State Republicans are Don Quixotes in Drag

One of my friends and fellow writers suggested that we need a simple Congressional resolution that states, “Joe Biden was legitimately elected President; there was no steal.” Bruce Ledewitz is right. It’s a brilliant idea because Congresspeople would then have to go on record to state their belief and some would disclose their faithless dogma. Yes, that’s oxymoronic but it’s exactly what Congress has become.

Bruce also suggested, “As for questions concerning the killing of protestor Ashli Babbitt by the Capitol police, Americans now realize how important it is to investigate all uses of lethal force by the police.” Yeah, with all this Black Lives Matter stuff going on it makes sense to figure out why a US Air Force veteran was shot, but hey, wasn’t that already investigated? According to reports in the Washington Post, “Authorities determined that there was insufficient evidence to prove Babbitt’s civil rights were violated, and that it was reasonable for the officer to believe he was firing in self-defense or in defense of members of Congress and aides who were fleeing the House chamber. Prosecutors did not identify the officer.”

Those Republicans who voted against a 9-11 style commission to investigate an insurrection now refuse to look into this attack on democracy, I guess we don’t need to know why Capitol Police used deadly force that day, but shouldn’t we learn everything that happened? Why weren’t more protesters who were breaching the wall of Congress shot to death? Sorry, I’m just asking. Why didn’t the police defend the Capitol Building?

Recently, I was at a dinner with some power Democrats in Sarasota, Florida and suggested that the state Dems ask for an audit of Florida claiming widespread fraud helped Trump win the state. One of the lawyers at the dinner said that was a great idea. Why no audit in FLORIDA? Because fraud only happens where you lose. Not a single state that Trump won has been challenged.

My friend Bruce continued, “Democrats have a hard time understanding that many of the demonstrators on January 6 were sincere in their belief that the Presidential election had been stolen. Democrats like to think the demonstrators were just a white nationalist mob,” but I protested. A group can be “sincere” in their beliefs and still be a “nationalist mob.”

We all know there would not have been a riot without star speaker Donald Trump, and there wouldn’t have been an insurrection without his urgent words. Had he simply said STAY HERE, they wouldn’t have gone to the Hill. We know that, but why isn’t something being done about what happened? Republican Kool-Aid drinking sycophants keep saying more than 500 people have been arrested and that’s all the investigation we need, but wait, who incited the riot? Why not arrest TRUMP? From the beginning I’ve said the DOJ can’t read the same laws we do and arrive at the same conclusion.

Many Republicans have an opinion that mail-in ballots are a demonic scheme to favor the Democrats over them. They claim mail-in ballots provide a “partisan advantage.”

2020 Florida Mail-In Ballot Stats

Does the research show that MAIL-IN BALLOTS favor Democrats over Republicans? Here in FLORIDA, we had 4.3M mail-in ballots, 31.1% for the GOP. We have a million voters with no party affiliation and many of them voted for TRUMP. That’s how he won.

I worked in radio research for years and can testify that by forcing a procedural, methodological or sample change does not always cause a skewing of results. Sometimes the opposite results occur. Would there be decreased Republican turnout if we made it harder for older people to vote? I am not sure the claim of “partisan advantage” should ever be written without quotes.

We don’t know if eliminating mail-in voting would give one party an advantage over the other. There are many places where mail-in voting is used exclusively, and Republicans consistently win there. Those goofy political zealots who believe mail-in ballots somehow affect voting results do so only because TRUMP SAID IT. In fact, Trump was just parroting someone who told him, “If you don’t do something about mail in voting, Republicans will never win again.” Donald John Trump believes he won the election, and if he doesn’t then he’s evil beyond comprehension.

To understand the truth behind all of this, just think of the teenager who said, “I’m not going to wear a mask, the president doesn’t.” That kid doesn’t know anything about elections, viruses or medicine; he knows only what he’s been told. Similarly, many state legislators who are concocting voodoo voting laws don’t understand how elections work. Their only “truth” is the shepherd of lies would never lead them to the slaughterhouse. Do they not fear the shearer’s blade? Do they not know mutton? Sooner or later, someone is going to ask them why they made it more difficult to vote and they will answer, “That’s not true.” At that moment, the debate will simply end. Lord Acton was right, absolute corruption is powerful stuff and absolutely they will eventually have their day in court. We can only hope the judges will see the wolf in a sheep’s cloak.



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