American Dreams, Dreamers & Democrats 

American exceptionalism is a worldwide reputation that anyone can make it here. The movies and TV shows we export around the world transmit an air of freedom and wealth attracts others, yet we are disturbed by young kids and mothers attempting to cross the US-Mexico border seeking asylum from violence, drug cartels and shoddy police protection. Must we deny them their dream?

We cannot continue to brag about how great America is and then disregard the desire of others to come to our great place. Thousands of people fly into this country every month and simply stay. US Customs should know the figure. The FAA claims that 16.4 million flights land in the US each year. According to preliminary data filed with the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the twenty airlines that carry more than 90% of passengers had 68% fewer international travelers to the US in January 2021 compared to January 2020, but we never suspended 100% of travel from any country, even in the thick of the pandemic.

Donald Trump made a huge deal about Mexicans, calling them rapists and murderers and going on and on about building a wall, which threw focus onto the families from Mexico and Central America who desire to migrate here. How can we stop people from walking to our southern border and asking for asylum? There may never be an answer that pleases everyone.

We cannot figure out what to do with the 3.6 million “Dreamers” residing in the United States, many of whom never applied for DACA or aged out the program. Approximately 653,000 Dreamers are currently protected under DACA, which is a minority of the total Dreamer population. Consider the name Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, we’re only “deferring action” not presenting a solution to the problem. We probably should introduce a fair citizenship program for the one million or so kids and adults who know no other country. They are already here, working, going to school and paying taxes. Why leave them in limbo? Imagine how you would feel if you weren’t an “official” American.

Why can’t our judges understand the depth of fear and despair of asylum seekers? What happens if we send them back to the violence, extortion and gangs ruling their homelands? If we think these folks are telling lies to get into the US, how are we supposed to feel when we learn that we sent them back to be executed by drug cartels. Do we just say shit happens? These are human beings.

It wasn’t surprising when the Biden administration closed our southern border. The idea of the President saying don’t come right now we aren’t ready, reminds me of what happened to me at McDonalds the other night. I was told they were having a problem serving food and they asked me to come back in twenty minutes, I didn’t. I just went away hungry. Some might say Biden’s “good guy” image is bringing more people to the border, but we certainly shouldn’t nail Uncle Joe to a cross because of it. No president, leader, king or even deity has been able to control the patterns of migrants.

We used to see massive bands of Africans walking thousands of miles each year to find water, food and safety for their families. We saw millions of people leave the Middle East because of ISIS and civil war in Syria. The thousands of people who sailed from Northern Africa to Italy and Greece in small boats led to deaths and draconian reactions in those countries. What should happen when a nation cannot take in more people without disadvantaging its own citizens? No one seems to have a solution other than suggesting the homelands of migrants need to be improved.

The Syrian refugee problem cannot be solved without change at the top to put in place an open, free government. Bashar al-Assad is a murdering dictator and will never step down. Mexico produces, ships and distributes illegal drugs into the US and that problem hasn’t been solved. Even taking El Chapo off the streets hasn’t brought change to Mexico and Central and South America. Without a purge of the brutal underworld surrounding illegal substances, people will continue to flee their countries.

The wall that Trump said would be the ultimate solution for the illegal immigration “problem” was merely a meritless pipe dream. This past weekend we saw young men going over that wall using wooden ladders and nylon rope. Stable genius Trump is an idiot. A wall is not impenetrable. How could anyone possibly think a wall would work? If people can’t go through it, they will go over it or under it. Why would any reasonable person believe that a man-made structure is going to keep people from their dream?

I just have to laugh when all those fake do-gooders in the Republican party say that Democrats caused the problem at the southern border. The policies of the last administration were designed to buy time. Telling people they had to wait in some other country before coming here to apply for asylum was a lie. Trump and his minions had no desire to help them, so they swept the problem under the carpeting.

Imagine that we were having an immigration problem at the northern border and white Canadian citizens were seeking asylum. Would we tell them to go to Greenland or Russia and wait for us to allow them in? No, I’m sure we would set up a program to handle the influx. People in Texas don’t want more Mexicans, which is why their governor spends tons on television advertising saying how bad things are at the border. Texas Governor Greg Abbot has never offered or even suggested a solution for his state’s problem. Some leader, huh?

There are many things we must solve in America right now. First and foremost, we must beat the Covid-19 virus and get our economy back up and running at full speed. Of course, that will make our country more attractive to those seeking a better life. We need to find a way to take in more immigrants. Let’s focus on that prize and leave the political hype and diversionary tactics in the dust. SOLVE THE PROBLEM instead of complaining about it.

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