Has CNN become Fox News?

Just when you thought it was over it starts again, and many feel that CNN just pooped the bed. But let’s be more civil and analytical, if such is possible in today’s world.

I understand television programming and its various justifications for reasons of ratings and revenue, but CNN broke some rules last night when they put the orange devil on the air for nearly ninety minutes in prime time. According to the American Press Institute, journalism’s first obligation is telling the truth. Good decision making depends on people having reliable, accurate facts placed in meaningful contexts.

The second rule in TV news is never let the interviewee play you. Mike Wallace and Walter Cronkite turned in their graves last night. Why did CNN allow the former President to lie about the 2020 election? Why didn’t they confront him live, in real time, and tell him to his face that he’s still lying and  ask him why he needs to constantly do so? Why not make it personal? Trump certainly does.

Any interviewer would have their hands full with Donald Trump, but a noble journalist must elicit truth. Kaitlan Collins asked Donald Trump some great questions, but she didn’t get him to admit anything. She was a facilitator for his lies. No matter how many panels CNN puts on for the rest of the week whining about Trump, some people will continue to believe his mendacities. It’s impossible for a journalist to create a clear vision when their primary source is a pathological liar, so why did CNN put him on?

This “town hall“ did not provide any insight into a lying candidate. It was just another network elevating Trump, giving him more oxygen and free airtime for his continuous deceit. How is this good for America?

Trump is an idiot on foreign relations and the current cultural realities of an ever-growing browner and more diverse America. He stopped absorbing and thinking in 1956.

The Donald couldn’t call Putin a war criminal, but in the very next sentence he described the atrocities of the war in Ukraine, unable to connect the dots that it’s his buddy Vlad who is doing the killing. I would have asked him, right at that moment, “What makes you so afraid of Putin?” Instead, we got more of the same bullshit, deception and tap dancing so fundamental to Donald Trump.

Chris Wallace is on the CNN payroll, but I’m sure Trump would never have agreed to a sit down with him. Instead, the network brought out their morning show tryout who asked penetrating questions but didn’t adequately rebut the responses. The entire affair became lost in the dust of Trump’s repetitive, nonsensical crap. Had he been properly grilled, I’m sure Trump would have walked off the stage, which would have been far more illuminating.

And what was up with that audience? It’s clear they were not properly vetted or managed, which obliterated the newsworthiness of the whole event. Instead of having a hall full of dimwits laughing and clapping at a fat, orange monkey, why not have an audience of journalists with each getting to pose one short, pointed question?

If TV news is to survive, it must have a certain gravity and gravitas based on truth. The CNN debacle showcased our drunken uncle babbling away about matters well beyond his comprehension. He couldn’t even pull off looking prepared, statesmanlike or normal. He just blathered put-downs and platitudes with the overarching theme of how screwed up America is. Why would we give this blowhard four more years to do what he couldn’t do in the four years he was president?

I’m going to briefly step aside here to inject a Tweet of someone who says it better, the former President’s niece, Mary L. Trump, “I’m furious…. CNN is anti-American. In less than an hour, they allowed an authoritarian wannabe to lie constantly while an audience full of his followers applauded. This was not a town hall; it was a rally. Donald bragged about overturning Roe v. Wade. He claimed—unchallenged—that Democrats allow babies to be murdered after they’re born. He bragged about his intention to pardon convicted insurrectionists. He advocated for the United States to default on its debt which would destroy the world economy. And he showed, once again, why a jury of his peers found him liable for sexual assault and defamation. But Donald Trump cannot destroy our country by himself. That requires allies. He already has the Republican party in his pocket. And now, he has CNN on his side. Tonight’s CNN fiasco was a tragedy for American democracy.”

Mary Trump clearly is just as appalled as I and many others are. CNN will have to work awfully hard to restore its credibility with me but, then again, like many my age I am starting to think that it’s all just bullshit. We can’t trust Congress. We can’t trust the Supreme Court and we certainly cannot trust CNN, or Fox, or MSNBC, or any news outlet that hides behind the bright lights of showbiz while leaving honest reporting and penetrating journalism splat on the sidewalk.

Think about all the major news stories that have broken in the last ten years and realize they resulted from the arduous work of journalists at the New York Times, Washington Post, Politico, Pro-Publica and other outlets. The talking heads on TV just read the words. They spend more time on their hair and makeup than pounding out the truth on a keyboard.

It’s embarrassing. Recently I heard one of the talking heads actually say, “Well, I haven’t read the whole document yet, but this could be either real good, or real bad for Donald Trump.” WTF!

Sorry, but if you attempt to be “fair and balanced” with Donald John Trump, you will merely make him President again and that would be the end of journalism and, oh yeah, DEMOCRACY!


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Time to face the music!

I don’t know about you, but I cannot trust anyone who doesn’t pay their taxes. Such behavior is downright unfair to the rest of us working stiffs. I also have no regard for those who commit insurance fraud and stuff their pockets with ill-gotten funds.

I knew he was lying the very first time Donald Trump said that he couldn’t release his tax returns because he was under an audit. He continued to spout that same falsehood every time he was asked about his tax returns. The allegation that he has two sets of books, one for the IRS and insurance companies and one for the banks, rings true to me. The man has always been out to deceive, cheat and lie his way to more money.

Anyone who knows anything about business and law was not surprised when this headline blasted across ABC News the other day, “Trump’s accounting firm resigns, saying his financial disclosures should ’no longer be relied upon.’” Well, that is tantamount to saying, “See, we knew his figures didn’t make sense, but hey, he was our client, and we have a right to assume our clients tell us the truth.” REALLY?

The Truth about Trump

That aside, let’s get back to Trump, the Trump Organization and the “family.” It’s clear to me after reading Mary L. Trump’s book, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, that Donald gets most of his anti-government, anti-tax and closet neo-Nazi beliefs from his father Fred. Not only did the elder Trump bilk the government out of funds to build his empire, he also taught young Donald to use every possible loophole, malpractice or mendacity to get over the rules, regulations and requirements governing each of his projects and business agreements. Why would we believe that Trump and his organization play fair when it came to taxes? Why wouldn’t the man and his kids use every conceivable dodge to protect their personal treasure?

Trump received a letter from Mazur’s, his accounting firm, clearly stating it’s Trump documents over the past ten years should not be relied upon and, “We have come to this conclusion based, in part, upon the filings made by the New York Attorney General on January 18, 2022, our own investigation, and information received from internal and external sources.” They are not saying they knowingly filed bad documents. Remember that even us lowlings must sign our income tax returns regardless of who filed them. Such a signature is a firm claim that all the data is correct. When you sign your name, you are not one hundred percent indemnifying the preparer, but you are certainly on the hook far more than the accountant.

A judge has now ruled that the New York Attorney General has the right to compel the testimony of Donald Trump, Don Junior and Princess Ivanka, but don’t expect them tell the truth. According to Bloomberg News, “Eric Trump Invoked the Fifth Amendment about five hundred times” during previous testimony. It’s likely the court will have to rely on the statements of others to get at the true workings of the Trump Organization.

Everyone running for the Presidency, for Congress and anyone considered for a lifelong post on the Supreme Court should be compelled to release the most recent ten years of their income tax filings. Citizens must be able to judge a person’s financial integrity before voting. A cheater needs to be exposed, a liar must be confronted, neither should get our votes.

It was disrespectful to America and its taxpayers when Trump’s lawyer argued in court that Donald has membership in a “protected class.” First of all, that legal term is mostly used to protect class members from employment discrimination. The US federal government provides protection from discrimination to people with the common characteristics of race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex, age, physical or mental disability, veteran status, genetic information and citizenship. Class membership has absolutely nothing to do with a former president. The judge was correct in denying that reason for Trump not to testify about malfeasance in the Trump Organization. The failed defense was a total embarrassment.

A substantial percentage of Americans will not rest until Donald John Trump is held accountable for his lies, for his corruption, and, most decidedly, for the accelerant he poured on the mob that violently attacked Capitol Hill on January 6th, 2021 in an attempt to stop the peaceful transfer of presidential power. I believe we can add seditionist to Trump’s litany of labels because sedition is an overt, subversive act.

Even though many corrupt Senators didn’t convict him, I am certain that in a court of law, Trump would be sentenced to prison for a long time. Sorry, he’s not a god; he’s just a cult leader. No man or woman is above the law. Any defender who believes Trump and his family are members of a protected class need to study United States law, which is in disagreement with most of what Trump did before, during, and after his presidency.

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The Flim-Flam Man Exposed

It was no big surprise learning why Donald John Trump has been using various legal tactics and maneuvers to keep his personal tax returns hidden from us. All of it came tumbling out yesterday under this bombshell headline from the New York Times, LONG-CONCEALED RECORDS SHOW TRUMP’S CHRONIC LOSSES AND YEARS OF TAX AVOIDANCE.

Faithful readers will remember that I called Trump a draft dodger for avoiding Vietnam. He got some doctor to write a letter claiming he had bone spurs. Surprise, we’ve never seen an X-ray. He asserts he has made billions of dollars, but we’ve never seen any documents as proof. The New York Times lays out the truth quite clearly.

“Donald J. Trump paid $750 in federal income taxes the year he won the presidency. In his first year in the White House, he paid another $750. He had paid no income taxes at all in 10 of the previous 15 years — largely because he reported losing much more money than he made.” So, the fat guy who keeps telling us that he is patriotic and loves America has been dodging his civic duty and gaming the system to his financial benefit while in the White House.

Now I understand why he has been giving away his presidential salary. If he took that money, he, like any other US citizen, would have to pay as much as $100,000 in taxes because he wouldn’t be able to claim he is losing money. It’s outrageous that even his “charitable contributions” are scams.

What we know now for sure is that Donald Trump has been in a decade-long audit battle with the Internal Revenue Service. It’s centered on the legitimacy of a $72.9 million tax refund he claimed, and received, after declaring huge losses. An adverse ruling could cost him more than $100 million, but the real problem for the “leader of the free world” is the massive debt that he’s carrying. In the President’s disclosure forms he claimed to have made at least $434.9 million, but the 2018 tax data released by the Times paint a much different picture. Donald Trump had a loss of $47.4 million.

According to an earlier report by financial site Bloomberg, Trump’s debt was at least $605 million in 2016 and he has outstanding loans of $950 million from the Bank of China, Deutsche Bank and other creditors. So, how can Donald John Trump do his job as president without conflict while carrying such huge debts with financial institutions in at least two foreign countries?

I imagine this fresh evidence will not move hardcore fans of the Donald to have an epiphany and vote for Joe Biden. However, we now have excellent source material for new anti-Trump advertisements to point out the hypocrisy and criminal ways of our 45th President. I have included some screen shots from the latest effort to demonstrate Trump’s tax cheats.

Joe Biden Campaign Ad

Get ready to hear Trump’s minions tell us how smart he is in being able to beat the system and pay no taxes for decades. We already know from Mary L. Trump’s book that anti-government and anti-tax plots were firmly enacted by Fred Trump, Donald’s father. For many years, Fred Trump exploited a loophole in US tax law and used young Donald as a tax shelter for millions of dollars. According to Vanity Fair, “…Fred Trump and his wife, Mary, transferred more than $1 billion to their children, a gift that should have produced a tax bill of at least $550 million based on tax rates at the time. Instead, the Trumps ended up paying a mere $52.2 million, tax returns show.” Slimy tactics are systemic in the Trump family and, in the end, we will be able to see a clear picture of a selfish, lawless, pitiful pile of unamerican human beings.

This compost heap of lies, deceit and deception needs to STOP NOW. Unless Donald Trump and his family release all their tax returns, this gooey swamp of reality will seep into future generations of grifters and goofballs named Trump. It’s time for the I.R.S. to step up and do its job!

My father, who would be 107 years old if alive today, would be screaming and yelling at the TV learning that the President paid less tax than he did. He would use the old yarn; the laws are different for rich people. This is not going to go away, and without a full disclosure of Trump’s tax records why should we let him continue giving more money to his rich friends and donor corporations? Trump will never admit to his lies. Liars don’t do that; they just create more lies to cover up the harsh facts.

Joe Biden Campaign Ad

Short of someone photocopying the summary page of every Trump tax return and posting them online (not a bad idea, New York Times) many of the Donald’s loyal minions and sycophants will dismiss the facts as rooted in a socialist plot. It’s funny, in a sick way, that Republicans who kept preaching for years about financial responsibility, are now endorsing a criminal enterprise operating out of the White House.

For almost four years on this blog, I have been saying that Donald Trump didn’t pay any taxes and was attempting to bilk the US Treasury out of millions. Now we learn that the Secret Service has paid millions to the Trump Organization for guest rooms that were, at times, not even used. Trump’s golf course has charged the government outlandish fees to put up associates and visitors even when cheaper lodging located closer to events wasn’t used.

I propose that every American get a Donald Trump rebate for his damaged goods and improperly rendered services. Doesn’t each of us deserve a $750 Trump Rebate?  It seems fair to me that we should all be reimbursed according to his tax payments.

I have no respect for Trump. I want him gone from any position of power as soon as possible. It’s time for this tax evader, draft dodger, pussy grabbing asshole to leave, and all of us have the power to make it happen!

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Trump’s Real Corrupt Deep State

There have been times in our country when the White House got caught acting illegally for some cooked-up justification. During the Reagan years, fourteen administration officials were indicted, including Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger. Many were pardoned by George H. W. Bush as a favor to President Reagan, but that never erased the stain.

Those in government who cross a legal line often do so because they love the man in the Oval Office. Other times they act based on a false premise of protecting American interests. The Trump campaign and administration, however, seem to have attracted an unusually seedy, sordid group of gangsters and crooks.

In my book titled DONALD TRUMP: Repeal, Replace, Impeach, I covered his first 200 days in office. Open the chapter named Where did Trump find these people, and you will find a list of various cabinet members with a caustic rebuke of each, Most of these clowns are gone now, meaning either the Donald is extremely difficult to work with or he hired the wrong people. Probably both.

This brings us to the news that one of Trump’s most influential campaign and White House advisors, Steve Bannon, was arrested and charged with wire fraud and money laundering. Four men were included in the arrest warrant, and one of them is from my area. Andrew Badolato and his decades-long friend Steve Bannon ran a non-profit organization to help Donald Trump build a wall at the US southern border. It was a kind of vigilante construction company which said 100% of its funds would be used for construction. The US Department of Justice claims otherwise.

According to court papers, the four men misled donors and diverted hundreds of thousands of dollars for their personal use. They raised $25 million between January 2019 and October 2019. The “We Build the Wall” campaign appears to be a total scam. Donald Trump was quick to distance himself from the project, but never attempted to stop the project while it was happening. In fact, his son, Don Jr., endorsed and promoted the non-profit. I wonder if he will get his money back.

Trump claims to vigorously vet the people he brings onboard. When confronted about anything that makes him look bad his classic comeback is, “I don’t know anything about that.” He appears to be isolated and unaware. I love when he uses a phrase like, “I’ve seen some things on social media…”  Really? 377 people work in the White House and the President has access to a multi-billion-dollar intelligence community, yet he is always in the dark. Strange.

Due to nifty reporting by my local newspaper, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, we now know much about Mr. Andrew Badolato, including the fact that Badolato and Bannon were in business together for years. Bannon set up a Sarasota shell company named White Knights & Vultures to produce three anti-Democrat, anti- Clinton films. Had the Trump administration rifled through a few old newspaper clippings they would have known a lot more about Badolato.

In a 2018 story, the Herald-Tribune reported that Badolato’ s background included: 1. “numerous lawsuits, substantial monetary judgments and sizeable Internal Revenue Service liens filed against him;” 2. “business dealings with convicted felons for stock-related fraud;” 3.” an extortion attempt after he borrowed money from a self-described mobster that led to him wearing a wire for the FBI;” 4. “an association with a Costa Rican offshore firm that was called a “money laundering hub” by the Justice Department” and 5. “sexual assault allegations made by three women over a period of four years that allegedly took place inside his million-dollar home in Sarasota County.” Wow, how did the White House miss all that?

There has been much talk about the swamp in D.C. Well, scum rises to the surface and it seems large quantities of bacterial growth have been scooped up by the DOJ: 1. Steve Bannon, fraud, money Laundering; 2. Corey Lewandowski, misdemeanor battery; 3. Paul Manafort, tax and bank fraud and conspiracy against the United States; 4. Rick Gates, conspiracy against the U.S. and making false statements; 5. Michael Flynn, pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, was sentenced, then the DOJ withdrew the charge. The case is currently in limbo. 6. George Papadopoulos, the so-called coffee boy who started it all, arrested, charged and tried for lying to FBI agents about his contacts with Russian intermediaries and 6. Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer who was convicted and jailed for tax evasion, fraud and lying to Congress.

Sporting a sunburned face and wild, long hair, Steve Bannon came out swinging, calling the whole matter “a political hit job” and “nonsense,” while the Manhattan US attorney’s office alleges that Bannon “received over a million dollars from the ‘We Build the Wall’ online campaign, some of which he used to cover hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal expenses.” I’m sure it won’t be long, before Bannon claims it’s a nefarious plot by his QAnon promoted “Deep State.” I wonder if Q, the voice of the conspiracy, is actually STEVE BANNON.

I’m not here to judge Bannon, Badolato or the two other guys, Tim Shea and Brian Kolfage, for misleading donors who gave the money to the non-profit because they thought it would help Donald Trump. The guys will be judged by a jury of their peers. Ah, would that be twelve con artists and criminals? After the election, Donald John Trump will pardon them all, emboldened if he is re-elected, angry if he losses. But the people who were bilked should get their money back. Some believe the money is sitting in Badolato’s SunTrust account, the bank now called Truist Financial. Between this domestic bank and the multi-national Deutsche Bank, we could learn much about the Trump organized crime families. There might be some Russian family members we don’t know about yet.

The case against these four slimeballs is pretty much a slam-dunk. Justice has all the correspondence, they have the transactions, they have followed the money and they know exactly what was going on. I suggest to my readers that when a case involves money laundering the officials probably have recordings of phone discussions that occurred during the plot. So, there’s some icing on the cake.

Maryanne & Mary L.

Trump is getting boxed-in and it’s his own fault. When you spend your life being a bastard, sooner or later things come out. Yesterday, the Washington Post published a story detailing secret recordings made by Mary L. Trump, Donald’s niece, in 2018 and 2019. On the recordings Donald Trump’s older sister, Maryanne Trump Barry (a former Federal judge), is talking to Mary and describing her younger brother as a “cruel” man with “no principles.”

I love my sisters, Joan and Donna, and know they would never say bad things about me, but they might make fun of me. It appears that Maryanne Trump Barry is just like the rest of the family. They love to make fun of people, even people they love.

The corruption covered here must not be normalized. Mean people should not run a nation. It’s bad for the people they don’t agree with and it keeps America from being GREAT!

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Just Another Dysfunctional Family?

I know how hard it is to write a book because I currently have four on sale. I was skeptical when I first learned that Mary L. Trump, the niece of the President of the United States, wrote a book about the Donald’s family. Was this just another person trying to make money on a ghosted, tell-all work of semi-nonfiction or was it real? I subscribe to the latter.

Mary Trump is a psychologist, businessperson and author with several impressive degrees from Tufts, Columbia and a Ph. D from Adelphi University. I’m not in love with the title of her book, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, but seeing that she sold one million copies during the first release week, what in the hell do I know? I’ve read the book. It’s well-written and tells the unvarnished truth about what she saw growing up as the daughter of Fred and Mary Trump’s oldest son, Donald’s brother, Freddie. Her father died in In September 1981 at the age of 42 from an apparent heart attack because of his alcohol abuse. Mary was sixteen when her father passed.

The writing is compelling and the story, whether you like Donald Trump or not, has a magnetic pull. It’s almost a textbook about what she terms the “sociopathic” nature of Fred Trump, the patriarch of the family and Donald’s dad. President Trump had no protection from the many forms of his father’s criticism and pushback. After reading this book, I now totally understand so many things about Trump. Living the last four years of Trump-world forced me to build a giant arch out of bricks, but I couldn’t find the keystone. This book provides exactly that.

I pledge to not give away too much of the book here because I highly recommend you read it. Still, I need to offer a reasonable spoiler alert because I am about to dig a little more deeply into this book about Trump’s past. Mary’s book informs that Trump’s limited vocabulary is not the product of a concerted effort to streamline or dumb down his messages. It’s not a strategy. It’s how he talks, and it was the way Fred Sr. talked. The fact that “nasty” is Trump’s go to term to express disgust for women was his father’s trope.

Fred and Donald Trump

The President can go on TV and say that the family never liked Mary Trump and that he has had only slight interaction with her, but he also is quite aware that Mary, and her brother Fred Trump III (known as Fritz), sued the family to contest Fred Senior’s will. The two grandchildren were cut out of any benefits even though their grandfather and uncle Donald used secret payments to a shell company for years as a tax shelter. Reading the book, I saw that most of the known timelines and historical details she delivers are totally accurate. Why make up the rest?

The contents of this book deeply troubled me. After getting through its 225 pages, a cloud of depression washed over me. I knew families in the 1950s who had the same kind of grip on their children, and the familial manipulation of one of my high school friends led to his suicide. I came out of my funk when I realized how wonderful a childhood I had. This book will lead you to an understanding of why Donald wears the same suit every day, why he sits and stands the ways he does and why his signature is so bold and strange, It’s all there. Trump is a copy of his father in some ways, but also has his own personal layers of disfunction beyond the sociopath and narcistic personality disorders bestowed by his father. The byproduct of constant abuse, bullying and putdowns by his father led to Donald’s supreme defense mechanisms, an undeserved supremacy complex, frequent gloating and constant lying. Remember, this is not an armchair analysis by Mary Trump. She holds a Ph. D in clinical psychology.

After absorbing her story, I am profoundly fearful that Donald Trump’s mental instability makes him completely unfit for the office of president. Mary writes,He is as incapable of adjusting to changing circumstances as he is of becoming ‘presidential.’” Over the years, a common media myth has been Trump’s need to surround himself with people who are totally loyal. What I learned from reading this book is that it’s not loyalty Trump wants and needs. It’s obedience.

The book Too Much and Never Enough clearly explains why “Donald takes any rebuke as a challenge and doubles down on the behavior that drew fire in the first place, as if the criticism is permission to do worse.” This is what happened after the attempted drive-by impeachment earlier this year. It makes Senator Susan Collins’ comment that Trump has learned his lesson after trial to be one of the densest thoughts of all time.

Frederick Trump

The book highlighted a significant reality of the family structure. I have never been a big fan of a family’s lack of imagination when naming children. Why reuse names or fashion similar names of parents, grandparents and others in the family tree? Remember that Frederick is the writer’s German great grandfather, Fred is the grandfather and Freddie is the father of Mary L. Trump. Confused? Mary is the granddaughter of Mary Anne McLeod and the niece of Maryanne, Donald’s oldest sister. The fact that Donald Trump named his son Don, Jr. is just a continuation of this stupid scion obsession. By the way, Donald’s youngest son is named Barron because Trump used John Barron as a pseudonym when calling newspapers in New York to leak information. Because of the similar names, it’s often a struggle to keep all the stories straight when reading Mary’s book.

While she didn’t say so directly, I learned from Mary Trump’s book that Donald John Trump, the 45th President of the United States, suffers from an intellectual incapacity. Mary hints at learning disability and says that Trump paid another to take his SAT exam so he could get into the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. The book doesn’t allude to any large contributions to Penn by the Trump family, but those records have been sealed. The school is instructed to say only, “Donald Trump is an alum of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He holds an undergraduate degree in business.”

It doesn’t take a Ph. D to observe the President’s weak reading skills. When using a teleprompter during a speech, Trump mixes up words, mispronounces terms and has pitiful phrasing. His attempt to loosen things up by adding little comments often distorts the meaning of the message, or worse, makes it redundant and repetitive. Read this book and you will fully understand Mary’s claim that Donald Trump’s vindictive personality is driven by exposure to too much privilege and copious amounts of neglect. I won’t lay out her full premise here, but the fact there was no love in Trump’s family, unless it was connected to money, makes it easy to understand some of his negative behaviors.

No one is left unscathed in Mary Trump’s book, not even her own father. There are so many times I wanted to kick my Kindle when reading about how everyone did whatever Fred Trump wanted and now no one confronts the Donald, no one pushes back because Trump is just one, big, living lie. He’s carries with him the baggage of his inadequacies and requires and demands enormous amounts of adulation and praise. Mary Trump is right. He has not significantly advanced emotionally from a little, four-year-old child and he has the vocabulary of a 14-year-old boy.

Mary’s book is a total A+, and I believe you will agree with me after you read it. Donald Trump must be removed from the White House in January. He must be eradicated from the Presidency and sent back to New York to stand trial. After Mary L. Trump’s revelations, I would not be surprised to see many of his family members being investigated for tax fraud and other illegal activities. She offers no proof, but Mary Trump knows more than she wrote.

The book that tells it like it is…

Gold, God, Guns & Goofballs: If you only read one chapter of this book, try “Take a Knee for America” and think about our never-ending conflicts between minorities and the police. I’m not asking you to take a stand but having a deep and honest conversation about why some people think the way they do would be productive. This is a book for the moment which seeks to start a conservation about peace. And if you are worried about social media, you really should check out the chapter called “Social Media Menace.”

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