Trump Keeps Wasting My Time

According to legend, Moses ascended and descended Mount Sinai seven times attempting to mediate, communicate and understand God’s will. During one of his mount sojourns, his temporarily leaderless followers fomented fear and melted all their gold jewelry and trinkets into a golden calf. Afraid that God had forsaken them, they wanted something they could see and touch to worship. They sent their prayers to this graven image rather than the real God.

When Moses finally returned, he was carrying two large stones with the Ten Commandments etched into them, the believers’ fundamental “truth.” The first two commandments clearly state, “You shall have no other gods before Me“ and “You shall not make idols.” Now, you might be wondering what this has to do with Donald John Trump.

Before we wander around for forty years, we need to understand who Trump is, and why his continued power over people is dangerous, damaging and demonic. Donald is the golden calf, a fake god, a craven image, a false idol whom millions of people, beyond all logic and reason, worship as their savior. His “success” flows from the fearful people who were made angry and afraid by feckless politicians seeking only power and money without regard for the common men and women.

I have two thoughts for you. First, the United States of America is never as bad as those seeking office would like us to believe. I have faith in our country, in fact, I love America and believe that as flawed as the Constitution might seem in the eyes of critics, crapshooters and con artists, it’s the best in the world. Next, Donald Trump is not the end all and be all. Remember, even the UK Queen passed away and they just slid another person into the chair.

Joe Biden is a lifelong politician and understands how the system works better than just about anyone else. Is he the best president? We’ll have to wait for the historians to write that up, but for now Biden’s keeping us from going back to Egypt to be enslaved. Remember that in 2024.

Like many of my fellow citizens, I am totally sick and tired of this Trump guy. After the smoke clears and the Department of Justice has laid all the evidence at his multiple doorsteps, it will be evident that Donald Trump is a corrupt liar with no redeemable intellect or ability to make things better.

What happened to the golden calf? Well, it wasn’t good. Moses burnt the idol in a fire, ground it to powder and then scattered the remnants over water which he forced the Israelites to drink. Surely, drinking water laced with gold was not healthy, but that was his just punishment for ignoring the truth.

In today’s world, we have Republican politicians in Congress playing the role of High Priests in the Temple telling us what to believe and who to follow. It’s as if they’re taking money for themselves and demanding we bring them animals to sacrifice. The true Judas of Democracy is Jim Jordan. His Judiciary Committee is being encouraged and manipulated by rich donors, the moneychangers outside the temple, with tentacles reaching even into the chamber of the Supreme Court.

It’s true that this is all political; everything is political. By their words and actions, fifty people in Washington, after swearing to protect and defend the Constitution, have revealed they are loyal to only one man, the obese, orange calf who will be brought before the judges.

I’d like to ask members of the 700 Club and the other evangelicals who defend Trump from their so-called holy pulpits, “What would Jesus do?” Would he keep the gold so his offspring would have some bounty after he is gone? No, that is not what God’s son would do. The reality is we have preachers, priests and pontificators defending lawlessness to create a Christian Nationalist State rather than a free and honest Republic. Be careful, folks. Their church will probably not look like the one you love.

I don’t feel sorry for Donald J. Trump. He claims to be a genius but constantly does stupid things. He can’t keep saying he is an innocent man, while lying, cheating, paying hush money to porn stars and completing all sorts of other illicit acts to keep his power and position intact.

America’s new, self-inflicted ground zero is filled with “Orange Trash.” If you want to follow the man down a black hole of mendacity and hate, go for it, but remember that will not help you on judgement day. TRUTH will judge you, not the lies of a fat and false prophet.


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Trump & Nixon: Cut from the Same Cloth

Nixon was a liar; Trump is a liar. The difference between Richard Nixon and Donald Trump is that Nixon at least had a moral code, but he ignored it when dealing with political matters. Nixon resigned when he realized how embarrassing and damaging an impeachment trial would be. Trump didn’t care if he shamed his country or himself. President Gerald Ford’s pardon of Richard “I am not a crook” Nixon not only absolved him but also eliminated any further prosecution. Ford believed that Nixon had suffered enough with being forced to resign. Many believe Trump could never suffer enough for all he’s wrought.

So, we now arrive at this document: The People of the State of New York vs. The Trump Corporation d.b.a. THE TRUMP ORGANIZATION et. al and ALLEN WEISSELBERG. You can read it here. TRUMP JULY ONE DROP It’s not pretty and, assuming it’s true, explains why Donald John Trump was so protective of his income tax returns. He was hiding lots of illegal shit.

Richard Nixon was going to be tried in Congress for: 1) obstruction of justice in attempting to impede the investigation of the Watergate break-in, protection of those responsible, and concealing the existence of other illegal activities; 2) abuse of power by using the office of the presidency on multiple occasions, dating back to the first year of his administration (1969), to unlawfully use federal agencies, such as the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as establishing a covert White House special investigative unit, to violate the constitutional rights of citizens and interfere with lawful investigations; and 3) contempt of Congress by refusing to comply with congressional subpoenas. All those charges were true and Nixon knew it, so when Barry Goldwater, one of the most powerful leaders in the Senate came to the White House to make sure Poor Richard understood that he would be convicted on all charges, Nixon took the easy way out and resigned. Nixon believed all along that whatever he did while in office could not possibly be a crime simply because he was president. It was an illusion he took to his grave.

On the other hand, Trump was impeached twice but never found guilty in the Senate. He didn’t concede the election and just flew home to Florida to continue his deep-seated delusion that he won the election. He fails to comprehend, or doesn’t want to admit, that Joe Biden got seven million more votes than he did and won the Electoral College by the same margins as he did in 2016. Not only is he a liar; Trump is a sore loser.

But let’s get back to the charges in the July 1, 2021 indictment. A casual observer might say it looks like they caught shyster Allen Weisselberg, CFO of the Trump Organization, cheating on his taxes and bilking money. Read the document carefully and fully, however, and you will see little breadcrumbs that hint this is just an opening salvo.

First, it points out clearly that the Trump Organization is obligated to report to federal, state and other local tax authorities the correct amounts of compensation provided to its employees. They didn’t do that with CFO Allen Weisselberg, which has landed the Trump Corporation in hot water. The State of New York clearly claims this was a “scheme to defraud” and they will attempt to prove that the company, owned outright by Donald Trump and his relatives, had two sets of books — one for the tax man and another apparently for themselves. A spreadsheet was found that implicates the company in the fraud. So, there you go.

The next thing that stood out to me was the “misreporting of employee compensation as non-employee compensation.” As first reported by the New York Times about nine months ago, prosecutors believe more than $26 million was paid out to “unknown people” through a shell corporation. One of the “known” people could be Ivanka Trump. The New York Times went on to report, “…evidence of this arrangement was gleaned by comparing the confidential tax records to the financial disclosures Ivanka Trump filed when she joined the White House staff in 2017. Ms. Trump reported receiving payments from a consulting company she co-owned, totaling $747,622, that exactly matched consulting fees claimed as tax deductions by the Trump Organization for hotel projects in Vancouver and Hawaii.” This is exactly how Allen Weisselberg was compensated. The Trump Organization gave him money which he held as if he was a private contractor, thus avoiding paying taxes to the tune of $1.7 million over 15 years. Weisselberg even had the audacity to move money to a Keogh account to avoid paying taxes, when only sole proprietors can use a Keogh for that purpose. Weisselberg and the other “senior managers” are employees, not owners.

CFO Allen Weisselberg

The federal government should immediately audit the tax returns of Donald Trump and his kids Don Jr., Eric and Ivanka. Steve Mnuchin, Trump’s Secretary of the Treasury, once protected Donald from financial scrutiny. It now becomes clear that the big lie was preceded by the little lie that Trump couldn’t be challenged. During the campaign and for the next four years, Trump rattled off a prepared answer about why he never released his tax return, unlike every other president for 40 years before him. His cover story was, “I’m under an IRS audit and as soon as that is done, I will release the taxes.” Under law, the IRS could neither deny nor confirm that allegation. HERE IS THE HEADLINE: No one has investigated Trump’s taxes. Had that happened, the sleight of hand would have been discovered. I believe Weisselberg is only the tip of the iceberg. Federal tax fraud charges and state insurance fraud cases will most likely be brought next. If not, then the IRS and Treasure can’t be trusted.

Let me direct your attention to this paragraph on Page 14 of the indictment, “From at least 2005 through the date of this indictment, the named defendants and others, including Unindicted Co-conspirator #1, agreed to and implemented a compensation scheme with the object of enabling Weisselberg to underreport his income to federal authorities and thereby evade taxes and falsely claim federal tax refunds to which he was not entitled. As a result of the conspirators’ actions during the period of the conspiracy, Weisselberg took approximately $94,902 from the United States Internal Revenue Service in federal tax refunds to which he was not entitled.”

This is not a hashtag people, it’s Trump in the role of Unindicted Co-conspirator #1. Should that be proven in a court of law, Donald John Trump will be charged with engaging in tax fraud along with his company to benefit Mr. Weisselberg and probably others. If the Feds don’t move on Trump’s taxes, they are either incompetent or complicit in a coverup. The next indictment will reveal who “Unindicted Co-conspirator #1” is, and then he will no longer be unindicted.

Mr. Weisselberg better pray nothing bad happens to Donald Trump, because if he’s gone from this world the CFO of the Trump Organization will lose his Plan B, turning state’s evident to save his own ass. For those who wanted this Trump guy to quickly go away, as they say in New York, “Fuhgeddaboudit!”



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