The Implications of the Opposite Are Stunning

Last weekend, a group whose name doesn’t matter held a rally in Washington, D.C. in support of the arrested insurrectionists of January 6th. They titled their little gathering the Justice for J6 Rally. It was said that as many as 700 people would attend, but only 200 showed up. It would be laughable if such a small crowd turned out at a Walmart in Fort Wayne, Indiana for a Black Friday sale. Of course, the media went on a feeding frenzy bashing the former President and his small band of hardcore devotees. My definition of this oxymoronic principle is that some people believe or hear the opposite of what has been said. They didn’t see the attack on the capitol as a bad thing, why?

With so many press people, political observers and well-fortified police officers on the scene last Saturday, it was difficult finding protesters who would face a TV camera, open their pieholes and make comments. Most of what they said is familiar, but as time goes on their messaging becomes more and more absurd. They are still hanging their hats on the Big Lie about the 2020 presidential election being stolen, although they are silent when it comes to those Republicans who were legitimately elected. I’m not sure why a deep-seated force that changed votes didn’t do so in those states where Trump won. Maybe it’s hard to recruit talented hackers.

One thing worried me. These people were arguing that the Capitol Hill attack on January 6 was perpetrated by people who were bused in to make Trump supporters look bad. Really? If that is the case, why then did Trump and others make speeches at their rally on that day? The first words out of the mouths of many of those arrested on January 6 were that Trump sent them to do what Mike Pence didn’t — STOP THE STEAL. Why would anti-Trump operatives go there and almost succeed at stopping the certification of Joe Biden’s election? Clearly the implication of the opposite.

There are those who speak of the January 6 events as being nothing but a peaceful protest about the election. Okay, if that is so why were so many police officers injured? What about the deaths that occurred? No court of law in the US will agree to that horseshit. More than 600 people have been arrested due to their hateful actions on that terrible day.

Donald Trump loyalists love the man, but where is their love for law, order and justice? They claim that many Black Lives Matter protestors did much worse, but they were “let go.” Problem is that simply isn’t true. People were arrested and charged with the crimes they committed, such as looting and burning during BLM protests. Perhaps those Justice for J6 folks forget that in Kenosha, Wisconsin, two protesters were killed. There were injuries to a firefighter and police officer, which caused them to be hospitalized. One individual was charged with two counts of first-degree murder while others were charged with firearms possession.

I’ll bet there’s more than one Justice for J6 person who would be surprised to learn that at least 55 people were arrested in Seattle during the May 30 riots, and that happened on just one day. The same kind of stats can be found in many cities where peaceful BLM protests turned violent and destructive.

America has a history of lionizing criminals and positively marketing their behavior. People liked and helped Bonnie and Clyde, why even the FBI website glorifies them, but let’s not forget that in the end 75 bullets were fired into their car. Many people believe people who commit acts of treason, insurrection or murder should be shot down immediately while committing their crimes. Trump did the country a huge disservice by saying, even before the election took place, that if he didn’t win the whole event was rigged.

The Great American Traitor

To go on national TV at 2:30 AM after the election and say, “We were getting ready to win this election.  Frankly, we did win this election.” Then, he added some icing on the shit cake, “This is a major fraud on our nation,” while presenting no evidence to support his assertion. It was one of the most embarrassing moments in America history. Donald Trump has done demonic damage to our democracy.

Some have reported that QAnon and other elements of the radical right told the Trump zombies not to attend the Justice for J6 Jamboree. They claimed it was a false flag event to help the government ID, track and eventually incarcerate those who attended. A false flag is a hostile or harmful action designed to look like it was perpetrated by someone other than the responsible person or group. So, are we to believe that a former Trump campaign official put this rally together not to show support for a bunch of thugs, ideologs and disloyal Americans but rather to help the government? That isn’t even a believable implication of the opposite, it’s just insane.

What Congress should really care about is the fact we have no law that can be used to charge the J6ers or others with Domestic Terrorism. I guess we never imagined that we would need such a law. Attorney General William Barr released a statement saying “the violence instigated and carried out by Antifa and other similar groups in connection with the rioting is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly” but nothing was done. Trump wanted Antifa labeled a domestic terrorist organization, while Black powerbrokers pushed for the same to be said of the KKK, but nothing was done.

We certainly have much work to do with the 649 arrested in connection with January 6th. Most will be charged with “Knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority; disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building; violent entry and disorderly conduct in a Capitol building or grounds; parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol building.” According to a quick search on the internet, “A person who commits the following acts faces up to six months’ imprisonment and a $5,000 fine: enters or remains on the floor or in the gallery of the U.S. Senate or House chambers without authorization. obstructs or impedes passage through or within the Capitol building or grounds.” Really, only six months in jail for all they did?

My wish is that as time goes on fewer and fewer people will want to put their family through the embarrassment of defending people who have broken the law. Perhaps some of the loonies will come to their senses and begin to see that all this was based on a lie by a consummate liar. It will be shocking when they slowly eradicate their confusion to see the main purpose of the game as an illusion to exploit their time and money. Sadly, some will never figure it out. They will always believe what someone else tells them. The truth becomes a lie while a lie is now the truth, and the implication of the opposite is America’s greatest curse.


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