Time to De-Trump the Elephant

There is a certain ebb and flow to the American political system. The principles of balancing and reshaping are fundamental aspects of how we nurture and grow our democracy. The time is right for the next big change, and I’d like to propose a new political party. I call it the New Republican Party (N.R.P.).

Most pundits and even armchair quarterbacks say that Donald Trump is going nowhere. Well, he’ll certainly leave the White House but, like Dr. Evil, stroking his own ego, the orange guy is already plotting his next move. Republican resistance to Trump by the likes of Mitt Romney, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski has been weak and wimpy. Perhaps others, like Nebraska’s Ben Sasse, will figure out the path ahead for the Grand Old Party.

It mystifies me that the Republican National Committee would maintain its leadership and titular head after Donald Trump lost the election by more than eight million votes. Ronna Romney McDaniel, the daughter of Mitt’s brother Scott Romney, has been the chair of the RNC since 2017. Why are they keeping her in that role? Why is the person who lost the election, you know, THE LOSER, being given so much power and influence over the future of the party? The sun has gone down, but Trump refuses to accept defeat, and that’s one of the key reasons why the Republican party is being destroyed.

Core Republican values have been sacrificed by those ambitious fools who followed Trump into the black hole of defeat. Oh, some will justify their loyalty to Trump and Ms. McDaniel on the merits of down ticket wins, but maybe a new message will penetrate their thick, uninformed skulls should Georgia elect two Democratic Senators.

It’s like the college football coach who is beloved on campus but loses games more often than he wins. The board of regents will delay the inevitable, but eventually commit to their senses only when confronted with the reality that the guy is a LOSER! In the case of the Republican party, however, the best way out for party loyalists now is distancing themselves from this trashcan fire.

Before starting a new party, one must research ownership of the intended name, brand, or trademark.. According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the name Republican National Committee Unincorporated Political Association is trademarked, so that’s not a viable starting point for naming a new party. Interestingly enough, no one owns the name New Republican Party. The only similar trademark is New Jersey Republican Party.

So, there is a starting point. Some group should trademark the name New Republican Party, and appoint a leader or chairperson who is not presently in office to insure there would be no conflicts of interest as they begin to form the N.R.P. By the way, the Constitution does not speak of parties. All of the rules, procedures and policies related to parties were conceived, designed and implemented by Congress. The rules of majorities, minorities, caucuses and committees were the invention of politicians, not statesmen. In fact, George Washington feared that political parties would be the ruination of a more perfect union.

Our Founding Fathers

Political factions or parties began to form in 1787 during the struggle over ratification of the Constitution, but the present two parties were late to the party, so to speak. The Democratic Party was christened in 1828, while the formation of the Republican Party didn’t happen until 1854. Over the years, we’ve had Independents, who usually work with and vote with the Democrats. Currently we have a vital but weak Libertarian party. Along the way, other third and fourth parties, like the Green Party, have popped up in random places at various times, but our system works best with only two parties because that is the way it was designed.

The Speaker of the House is elected by the majority party in the House and the Leader of the Senate is elected by their majority. In fact, the sitting Vice President is the “President” of the Senate, and his or her biggest responsibility is breaking tie votes. The Speaker and Leader have amazing powers, and it’s unlikely that a third party would ever become a majority in the House or Senate. My intent with the New Republican Party, however, is not the establishment of a third party but rather a replacement of the existing, cancer-ridden Republican Party.

As a cult leader, Donald John Trump is amazingly effective, but as a politician, his leadership and communication skills are Neanderthal and ineffective. He says something, then takes it back, and then introduces a whole new concept based on the unknown electrical arcing within his brain. Without a platform based on thoughts, plans and words, the current Republican Party is but a toy for the madman, forced to bend to his whims, lies and un-Republican acts of sedition and treason.

Within the N.R.P., the intelligent, old-line Republicans would have a place for their loyalties and previous principles. If the founders of the New Republican Party were to write a platform that the members could read and understand, perhaps they would realize just how far they have strayed from the original values, principles and dogma of their group. It could be a starting point to forget about Donald Trump and his losing ways.

Trump is not a moderate. He’s a “free radical” which, in chemistry, denotes a molecule that contains at least one unpaired electron. Most molecules contain an even number of electrons, and the covalent chemical bonds holding the atoms together within a molecule normally consist of pairs of electrons jointly shared by the atoms linked by the bond. Donald Trump’s unpaired electron is his brain. He cannot escape it and he will never change. Words like “Trumpean” and “Trumpism” have sprung up in our language to describe his illogical moves, but they’re all wrapped up in one person. Let’s not forget that people die, and once gone any attempt by another to emulate them falls far short of the original. Thank God.

Mitt Romney is so entwined in old-line Republican thinking and his Mormon faith that many see him as too weak to lead the party into the future. The fact that his niece runs the party is a bit strange, and they will probably put losers in charge of their party. Could a name change to the Trump Party be a good idea for the RNC? I doubt such an extreme measure will happen, but Trump’s hijacking of that political party should be setting off alarms. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham have been so deeply kissing the large, white buttocks of the Donald that it’s no longer country first or even party first. It’s become a frenzy of false prophet worshipping. These folks should NOT be allowed to join the New Republican Party. Only REAL Republicans should be welcomed to participate.

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Why Do We Have a First Lady; Will We Ever Have a First Man? 

It might be the wrong time for this discussion, but have you ever wondered about the unpaid, unelected White House position officially known as First Lady of the United States or FLOTUS? So far, it’s been the wife of the president of the United States and she serves concurrently with her husband’s term in office.

The phrase First Lady came about in the early 1900s, but Martha Washington was obviously the very first, First Lady. She was referred to as Lady Washington. The role of the First Lady has never been codified or officially defined, but we all know she is supposed to do something. The Office of the current First Lady is headquartered in the East Wing of the White House and it’s been said she has a staff of ten people. The expenses of her office are paid from the Executive Branch budget, but the First Lady takes no salary. The perks are obvious; she gets to do what she wants with the backyard.

I am rather amazed the concept of a First Lady has remained a thing. After all, we broke from many of Britain’s royal trappings. This one, however, grew out of our fantasy and need for royal-lite. We all remember how Jackie Kennedy impressed the world and we have seen the legacies of other first ladies such as Betty Ford’s clinic and Nancy Reagan’s insipid slogan Just Say No, which maybe motivated Nike’s Just Do It? First Ladies often have “causes,” but we don’t know if they enjoy having a job with no pay. Some First Ladies, like Hillary Clinton, are hated for trying to repair healthcare and, I guess, just for being a woman.

Laura Bush, a former teacher, focused on reading while Michelle Obama promoted “Let’s Move!” a campaign for eating better, exercising and thus reducing childhood obesity. We now see the results of Melania Trump’s pet project “Be Best” which translated to English means, try to be better. By fighting cyberbullying and eschewing the behavior of the President of the United States on social media, you can be best.

Eleanor Roosevelt, Franklin’s Delano First Lady and fifth cousin, preached about women’s rights, civil rights and other humanitarian efforts. She opposed the treatment of Japanese Americans and their internment during World War II, but that didn’t stop FDR from committing civil rights violations. Laura Bush couldn’t keep her husband George W. from invading Iraq on false premises, nor could Mary Todd Lincoln stop the Civil War from happening. To be honest, I’m not sure Mary Lincoln could do much more than get out of bed in the morning.

Being afflicted with depression, alcohol or drug addiction might keep a First Lady out of the spotlight, but during her husband’s term she can either hide or promote her brand. Melania Trump was not born in the US. She may speak a few languages, but it’s clear that English is not her native tongue. She does well with our language, but most of what she says formally is written for her. When Melania went to McAllen, Texas to visit kids in detention centers, the gimmick of the “I Really Don’t Care, Do You?” message on her jacket was shocking. Imagine if Eleanor Roosevelt wore that same jacket while touring the Japanese interment camps. The Hearst newspaper chain would have declared her the anti-Christ.

On one level, I feel sorry for Melania. Yes, being the First Lady to Trump’s bizarre reality show is next to impossible. On another level, it was her choice to marry him. I suspect this relationship will end with another divorce for the Donald. She will be taken care of though, just as Jackie Kennedy found security and money with the Onassis name and husband. The former model from Slovenia, Melania Melanija Knavs, will be able to front a major business interest and find a rich, young, good-looking guy and live happily ever after without Donald Trump, but I am getting off track here.

In my more radical and progressive moments, I say get rid of the concept of a First Lady. Does McDonald’s or Walmart have a First Lady? Why do we need one for the president? Well, as Trump unfortunately reminds us all too often, it’s a mean world out there. The First Lady, owned by the country and chattel of the state, doesn’t have many choices. She’s too valuable a person and would be a tremendous score for someone to kidnap and hold for an outrageous ransom demand. The taxpayers fund the Secret Service to make sure she’s kept from danger.

I am having mixed feelings. On the one hand, the speech Melania Trump gave at the virtual RNC last night showed some positiveness. She said, “We deserve total honesty from our President.” Was that code to Donald asking him to be honest with her about things like the other women, the payments, the infidelities and other such things? Every Trump family member, except Barron, spoke at this week’s farcical convention. The New York Times wrote truth in this, “Melania Trump’s convention speech was a moment of calm amid the Trump family rant.” I am sure she will be quite happy when all of her political tasks, fronting dogma speeches and appearances are over. Hey, everyone deserves to live the way they want.

I remain calm knowing that the tradition of a First Lady means nothing. Deep down inside I doubt that arranging the banquet plates, redoing the Rose Garden and smiling for the camera are important. Why do we cover such things? The First Lady is an American gift who should do no harm. When Woodrow Wilson had a stroke and basically became a vegetable, the First Lady ran the country. Really. He was the president when women finally got the right to vote. Edith Wilson wasted no time taking over.

What happens when a woman becomes President? Will we call her spouse the First Man? FMOTUS? What will his role be, mechanic of the First Limo? Much will change when we pass that torch. The title First Lady is demeaning to all other women. After all, why is there a First Lady? Is every other female or spouse in the land second class? Oh, I know, I am a Debbie Downer or maybe I’m just a Dwight Downer. See, terms are changeable. Is America ready?

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The Confidence Man Cometh, Again

You cannot say a challenge is resolved before you fix it. You cannot solve a problem by pronouncing it conquered. And you cannot wash away this pandemic by pouring wet, little lies over it. Donald Trump believes he can lie his way back into office. Is America really that dimwitted and demented? We are only seventy days away from the answer.

During the opening day of the Republican National Convention, the New York Times put matters in perspective by writing that the campaign will “…engage in sweeping revisionism about Mr. Trump’s management of the coronavirus pandemic, his record on race relations and much else.” They also laid out a dystopian picture of what the United States would look like under a Biden administration, warning of a “‘vengeful mob’ that would lay waste to suburban communities and turn quiet neighborhoods into war zones.”

Here we go, people. Donald Trump wants you to believe America is going down the drain. If the intent of the Republican party was painting a more optimistic picture, then what the hell was that? What I find most disturbing is not only blaming others for what has happened in the last four years but also the constant disassociation with reality. I am not a zombie and I am not on SOMA (for all you H. G. Wells & Aldous Huxley fans).

Let’s take some of the con-man’s words and deeds and put them to the test. Are people rioting in certain cities? Yes. Why? Because African Americans are seeing videos of police shooting Black men and women. Why? Could it be that there is systemic racism in our police departments across America? It does seem many people of color are being snuffed out at the hands of white men. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, which is part of the National Institutes of Health, “the fatality rate is 2.8 times higher among blacks than whites” during interactions with police officers.

The Republican sales pitch is that COPS are right, and DEMOCRATS are wrong. Really? Why does that surprise anyone? Donald Trump has some deeper motivations that you can either ignore or investigate. If Donald Trump’s party of one sincerely cares about African American rights and societal changes, why are there so few Black voices supporting and echoing him? Oh yeah, there’s Tim Scott of South Carolina, but for the life of me I cannot reconcile his myopic view of the civil rights of Black people. However, we’ve seen this before and my Uncle had a term for it.

The prophecy that electing Joe Biden will destroy western civilization is an extremely strange way to pitch a fraud. Most con artists tell you how great your life will be if you buy what they are selling. The Donald’s positioning at the convention was totally defensive and negative. It was like a bar fight where one of the survivors comes out the carnage to announce, “Well, yes, my mother, father and wife were killed in the fight but I am the winner. I’m still standing.” It’s not the lack of empathy; it’s the unbelievable quote of the bloodied survivor justifying why he couldn’t save more people, “Hey, they were there on their own. If I didn’t get out of there the death count would have been much greater.” Yes, 177,000 people have died from COVID, but let’s remember what Donald Trump said, “It’s going to be just fine. One day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.” He bragged that if we had less than 100,000 deaths it would prove HE did a fantastic job. Really? He also said, “This should have been stopped in China.” Okay, but why haven’t WE stopped it in the United States?

Trump never scrutinizes the effects of his actions and policies. He simply moves on. Achieving a goal is part of leadership but I see no accountability. Trump went so far as to say he takes no responsibility. Wow, who is this guy? Even Jerry Falwell, Jr. faces the truth and is honest for a couple of hours before crawling back into his deep, secret place.

Another Republican talking point is voting for Democrats will make America socialist. I find this funny. The guy who is attempting to gut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid is trying to lump Biden supporters into a “socialist bucket.” There is no altruism in the party of Trump. There is only selfishness and screeds lacking empathy. If socialism is so bad, why did Trump allow the national debt to get so far out of control? If socialism is so evil, why did he sign bailout bills that gave away billions of dollars to companies, organizations and buddies? The money he handed out was a raid on our national bank. Donald somehow believes that donations will keep people from going back to jobs they no longer have. It’s just another ludicrous lie. People want to work safely.

Mrs. George Conway

Now, let’s pull in for a close-up on the ludicrous harangue that Democrats will destroy the suburbs. Trump’s tweet about affordable housing was so racist I cannot understand how Republicans can credibly support the man. The President of the United States tweeted, “I am happy to inform all of the people living their Suburban Lifestyle Dream that you will no longer be bothered or financially hurt by having low income housing built in your neighborhood. Your housing prices will go up based on the market, and crime will go down. I have rescinded the Obama-Biden AFFH Rule [Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing]. Enjoy!”

One of the great TV comedy characters of Key and Peele was Luther, President Obama’s anger translator. His role was helping get Obama’s messages out to African Americans. Please allow me to channel that routine by showing the way Luther would have written that tweet, “Hey WHITE PEOPLE, I know you really don’t want Blacks and trailer trash moving in next door so you should be KISSING MY ASS because I just changed the law that will keep those lowlifes that DEMS call “PEOPLE” out of your clean, white suburbs. YOU OWE ME.”  

Donald Trump has spent his life far removed from the suburbs. He is out of touch on the true meaning of that term. When he uses the outdated word “housewives” to attempt resonance with suburbanites, he sounds like a guy from the 1950s.

Check out the stats from Gwinnett County, Georgia A SUBURB OF ATLANTA. The racial makeup of the county’s population is 47.4% White, 28.5% Black, 18.8% Asian and 28.5% Hispanic, meaning 75.8 of the Gwinnett County population is non-white. Are Republicans happy about Trump’s declaration of “purifying” the suburban neighborhoods of America? Putting this in perspective, Donald Trump will need tons of votes from that 75.8% slice of that county to win. What a misguided strategy. Oh well, we need a new president. Donald Trump’s myth that he’s been the greatest President since Abraham Lincoln is the biggest, STRONGEST and most RIDICULOUS LIE that has ever been articulated, and Trump knows articulation. He uses his left hand to do it.

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The Trouble with a Trump Endorsement

What the Democrats in Western Pennsylvania might have learned with Conor Lamb’s performance in the special election in his state’s 18th Congressional District is that moderation can trump Trump’s bullshit. But will the Dems be able to resist the gravitational pull to the left?

What the Republicans just might realize is that Donald Trump’s currency ain’t what it used to be. In short, having Trump stump for you could be a grand liability. What the Donald fails to understand is that he sells only himself and his schtick. He doesn’t focus on why people should vote for someone else. The other lesson is the evergreen observation that all elections are local. But can the RNC resist the forces trying to reposition them to the far right? The N.R.A. is just one of them.

The voters in Alabama decided to elect someone they thought was the better candidate for the Senate. In fact, the Democrat Doug Jones was endorsed by the sitting Republican Senator. Trump first pushed Luther Strange, who lost, then doubled-down against Roy Moore’s accusers and that endorsement proved toxic. Isn’t Trump supposed to be a winner?

The Donald’s long self-aggrandizement rally speech in Moon Township, PA last Saturday night might have made him happy, but it did little for the Republican candidate, Rick Saccone. In fact, Trump would have been wise not to go to the 18th District in Pennsylvania. Western Pennsylvania may still support Donald Trump as President, but they are not sure they can trust his judgement about people running for office.

I was struck by a comment from a retired pharmacist in Pittsburgh who said she voted for Trump but would vote for Lamb. She said clearly that the chaos in the White House made her nervous. She said, “Why, he fired someone today, right?” And this is something that Donald Trump, a “stable genius,” can’t figure out.

On the day people in Pa were going to the polls, all the headlines were about Trump firing Rex Tillerson, his Secretary of State. When we learned that the President did the firing on Twitter, it made him seem unstable and sent a message of unsteadiness and uncertainty through the electorate. He screwed the party by throwing a flare of doubt on election day. A smart politician would have waited to shake the trees around him until after the election, but this president is not smart. The apple fell from the tree and hit him on his big orange head.

Another stupid move was sending Don Jr. into a chocolate factory to “help” Rick Saccone. Don Jr. is notorious for opening his mouth and putting both feet in there, and the optics of Don Jr. in a hair net didn’t really work for the hard-core industrial and agricultural Pennsylvanians.

Back to the maxim that all elections are local, Conor Lamb was a great candidate and will have to prove it again in November. Remember, this was a special election to fill the seat of a shamed Republican forced to resign. The congressional district that was used last night will be redrawn for future elections, and there is a good chance Lamb won’t even face off against Saccone again. They could be in different districts in the Fall.

As someone who grew up in that area, the gerrymandered district that was used for this election makes no sense at all. You have people in the South Hills’ suburbs that share more with people north of the line, than with those in downstate Greene County. The original purpose of this district shape was to control the number of Democrats and their effect on elections. Not very American.

Donald Trump benefited from the gerrymandering and by Russian dirty tricks during the campaign. These have soiled our electoral process. Donald Trump may think he still has his small little hands around the necks of those districts where he won, but things are changing.

No one got rich, except the people who are already rich. No one got the big raise, which Trump promised would come. The coal mining companies aren’t hiring thousands of workers, as the candidate promised. Plants like Carrier and Harley-Davidson still moved some production out of the country. People continue to be laid off and there aren’t enough lies that can alter reality.

Lies and bravado are not as convincing as plain talk from a calm and moderate voice. We can learn a lot from Conor Lamb and the way he ran his campaign. He didn’t waste his time trying to take a wrecking ball to Donald Trump. He simply admitted how popular he is. He didn’t need to pledge loyalty to Nancy Pelosi, who apparently is damaged goods in American politics. Why does a political party keep electing a Speaker of the House who isn’t don’t liked by both parties?

Trump will try to fire his way out of the mess he has created. Like an animal who finds himself in quicksand, if the Donald just stood still he might have a chance. But he will keep changing and moving, thinking that he, and he alone, can make himself popular — all the while sinking lower and lower as the Democratic lambs watch.

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New Book about Terrorism

One of the most eye-opening stories about terrorism. The famous cable TV talk show host, Jonas Bronck, leaves New York on his quest to find truth. He finds himself in the middle of terror and personal torment in the name of journalism. He once again asks, If God Could Cry, would he be crying for us, or with us?

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Now What Are You Going to Do?

One should be proud to be a member of the party that freed the slaves. The President who Donald Trump most admires, Andrew Jackson, was a Democrat. No one seems to mention that. Grant and Lincoln were Republicans, and Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican, but his cousin FDR was a Democrat. JFK was a Democrat, while the disgraced Richard Nixon was a Republican. As times change, parties change, but people need to feel the party they support has a core set of values that they can believe in.

The party’s platform says that the RNC believes in American exceptionalism. Okay, USA, USA, USA, but then they say: “This platform is optimistic because the American people are optimistic. This platform lays out — in clear language — the path to making America great and united again. For the past 8 years America has been led in the wrong direction.” So much for the optimism. I wonder how many people in any party read their political party’s platform.

Research shows that there are many factors that make up the decision on affiliation to one party or another. Your family or where you grew up have a great influence over whether you follow the elephant or the donkey. Not sure why those images are used for the parties, but we also have to remember we have many other independent parties. Make no doubt about it, our government, from the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the rules and traditions of the Legislative branch, works best with two parties. But it should be pointed out here that the first President, George Washington had no political affiliation.

Donald J. Trump changed from liberal New York Democrat to National Republican. The reason for this move, he claims, is because he changed his viewpoints on so many issues that he just morphed into a Republican. Huh? Most political experts know that Trump’s move to another party was purely a political move with an eye on being elected.

Trump’s public comments demonstrated his obvious hate of Barack Obama. The Donald was also critical of George W. Bush’s governance, which didn’t disqualify him as a Republican, but created a wall between Trump and the Bush family. He even called George W. a liar during the debates. Nice guy, team player.

Donald Trump should have started his own party, but it was so much easier to hijack the Republican party and remodel it around his base of right-winged maniacs. There is some wisdom in putting down Washington and people of both parties, people already dislike our government in a generic way.

Here is my question to the Republicans who jumped on the band wagon, either early on or after nomination, what happened to your so-called moral bedrock? When Donald Trump came down that escalator and claimed that “Mexicans are rapists” you had your chance to pick up the phone and tell him that is not our message and we cannot have that in our party. But you were too busy trying to figure out how to win, rather than standing by your code of ethics.

You even let Donald’s people — read: Paul Manafort — change a plank in the platform to give Russia a stronger hand in the Ukraine. Why did you let that happen? Because you just wanted to win. And now, what do you have, a President without roots in your party and with no respect for the history of this country.

The fact that Trump conned the evangelical into backing him from the pulpits of their mega-churches and televangelist platforms is so unseemly that I would ask them, “What does your Jesus think?” Basically, people like Jerry Falwell, Jr. have sided with the money changers outside of the temple. They will be judged by a higher power, but you shouldn’t be fooled by these few money-hungry fools with lots of money.

The Republican Party is now in deep conflict. You still have deep-seated radical Tea Party people who will block most issues based on far-right initiatives (a minority in America) rather than what their constituents really want. You have half-baked neo-conservatives who pray to their Ronald Reagan photo every night but have little understanding of how Ron was able to get things done. Reagan was able to govern, even with tax increases, with professional acting prowess and statesmanship. He was previously the president of a labor union. He understood both sides.

The Republican party has some great members. Lindsey Graham, the Senator from South Carolina, has always told it like it is. John McCain, the Senator from Arizona who’s a bit old-fashioned, understands how it all works and what government is supposed to do. Sure, he sides with his party, but he’s not siding with the nonsense and the sabotage created by political whores like Newt Gingrich.

Winning is great, but you have a poor manager of government in the White House and a godforsaken lousy President. How did you let that happen? You have a president who doesn’t care about law. Where were you during this process of nomination? You have a charismatic show man with his long red ties and his fake hair and makeup trying to be the leader of free world but doing a horrendous job. You slap his back and smile for the cameras, because he was the winner and you didn’t want to lose. You have no balls.

The President and his new consigliere, Slick Anthony, use Twitter to shame and bully employees of the government.  This, is not only uncouth but may be against the law. They are employees of the Federal government. Is not harassment against the labor law?

You Republicans have damaged your own party, but I guess you can sleep at night, because you know how dysfunctional the other party is. But in the end, you are going to have to make the biggest decision in 2020. Do you back the incumbent, or do you find someone else to proudly represent your party? You know, it would be a lot easier just to impeach him.


 Donald Trump Will Destroy the Republican Party

When the White House sent Sarah Huckabee Sanders out to the lectern to field questions the day after Donald Trump fired the FBI Director (5-9-2017), we saw a combative B team player who really isn’t ready for prime time. Sorry, but even though she is the DNA offspring of deep southern conservatives, Mike Huckabee and Janet McCain (no relation), we blame the President for not having the guts to come out to the press and take questions himself. He is mostly chicken-shit when confronted.

Sarah, the word Atrocity means an extremely wicked or cruel act, typically involving physical violence or injury. When you claim James Comey was guilty of atrocities you moved him into the same level as Bashar al-Assad, Saddam Husain or, wait for it, Vladimir Putin. You owe the guy an apology for your horrible word use and lack of comprehension.

As the Republican opportunists and sordid politicians line up to try to get behind the President on his obvious move to thwart investigations, there is a flaw here beyond repair for the Republican party. Poor Sarah could not have expected that the day she was to fill in for her co-worker busy with Naval Reserve duty she would make things worse. If she is the future of the party, then you might as well bring her father back.

The thinking Republicans, not Paul Ryan, who are asking the good questions will be able to say they stood up and challenged the Liar-in-Chief when he tried to shut down investigations into Michael Flynn. The Democrats are not without sin on this one.  After all you can’t call for Comey’s head and then, when Agent Orange delivers said head, pull out the word, “Watergate.”

The debate will go on for a few days as to whether this is worse than Watergate, or perhaps Watergate Lite, or maybe nothing at all; but from this vantage point we make our case that Donald J. Trump has always been the wrong person to lead America. If this leads to impeachment historians can say this was just like Watergate.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, which Donald Trump is trying to meld with his executive orders and lack of judgement on almost every issue he faces. The most astonishing aspect was the administrations lack of awareness of how this would be interpreted. If you just worked this through a logic process you would say, boy that is how they got Nixon.

Trump hijacked the Republican Party, and they let him. He hijacked the Presidency and millions of people helped him. BUT, he cannot hijack the structure of America. He cannot stop the truth from coming out, much to his frustration. He wants Mommy and Daddy to back up every one of his lies. And when someone keeps saying that he lies, they are added to his enemies list.

Richard Nixon was an ideologue, with an enemies list, who was the last to see that the country was changing. He was a scotch-drinking Quaker who was so out of touch with reality he listened only to those around him. Donald Trump may not drink alcohol but he is clearly addicted to fame. He needs to have his ego massaged everyday by those around him. This makes him dangerously manipulatable.

The RNC may be all happy that they control the Senate, the House and the White House, but are they really in control of anything? In 2018, when healthcare is costing more and hurting real people, those seats will go away and the cycle will continue. Sadly, when the Democrats regain a majority, the atrocities of American politics will kick in. That’s when nothing gets done.

What Donald Trump has brought to the surface is the many cracks in the Republican party and those who claim the country is better off with an elephant in the room. With hearings on TV so often, we get to see those ridiculous GOP ideologues like Ted Cruz who wastes hearing time with questions designed just to put down Democrats rather than to find out what is really going on. Cruz might think he is smart and impressive, but he comes off like the guy at the party who only wants to talk about what he thinks is important. Save us.

The exposure of public hearings puts on trial the lacing depth of many of those on important committees. It also showcases that the Dems are not all tree-hugging, left-winged whackos as Fox News paints them. They are generally well prepared and ask good questions. Whether you like Al Franken or not, he does have a way of getting people to .

My advice to everyone in America, keep your eyes open. Remember what you said about Obama, well double it with Trump. Are you better off yet? Are you winning? Did you get a raise? How much did they charge for that medicine today? The Republican party owns healthcare and they own Trump, poor babies.