The Emotion of Trust

It’s just a slogan, but I do believe in the healing power of love. Of course, ‘’love’’ is just a word, but it has meaning. At its foundation, love is an intense feeling of deep affection, but it can also denote fondness, tenderness and devotion. In its lightest form, love produces a feeling of great interest and pleasure in someone or something.

These days, the slogan “love trumps hate” has almost become a dirty phrase for some. Once the name-word Trump appears, it’s next to impossible to not think about Donald John Trump. Maybe it’s time to cure the deep-seated prejudices, racism and elitism in America. When I reach out to the “other side” I am often greeted with talking points and pre-conceived notions about how everything was screwed up by Obama and all was fixed by Trump. Enough!

I would love to receive the fifty-thousand dollars I lost due to Trump’s mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic, but deep down inside I would settle for a return to healthy-happy times, even though I am no longer sure when or even if they existed. That aside, today I would like to explain some of the sound, logical reasons why so many people hate Donald Trump in the hope of imparting at least a small understanding to his supporters

Trump said he didn’t trust the FBI and the Justice Department. He told us the investigation into Russian interference by these agencies was a hoax. If I had spent hours and hours of my life following leads, finding perps and then bringing them to justice, only to have the President of the United States pardon them, I’d be pissed.

If I was African American, and Donald Trump kept telling me that the police are always right in using force and that cops should not be careful when pushing a suspect into a police car, why would I respect him? When the Donald says he’s done more for the Black community than any president, short of Abraham Lincoln, he demeans history and the entire African American population. Might I add that Black men voted 6.2 million for Biden and only 1.4 million for Trump? African American women voted 9.8 million for Biden and cast only 870,000 votes for Trump. Clearly, Black voters rejected Trump and his rhetoric.

Women in general rejected Trump, with one source saying 46 million women voted for Biden while only 35.3 million voted for Trump. Clearly, women believe he paid a porn-star and a Playboy Bunny (whatever that is) more than $250,000 for their silence after allegedly having affairs with them. Women don’t like men who cheat on their wives, especially right after the birth of their baby. So, there you have some key reasons why women hate Trump.

Remember Trump repeatedly saying how bad Baltimore and its representatives were? Well, when the vote was counted, Trump lost Maryland. At a campaign rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, Trump said, right out loud, that there is no way he would have come to Erie if it wasn’t because of the virus and his bad polling numbers. Guess what? Conservative, Republican Erie County voted in favor of Biden.

Don’t Mess With the Cheese Steak!

Trump said this about Philadelphia, “As you know today there was a big problem in Philadelphia, they went in to watch. They are called poll watchers. They are very safe, very nice thing. They were thrown out. They weren’t allowed to watch. You know why? Because bad things happen in Philadelphia. Bad things!” I’m a guy from Pittsburgh and I know some things about Philly that Donald Trump will never understand. One is, they never take shit from anyone. Proof? In Philadelphia county (the city) the vote was 81% for Biden and only 18% for Trump. In Montgomery county (the suburbs) the count was 62% for Biden, and 36% for Trump. Trump said bad things about their home, so why would anyone expect Philadelphians to feel warm and fuzzy about him, even in the city of Brotherly Love?

Trump was rude and uncaring about the millions of Californians who were affected by wildfires. While people were losing their homes and dying, Trump was blaming their governor for not cleaning the forest floors. Really? 80% of the lands that were burned and ruined were federal lands. It was TRUMP’S FAULT! Malign and kick a state when they’re down and the citizens will remember. In California, the vote was 64.6% for Biden and 33.3% for Trump. Californians don’t like that man.

I could go on, but you know all the names of the people on Donald’s shit list. It will be fun watching them come back to haunt him. What goes around, comes around. When a judge adjudicates a case, they consider the level of respect shown by the person standing in front of them. A respectful defendant often gets a break. When a judge spends a year on a case and convicts a man for lying to the FBI, that judge will remember and resent a White House pardon of him. Judges don’t easily erase their slates; they are human.

What are we doing? Can we move forward? Love is NOT trumping hate because those who lost the vote are doing everything they can to prevent a return to what the late, great Senator John McCain called “normal order.” Why? Are their party affiliations more important than America itself? It seems so. I don’t hate Mitch McConnell, but I have ZERO respect for him. I don’t need to hate anyone to disagree with them, but if they continually make things worse, they will get added to my shit list. I have no control over whether McConnell stays or goes because I don’t live in Kentucky. I suppose it’s not a bad place with its bluegrass fields and abundance of horses, but really, is that the best the state that gave us Mohammed Ali has to offer?

In the end, and there is always an end, love will trump hate when Trump is gone. He’s a sore loser asshole, with the emphasize on LOSER.

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More Posturing Than Progress

Here’s a twist of logic that has become the go-to harangue when Trump loses, “I didn’t need to do this, but I’d rather do it much faster.” Yes, Donald J. Trump has lost many battles while being the president. He never apologizes but certainly takes time to justify his actions when things go wrong. In most cases he over-talks and shows his real intent with poorly constructed sentences saturated in doubt.

Over the weekend we learned more from leaked cables sent to the UK government by the former United Kingdom ambassador to the United States, Kim Darroch. He said the Trump administration was, “set upon an act of diplomatic vandalism,” in its decision to abandon the Iran nuclear deal. He further opined that President Trump abandoned the Iran nuclear deal to “spite” predecessor Barack Obama. I personally wonder why Donald J. Trump hates Obama so much. Could the President be a racist?

So, the deal that Trump railed against with Iran, which was signed by China, France, Germany, European Union, Iran, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States, had no value to Trump other than something he could erase from the list of Obama accomplishments. The pact provided a way to see if Iran was enriching uranium, but Donald never believes the reports he doesn’t read. And all the money he kept referring to during his scream-filled speeches, was money we took from Iran during the sanctions. We were lawfully obligated to give that money back, with interest.

When we pulled out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (the Iran Deal), we unilaterally paved the way for Iran to do whatever they wanted. Trump not only failed the American people, but he failed those other countries that believed the JCPA could bring some stability to the region. Trump’s action made things worse.

When Trump receives criticism for his exploits, he dishes up the same red meat that his “base” loves in an attempt to get all the world to believe him. It’s not working. Not only did the UK Ambassador see through Trump, but the whole world is laughing at the fool in the White House.

When Alexander Acosta resigned from his job as Secretary of Labor, Trump brought him out on the lawn to shout at the press over a whining helicopter in a vain attempt to justify his departure. The president expressed regret over Acosta’s decision saying Acosta was a “great labor secretary” and reassured the secretary with “you don’t have to do this.” Trump made it clear that it was Acosta’s decision and not his own. Really? If he’s great at his job and Trump liked him, why would he leave? He left because Trump knows much more that most about the Jeffrey Epstein case, and in his small little mind he believes this will make it all go away. Trump fears being drawn into his own past.

Trump walked away from NAFTA and made Mexico and Canada, our most important trading partners, very uncomfortable with our government. Through the fog and insanity of Trump, the three countries did manage to get a new deal, the USMCA trade agreement. Time will tell if much was gained with this new concept, but Trump’s imaginary problems with NAFTA was more campaign rhetoric than actual crisis. It’s ironic that after the USMCA passes the trade numbers between the countries may be about the same.

One can argue that the damage of NAFTA, or any older trade deal, has already been done because the American work force was never retrained to maximize the global economy. Pittsburgh didn’t die when the steel mills closed, but the hefty union wages disappeared. But then, cheap goods and free trade were hallmarks of the Republican party, so assign blame to Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes in addition to the Democrats.

When Trump loses an argument or a deal, he calmly says “we didn’t have to do this.” We didn’t need to shut down the government to work on the budget for border security, but he did, and Americans suffered. We didn’t need to get rid of Alex Acosta, but his resignation was accepted. You see the pattern here? It would be more believable if Trump didn’t pontificate so much. We overdose on today’s lie, only to hear him rescind his entire premise. It’s a dizzy ping-pong game.

Over the weekend, Trump blasted out some extremely racist tweets against women in color in Congress. Rather than back him up, one official source of the White House said it never happened. WTF? Trump by Monday was telling anyone who doesn’t like America to go back to “their country.” Not sure why I would want to go back to Scotland, after all, my family has been here for more than 320 years. And what would he say to a native American?

Trump has no new Paris Accord. Trump has nothing signed with North Korea. Trump has no trade deal with China. Trump hasn’t replaced NAFTA with an amazing agreement that will make us all rich. Trump gives away money to farmers who are suffering because he’s a piss-poor negotiator, and he hasn’t made things better for the future farmers of America. It just might be the time for everyone to ask, “Are we really better off than we were four years ago?”

I’m sick of Donald Trump and his family. I’m sick of the President’s stupid statements and lies. I’m sick of hearing him coddle his base. And by the way, WHO IS HIS BASE? You don’t lose more than 100 people in an administration without realization that the problem is at the top. The fish rots from the head, and the head of our government is a lame-ass liar.

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Trumpers Rally Around Denials

As I walked to my local library, I couldn’t help but notice a small card table at the doorway with a couple sitting in the hot sun. The poorly made sign said, “No Collusion.” They were passing out Trump reelection brochures. Even before the ink on the Mueller Report was dry, the idea of using the phrase, “No Collusion” as a slogan for a reelection campaign seemed rather senseless. But with Trump denying things and lying his way out of any situation this seems to be standard operating procedure. Trump the martyr.

Even the first statement Trump made after the 4-page letter from the Attorney General William Barr was read to him was a lie. WHY? Clearly, in this documents (Here v0) you can read the line, “The Special Counsel states that, ‘while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.’” And yet, that sentence in black and white was totally ignored by Donald Trump. His first sentence included the phrase, “… total exoneration.”  Clearly, if you believe what the Special Counsel said, then Trump’s problems of misdeeds, misconduct and malfeasance while in office is not quite resolved.

The Southern District of New York office of the Justice Department may charge Trump and his organization for things done before Trump became president, but that doesn’t mean that Congress cannot hold Mr. Trump to a certain ethical standard while he remains in office. He is making a ton of money being President. Isn’t that against the law? There are some very important issues at stake here and the sooner we Americans focus on them, the quicker we might be able to stop Trump from trampling over the rights of the citizens.

Depending on the demographics, most voters are focused on healthcare/healthcare costs, employment/jobs, the effect of immigration and its administration on the general well-being of America. Whether the Mueller report has some great consequence in their lives is far from where the rubber meets the road. Now, the lunatic in the White House has a new push.

According to, “The Trump administration wants the federal courts to overturn the Affordable Care Act in its entirety, an escalation of its legal assault against the health care law. The Justice Department said in a brief filed on Monday that the administration supports a recent district court decision that invalidated all of Obamacare.”

The ACA covers 15 million Americans and along with Medicaid expansion that covers another 15 million, Trump and his henchmen will destroy the healthcare of more than 30 million Americans with the stroke of a pen. They will take away the right to get insurance if you have a pre-existing condition. A free and open market in healthcare, hospital care and pharmaceuticals will guarantee price increases. This might be good for all the Congress men and women who own stock in healthcare and drug companies but will only hurt the common man and women. Eyes open people. Medicare is next.

Trump has continually claimed that by getting rid of Obamacare, we would have a better and cheaper healthcare system. But the big orange glow job of the West Wing has never laid out what that post-Obamacare policy will be. His administration is so wrapped up with catch phrases and sales pitches, there is never any meat on the bone. No one knows what he will say, so no one on his staff commits on details.

Here is what America should be asking, would we have wanted P.T. Barnum or Teddy Roosevelt commanding the troops during the Spanish – American War? Barnum, who was a lot like Trump said, “Nobody ever lost a dollar by underestimating the taste of the American public.” Our taste in leaders is highly suspect. While President Theodore Roosevelt said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” And President Trump will always be known for, “No Collusion.” Sad.

When I read that 4-page letter from Attorney General William Barr, I was rather confused. Didn’t they just do exactly what Jim Comey did with the whole Hillary email scandal? They said they wouldn’t exonerate but couldn’t bring a charge in that case. Why are they allowed to do this? Oh, yeah, that’s right, they aren’t the judicial branch, they are the executive branch. They are the order, not the LAW. That is up to Congress and the Supreme Court.

Here is a newsflash for you folks, Mueller, Barr and Rosenstein are convinced Donald Trump’s words on Twitter or news conferences or campaign rhetoric cannot be used to codify his intent. So, why didn’t they put Trump under oath? Even the judges during the Muslim ban hearings kept questioning whether slogans and declarations on Twitter and the campaign trail were just jokes and just part of some political, public masturbation. Clearly, Trump asserted more than 183 times that Robert Mueller was corrupt, confused or conflicted. But when the letter from Barr came out, Trump said Mueller did his job honorably. So, which is it? Trump hates someone until they agree with him, then they are “tremendous.”

If your campaign slogan for 2020 is “No Collusion” you must be crazy. Next Tuesday, if the DOJ complies to the demand from Congress for the whole Mueller report to be handed over, we will see the details of Robert Mueller investigation. I predict some of the more obvious and embarrassing details will motivate Trump to keep up the “Witch hunt” mantra. The President is quite insecure. Someday we will have a real “leader” in that position, so think about who you would like to replace him in 2020. Get to work.


Gold, God, Guns & Goofballs shows how we’ve wasted our GOLD on bad wars and corruption. While GOD is there for many people as a spiritual enrichment and the provider of glowing feelings, the truth is just praying and believing will not change our major arc. We don’t determine who gets a GUN. We aren’t sure if we have paramilitary groups ready to storm the White House or a White Castle. There is no control of weapons. The GOOFBALLS with the power constantly try to manipulate us into spending more money on bombs and tanks and wars. When all of our institutions are infected with neglect and fall in disrepair, we will only have ourselves to blame. This book is not an antidote for the left or right, it’s an accelerant to move the middle off their collective asses to go do something positive for America.

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Trump Unqualified as Insurance Czar

The House of Representatives’ poorly written healthcare act is very much like a guy with a hangover eating a habanero pepper omelet the next day. Crap in, crap out.

They might claim that it’s the hair of the dog, but in reality, it was just what they shouldn’t have done. When the House narrowly passed the American Healthcare Act on May 4, 2017 (by only two votes), with 20 Republicans voting against the bill, the Donald played right into Democratic hands.

And here is why:

  1. The GOP accused Democrats of not reading the Obamacare act before they voted on it. Trump forced his party members to do the same thing and thus sabotaged those running in 2018. We must remember the 213 Representatives who voted NO on this one.
  2. The de facto party leader, Donald Trump, said that everyone would get coverage and that pre-existing conditions would be covered, while the same leader let the Freedom Caucus roll him and agree to the deal for a state opt-out for insurance companies.
  3. House members made it seem that they were either expecting their older “brother” the Senate to fix their work or, worse, they were just appeasing Trump and showing that they have more division within their party. I used the word “brother” on this one because the committee writing the Senate version of the bill consists of 13 men. Why?

We are hearing lots of talk about Healthcare and Insurance companies. The typical gripe on Obamacare is that there are so few insurance companies in certain states.

Why doesn’t anyone on TV talk about the efforts of state insurance commissioners? Some have blocked the expansion of companies into their States. For example, many people don’t know that it took GEICO many years to get into the Massachusetts market. WHY? Well, the large insurance companies based in Boston blocked any insurance companies that offered what was defined as “discounted” insurance. Boy, that is restrictive. That has since been resolved, but it begs a bigger question.

Why would the President keep rotating that hackneyed phrase that he believes in  states’ rights and wants to give the states more control over Health Insurance? Once you give the states MORE control over healthcare, why even have a national healthcare act? And when all the states raise taxes the President might think he won’t get blamed, but he should think again and stop listening to people like Steve Bannon.

Because of Obamacare, we are no longer debating that there should be a national healthcare plan.  We are now just debating what it should be and who should pay for it. But when the first person with a pre-existing condition dies, Donald Trump and the Republican party will have blood on their hands. That Republican lie about death panels will then be rolled out by the Democrats. Only this time people will believe it.

With all the companies Donald Trump ran in his past life, we are sure that he heard debates about healthcare for his employees. His involvement was probably tertiary with him; either telling someone to do business with someone’s company he liked, or just saying get the price down.

Now, we have Tom Price running around and saying repeatedly how great the plan is, while never addressing any questions. His presentation, like those of most Trump underlings, is just a mini campaign-like speech fraught with fact-free slogans and fallacies. Is it because he doesn’t know what he is talking about, or is it a case of specifics left out so no mistakes are made?

Anyone running a business would ask a few questions before voting on a plan. The first is how much will this cost? The second is what does it do for my workforce? I remember that middle-class rationality of how it would be great to have a “real” businessman run the government.  Well, where can we get one? Or, better yet, where can we get a real businesswoman?

Donald Trump has admitted that healthcare is complicated. Obama once opened an explanation with a remark on how complicated the subject was and Jon Stewart called him out. Stewart challenged Obama by forcefully explaining that it’s the President’s job to help us understand complicated matters.

Let’s face it, a simple man cannot grasp the complexities of things and then turn them into a well-thought-out plan. Trump does hate, sarcasm and bullying well, but on the mattes of state, he’s clumsy and foolish. Sad!


The Mandate Trump Never Saw Coming

By all accounts, Donald J. Trump doesn’t seem like a dim bulb, but the light of his own ego blinds him to the clever ideas he might have.

The debacle of March 24, 2017 may have been a little late for the Ides of March, but the fact that the Republican majority in the House couldn’t ramrod a Frankenstein healthcare bill, might demonstrate they are paying attention. Had they passed that bill, the ill effects would have determined the outcome of the 2018 elections.

Trump seems to be bumping into walls in the dead of night. Wearing his ill-fitting bathrobe, he cannot even comprehend, as he puts it, the strange procedures and rules of the House of Representatives. Did they not teach civics at the Wharton School of Business? Penn graduates are embarrassed everywhere.

And then, the leader of the free (but not free trade) world says this, “We had no Democrat support. They weren’t going to give us a single vote so it’s a very difficult thing to do,” He then added, “I’ve been saying for the last year and a half that the best thing we can do politically speaking is to let Obamacare explode.”

Let’s review for the folks at home. In the 115th Congress, the House has 237 Republicans and only 193 Democrats. Even with 5 vacancies currently, a fifth grader can see the Republicans have the majority. That is 44 more members and surely, they could get any bill passed in their chamber. Not so fast. The Republicans stand on states’ rights and anti-mandate is to their detriment.

Trump seems to think his role is to win, rather than lead. There is no responsible governance in what he says when he fails. He first looks to blame a someone or something rather than solve a problem. How did this man do well in business? Oh that’s right, he owned the business. There was no one there to dock his pay or fire him when he did poorly.

Any good business person knows you never kill a revenue source. Even if the product the people are buying is not the state of the art version, you want to keep them as customers until you can upsell them into the next version. This means that Trump, if we want to give him some credit, might be thinking that the revenue from the 20 million new insured Americans might be a good thing. Too much credit?

The one thing that Republicans wanted most to scratch in the Affordable Healthcare Act was the mandate. They associated the mandate with the big bad, evil government being involved in healthcare. Wait, that is simply a tax. If everyone signed up for healthcare and the system took on a more universal approach, there would be more revenue. If all the states would have all gotten on the bandwagon and promoted Obamacare, we would be better off now.  

When red states balked at the exchanges for ideological reasons, they were throwing money away. Let’s see, where is Bobby Jindal today? He left his state healthcare system in shambles coming in dead last in most categories except premature death where Louisiana was 47th out of 50 States.

The good idea that Trump kept telling us about at those big loud rallies was creating a marketplace of more competition in order to lower prices. Increasing costs is one of the debate points people raised saying Obamacare is bad. Trump knows better than anyone that a monopoly in a segment leads to higher prices. That’s why he wanted to get Native Americans out of the casino business.

With a little bit of smart legislation, Trump could cure what ails the AHA right now. All he would have to do is to convince Congress to pass a law saying that states do not control which insurance companies operate in their domains. In a sense, this would be no different than Congress giving Major League Baseball a mandate to operate across state lines without worry about the Interstate Commerce Act of 1887.

Why not write an exception for healthcare providers right now, so that some of the more aggressive players could come into states like Alabama where there is only one provider now? But that would mean Trump would have to convince Congress to pass something. I thought he was the deal maker? Turn out the lights Donald, the party is over.

It’s right there in front of Trump and he doesn’t see it. He wants to win and have everyone kiss is ass instead of coming up with solutions that would help Americans now. We have said it many times and will keep saying it, the President has the wrong people around him. Sad!


Leadership and Lies

Trump’s Legislative Disconnection

We all know that most Presidents send well-thought out messages to Congress that they are expected to make into some kind of legislation. Those ideas are then whittled and worked into a proper bill, voted on by both houses and then sent back as a finished bill or act for the President to sign.

The messaging coming from this Commander-In-Hype is based on pure generalizations instead of any well thought out plan with details and the ramifications of those details.

Let’s review what Trump has foamed:

“Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.”

“Obamacare. We’re going to repeal it, we’re going to replace it, get something great. Repeal it, replace it, get something great!”

“There’s many different ways, by the way. Everybody’s got to be covered. This is an un-Republican thing for me to say because a lot of times they say, ‘No, no, the lower 25 percent that can’t afford private’… I am going to take care of everybody. I don’t care if it costs me votes or not. Everybody’s going to be taken care of much better than they’re taken care of now.”

So, Donald Trump says he will take care of everybody. It won’t cost you votes Donald, it will cost us MONEY. He endorsed this first draft of a healthcare reform presented by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan yesterday March 7, 2017. It is clear, that by letting Congress take away the mandate, not everyone will be covered. In fact, they will be throwing millions off the insurance rolls. FACT.

Mr. Know-It-All, healthcare is as complicated as the number of possible ailments and conditions in the medical universe. It seems that most people who, have had to deal with doctors, hospitals and insurance companies already know this. You wouldn’t construct a building without detailed plans, Mr. President, so why would you build a healthcare system for America without a certain blue print? Cost, can we have the cost?

Next, “something great” is what a used car salesman says when you walk onto his lot. Stop hyping things you haven’t even read. And one should note, even if he read the document, as I did yesterday, he would not even know what it says. It is a construct in legislative form, thus incomprehensible to any mere mortal.

When you say, your new plan will be “very popular” you reveal more of your own personal litmus test for everything rather defining a good plan. A good plan should be fair, affordable and lower the cost by inserting enough preventative benefits to keep people out of the hospital and on the job.

The net result of all these layered lies from Trump is that what he imagines the healthcare act to be, is nothing like it will be. And you can write this down, people will end up paying more. There is nothing in there to control costs of doctors, medical professionals or prescriptions. FACT!

No one should fall for this vague notion that the proposed law will increase competition, thus lowering prices. Competition is going away, not because of Obamacare, but because hospitals, insurance and pharm companies are making so much money they are eating up the small companies and creating vast-almost monopolies. There is nothing in the proposed law to stop mergers and impose regional controls. Many states, like Massachusetts and Alabama have strict rules about which insurance companies can operate in their domains. The states will be more powerful with this reform.

And now to the fat-white elephant in the room: Planned Parenthood received $528 million last year from the Federal Government and served and treated, from their 56 independent local affiliates that operate nearly 650 health centers, more than 2.5 million women. We can defund this institution and give the money to other women’s centers, but what happens when the patient really needs help and an abortion is their only option? Do those new “approved by the government” centers send those women back to Planned Parenthood? Women have abortions and all those men in the Congress have probably paid for one somewhere along the line.

So much for the government getting out of telling you want to do. This new flawed document puts the government just as much in your face as Obamacare. From making it a law that married people MUST file joint returns, to limiting the monthly amount one gets, this is far from fair. If you are under 30-years of age, you only get $166 to spend on whatever ailment you have. Hope you don’t get cancer.

By sending the responsibilities of providing healthcare back to the states, Trump and the feckless legislators can go back to their fans and say, we promised it, we did it. All the while, those same Representatives and Senators will enjoy the high-end healthcare that we, the people, pay for. And then, the states will have to add more taxes on gas, goods and services. Just like the middle class will pay for the damn wall.

The real truth, this is not a reform of a healthcare act, it’s just those people trying to take Obama’s name off of something they didn’t contribute to the first time. Let’s put a name and face on this one, it’s TRUMPCARE 1.0 and when it makes you pay more, you’ll know who to blame this time.