Has CNN become Fox News?

Just when you thought it was over it starts again, and many feel that CNN just pooped the bed. But let’s be more civil and analytical, if such is possible in today’s world.

I understand television programming and its various justifications for reasons of ratings and revenue, but CNN broke some rules last night when they put the orange devil on the air for nearly ninety minutes in prime time. According to the American Press Institute, journalism’s first obligation is telling the truth. Good decision making depends on people having reliable, accurate facts placed in meaningful contexts.

The second rule in TV news is never let the interviewee play you. Mike Wallace and Walter Cronkite turned in their graves last night. Why did CNN allow the former President to lie about the 2020 election? Why didn’t they confront him live, in real time, and tell him to his face that he’s still lying and  ask him why he needs to constantly do so? Why not make it personal? Trump certainly does.

Any interviewer would have their hands full with Donald Trump, but a noble journalist must elicit truth. Kaitlan Collins asked Donald Trump some great questions, but she didn’t get him to admit anything. She was a facilitator for his lies. No matter how many panels CNN puts on for the rest of the week whining about Trump, some people will continue to believe his mendacities. It’s impossible for a journalist to create a clear vision when their primary source is a pathological liar, so why did CNN put him on?

This “town hall“ did not provide any insight into a lying candidate. It was just another network elevating Trump, giving him more oxygen and free airtime for his continuous deceit. How is this good for America?

Trump is an idiot on foreign relations and the current cultural realities of an ever-growing browner and more diverse America. He stopped absorbing and thinking in 1956.

The Donald couldn’t call Putin a war criminal, but in the very next sentence he described the atrocities of the war in Ukraine, unable to connect the dots that it’s his buddy Vlad who is doing the killing. I would have asked him, right at that moment, “What makes you so afraid of Putin?” Instead, we got more of the same bullshit, deception and tap dancing so fundamental to Donald Trump.

Chris Wallace is on the CNN payroll, but I’m sure Trump would never have agreed to a sit down with him. Instead, the network brought out their morning show tryout who asked penetrating questions but didn’t adequately rebut the responses. The entire affair became lost in the dust of Trump’s repetitive, nonsensical crap. Had he been properly grilled, I’m sure Trump would have walked off the stage, which would have been far more illuminating.

And what was up with that audience? It’s clear they were not properly vetted or managed, which obliterated the newsworthiness of the whole event. Instead of having a hall full of dimwits laughing and clapping at a fat, orange monkey, why not have an audience of journalists with each getting to pose one short, pointed question?

If TV news is to survive, it must have a certain gravity and gravitas based on truth. The CNN debacle showcased our drunken uncle babbling away about matters well beyond his comprehension. He couldn’t even pull off looking prepared, statesmanlike or normal. He just blathered put-downs and platitudes with the overarching theme of how screwed up America is. Why would we give this blowhard four more years to do what he couldn’t do in the four years he was president?

I’m going to briefly step aside here to inject a Tweet of someone who says it better, the former President’s niece, Mary L. Trump, “I’m furious…. CNN is anti-American. In less than an hour, they allowed an authoritarian wannabe to lie constantly while an audience full of his followers applauded. This was not a town hall; it was a rally. Donald bragged about overturning Roe v. Wade. He claimed—unchallenged—that Democrats allow babies to be murdered after they’re born. He bragged about his intention to pardon convicted insurrectionists. He advocated for the United States to default on its debt which would destroy the world economy. And he showed, once again, why a jury of his peers found him liable for sexual assault and defamation. But Donald Trump cannot destroy our country by himself. That requires allies. He already has the Republican party in his pocket. And now, he has CNN on his side. Tonight’s CNN fiasco was a tragedy for American democracy.”

Mary Trump clearly is just as appalled as I and many others are. CNN will have to work awfully hard to restore its credibility with me but, then again, like many my age I am starting to think that it’s all just bullshit. We can’t trust Congress. We can’t trust the Supreme Court and we certainly cannot trust CNN, or Fox, or MSNBC, or any news outlet that hides behind the bright lights of showbiz while leaving honest reporting and penetrating journalism splat on the sidewalk.

Think about all the major news stories that have broken in the last ten years and realize they resulted from the arduous work of journalists at the New York Times, Washington Post, Politico, Pro-Publica and other outlets. The talking heads on TV just read the words. They spend more time on their hair and makeup than pounding out the truth on a keyboard.

It’s embarrassing. Recently I heard one of the talking heads actually say, “Well, I haven’t read the whole document yet, but this could be either real good, or real bad for Donald Trump.” WTF!

Sorry, but if you attempt to be “fair and balanced” with Donald John Trump, you will merely make him President again and that would be the end of journalism and, oh yeah, DEMOCRACY!


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History Repeats Itself, History Repeats Itself

So, we seem to have a madman trying to convince millions the only way their country will regain its place in the world is by allowing him to occupy it and kill those citizens he believes are the problem. We are seeing a demonic despot imposing brutality and cruelty on a country and its people, just because he wants to, just because he can. Will there be more countries to come?

Vladimir Putin is behaving exactly like Adolph Hitler. The activities of each tyrant are grievance based. Hitler was extremely embarrassed by his government’s loss in World War I. Remember, he was a soldier. Putin was a combatant stationed in East Berlin and he witnessed the fall of the wall dividing the city, which he was prepared to defend to his death. As has been written, Putin’s team was waiting for orders, but “Moscow was silent.” Putin considered this a defeat, and his whole career has been all about elevating himself to a position of power to bring back the U.S.S.R., minus the mistakes he believes were made by his predecessors.

Hitler was a Nazi and his takeover of much of Europe was driven by a need to pay back the terrible debt that came out of the Versailles Treaty. Indeed, the world handed Germany what they thought was a deterrent, but it actually planted a giant seed of resentment. Hitler merely watered and fertilized that seed with lies, bullshit and propaganda. The idea that Russians had to fight and die to stop Hitler is being used today by Putin.

Putin insists on calling the government leaders in Ukraine neo-Nazis, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. The President of Ukraine is a Russian-Jew whose family moved to Ukraine to be free. Putin’s idea that Ukraine is a threat to Russia is a joke the former comedian Volodymyr Zelenskyy would have gladly told. And this writer believes that deep down in Putin’s souless body, he too, hates Jews.

Putin is the new Hitler and it’s about time the world sees what is truly happening. I quipped that Putin would have as much credibility trying to take Alaska from the United States as he does “liberating” Ukraine. Alaska was originally Russian land, but Ukraine existed long before Moscow and the Soviet Union. The world must defend this democracy.

Putin has threatened the use of atomic weapons and we should take him seriously. Russia certainly has weapons of mass destruction, and we don’t want Putin to take Hawaii off the face of the earth just to prove a point. Something must be done, now.

We joked about how many lies Donald Trump told for four years, but now many liberals and some Republicans are repulsed by the ex-president’s comments on this new crisis. Trump and his minions are playing out an unamerican and treacherous scheme by siding with Putin. The man is and always has been a miscreant with an illicit KGB mentality, which includes the presumption of a license to kill.

Support Ukraine, Stop Putin

One point five million people are now being displaced and moved to safer countries, but such safety may be only temporary. Putin has stated that anyone helping Ukraine is his enemy and declared that sanctions on his country are acts of war against Russia. He is talking just like Hitler did in 1939, and if you understand his black and white plan and do nothing, you will have red blood on your hands.

I’ve watched movies and read books about what would have happened if the plans to assassinate Adolf Hitler were successful. They are all could-have, would-have, should-have stories that don’t give much comfort to the more than six million Jews who were murdered by that maniac. Sadly, no one had the proper plan or blunt bravery of an Islamic zealot with a pipe bomb strapped to his chest. The world would have been much different had someone succeeded in cutting off the head of that snake.

Probably within the next month, the Russian Army, under the sole leadership of Vladimir Putin, will take Ukraine and occupy that fine place. For now, we should freeze every possible Russian financial and business transaction, and I really don’t care if it hurts the Russian people. They think they elected him, so why not make them revolt against this godless, blood-thirsty animal?

A few journalists, world leaders and poets warned us about Adolph Hitler, but hardly anyone listened. Some in Great Britain’s Royal Family wanted to sign a treaty with Germany to stop the war. In the 1930s, American Charles Lindbergh was more than positive about Hitler, and he toured the country preaching we should stay out of events in Europe.

I laugh when the talking heads on Fox News claim Joe Biden is the reason all this is happening. They are the Lindbergh’s of our age, and their failure to see a new world terrorist before their very eyes is a wicked waste of mass media. They don’t need to be censored, they need to be asked, “Whose side are you on?”

Millions of people are going to be killed. I hate to say it, but we must enter this war and defeat Putin. No one wants to say it, no one wants to hear it, but we are thirty days from World War III. Mark your calendar.


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