Trump’s Distraction from Impeachment

Why do we think that leaders will tell us the truth when they enact something extreme such as an assassination? No one has solved the Kennedy assassination. No one has told the truth about the Jamal Khashoggi hit job. We know more about the murders of President Lincoln and President McKinley than we do about what happened in Iraq last week. Why is that?

We might learn Iran shot down a Ukrainian passenger jet that departed Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran on the night of the Iranian retaliation, but we will never get a straight answer from Donald Trump and the gang of liars he has assembled. And what’s up with all the strange statements coming from the Pentagon, Pence and the President? Is this all part of a giant coverup?

Let’s take a closer look at the ongoing misdirect orchestrated by the White House. When something extreme happens, it seems a bunch of people get together and talk about what they can say to make something illegitimate seem valid. Then they transmit the talking points to as many allies as possible, so that everyone can be on the same page. But this breaks down when people feel like they are being used and it’s too obvious that their leaders are clueless, lying or both.

Two members of the Senate, Mike Lee of Utah and Rand Paul of Kentucky, are known libertarians with a conservative bent and both opposed vocally to the approach Trump and his sycophants are taking. Mike Lee took to the microphones after the highly secret security briefing to let it be known that he wasn’t at all happy. He said it was the worst military briefing he’s witnessed in his nine years in Congress. Lee said the officials warned that Congress would “embolden” Iran if lawmakers debated Trump’s war powers and he added, “I find this insulting and demeaning to the office that each of the 100 senators in this building happens to hold. I find it insulting and demeaning to the Constitution of the United States.” It would be good to mention here that Mike Lee is a Republican. He went on, “I find that absolutely insane. I think that’s unacceptable.”

Reporters and those running the company line on almost starting a war with Iran ask dissenters, “What would you’ve done?” The answer is this tired, old redirect. Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani was a bad guy and it’s good that he’s off the battlefield. No one has asked this. If we knew Soleimani was in Iraq, and we knew where he was going, why didn’t we just surround him, arrest him and bring him to the Hague to face a war crime tribunal? He might have told the world why he did what he did and then we could all better understand what the world is facing. This is precisely why we always try to take a mass shooter alive.

The plain truth is Donald Trump wanted to do something that would make his base love him more and he killed someone to enrich himself. His brainwashed followers are like the illiterates who support a despot in third-world countries. Until Donald Trump’s three sons sign up for military duty, most “never Trumpers” will continue to disrespect him.

Let’s now look at what happened in Iraq after a US drone took out Soleimani. The Supreme Leader in Iran rattled his sword and promised big retaliation against the “great Satan” America. So, it was no big surprise when we saw rockets glowing in the sky above two Iraqi bases housing US and coalition troops, Al Assad and one in Erbil, Iraq. But wait, we know more.

It seems that under an Islamic moral obligation, Iran told the Iraqi government where and when the attacks were to take place. And judging by the precision of those strikes, they specifically hit areas that would not have affected ongoing use of the bases. I am no military expert, but the ballistic missiles took no lives and did no crucial damage. Really? Was this an exercise for their defense department, or just a way to show the accuracy of their weaponry?

The propaganda out of Iran is remarkable. The Leaders there claim that dozens of Americans were killed and that they have slapped the United States. One commentator said it best, “Slap on the face, not really, more like a slap on the wrist.” Trump painted a picture that helped the stock market recover from possible panic, but he made it seem like Iran was standing down after launching missiles at our bases. WTF? Is Trump in league with the Iraqi leaders to let the assassination stand without any international investigation? Was this a pre-arranged revenge stunt?

Mike Pence, Trump’s professional liar, said on the NBC Today Show that the administration believes Iran was trying to kill our troops. Okay, if that is true then why wouldn’t we stick with Trump’s promise to retaliate if any US interest or person was put in harm’s way? When Pence was asked why we didn’t thwart the attack we knew was coming, he pushed the question aside with this fabricated answer.

Pence also doubled down on the amazing myth that the killing of Soleimani has made the world a safer place. Really? Right after you kill him, you order all US personnel out of that country, the FAA imposes a no-fly zone in the region, and you send thousands of troops there. It’s more than baffling, it’s the unfocused and thoughtless methods of a bumbling executive and commander in chief who automatically puts his minions in circumvention mode. And if one could draw a line between the Iranian militia’s actions in Iraq, with the killing of the Iranian General, the retribution of missiles fired into Iraqi airbases and then the shooting down of an Ukrainian jetliner, our actions are responsible for the death of 176 people. We made the place less safe for people not involved in the conflict. Let’s hope that some strong thinkers in Congress are seeing right through this deception.

In matters of war, a President must be honest, direct and open with the American public. Without the peoples’ trust — all the people — we are just another banana republic with our Constitution next to the shredder. Donald Trump cannot be trusted with the nuclear codes. Why is he in power? He’s not going to make the world safer; he’s already made most things worse. Rick Wilson’s book title says it all, Everything Trump Touches Dies.

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