it this way, “For although the act condemns the doer, the end may justify him…” Steve Bannon, in another life, and given more power, could become a Hitler. Remember, Adolf took over a party. Adolf used the angst and fear of a whole country to launch himself into power and destroy all those he thought were bad. Hitler and his evil empire justified all that they did in the name of the Vaterland or Fatherland. That very term says that we have to go backward to what our land was for our fathers. You know, when everyone knew his place.

There are those who say, “Well, not everything Hitler did was bad.” We can’t let anyone get away with that remark. And when Bannon says his goal is “the deconstruction of the administrative state” we should all ask what exactly does that mean? What comes next and why are you the expert?

Steve Bannon’s real goal is to be President. He believes that American voters are so dumb you can get them to do anything. I find it rather revealing that Bannon’s nickname for Donald Trump is “Archie Bunker.” Steve knows the President is so unaware of what is really going on, he can play him like a fiddle. We just hope it’s not Nero playing while America burns.

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Trump’s Special Advisor and Puppeteer

When a president leaves office, they usually create a library to house the papers and books that played a major role in the shaping of their term. With Donald J. Trump, we won’t need a library, because he doesn’t read books. His legacy will simply be a building with pictures of people who had his ear, TV screens playing Fox News broadcasts and digital displays of pages from right-winged web sites.

When I watched the Charlie Rose interview with Steve Bannon on CBS’ Sixty Minutes, I was first disappointed that they would give him such a powerful platform. As the program commenced, however, little bombs of truth started to penetrate my frontal lobes. It became very clear that Bannon was the biggest influence on the 45th President and Bannon’s destructive dogma clings to Trump.

I have long said that Team Trump has no concern for political parties. The Donald is neither Republican nor Democrat. He’s a reactionary personality who believes that his charisma can carry him through any challenge. The flaw in Trump’s  thinking is the belief that people like him. Bannon in the interview actually made that same observation. So, Bannon is allowed to critigue the President.

Steve Bannon, clearly not a likeable person, propels his elitist and subversive views in everything he says. He opens by taking a shot at the Grand Old Party, accusing them of trying to nullify the 2016 election. This “civil war” he is flaming is bad for the party in power. Here is an important area of focus. Bannon says the GOP is trying to thwart Trump’s economic nationalist agenda. No one would argue that our business practices should produce positive results for our country and our people, but there seems to a Bannon agenda, darker and more negative than most Americans envision.

Bannon extends his aggression against certain Republicans with the promise to defeat them. Putting his money (well, other people’s money) where his mouth is means he will be buying ads supporting those running against these “rogue” politicians. He talks about “holding them accountable,” which pushed me to ask the question, “Should the elected official behold themselves to a president or their constituents?” The executive branch didn’t appoint them, they were elected by local counties, cities and states.

Bannon’s reveal that following the election the administration embraced the establishment due to the influence of Jared Kushner, was nullified by his comparison to the way he and Jared dress. Really? Are we in high school? Was Kushner’s desire to work with the “establishment” driven by his wardrobe?

Bannon continued to stir the pot with his opinion that Gary Cohn should have resigned if he didn’t like Trump’s reaction to Charlottesville. I see, you can be critical of things Trump does, but the other guys have to be loyal. Maybe Bannon actually thought he was the President.

The common thread here is that both Gary and Jared are Jewish and would obviously despise anything less than total denouncements on Neo-Nazis. It would be too easy at this point to suggest Bannon exposed a constantly rebuffed anti-Semitic and anti-immigrant grounding by this former Navy officer. But hey, he does mention pearls, limousines and the Hamptons in his put-down of the establishment. This is funny coming from a man who made millions in Hollywood.

It seems draconian to purge someone from the administration because they said the great Orange Leader made a mistake in handling the Charlottesville press conference. Why is Bannon so critical of honesty? He said that “a Darwinian environment for ideas is a positive.” Really, Steve, well Jared and Gary are still there and you are gone. I guess it was the survival of the strongest.

This idea that your “work was done” inside of the White House and you will continue the fight outside of the government is a lame ass excuse for being fired. Bannon called himself a “staffer,” with a kind of snobbish air suggesting that his position was beneath him. You were fired because you were opening your mouth, Bannon, and the White House couldn’t trust you. They are distancing themselves from you now, Mr. Alt-Right winged hooey.

We get that you hate the Bushes, Obama and others who have come before. Your abhorrence and vitriol oozes from our President’s narrow mouth. This concept of saying, in a very forceful declaration, that, “… they know, I know and YOU KNOW THIS IS TRUE!” is what Donald Trump uses when he feels confronted. This was a giant poker player “tell” for me. Bannon fed Trump the notion of taking down the Washington Monument and Donald’s little brain spit out that argument. Steve said that the President was taking it to a higher level and he was the only one defending him. Really? You must have a loose screw somewhere because the President, at best, sounded uninformed.

The most repulsive attempt to re-write history by Steve Bannon happened when Charlie Rose suggested that immigrants helped build this country and Bannon replied, “You couldn’t be more, dead wrong. America was built on her citizens.” Okay, so Africans weren’t citizens but did most of the work, yes? Italians, who later became citizens, paved all the brick streets in my hometown. Were they not working and helping to build America? What a stupid thing for Bannon to say.

And when he said that DACA Dreamers will just “self-deport” in six months and there will be no amnesty for their parents either, he made it clear that he is anti-immigrant and that is where the President was getting all his hogwash.

I am sure the 11 million people here illegally would love to help rebuild Houston and Florida for a chance at citizenship. What about that idea, Mr. President?

I don’t care what Steve Bannon says about the Catholic Church. I don’t care about his agenda to make America a whiter place. And I don’t respect his proclamation that the worst modern political decision was the firing of James Comey. If that was so, why didn’t he stop the President? The “I-told-you-so” Bannon dished out was so annoying, with zero enlightenment.

It’s obvious that Bannon was the puppeteer and Trump was the puppet who would say and tweet anything without any logical filter or understanding about the effect of those words. I am glad Steve Bannon is no longer a government employee. He should never have been hired. And, hopefully, the fake news won’t give him any more air time.


It’s all a game to the President

As Hurricane Harvey messes with the state of Texas, Donald Trump continues his role as Addlepate-in-Chief of our great nation. Yes, it means he’s confused and it shows. The many sides of Trump were on display this past week (8-22-2017) in his many speeches to many people on many sides but his words did little other than giving us conflicting sound bites.

We heard from Teleprompter Trump restating the same strategy in Afghanistan that Obama used for the last eight years. We saw Impromptu Trump in Phoenix where he, like the little boy who lied to his parents, kept restating what he said, only leaving out the parts that people were so pissed about. And of course, we heard directly from the center of his botched brain with Twitter Trump.

While all the boring pundits and fake experts in the media are saying what it all means, I must add a thought. While many are focusing on the cult of personality, Trump is moving the government, and thus our country, to the far right. He’s ready to pardon Joe Arpaio and end the Dreamer (DACA) program taking 1,451,195 kids out of the workforce and into a quandary. With no respect for the courts and no respect for people, we allow this Orange Poison to stay in the room and destroy people’s lives.

Donald J. Trump gets splattered across the media for whatever he does, and that is too bad. The President should be working on the duties of being president not out wasting jet fuel to campaign for the next election in four years. His travel is squandering massive amounts of taxpayer funds. The Donald should be getting things done rather trying to get reelected. Tweeting against his own party should be an alarm to those in Congress. When are those lame-ass self-delusional Republican grandfathers in Congress going to wake up and realize that your President is NOT A REPUBLICAN? He will destroy you.

And while every critic in the land is making a big point of the President of the United States not uniting us as a people, don’t fall for the bullshit rhetoric Trump strategically placed in his speech about coming together. We do remember that Hillary Clinton’s slogan was Stronger Together and, while that is true, the great Orange Leader has no chance of achieving it. As a matter of fact, he has no desire to bring us together. He cares only about his appearance and getting his way. We made a big mistake.

So, for all those wishful thinkers who thought that the White House without Steve Bannon would magically turn into a place of moderate thought, think again. Remember that Bannon’s pet name for Trump was Archie Bunker, meaning the problem wasn’t Bannon but rather Trump himself. The White House has less credibility than a White Castle in Toledo, Ohio.

Speaking of Ohio, the rumor mill is churning the idea of John Kasich challenging the sitting president to be the Republican nominee in 2020. And there will be others. The party is splitting like atoms in a North Korea reactor. Even Mitt Romney might give it another try. Here are some of the things I would love to ask Donald Trump. Why do you think so many people don’t trust you? Why is the percentage of people who think you are unfit for office so large? And why aren’t you listening to the other 61% of the people who are vehemently opposed what you are doing?

We will soon get to the point where more and more people will be talking about how to get rid of the 45th President. I was at a family gathering this week, with lots of people who voted for the Donald and believe in him. They actually deny that Trump has lied about anything, even when the truth is laid before them. They are in his rapture just as much as they are excited about the religious rapture. But deep down inside, they have their doubts. The one question I got many times was, “Do you really think he could get impeached.” I just smiled.

When someone asks, “Why don’t you give him a chance?” I will answer, “Why doesn’t he give me a chance?” Why is he not listening to what I think? All presidents take a stand and make their decisions based on what will please their base or help them get elected. I am a grown man, I know that, but after hearing Trump saying over and over that we have to get out of Afghanistan because it’s such a waste of money, we see that he got sucked right back in. He broke a promise. While he says that it was a thoughtful decision, to many supporters it was damn flip-flop.

And as winter comes in America, we will learn more about who Donald Trump is and how he tears us apart as a nation. He exposes a little more of himself each day, and the people who speak on his behalf are nothing but damn, professional liars. The anger from the 61% will grow and more people will be asking the Senate, “What exactly is it that you do again?”



Trump Dumps Bannon, Finally

The writing was on the wall and in this blog that Alt-Rightist Steve Bannon was a huge anchor around President Donald Trump’s leg. And as Trump was quickly sinking lower into highly negative seas this week, it was most likely John Kelly who cut that anchor from the great Orange Leader, hoping he would surface in calmer waters.

The number of dead bodies floating outside the Oval Office is astounding. The poorly vetted National Security advisor, Michael Flynn, lied to the VP and was out a little over twenty-days into the Trump administration. Anthony Scaramucci was brought in to shake things up and Sean Spicer immediately resigned on July 2, 2017. John Kelly was transferred from Homeland Security to Chief of Staff, and Reince Priebus was sacked on July 28, 2017. And now, Steve Bannon was fired by the president on August 18, 2017. No previous administration has had so much turnover in such a short time, and this speaks to the Donald’s abysmally poor judgement and a broken vetting system.

There are some who think that the departure of Stephen K. Bannon will change the direction of the White House and help Donald J. Trump pivot. Ha! After watching the cable news networks over the weekend, I have learned how much those talking heads don’t know:

CNN: Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, BREAKING NEWS, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah.

Fox News: Blah, Blah, OUR PRESIDENT, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah,

MSNBC:  Blah, Blah, Blah, IMPEACHMENT, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah,

As long as Donald Trump is the President of the United States nothing is going to change. Through his own words, Trump has clearly shown us that he is a not only a horrid communicator but also a racist. The goal of people who care about the real America hasn’t changed but, hopefully, Trump will do something which will bother Bannon. Then the right-wingers at Breitbart will start to nag him and create backlash in the Alt-Right faction of Trump’s base. This will help America. If anyone thinks that just because Steve Bannon has left the building Trump will magically become reasonable and focused on the people’s business, they are wrong.

The fact is that Bannon never left Breitbart and he was pulling the strings of that website just as deftly as he was pulling the strings of our puppet president. Now is the time for everyone to look up the addresses of their representatives in the House and the Senate (they’re listed on this website) and write your representative a strong letter of rebuke.

Congress doesn’t need to censure President Donald Trump, they must impeach him. Censure is nothing more than a formal, symbolic condemnation of an individual whose actions run counter to the group’s acceptable standards for individual behavior. We’ve already reached that point.  More action is needed!

It’s time for YOU to communicate your views and feelings to those who run our Congress. Removal from office is the singularly decisive protection from an extremely bad president. Never stop acting and never stop believing.