Liars and lunatics are poisoning America!

Back when Dennis Miller was still funny and relevant, he had a Friday night TV show with an ending segment that was a total rip-off of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update. As the set up to a targeted segment, Dennis would exclaim, “Now, I don’t want to get off on a rant here, but…” Then he would dive into a diatribe on whatever or whomever he wanted to rip into a thousand pieces.

Miller’s show took place in the time before we had social media to promote the feelings, thoughts and aberrations of millions of knuckleheads from Toledo to Timbuktu. These days, any jackass with a mouse and internet connection can tell me what they think about an entire list of subjects they are totally unqualified to discuss. TikTok has given any Tom, Dick or Harry the ability to gather a following, but there are more dicks than tiks these days, and I hate that.

Well, I can play too, so let me add to the fetid, gaseous air of the internet and get a few things off my hairy chest. First, I do not give a fuck about Hunter Biden, his stupid laptop or the fact he’s related to the President of the United States. He’s just another “silver spooned” elitist lacking a moral compass. If he broke the law, he should do the time. I find it humorous that Republicans, those gun-loving, NRA sycophants, want to lock up Hunter on a gun charge. But hey, drug addicts shouldn’t own guns so they need to shut up and pass a law to prevent it – really prevent it.

Next, why are media outlets giving Robert F. Kennedy Jr. any exposure? Why are conservatives and self-serving grifters fighting to keep him and his poison on social media? Unless they are ready to strike down what is known as Section 230, they need to shut the fuck up. RFK Jr. is not a Democrat, he’s a demigod who is just as corrupt as his grandfather and the Irish mafia of rich, first-generation millionaires who believed they knew what was best for America. If it were up to Joe Kennedy, we’d all be speaking German. Stop RFK Jr. and his dangerous, deranged opinions! Covid-19 was not a weapon, it was a fucking virus. Kennedy’s arguments are as weak and distorted as the output of his vocal cords.

The Village Idiot

On June 5, 1968, Robert F. Kennedy, Sr. was shot by Sirhan Sirhan at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California and pronounced dead the following day. The fact that RFK Jr. doesn’t believe Sirhan Sirhan shot his father is lunacy. We all can see it on film. Sure, the assassin was a Palestinian Jordanian man and he had his demented causes, but there is no doubt he was the killer. But let’s not be too hard on RFK Jr. It’s well known the family of Martin Luther King, Jr. believes the government, especially the FBI, was involved in the murder of the civil rights leader. Never proven, hardly documented, and really, will this bullshit ever stop?

The idea that we are in separate tribes is utterly primitive and unproductive, and neo-dolts like Ron DeSantis are making matters worse. When confronted with the new policies of his state-run Department of Education, Ronnie said he wasn’t involved. What a coward and dimwit. He was the motivation behind that plan and he signed the bills.

He and others running against Donald Trump refuse to say why the ex-president he would be bad for our country. They are the same folks who believe God has sent them to cure America of all its ills, perversions and ideological missteps. FACT: They are not affiliated with God or any of his workers. 

According to the myth, God first created the supreme archangel followed by other archangels. One of them decided to take on God, and then we had the devil. And the book that brought us the devil was also used to justify white people stealing black people from Africa and demand they work for free.

SLAVERY was a way for the right people, you know the white people, to become more successful, but they had to deal with the “lower intellects” by telling them what to believe and whom to follow. How can someone, like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. complain about people calling him a racist or antisemite when he has no clue about the definitions of those words?

I was inspired when Sinéad O’Connor performed on Saturday Night Live in 1992 and told us the real enemy was the Pope for covering up sex abuse in the Catholic Church. Ripping up his picture on live television was a powerful and courageous statement. She told the truth about the abuses of the church and its priests and how they were covered up by men in power. By the way, those are the same men who keep woman in their places. Women can still not be priests, even today.

The white men in Congress and state governments who rail against Critical Race Theory and what we teach about slavery claim they are protecting kids from assuming any blame for what happened in this country for more than two-hundred and forty years. Americans commonly believe slavery took place from 1776 to 1865, but it actually began in North America in 1619. Here’s a question we should be asking people like Senator Tom Cotton, Governor DeSantis and other store-bought racists, “How are you protecting kids who aren’t white, or straight, or Christian?” They will not have an answer. They are protecting only their children.

Disruption is a disturbance or problem which interrupts an event, activity, or process, typically not a good thing. Some view the January 6th attack on Congress not as an insurrection but just a trifling disruption. People like Josh Hawley and Matt Gaetz think of themselves as disruptors and reformers, but they and their kind are nothing but evil, scum bacteria, infecting people with attempts to normalize unamerican activities. It’s time we stop denying the holocaust, slavery, 9-11, January 6th and the value of vaccines. We must focus on making America better.

I’ll close with a little tip to all the election deniers. If Donald Trump won the 2020 election, why the fuck did he leave Washington? If he really believed he was re-elected, why didn’t he order the military to surround the White House and protect what was “rightfully” his? He’s a chicken-shit loser and no one in the army would have come. Here’s the real reason he left; HE KNEW HE LOST. What a fucked-up person!


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