Spoiled Americans with Unreasonable Demands

I am sick and tired of people complaining. I live in a town where the median age is 69.1 years of age, and old people love to nit-pick, but I’m turned off by it. Maybe they have lived so long they believe all things should be working perfectly. Well, they just aren’t. I find myself repeatedly asking these days, “Why is that? For example, when I google Pandora 50% of the time I get links for the jewelry company and the other half I get those of the music service. They should know I use the music service and present only those.

People quibble over the least important aspects of life. Let’s take Mike Huckabee. He’s 65-years-old, so he’s bound to say something stupid half the time he opens his mouth. But his daughter, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, is only 38 and she’s running for Governor of Arkansas. You’d think she would know how to avoid saying stupid things, but no! Here’s a little back story for you. Arkansas currently is one of two states with the largest increase in Covid-19 cases. So, young Sarah Huck-a-wanna-bee rode to the rescue and wrote an op-ed piece to convince more Arkansans to get vaxxed.

If you want to read her diatribe you will find it here, but let me throw out some tidbits. Ms. Huckabee opens with a rather astonishing and unbelievable remark, “Like many of you, I have had a lot of misinformation thrown at me by politicians and the media during the pandemic.” Really Sarah, what exactly did they say that was WRONG and why did you wait so long to get the vaccine you gratuitously labeled the “Trump vaccine?” In your overbearing idol worshipping you mentioned his name 17 times in your article. Yes, okay, we can thank the former president for giving big Pharma the money needed to start the gears turning, but he did nothing to promote confidence in the vaccine. 95% of everything he said when the vaccines were rolling out had to do with the big lie about the election. So, what good was he?

My frontal lobes burst into fire when reading, “I was also reassured after President Trump and his family were vaccinated. If getting vaccinated was safe enough for them, I felt it was safe enough for me.” Yes, young Sarah, but why wasn’t Trump promoting the vaccine and its effectiveness? If he’s responsible for this great thing, why does he never mention it? His only recent claim was people stopped getting the shot because they don’t trust the Biden Administration. Really? What does that have to do with the TRUMP CURE?

Ms. Sanders proclaims that events and church should not have been shut down, and there shouldn’t have been mask mandates. Sarah adds, “As the number of covid cases and hospitalizations once again rise exponentially in Arkansas, information is emerging that I hope people will consider. Recent data demonstrates that those Arkansans who are not vaccinated are at significantly greater risk for serious illness from covid. In fact, 98 percent of covid patients currently hospitalized in our state and 99 percent of recent covid deaths were people who were not vaccinated. It’s clear that the Trump vaccine works and is saving lives.” Sarah, the immunizations are neither the “Trump vaccine” nor the “Biden vaccine,” they are AMERICA’S vaccines. We paid for them. They are being made by Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson, not by any administration or president. Get off your hyper-partisan high horse and start making sense.

No Trump on the label

It’s a ridiculous approach to ask people to do what is medically right for America by wrapping it in a Trump flag with the expectation that vast numbers of people will now stick a needle in their arms. All Sarah Huckabee Sanders has done is confuse people, which seems to be easy to do in Arkansas. I mean, really, they elected both Bill Clinton and Mike Huckabee as governors and now they will probably put her in that chair. OMG. I want my razor back — to kill myself.

There are no guarantees in life and during a global pandemic words truly matter. More than once, Baby Huckabee lied to us from the press room in the White House. As they asked Michael Cohen, “Why would we believe you now?” Does anything Sarah Huckabee Sanders says carry meaning? She does point out that, “Many of our hospitals are now dangerously close to maximum capacity due to rising covid cases.” Yeah, but is that true? Sorry, I am being ironic there. I hear those hospital statistics from reliable sources, you know, the media you go out of the way to malign in your piece. You speak with forked tongue.

The bottom line? Sanders is merely using vaccination to pitch her run for Governor. She’s not a worthy messenger. If it’s a Trump vaccine, why isn’t his picture on every vial? You know, like Colonel Sanders’ face is on every bucket. Sarah, you could’ve gotten the shot seven months ago. Where were you then? Perhaps too busy trying to overturn an election? I’m glad you got the shot but hope you don’t get the votes.


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Trump’s Way of Doing Government

There isn’t much a fish can do once that hook is in its mouth and the taut line is being pulled closer to the boat. It can attempt to swim away, inflicting pain on itself and damage to its most important orifice, but one must do whatever one can to get away from the peril.

Donald Trump has, once again, demonstrated vividly his convoluted and confused soul. Yesterday (2-13-2018), was not a good day for the Commander in Chief of the United States of America.

We all watched with great interest as the top men who protect us from evil doers around the world and at home: Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence, Admiral Mike Rogers, Director of the National Security Agency, Mike Pompeo, Director of Central Intelligence Agency, Lt. General Robert Ashley, Director Defense Intelligence Agency, Robert Cardillo, Director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and Christopher Wray, Director of the FBI went before Congress to bring the Senate Intelligence Committee up to speed on worldwide threats.

Disclosed there were some cold, hard facts about what this country faces from global and local risks to our security. It was clear, beyond the usual partisan questions, that these group of highly respected experts disagreed with President Trump’s assessment of Russian interference in our country’s business and democratic processes. Our Great Orange Leader’s view that the threat is not real and only a punchline for a red state rally is not acceptable. Trump must be a better leader on this issue.

What the president says to these gentlemen behind close doors is unknown, but what they demonstrated yesterday was less theater and more reality check. Dan Coats was very clear, “Persistent and disruptive cyber operations will continue against the United States and our European allies using elections as opportunities to undermine democracy. Frankly, the United States is under attack.” And now we wait for the President to either come out of the closet on this crisis or remain in the dark, therefore sending the wrong message to Putin and to the citizens he has sworn to protect.

All six men agreed that we have a problem and that the Russian interference is real. Astonishingly, none of them have been instructed or ordered by President Trump to do anything about it. Imagine an executive not addressing a problem or attack from a competitor in business. That would be dereliction of duty and a blatant disregard of their fiduciary responsibility, a reason for dismissal from any public company.

And through the questioning of these security officials, we learned that Chris Wray is not about to share information or discuss the Russian investigation with Donald Trump. That was very good for America.

But one of the other answers he gave sent a shiver through the spin doctors in the West Wing. After trying to pin the Rob Porter Scandal on the FBI, Trump’s current whipping boy, Wray disclosed that their work on Porter’s clearance was completed and sent to the White House a long time ago. In fact, if the procedures were followed as Wray described, the president’s people probably knew about Porter’s problem last year and covered it up.

We’re all numbed by the flow of lies and fabrications from the people surrounding Trump. Most likely, these lies come directly from the horse’s mouth.

There have been endless cable news quarter-hours discussing whether the White House takes security clearances seriously and if retired General John Kelly should be dismissed. Not sure why replacing Kelly would make a difference, when you still have the head of the snake. Without removing Trump from office, we will continue to suffer through disjointed messaging, inconsistent plans, inept positions and worse, LIES, LIES, LIES!

Just when you think yesterday was completely a loss for Trump, it became even worse. News broke last night that the Donald’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, when answering a Federal Election Committee inquiry about the source of money paid to a porn star, admitted he paid the “actress” $130,000 out of his own pocket. To prove that Trump’s campaign didn’t violate campaign finance laws, Cohen fell on his sword for the President. That payment was paid during the campaign and after the Access Hollywood “pussy grabbing” tape was released. Not sure if anyone declared the payment as a business expense, but then, Trump hasn’t released his tax returns. More secrets.

We don’t know if Donald Trump had an affair with Stormy Daniels 11 years ago, but we do know that she got more than one hundred thousand dollars from Trump’s attorney for something. It would be hard to determine how much that was per hour, but then she was clearly a private contractor. If this doesn’t bother the evangelicals, then Christianity is surely doomed to collapse within itself. When do the leaders of the church stand up and condemn this man?

And why do we keep hearing phrases like, “on-going” or “I don’t want to get into process” as armor against questions seeking the truth. Is Donald Trump capable of sensitivity and honesty?

If hard, cold facts and admission of hush money paid for hot, illicit sex don’t make a difference with those who support this lunatic, then maybe we are off the tracks as a nation. The next step in this saga is the release of the Robert Mueller findings. Trump can hear the footsteps. He hasn’t been heard from on Twitter for 16 hours, gee, nothing to see, or just nothing to say? Sad, really sad.

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