A Death Sentence for Our Children

Boy George has a great song named War that goes like this, “…war is stupid, and people are stupid, and love means nothing in some strange quarters…” He’s right. Wars kill people and they’re “stupid,” but when our society allows stupid people to carry and use weapons of mass destruction, then just who are we?

Back on December 8, 2021, after a school shooting in Michigan, I wrote a screed against gun violence that was published as a letter to the editor in my local newspaper. Here is what I said:

“A mass school shooting aided by the parents, what? We appear to be an incompetent nation without the ingenuity to solve a problem that kills our kids. First, how did a fifteen-year-old kid in Michigan get an automatic weapon? And then, how did the shooter get the gun into the building? The parents and the school knew something might happen but did nothing to protect others. What about metal detectors? Should schools have metal detectors at every entry? Experts say they don’t work. Okay, but we use them at many events. The real challenge for educators is that every door would need a detector and armed guards to administer the devices. Educators think they would make students feel like they are in prison. So, I guess being in prison is safer than going to school? Most large events kids go to deploy full body searches and/or metal detectors to keep the high-priced talent performing safe. It’s baffling we cannot protect our children. Here’s an idea, let’s put a mega-tax on every weapon and box of ammunition that goes directly into federal funding for security at schools. Even the NRA claims they are for gun safety, time to prove it.”

What’s most ironic about this last shooting are the mere words “last shooting.” They’re oxymoronic and ridiculous. It’s not the last shooting but just the latest school bloodbath. Let the New York Times paint the picture for you, “Gunman Kills 19 Students in Texas Elementary School. It was the deadliest school shooting since the 2012 massacre in Newtown, Conn.”

How many parents must bury their kids before Congress, or the educators who have sworn to protect our kids, step up with concrete laws, or at least some ideas, about ways to stop these insane attacks on our children? While many folks in our government are wasting millions of dollars fighting to save a fetus, even if it’s a by-product of rape or incest, they are doing nothing to stop crazy people from entering our schools and gunning down our living, breathing offspring. Where’s the logic?

Governor Greg Abbott chided his state citizens when a report came out that California sold more guns than Texas. Maybe that was just a frivolous tweet sent out by the man who is paralyzed from the waist down who wants to see his state brethren better armed for…what? I mention his physical state because it’s a fitting metaphor for all the Republicans caught up in the rapture of the NRA and their draconian policies.

Abbott: Reality Denier

The NRA will meet this weekend in Houston, Texas, and they have lined up some big-name politicians to speak at their fund-raising event including Abbott, Senator Ted Cruz and ex-president Donald Trump. I suspect there will be no mention of the latest school carnage, which the Times reports, “…took place just before noon at Robb Elementary School, where second through fourth graders in Uvalde, a small city west of San Antonio, were preparing to start summer break this week.” Jesus Christ, “slayings,” the handiwork of a crazed student who legally gifted himself a couple of guns on his eighteenth birthday. Happy birthday, Dear Salvador.

Here’s an idea. Why not have a national database of young men who buy substantial amounts of ammo, automatic weapons and body armor in a short amount of time? That would be a reasonable way to matrix data points and perhaps catch a crazy. It’s how we track down terrorists, and are these school killers not domestic terrorists?

When does the outrage kick in, people? When will we exert some effort to fully understand the meaning of our founders when they wrote: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Let’s examine the first part, “A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free state…” The kid who killed twenty-one people in a small peaceful town in Texas was not securing a free state, he was disrupting a free state. Had he been the member of a “militia,” it would be guilty of conspiracy to commit mass murder, which is against the law in every state. If the words “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms…” are sacred, then we must equally enforce the meaning of “well-regulated.” Unless we accept the totality of the statement we are doing our founders a deep disservice.

Domestic Terrorist

We all realize nothing is going to happen. The “strange quarters” that most red-blooded Republicans inhabit is a place where the sin and pain of mass killings don’t move them as much as the NRA money filling their re-election coffers. According to the website The Trace, the NRA spent $4.2 million in support of Donald Trump and also $12.2 million fighting against Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign. Just like Vladimir Putin preferred Donald Trump, the National Rifle Association also wanted Trump. They knew he would do nothing about gun control.

The NRA fears activists who may get things done and pass common sense gun regulations. But would such laws really stop an 18-year-old asshole kid in Texas from buying expensive guns to shoot up the school? The answer is NO.

While Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy begged for gun violence legislation in his impassioned speech, meeting rooms were being set up in Houston so the NRA can circle its wagons and reload. We won’t ever know the deep-seated pain a teenager is going through, or whether he was bullied to the breaking point, but we do know when and where he bought the guns. Yet we continuously drive along, blindfolded, silent and blasting music in our comfy cocoons while not doing a goddamn thing.

Guns are stupid and kid killers are stupid and, when the smoke clears, we send our thoughts and prayers, patch up the walls, wipe up the blood and gore and move on. Ted Cruz paid for a TV ad showing him cooking bacon on the barrel of an automatic weapon to prove exactly how much the NRA is more important to him than children. It’s funny how QAnon claims Democrats are eating babies in a bizarre pedophile ring, when they are fully behind Constitutional Carry, which simply means a state cannot prohibit a citizen “who can legally possess a firearm” from carrying handguns, rifles or automatic weaponry. It’s ZERO REGULATION, or as I say, a death sentence for the people and children of America. Hey, it’s your country. What do you say? What will you do?

As for me, well I am radical. I say we change the Second Amendment with a clear definition of who may own a gun. Maybe only one long rifle for each family? Oh, you don’t like that? Well, I don’t like you. Now, where do we go from here?








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Why So Much Killing and Disregard for Life?

How many times do we need to read this, “It is unclear what motivated the shooting, but investigations are ongoing and will continue into most of the day…” One of the by-products of being in a Covid lockdown is not only did we avoid colds and the flu but the mass shootings were put on hold. Now that we are beginning to reopen, guns and shootings seem to be in the news every other day. WHY?

Jim Jordan, Representative of Ohio, once again embarrassed himself and his state by verbally abusing Dr. Anthony Fauci in a hearing on the Hill yesterday. It seems that Jordan’s agenda is to use his taxpayer-funded job to harass, vent and inflame citizens with no productive result.

The fact that Jordan disrespected Congress by not wearing a coat in a formal setting speaks to the character of the man, but isn’t it a moral affront to pit the number of people who have died from Covid-19 against the debate about when we will get all our rights back? Jordan was only trying to get on the news, which he did, but how do you think the families of those who have succumbed to the virus feel about his diatribe? Fauci is trying to save lives and Jim Jordan was yelling at him for no good reason. WHY?

All the numbers start to run together when seeing the daily stats, but we must always remember those numbers represent people. According to a Washington Post analysis of data provided by the Department of Health and Human Services, during the past week thirty-eight states have reported an increase in the number of people hospitalized with Covid-19. But the national statistics don’t capture the intensity of the coronavirus emergency in the hotspots. Michigan reported more than 10,000 new infections on Tuesday alone. On Wednesday, the state reported an average of 46 deaths a day, up from 16 a month earlier. If 46 people were killed in a mass shooting, we would be alarmed and saddened.

Remember how you felt the morning after October 1, 2017 when Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old man from Mesquite, Nevada, opened fire on the crowd attending the Route 91 Harvest music festival on the Las Vegas Strip? He killed 61 people and injured 867 of the attendees. Put the coronavirus statistics in those terms and it begets a raw emotion and perhaps depression. Every day in MICHIGAN, more than 10,000 are hospitalized with Covid and 46 to 60 of them die.

According in CNN, 45 shootings have taken place in the last thirty days in the USA. Here are a few of the more infamous ones. On March 16th, eight people were killed by a gunman at three massage businesses in Atlanta, Georgia. Six of the victims were of Asian descent. On March 22nd in Boulder, Colorado, a shooter at a supermarket killed ten people, including a police officer who was the first to respond to the scene. In Orange, California on March 31st, a gunman killed four people and critically wounded a fifth at a Southern California office building. On April 7th, former NFL player Phillip Adams shot six people, including Robert Lesslie, a prominent doctor, his wife and two of their grandchildren along with two air conditioning technicians. His brain is now being examined for possible degenerative disease that has been shown to cause violent mood swings and other cognitive disorders in some athletes and members of the military. At least in this case, we might get an answer, albeit, too late.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Just last night, a gunman opened fire outside and inside a FedEx Ground facility near the Indianapolis main airport, killing eight people, wounding several others and sending witnesses running before taking his own life. We’ll probably never learn the true motivation of this former FedEx employee, but it’s pretty damn clear we have a huge problem in the United States of America.

While we are watching bad guys with guns shooting good people without guns, we are also seeing police officers around the country shooting people for minor issues and traffic stops. We watch the court cases with witnesses and experts giving their testimony but the victims have no voice there.

I am angered by Jim Jordan’s obvious disregard for life, his disrespect of a medical expert and his disdain for a united effort to beat the virus. He’s so worried about the Frist Amendment he’s forgotten about all of our rights to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” My idea of happiness is not laying in a hospital room on a ventilator. Should Jordan’s shredding of policies and extra care taken to lower the spread of a virus make things worse then he’s complicit, just like Wayne LaPierre of the NRA is complicit in every mass shooting in America. Yes, I get all the Second Amendment stuff but what suggestion or steps has LaPierre made to solve the problem of American mass shootings? Bupkis.

The idea that a good guy with a gun will keep us safe is more than fallacious, it just doesn’t work at all. If we had a competent president when the global pandemic broke out, we would not have sacrificed hundreds of thousands of American lives to keep the economy rolling. It’s not helpful to debate our freedoms when we have kids being shot by cops, a virus taking a thousand lives each day and mass shootings wasting people all over the country. Where does Representative Jim Jordan get off screaming at Dr. Fauci when he has not put forth a single idea to cure Covid-19? He’s much beyond a squeaky wheel, he’s a horrendously loud human fart.

We should not have disposable people. Human life is not sacred when we talk one way about Roe vs. Wade and then other ways about gun control, national health policies and police reform. If you care only about your dogma, then you are most likely disregarding the people you supposedly serve. Elected officials have a supreme responsibility to make sure all Americans are safe — safe to live, safe to work and safe to travel without fear of becoming infected with a virus or being executed by a cop. We must get back to our values with the understanding that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness mean something. If not, then we are just another third-world county but with lots of money.

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The book that tells it like it is…

Gold, God, Guns & Goofballs: If you only read one chapter of this book, try “Take a Knee for America” and think about our never-ending conflicts between minorities and the police. I’m not asking you to take a stand but having a deep and honest conversation about why some people think the way they do would be productive. This is a book for the moment which seeks to start a conversation about peace. And if you are worried about social media, you really should check out the chapter called “Social Media Menace.”

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The Modus Operandi of the Mindless Robot

The games being played by Congress are getting more tired and worn. The gamesmanship is so obvious, and their approval rating continues to plunge. The use of the word “theater” or if you are in a blue state “theatre,” has been used dozens of times within the last week, a week that brought the violent deaths of eighteen people by an automatic weapon in the hands of a crazy person. Republicans use the term “theater” to describe the Democrats’ position on mask wearing and gun control. Why do the Republicans push back on ideas to keep us safer?

We’ve all heard the term theater of war, but where does it come from? In his book On War, Carl von Clausewitz defines the term Kriegstheater, which is old Latin for theatrum belli. Mr. von Clausewitz writes, “If the enemy’s forces are collected in one army upon one theatre of war, they constitute in reality a unity, and we need not inquire further; if they are upon one theatre of war, but in separate armies, which belong to different Powers, there is no longer absolute unity; there is, however, a sufficient interdependence.” And just like a theatrical stage play, there is always a protagonist and antagonist.

Theater of Guns & Politics

When Judiciary Committee Member Senator Ted Cruz complained about the Democrats bringing forth a discussion on gun control as the same “theater” they engage in after each mass shooting, he was the pot calling the kettle black. If the other side in the play is the protagonist, then Cruz must be the antagonist, meaning that he is solidly against gun control and believes there is nothing that can be done to solve the problem of mass shootings. In fact, he directly said gun control cannot stop mass shootings. So, there is the hill where he wishes to die.

Should more weaponry be a part of the next insurrection, perhaps that hill will be the fate of some representatives and senators. It’s been well established that people in Congress get millions of dollars from the National Rifle Association (NRA), and they are proud of the ratings they get from that lobbyist. Their votes against gun control have been purchased by Wayne LaPierre, an allegedly corrupt, self-serving administrator of the NRA slush fund.

In short, members give money to the NRA and Wayne spends the money however he likes. According to, Ted Cruz took only $176,274, but the list of recipients is a who’s who in the Republican force against gun control. Just take a look. Mitt Romney grabbed $13,647,676, Richard Burr (NC) snagged $6,987,380, Roy Blunt (MO) received $4,555,722, Thom Tillis (NC) netted $4,421,333, Cory Gardner (CO) snagged $3,939,199, Marco Rubio (FL) pocketed $3,303,355 and the list goes on.

If this is theater, then it’s a lavish production funded by the NRA, and gun control will never become a reality unless the money gets cut off. Gun acquisition loopholes are continually exploited and any local initiatives to curb America’s vast appetite for fire power is always shot down by state governments and federal courts. In 2018, the city of Boulder, Colorado passed a ban on the sale and possession of assault weapons and large capacity magazines, but earlier this month, a state district court judge blocked the city from enforcing its ban. Just six days before an angry man entered a supermarket in Boulder and killed ten people, he bought an automatic weapon, but wait, that doesn’t matter.

The reason it doesn’t matter is because the alleged shooter is not from Boulder, he lives in a suburb of Denver some twenty miles away. Without a federal mandated ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, we will never succeed in this theater of war. Without a weapons turn-in program, we will never get the millions of assault weapons off the street. And here is another tidbit of truth for you, militant African Americans also do not want the government to take away their high-powered weapons. Wow, the radical members of Black Lives Matter and the white supremacist militias agree with Ted Cruz.

After a mass shooting and inaction by leaders, Black rapper Killer Mike tweeted this, “I told my kids on the school walkout, I love you, if you walkout that school, walkout my house…we are not a family that jumps on every single thing an ally of ours does because some stuff we just don’t agree with.” In other words, as long as the enemies of the African American community have guns, he wants people of color to be able to defend themselves.

Gun and ammunition sales skyrocketed when Obama was elected President. Paranoid conspiracy theorists believed that the first Black president would take away all their guns. Their opinion was illogical, but they fear any action to control the sale and use of firearms. The NRA has always been against a national registry of guns, and the organization has instituted so few safety policies and programs they have abandoned their original cause of rifle and gun safety.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Republicans like Josh Hawley, who took $1,391,548 from the NRA, suggest that Democrats are performing a theatrical routine to make people believe they care about gun safety, when many of them own guns and would never turn their backs on the Second Amendment. While that might be true, I have a suggestion.

Would it make sense to rewrite the Second Amendment and update it for today’s modern America? The words in the present text are, “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed,” but is that applicable to life in 2021?

First, what is this “militia” in the Second Amendment? Back then, the US was up against the well-trained and equipped army of the British government. The early American leaders didn’t want and couldn’t afford a full-time army, so the president would sometimes call on state leaders to form a local fighting team, a militia, to take on the latest uprising from either native populations or British funded Canadian troops who wanted to grab some land. Because only Congress had the power to declare and fund a war it was easier and faster for the “Commander in Chief” to make the locals do the work, and thanks to the Second Amendment, weapons were always available. The Second Amendment also says, “well regulated,” and I contend that President Donald John Trump had the power to call off the Capitol Hill insurrection just by saying STOP. If he had done so, and the rioters didn’t stop, they would be traitors and seditionists who could have been shot by the United States Army.

I believe this is the part of the Second Amendment that needs to be changed, “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” It should say, “the licensed right of people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” There are many precedents. I need a license to drive, hunt, fish, sell real estate, use software, use a trademark, use a song, practice law, sell alcohol, fly a plane, practice medicine, import goods, export goods, build a house, run a pub, breed dogs, get married, operate a forklift and practice medicine, just to name a few. So, why not require a gun owner’s license that must be renewed at reasonable intervals? The states could write the End Users License Agreement, but the registration would be national.

So, pipe dream or good idea?


The book that tells it like it is…

Gold, God, Guns & Goofballs: If you only read one chapter of this book, try “Take a Knee for America” and think about our never-ending conflicts between minorities and the police. I’m not asking you to take a stand but having a deep and honest conversation about why some people think the way they do would be productive. This is a book for the moment which seeks to start a conversation about peace. And if you are worried about social media, you really should check out the chapter called “Social Media Menace.”

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Confront Trump and Save American Lives

There comes a time when things get so bad one must decide a course of action for their own survival. This can happen when a woman in an abusive marriage walks out the door to save her life and assure the future for her children. Sometimes a man stays in an equally terrible relationship and must escape before some bad disaster takes place, such as a murder. Here in America we now face a life or death situation and it’s time for someone to do the right thing.

The President of the United States is saying all the wrong things, pushing lies and distractions and waging a sinister plan that fuels the COVID-19 flames. He’s killing people! Who can step up and make a difference with him? Someone who attended the first Coronavirus Task Force meeting in months leaked a terrible account of the President’s temperament on the pandemic. According to CNN, “As some members of the task force tried to stress the dire nature of the situation to the President, Trump repeatedly attempted to change the subject. He started talking about something else.” There is no reason why anyone would make this up. Was it done to make the Donald change his tune? Assuming what was reported is true, then are we getting closer and closer to the 25th Amendment. Let’s review that potential cure for an ignorant and dangerous President.

From the Globe Gazette

The 25th deals with succession and other issues, but this paragraph should catch your attention: “Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.

Mike Pence is liked by many conservatives and evangelicals, but he has a deal with the devil and is so loyal to Donald Trump that he will lie to the American public to make Trump look good. There’s an paradox in that. Pence was so outraged when former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn lied to him that he demanded Trump fire Flynn. In this administration, lying is judged more by the source of the lie rather than its content or lack of validity. So, don’t hold your breath that Pence could muster the balls or morality to suggest he be a replacement President. Remember, it would also take a legal majority of the cabinet to vote to remove Trump from office. The 25th Amendment also mentions Congress as a source for making the move to remove the President.

I’m fairly certain the House of Representatives could attain the votes to enact the 25th, but such a move would die in the Mitch McConnell Senate. So, we are left with a challenge and a problem. Trump’s continual misinformation and pressure on states to reopen schools will probably lead to more infection, more stress on the healthcare system and more death. He has no clue how to solve the problem but he certainly knows how to sugarcoat or dismiss it. He’s ignoring experts and, much worse, he’s poisoning the reasoning of million of Americans and they are doing things that are making this pandemic worse.

I remember the outrage and swift moves that took place during what was named the “Saturday Night Massacre” on the evening of October 20, 1973. On that night, President Richard Nixon ordered his Attorney General, Elliot Richardson, to fire Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox who was conducting the legal investigation of the President’s involvement in the Watergate scandal. Richardson refused and resigned immediately. Nixon then ordered Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus to fire Cox. Ruckelshaus also refused and resigned. Nixon then ordered the third-most-senior official at the Justice Department, Solicitor General Robert Bork, to fire Cox. Bork carried out the dismissal but stayed on to “protect” the Justice Department. The Supreme Court made Nixon turn over tapes of White House conversations that proved he was involved in the break in of the Democrat’s office at the Watergate hotel complex and that he initiated a coverup and used the IRS to go after people he considered enemies. Real douchebag, eh?

The resignations and firing triggered an explosion that led to Nixon’s resignation. The President looked extremely guilty to the American public, and Congress turned against the 37th President and convinced him to leave office because they were about to impeach him. Of course, Trump will never resign even if Lindsey Graham came to the Oval Office with a picture of the Donald alongside naked Russian hookers, but we are getting ahead of ourselves.

What might make a difference? Imagine Dr. Debra Birx, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Robert R. Redfield calling a press conference and announcing that they were resigning because they can no longer work with, or trust Trump. Then the fireworks would begin.

One of three things would happen, 1. Trump would say he really didn’t know them that well and he was just thinking about getting rid of them anyway, because they gave him such bad advice, 2. Trump would bring in Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil (a man without a medical degree) to say that everything is fine, or 3. Trump would issue an executive order forcing all schools and states to immediately open. Lots of people would die and Donald John Trump would then cancel the election. Okay, maybe the doctors should stay on duty.

You might be thinking, gee, so negative and panicky, but if you just listen to the B.S. of our President you can imagine what I just said playing out. When you hear Trump say that children are immune to the virus and that is why all schools should OPEN NOW, understand that he’s fucking crazy. In a letter sent to parents and obtained by CNN, the head of St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, Robert Kosasky, announced the K-12 school season will begin in early September with a virtual-learning-only plan. Ironically, Trump’s son Barron attends St. Andrew’s. I guess the sons and daughters of rich people need to be protected more than the millions of middle and lower-class kids in America. Trump is a demonic demigod who is ready and willing to sacrifice your kids to help his campaign. One could argue that Trump caused the death of Herman Cain, but there is no evidence to prove that. Still, he did reject the notion of mask wearing and Cain obeyed.

The sooner we all stop listening to Trump, the better off this country will be. I could say that he’s delusional, but that could be cured by a good doctor. If all the doctors walked away right now, our country would be in deep shit. And isn’t that why Vladimir Putin wanted Donald Trump to be president. He picked a real loser, and so did America.

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Two Words Say It All

I used to think people were superficial if they used short phrases and clichés to communicate. But then I observed that some people use common metaphors, analogies and word economy to share their thoughts. It’s not wrong, but in the spirit of words mattering we can detect true feelings and deeper attitudes by examining the words people use.

When Donald Trump was confronted by reporters before he left for Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas, he was asked if he would support a ban on assault weapons. He quickly replied that he could see an appetite for “red flag” laws, but that there wasn’t a “political appetite” for banning assault weapons. And there, with those two words, President Trump revealed his true governing driver. He’s not making decisions or advancing legislation based on what is good for America, he’s concerned only with the appetites of those fat white men who support him in Congress. It’s all about guaranteeing adulation, rather than protecting the nation from the next mass shooting.

Trump has already heard from the National Rifle Association and they have “warned him” about going forward with any improvement to background checks. And as we have pointed out on these pages in the past, the NRA spent more than $30 million to help elect Trump; they control the President. The Donald is nothing more than a dancing puppet on the strings of a lobbying group. He’s totally in their pocket. How can this man ever promote reasonable gun control when he kowtows to every desire of the NRA? Just as the NRA is complicit in the deaths of citizens of the USA, Donald J. Trump has blood on his hands because of his inaction and inability to lead.

What Trump admitted on the White House lawn is that he doesn’t have the power, ability or desire to affect that political appetite. He struts about in his ill-fitting blue suits and unreasonably long red ties while doing nothing. He’s worse than a drunk uncle because he has the power to ruin the lives of 330 million people.

While Trump was going to Dayton and El Paso, ICE was rounding up 700 undocumented food processing plant workers in Mississippi. Many children weren’t picked up by their parents after the first day of school because mom, dad or both were in detention centers. No one needs to ask if Trump is a racist. It’s clear that he has a sick singular hatred of Hispanics. And why the disregard for children?

Who else would carry out such a destructive action, while claiming he was going to the sites of mass shootings to comfort the wounded and families of the dead? It was just another photo op, no different than shaking the hand of a known murderer and tyrant in North Korea. Donald Trump has no soul. He’s an immoral man with nothing but his money and fame.

This just in folks, from the Washington Post: “None of the eight victims of the El Paso mass shooting still being treated at University Medical Center agreed to meet with President Trump when he visited on Wednesday, the hospital’s spokesman said.” Clearly, the President was attempting to use these poor people as political pawns in a sick game of imaginary empathy. What piece of shit person would do this to anyone suffering so deeply? The hospital protected their patients, and that is how it should be.

Trump must truly believe that most people in the US are so stupid they won’t see through his lies and ruses. It’s not political anymore. It’s not a party thing. It’s human worth, spiritual unity and basic human values that are being attacked.

I know that presidential events must be crafted to make the leader of the free world look good. I get that. But when Trump claims that his rhetoric brings people together, and then blasts political rivals, maybe Representative Tim Ryan is right. Trump could be losing his grasp on reality and his mental acuity.

The shooting didn’t happen in Toledo; it was Dayton. The teleprompter showed Texas and Ohio. What else has Trump gotten wrong? Perhaps he has misread the America people. Not everyone treated the President like a “rock star” in Dayton and El Paso, despite the tweets of the White House communication people. These sycophants will have their day in court, or perhaps at the pearly gates, depending on what God they believe in.

If you kill my farm business with reckless tariffs, separate children from their parents and fire up an evil white supremist who then shoots people in this country, how can we possibly count on you to represent America on the world stage? I can truly say that Trump will never be able to heal the country, unite the people or ever be respected by this American. He’s just another puss filled blemish on the face of American politics.

Read About The Country We Love

The book that tells it like it is…

Gold, God, Guns & Goofballs shows how we’ve wasted our GOLD on bad wars and corruption. While GOD is there for many people as a spiritual enrichment and the provider of glowing feelings, the truth is just praying and believing will not change our major arc. We don’t determine who gets a GUN. We aren’t sure if we have paramilitary groups ready to storm the White House or a White Castle. There is no control of weapons. The GOOFBALLS with the power constantly try to manipulate us into spending more money on bombs and tanks and wars. When all of our institutions are infected with neglect and fall in disrepair, we will only have ourselves to blame. This book is not an antidote for the left or right, it’s an accelerant to move the middle off their collective asses to go do something positive for America.

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Trump Trips Over an Opportunity

President Donald Trump attempted to shame Congressional leaders in a White House meeting by saying they are afraid of the National Rifle Association. He ranted about how strange it was that an 18-year-old could buy an assault rifle, but not a handgun until he turned 21. He boasted that he had instructed his Attorney General to investigate executing a ban on “bum stocks” a device that turns a semi-automatic firearm into an automatic killing machine. That device was used in Las Vegas during the largest American mass shooting. It’s important to point out that the tragedy happened more than five months ago.

The President has done little. Congress has passed an omnibus bill, a catch all of budget funds, that had some “school safety” money in it, but they haven’t addressed any of the fundamental issues. A casual observer might suggest that the NRA got to Trump and turned him around. The NRA controls Congress and if they don’t act, nothing substantial gets done.

The student protest last weekend (3-24-2018) took place in Washington, DC and cities all over the country and the world. But the old white guys in Washington missed the reality that these protestors are feeding the voter rolls. The youth of the nation has taken up a cause to march for their own lives.

When Donald Trump was shown pictures of Syrian children being gassed, he dropped a couple of bombs within days. I guess no one showed him the pictures of American kids in classrooms lying in their own blood. Maybe someone should confront him with those images. Maybe that could break the spell the NRA has cast over all those with power in Washington. This organization claims their root origins are rifle and gun safety, but their rhetoric is political and ideological. The organization is no longer just a lobbyist. They are, in-effect, a political action committee with guns.

One could ask a simple question. If President Trump cares so much about going after radical terrorism in America – in the name of Mexican cartel gangs – why is it so easy for them to get assault weapons? The NRA fights hard to thwart any gun control, meaning they are complicit with arming the bad guys. Can’t our governmental leaders see that?

I had the pleasure of going to one of the many rallies (Sarasota, FL) and was totally impressed with the young people who spoke. Many of the people I heard graduated from Stoneman Douglas High School, had friends who attended the school or were just kids with a strong message. These are fresh and honest voices who understand the game. They know who is responsible in Washington for their lack of action. This isn’t Pollyanna optimism.

The messaging of the one million student marchers was consistent. It was as if a schooled marketing expert had guided the way, or maybe these kids are experts. They learned social media techniques from a very early age and they used those skills to bring masses of protesters together. They also know that they have to change the system, or at least the people who rule, to get what they want.

And what exactly do they want? First, safe schools. That is a non-partisan issue. Then more gun controls. They want the age limit raised to 21-years of age for gun ownership. They talked about universal background checks, which, from this writer’s perspective, means a national database. Those words make a certain organization nervous.

When kids cheer, “Hey, Hey, NRA, how many kids did you kill today?” they get the clenched fists and jaws of the NRA. And they get Fox News with blowhards saying that they are somehow part of a left-wing conspiracy. That is not going to deter these young thinkers. They have figured out that gun violence is the problem. Even Sir Paul McCartney marched in New York. He pointed out that one of his best friends was killed by gun violence. You might remember him, John Lennon.

Trump was presented an opportunity to unite one demographic group here, and he blew it. The message that was sent must have been written by the weekend communications intern. It read: “We applaud the many courageous young Americans exercising their First Amendment rights today. Keeping our children safe is a top priority of the President’s.”

Yes, this is the moment you realize that no one is steering this ship and a person named Lindsay Walters, White House spokeswoman, was the only connective tissue between the issue and the President, who was busy playing golf. Donald Trump doesn’t care about gun law reform. He’s another do nothing President.

After Trump’s dinner with the NRA, he sold his soul and the lives of thousands of students in America by trying to please a group he believes controls his base. As we walked from the protest last weekend with our signs, a large truck came around the bend and I could see the NRA sticker in the window. The driver leaned out and yelled, “You fucking idiots!” Then it dawned on me. There are millions of NRA members who fear their guns will be taken away. These are the Trump people.

According to the Celebrity Net Worth website, the CEO of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, is worth $10 million and his annual take averages around $1 million but has been as high as $5 million. So, he’s not only protecting guns, he’s guarding a sizable income. Think about it. He makes more money than the President of the United States. The NRA is the opposing force to getting better laws and systems for gun regulation.

If Trump would have watched the TV coverage of the marches, he would have seen the crowds were much bigger than his inauguration. The President should realize that many of these kids will be voting in 2020. If he has any serious desire to get re-elected, he should have responded with a little more gravitas and meaning than the plastic drivel of that canned statement. Maybe he was thinking more about a porn star, a bunny and a singer than the safety of Americans in our schools.

Donald Trump has deeply sunken in his own swamp. He is complicit and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a con man politician looking out only for himself. In the end, this New York political boss will get richer from being President because he’s changing laws to benefit himself and his family. His attempt to become an American oligarch must be foiled, now.

The First 200 Days Of Trump – ONLY ONE MILLION LEFT

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One of the most eye-opening stories about terrorism. The famous cable TV talk show host, Jonas Bronck, leaves New York on his quest to find truth. He finds himself in the middle of terror and personal torment in the name of journalism. He once again asks, If God Could Cry, would he be crying for us, or with us?

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The Complicit President

One of the great miscalculations of the decade came from the gun-suckers at the National Rifle Association during the 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference. They heavily miscalculated their message and, unfortunately for America, our sitting President is equally tone-deaf. This post may get me on two enemies lists for the price of one, but it seems like there is a wind blowing and the updraft from the heat and sorrow of death is lifting opinions.

The NRA must surely be wondering why their messaging hit such a sour note in Maryland last week. Like most shows, a comedian warmed up the audience so that the star had an audience primed and ready for the headliner. Ms. Dana Loesch said, “Many in legacy media love mass shootings. You guys love it. I’m not saying you love the tragedy. But I am saying that you love the ratings. Crying white mothers are ratings gold… And notice I said crying white mothers because there are thousands of grieving black mothers in Chicago every weekend and you don’t see town halls for them, do you?”

With that statement, Loesch sparked a tweetstorm from people all over the United States. Some might say it was insensitive to make those remarks within 24-hours of the CNN Town Hall with survivors of the Stoneman Douglas High School tragedy, but the words were more than obtuse. They were an example of the numbing reality that the NRA’s tactics are not caring, open or helpful. They sensed, for the first time, that people were coming for them in the dead of night with torches. They overreacted.

Their leader, Wayne LaPierre, has a famous slug-line, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.” He marched into the room and attempted to present the NRA as a solid front and to reaffirm himself as the puppeteer pulling the strings of Congress and our President. The leader of the NRA misconstrued some of the basic points of his association’s existence. Yes, of course, the National Rifle Association is a registered lobbyist, but they want to be more. And it wasn’t more than seconds before Donald Trump was parroting the points that LaPierre was making on stage at CPAC.

What disturbed many corporate leaders was not only the divisive rhetoric of Dana Loesch, but the highly-charged words of LaPierre. He advanced a political attack that sounded like Germany rhetoric from 1939. And if you think words don’t matter, consider this: Anti-Semitic incidents in the United States soared by 57 percent in 2017, according to a new report from the Anti-Defamation League. That’s the largest single-year increase in more than two decades. There was an 86 percent rise in vandalism.

Wayne’s world protects 100 million-gun owners by getting money from five million members. There are companies who believe that supporting the NRA is good business. I don’t understand why Delta Airlines, Hertz Rent a Car and other companies thought that offering discounts to NRA members was a good idea. Do they offer discounts to Super PACs or other lobbyist members?

The NRA damaged their brand with those two speeches and, of course, proved the point the high school students were making. With LaPierre saying that the “European Socialists” were controlling the minds of the masses, he was sending a message that anyone who confronts the NRA is politically bad for America. He sounded like a politician running for office.

The speech reeked of Neo-Nazi messaging. And while the CEO of the NRA was defending his cause he had no idea that Nikolas Cruz, the shooter in Parkland, Florida, etched swastikas in his ammunition magazines. Oops!

In 2015, Dylann Roof confessed to murdering nine African Americans at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, one of 40 states not requiring background checks for private gun transactions. In clear sight on the internet, Roof espoused racial hatred. Photographs there showed him posing with emblems associated with white supremacy. He had also been arrested. He beat the system.

When a reformed Neo-Nazi appeared on CBS’ 60 Minutes trying to motivate others from getting sucked into the group, Dylann Roof sent him a letter from prison that read: “I know you won’t be, but you really should be ashamed of yourself. Traitor, you’ve really cashed in, haven’t you? I hope you know that you are 100 times worse than the Jews you’ve surrounded yourself with.” No repent there.

And with the death of a woman in Charlottesville, Virginia, during a Unite the Right rally, it was clear that a statement from the President would have helped the situation. Rather than denounce this bullshit, Donald Trump gave a convolved message of “fine people on both sides.” He advanced anti-political correctness rather than calling out Neo-Nazis. He worried about a Robert E. Lee statue more than America.

Donald Trump, through stupidity or complicity, has not created a strong message against the KKK, Nazis, White Nationalist and other terror groups operating in America. The NRA fights any effort to track gun owners, so it’s impossible to know names and locations of the bad guys. And much of Congress shakes in their boots when it comes to the NRA. Nothing happens, and not only is Trump complicit but he has neglected his duty to keep us safe.

The voice of the Florida students and the corporate boycotts will alarm companies who would rather not be involved in politics. This time the NRA veered off course and made a wide turn away from the Second Amendment. With LaPierre critiquing other facets of government and society, he struck a hateful Trumpian tone. CEOs and boards of directors are nervous. Good use of social media this time!

Wayne LaPierre doesn’t have the credibility to talk about leaks in the intelligence community, media bias or universities he claims are spearheading a socialist revolution by emphasizing the teachings of Karl Marx. He added that America was trending toward a “growing socialist state.” Adolf Hitler was against Karl Marx as well and said, “Our adopted term ‘Socialist’ has nothing to do with Marxian Socialism. Marxism is anti-property; true socialism is not.”

The Nazis adopted a new gun law in 1938, allowing Non-Jews to buy rifles, shotguns and ammunition. Handguns were also easy to own, buy, sell or carry. Local officials could even allow people under the age of 18 to buy a gun. Gee, how did that work out? Lots of crazy brown-shirted kids killing Jews.

Saying that anything which challenges their power is somehow connected to European Socialism and Karl Marx, has not only blurred the message of the NRA but has left trouble and blood on their hands.

The NRA has failed to understand America. When people suggest true universal background checks on gun purchases, they aren’t talking about Karl Marx. They are talking about Making America Safe Again. In the bigger picture, the smart people in the United States with knowledge of history are hearing exactly what the NRA is saying, “You cannot fuck with us.” As our President has said, “We will see.”

The First 200 Days Of Trump – ONLY ONE MILLION LEFT

These daily diatribes from a delusional blogger give you a day by day overview of the 45th President’s first two-hundred days in office. Follow Donald Trump through the tough times on his way to impeachment. Kindle Version HERE, or Get the printed book now, CLICK HERE.


New Book about Terrorism

One of the most eye-opening stories about terrorism. The famous cable TV talk show host, Jonas Bronck, leaves New York on his quest to find truth. He finds himself in the middle of terror and personal torment in the name of journalism. He once again asks, If God Could Cry, would he be crying for us, or with us?

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An Open Letter to High School Students of America

As an America more than five times your age, I come to you with some advice and I urge you to listen. In my life, I was opposed to the Vietnam war. My friends and fellow students were being sent 7,400 miles to fight a war we hardly understood. Some of my friends were killed. It was obvious that my government didn’t understand what we felt. History has revealed the lies and illegal actions of the “adults” running the United States of America during that dark time. It was a bi-partisan effort to kill us.

You have been awakened by a demonic tragedy and the misuse of a lethal weapon. You are joining hands and marching and chanting. You want to make a difference. We are with you. We care about you. We cry for you. We will march with you. We understand what you are saying. Wisdom of the past will help you. Learn about civil disobedience and your right to peacefully assemble. This isn’t going to be easy.

To end the Vietnam war, we had to expose the lies. We needed help from the free press and, in some cases, brave whistle-blowers with valuable documents like the Pentagon Papers. Google it. We had to see blood being spilled on the nightly news and middle America had to understand that these were “our boys” who were bleeding in the jungles. Your classroom floors will be cleaned, but you will never forget the terror you experienced. You need to bring that horror to the public. They need to understand what happened. As macabre and disrespectful as some might think, pictures of bloody bodies would make Congress wake up and start talking about solutions.

Next, I want you to know that the NRA and pro-gun factions in this great nation of ours will see you as the enemy. They will come after you and they will attack you. They won’t be using guns; they will be using propaganda. They will do research on you and your parents, and they will disclose connections to anything that even hints at “left-wing radical” associations. They will claim that you are being funded by Democratic Super PACs and you will hear the name George Soros. Do not listen to these talking heads on TV. They are not your friends. They will be attacking your cause célèbre and the fact that you have a platform; you have a voice. Do not get sucked into their nonsense.

If you start to make inroads in your quest to get gun regulations, they will attack you on very personal levels. They will circulate rumors about your sex life, they will put you on an enemy list, they will infiltrate your schools and try to get other students to rally against you. It’s an old playbook and I am simply reading a few pages from it. You will hear the term, “outside agitators,” which is code for linking you to some communist left-winged group. Do not stray from your message.

The NRA is a very powerful lobbyist group and they will pour money into defeating you. Be careful when they say they want to meet with you. And be extremely on guard when it comes to Donald Trump. He will tell you he is open to review and modification of the gun laws. He will suggest that he is “evolving” on the issue. He will even issue a memo to his Attorney General to “look into” whether “bump stocks” are legal, while he uses executive order to push almost a million dreamers to the edge of panic. He waited four and half months after the Las Vegas shooting to write his memo. Score a D- for him.

In the end, Trump will listen to the gun hawks and will walk away from you when the story dies. He already left behind the dead bodies in Las Vegas, Texas and the other killing fields. Donald Trump is not your friend. He will use you to placate moderate Republicans. Donald Trump is not an inadequate President, he’s an inadequate person.

You need to learn the terms of the Second Amendment and their importance to the far right in America. They will continue to let you die to save this sentence: A well -regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Now let’s talk about the March 24, 2018 march on Washington you are planning. Get as many people as you can to attend this event and don’t worry about who will promote it. You know how to use the internet and social media to motivate people.  Do it! You also need to think about giving marchers advice on where to stay and how to get around once there. Get the National Park people to help you. That’s their job. They did it for Martin Luther King, Jr. and they did it for the Million Man March and they did it for right wing groups. They are there for you. And be sure to read up on other rallies and protests in the Capitol, here.

And finally, you must continually state your goal. You must be extremely clear in what you are demanding. An 18-year-old kid can’t buy a beer or a hand-gun but can buy an AR-15 (semi-automatic rifle) and you must change the laws. You must not waiver. If we got Nixon to end the Vietnam War, you surely can motivate a bunch of old white guys to listen. If they don’t, vote them out. Just stay the course, there will be many of them to vote out.

Dwight C. Douglas

The First 200 Days Of Trump – ONLY ONE MILLION LEFT

These daily diatribes from a delusional blogger give you a day by day overview of the 45th President’s first two-hundred days in office. Follow Donald Trump through the tough times on his way to impeachment. Kindle Version HERE, or Get the printed book now, CLICK HERE.


New Book about Terrorism

One of the most eye-opening stories about terrorism. The famous cable TV talk show host, Jonas Bronck, leaves New York on his quest to find truth. He finds himself in the middle of terror and personal torment in the name of journalism. He once again asks, If God Could Cry, would he be crying for us, or with us?

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Trumpean Dystopia

Right after Donald Trump was elected President, he said, “I’ve really inherited a mess.” While there is some truth to that statement, history will remember what someone did, rather than what they said. Did you make things better, or did your lack of talent for leadership make it worse, Donald?

When a white man executes a group of human beings, we move quickly to peer into the psychological disturbances in that man’s soul. When a brown man takes lives, we hastily place the blame on the man’s religious dogma or where he came from. When a black man shoots up the place, we swiftly use phrases like “law and order” and “respect.”

The headline on CNN this morning (11-6-2017), points to a serious problem, Trump says Texas shooting result of ‘mental health problem’ not US gun laws. Is there really any difference between a man who has voices whispering in his brain saying “kill, kill” and someone who has been brainwashed into thinking he inherits paradise if he kills? In either case the actions are not those of a mentally stable human being.

These mass killings are a form of terrorism and should be classified as such by the legal system in this country. Why is that important? Because once an attack is considered terrorism, federal resources can be used to figure out why it happened and the penalties for those offenses can be harsher.

When you embrace the Second Amendment and give lip service to the First Amendment, you give the NRA and legal gun owners comfort. Several years ago, gun sales soared because of an imaginary fear that Obama was going to take them away. For a while after Trump’s election, gun sales decreased. But now, America will be marching to the gun shops and ranges to make sure they can protect themselves from the next armed assault.

It’s not Donald Trump’s fault that there are more than 300 million guns and rifles in America. After making a rough guesstimate from older NRA records, there are probably 2,446,294 AR-15 rifles currently available in the United States. Most likely, you are living within a few miles of someone who owns one. Not that comforting, and in this Trumpean dystopia, this will never change. We cannot legally stop the number from increasing.

In the case of the shooter in Texas, the structure that’s in place did not prevent this guy, who assaulted his wife and their child, from getting a gun. The shooter was given a bad conduct discharge from the Air Force and slapped with 12 months of confinement in 2014 after his court marshaling. When the system we have doesn’t work, we have a bad system.

After being attacked themselves on a baseball field in Virginia, and seeing 59 people mowed down in Las Vegas, our lawmakers have not banned the “bump stock” device that converts a rifle from semi to full automatic weaponry. For some reason, the people who we elect to represent us in Washington, cannot, will not, make any effort to curtail the violence. The collusion with the NRA to thwart any reasonable weapon reform in this country is morally wrong. If you failed to save one life, then you are complicit.

If hate is the root of a massacre, then you have to take off your blinders and realize what is influencing these killers. If you want to end the homegrown incidents of those holding a radical belief system, you don’t build walls or tighten up visas, instead you must peer into the root of those desires. Sure, better vetting will make you feel better, but in the end the president has no power over legal residents being radicalized because they felt left out.

I’m always miffed when someone reacts to my plea for discussion and action on this national tragedy with defense of the amendment, rather than openness for a discussion. We always hear that same refrain, “the guns were purchased legally” and we go on about our business. Nothing to see here. Or is there?

Anyone can get a gun and, if you can get a gun, you can get a semi-automatic rifle. As we painfully learned, it takes only $200 to convert that nine-pound piece of metal into a real killing machine. If you follow Trump’s logic, we don’t need to do anything about the guns, we need to focus on mental health problems.

According to, Trump’s 2018 budget would cut funding for the Centers for Disease Control by $1.3 billion and funding for the National Institutes of Health by $5.8 billion. It would eliminate the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality, folding it into the NIH with reduced funding. Substance Abuse and Mental Health budgeted funding would be cut by almost $400 million. This sounds like a commitment to creating more mental health problems, and, by extension, more mass killings.

The other day Donald Trump announced a big push to get rid of the scourge of drug addiction and death by pills. What is he doing about death by guns.?

From the National Institute on Drug Abuse: “There were 64,000 drug overdose deaths estimated in 2016.” According to the New York Times: “The rate of gun deaths in the United States rose in 2016 to about 12 per 100,000 people, as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” We don’t have the total annual numbers beyond 2014, and the NRA is making every effort, through Trump, to block that data. In 2014, there were 33,594-gun deaths, and it’s time we budget money for the CDC to research this menace to our society. Or are we waiting until it grows bigger?

To borrow an expression from Bush #41, this “blowhard” in the White House explains it all to us, and then does the opposite of what he should be doing. We cannot start to conquer the problem without a plan to study and act on the problem of mass killings. We need to replace the planner in chief. Trump clearly doesn’t know what he is doing.

New Book about Terrorism

One of the most eye-opening stories about terrorism. The famous cable TV talk show host, Jonas Bronck, leaves New York on his quest to find truth. He finds himself in the middle of terror and personal torment in the name of journalism. He once again asks, If God Could Cry, would he be crying for us, or with us?

Now available on Amazon.