No Christmas Party for the Poor Old Donald

In 1517, a small-town monk named Martin Luther marched up to the Castle Church in Wittenberg and nailed his 95 Theses to its door, thereby lighting the flame of the Reformation — the split between the Catholic and Protestant churches. His propositions were essentially a list of grievances against the Catholic Church, which included a strong and logical position against a practice he believed to be corrupt, the sale of indulgences. When Mr. Luther refused to recant his complaints, he was branded a heretic and an outlaw. He immediately hid for fear of his life.

Martin Luther, 1517

Over the last four years, I have been nailing my complaints about Donald John Trump to the front door of the internet at www.whywait4years.com, a website I created in the hope of convincing Americans to stop this excuse for a leader. Things were going well, until I got a lifelong ban from Twitter for being, I guess, too honest and forthright. I am not at all angry with Twitter, but they can go fuck themselves. Hey, would you please hand me another nail? But wait, this isn’t about me. My goal has always been making America reasonable, sound and protected, again.

I read a post on Facebook today from a dear friend who penned an open letter to her Catholic brethren and cisterns, uh, sisters, who voted for Donald Trump. It seems that the Donald, mister prison reformer and law and order guy, has been executing someone each of his last days in office. I assured her this was not a religious issue and that a study of history will show what it’s all about.

I reminded her of all those 1940’s GERMANS who focused on visual improvements and trains running on time while keeping a down-low about all those OTHERS who mysteriously left town. The good people of that land suffered generations of guilt after their tyrannical leader was deposed by Allied Forces.

The Pope and his church looked the other way and even kept Nazi money in their bank, but Adolph Hitler was not a CATHOLIC problem. When a government allows an individual to take advantage of critical laws to gain power, and then stands down as that person warps the principles and culture of their country in a way that harms people, what surfaces is a humanity problem which is not the responsibility of an individual church.

Last night, nine loyal Americans said, “OH, NO YOU WON’T!”  In their grand way they did exactly the right thing. After saving our democracy and protecting our freedom, maybe those nine Supreme Court justices do deserve their jobs for life.

As for those 17 states and 126 Representatives who joined the attempted coup, how should they be punished? After all, their treasonous work could have overturned the will of American voters. Here’s an idea — TERM LIMITS. Do the right thing and you get to keep your job, screw up and you get to go away.

It didn’t take long for New Jersey Congressman Bill Pascrell to make the case against those who supported the Trump election lie that could have ruined our democracy. He called on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to refuse to seat the 126 Republicans who signed on to a Texas lawsuit aimed at throwing out election results in four states that backed President-elect Joe Biden. Thanks to Rolling Stone magazine for the link to the list. Pascrell tweeted, “I’m demanding that the 126 Republicans who have endorsed a malignant lawsuit to overturn the will of the people and undermine our democracy not be seated in Congress!”

In his letter to Pelosi, Pascrell cited Article 1, Section 5 of the Constitution which “gives each chamber of Congress the ultimate authority to decide their membership.” He also invoked the 14th Amendment, passed in the wake of Southern secession and the Civil War. Section 3 of that amendment forbids anyone from holding office in federal or state government who “having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any state legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any state, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.”

Where that might be a road too far, it should serve as a warning. If the Democrats were as vindictive as President Trump, or the northern state officials during the Civil War, those miscreants would be sent home. Instead, how about a bit of civility and humanity? Let’s just block them all from committee work. That’s where they wield their power and dangle it in front of their donors. Without power, they will have less money. With less money, they might fail at reelection. It would be sweet revenge without the drama.

The White House loves holiday parties. After the Supreme Court shut down the Texas Attorney General’s frivolous lawsuit last night, the rumor circulating around D.C. is the President will not be coming down to Friday’s holiday party. That seems plausible, but one never knows for sure when it comes to the Donald.

This headline in the Washington Post caught my eye, “Trump is losing Twitter followers as Biden gains nearly 2 million heading to White House” Yes, slowly but surely, people are deleting Trump from their daily diet of social media.  But even as the pain of truth being driven into Donald Trump’s ego becomes more unbearable, the fat fellow is not finished. He remains busy selling indulgences and playing the quid-pro-quo game, taking orders for pardons from those he likes and those his critics dislike. The immoral man behind the makeup is simply doing what he has always done, performing transactions that make him feel large and in charge.

Getting back to Martin Luther, the Reformation was successful and the church eventually stopped selling indulgences because everyone knew it was wrong. Why would money on earth hoist you into heaven, or give you a pass on purgatory? As we have written on this site recently (scroll down), there was no way any sane and honorable judge would have descended into the dark pit of deceit the Donald’s buddy in Texas wanted to throw at America and our democracy. It’s funny that the cult of Donald was back online last night, retweeting his lies about fraud and unpatriotically plotting their next moves. Really, people? If you don’t respect the Supreme Court, then what do you respect?

May I bring a snarky ending to this diatribe? TEXAS, look at me. You were part of MEXICO and we rescued you by trumping up a fake war. Be careful, we could sell you back to them and move that wall to Oklahoma. Remember the Alamo!

These books make great holiday presents. Something for the everyone in the family.




Trump’s Failure to Recognize Human Pain

I love America. Even with all our flaws and family fights, we are united under not so much colors and cloth, but an attitude and culture. Our assertiveness does turn off people from other countries, but when that happens, I just laugh and shake my head at someone who believes speaking loudly to a non-English speaker will make them understand.

I grew up in the sixties and there were some rather radical hippies who decided to burn the American flag in protest of the Vietnam War. I never felt comfortable with that move, but I understood the symbolism.

According to BusinessInsider.com, there’s someone else who thought it was legal to burn the stars and stripes. “The late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia stressed that flag burning is protected by the Constitution — even if he doesn’t think it should be.

In 1989, the Supreme Court handed down a decision in Texas v. Johnson, which found a man named Gregory Lee Johnson had a Constitutional right to burn the American flag during the Republican National Convention.” And I’m sure he could have done it at a Democratic National Convention, by the way.

The confusing message from Donald Trump is that the US flag is so sacred, that anyone who disrespects it, in his mind, is a turncoat. WOW! If the red, white and blue is so important to America, why is Trump protecting Confederate monuments and thus, the “stars and bars” of the flag of the Confederate States of America? That wasn’t AMERICA! Those who decided to leave the Union were “legally” traitors. Monuments, by their very nature, celebrate heroes and great leaders.

Now, I know all the rebels out there will say it’s “part of our history and heritage” and while that contains some inverted logic, you should ask yourself this question, “Would you build a monument with a slave owner standing over a black man whipping him into submission?” Of course not, but if you were wondering what the result looks like, click here. Sorry, but I wanted you to see it. That is true human pain. Remember, what happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis was worse, he died.

When President Donald Trump brags and boasts he will stand against taking down status of Confederate Generals and famous slave owners, he’s on the wrong side of history. This lack of awareness of the African American experience is shameful. His antithetical response is diabolical coming from the leader of the free world. Honestly, I don’t think he will ever understand what black people have endured and continue to experience. Perhaps we should take a vote of confidence, NOW!

It’s disingenuous for people like Attorney General William Barr to state that bias and prejudice exists in society, then declare with certainty that law enforcement is NOT systemically racist. It’s like what happened in baseball until 1947. African Americans were not allowed to play the national pastime, period. But even when Jackie Robinson took the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers, racism didn’t just go away. The man received death threats every year of his career.

Police Departments hire black men and women every day in America, but that doesn’t change the way many go after citizens of color. The one bad apple theory has denial at its core. The best question asked by one of the pundits on TV, why are we using violence against people who the police are accusing of violence? That’s like the father who says, “Stop slapping your sister!” as he is slapping the kid. Hopefully when those kids grow up, they won’t do the same.

When I wrote my book, Gold, God, Guns & Goofballs, we weren’t facing a global pandemic or a racial relations awakening, but there are some essays in the collection that examine areas and policies of American we can improve.

In the chapter titled, American Symbolic Graffiti I wrote, “We have turned our American highway system into a maniacal wall of symbolic graffiti. As you drive from Florida to New York, you will see some people displaying giant Confederate flags. Those jerks are in some confederate mental retardation phase and I wish they would save us all from their racist-driven need to celebrate that dark part of our history. If you want to be clear and honest, why not wave a large flag that says, “BRING BACK SLAVERY!” Sorry, is it too soon?

The “Star and Bars” those folks want to wave is anti-American. They may argue it’s their right, and I can’t make them take it down, but I would like to challenge their little pea brains. Don’t you realize that symbol makes 7,144,530 people or, 12.1%, or more of the US population, feel very uncomfortable? Why would you spend that much money to make people feel awful in their own country? What if someone put up a flag saying, ALL WHITE PEOPLE GO BACK TO EUROPE! How would you feel?”

Brandon, Florida

This matter will not be solved by one blog from one American. I do understand what “white privilege” means and over my 71 years on the planet, I’ve seen some bad moments and heard some terrible words spoken. I was born in the north, but I’ve spent almost half my life in the south — Virginia, Georgia and Florida. When I moved to Florida three years ago and drove down US I75 through a town called Brandon, I saw a giant Confederate flag on the side of the highway. I am sure it’s on someone’s private property, but it’s a disgrace to the town of Brandon and our country.

Here is my message to the citizens of this great country, RESPECT THE FLAG! And the first thing you can do to respect the stars and stripes of the United States of America is to take down all the graven and craven images of the past. It’s not your “heritage and history” as much as disrespect for all those who died protecting this country. Yes, you are showing contempt for the 360,222 men and one brave REPUBLICAN President who lost their lives keeping America, well, American!

I’ve never really understood NASCAR as a sport, but I am extremely proud of the organization and especially driver Bubba Wallace. He stood up and was counted with the millions of Americans who believe we should stop celebrating hate, racism and division. NASCAR banned the display of the Confederate flag, WOW! That is change!

The strange thing about Bubba, my new favorite driver, is that I never knew he was African American. I guess I just assumed that a man wearing a NASCAR uniform would not be black. My bad. I guess we all have a lot to learn. God bless America.

If you read this book, you can see why all this happened to us.

The book that tells it like it is…

Gold, God, Guns & Goofballs If you only read one chapter of this book, it’s called, Take a Knee for America and thought about this never-ending conflict between minorities and the police. It’s not really taking a stand I’m asking you to do, but having a real frank conversation about why some people think they way they do would be productive right now. It’s a book for the moment and starts the conservation of peace. And if you are worried about social media, check out the chapter called Social Media Menace.

Get the Kindle Version HERE. Or order your paperback edition HERE.


Trump Goes Dark and Dim

As the moon moves in front of the sun, the president is feeling the heat of his own party. Many loyal red-blooded Americans can’t understand why Trump will not condemn Neo-Nazis, White Nationalists and the KKK. He seems to have the same problem with Russia. Is Trump really a typical American?

The debate about confederate memorabilia around these lands was started by those who want to clear the air. When a young boy looks up at a big statue of a soldier, he automatically thinks that person must have been a hero. The meaning of the word confederate is a person who works with others, especially in something secret or illegal. A confederate is an accomplice, while a hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. You know, like a war hero.

The statues exist to celebrate the values behind the war by the KKK in the 1920s, not something that would have been appropriate right after the Civil War. Imagine if someone suggested we put up statues for Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. They were convicted spies. The people we are protecting under the guise of history and culture were traitors to the United States of America.

The only reason all those “great” Confederate leaders weren’t executed is because the people who signed the peace treaty wanted to heal America. Let’s put it in perspective. If ten of our current generals commanded a division of US forces to attack America, those officers would be charged with treason. If convicted, they would be executed. Surely, we wouldn’t build a statue to honor the guy who killed our soldiers at Fort Hood. No, of course not. Ironically, Fort Hood was named after Confederate General John Bell Hood.

After the civil war ended in 1865, the clear and calm minds in the US government decided to get beyond, as it’s called in the south, “our recent unpleasantness” rather than pouring salt in the wound. Today, we are tearing off the bandage. For what? It might not seem important to President Trump, but 620,000 people died in our Civil War, so it’s a little more than an argument over moonshine.

We aren’t going to spend tons of money today to remove the carvings from Stone Mountain in Georgia and Mount Rushmore is not going to be altered, but no one can defend Robert E. Lee by carrying a Nazi flag. That makes no sense. When you carry a Nazi flag, you are saying you believe that Jews should be killed. Really? Where is our great orange leader’s defense of the First Amendment? Oh, he probably hasn’t read that lately, if ever.

The Alt-right can carry the “stars and bars” (Confederate flag) and parade around claiming that they are defending white people from the diversification of America, but that would make them foolish, or as Steve Bannon declared, “A collection of clowns.”

I may sound a little “Yankee” here, but when I see the stars and bars flag on a truck, I think, “There goes another redneck.” And what makes a redneck bad? Nothing really, but behind the flag is, at least, a small symbol of racism. It instills fear in some African-Americans and presents a distorted view of the war between the states. The U.S. flag doesn’t instill fear, it instills pride. Big difference.

Abraham Lincoln freed more than three million people from the chains of slavery. Trump cannot change history. The Civil War was fought over SLAVERY. You cannot purify the southern cause of the war by leaving the statues up.

We rightfully celebrate Lincoln, but we should also remember he was assassinated by someone who thought the same way as many of those people marching in our streets to protect those statues today. Is that Donald Trump and the Alt-right want to be associated with? An assassin?

The radical right might be saying, hey, I don’t want to kill anyone, I just want this beautiful statue to remain in my park because I want to protect my “history and culture.” But what you are truly saying is you want to celebrate Southern trader soldiers to protect “white” peoples culture.

Yes, it was more than “recent unpleasantness.” This bigotry elected Donald Trump and we see it at work as he attempts to exploit the terrible events in Charlottesville, Virginia to his advantage. Hopefully my grandchildren won’t have to march in the streets to get Donald Trump statues torn down. We don’t see that many Richard Nixon statues, do we?

Not all people who live in the southern states carry ethnic hate, but Donald Trump fails to understand that his language carries weight and hurts people’s feelings. He has no soul or empathy with matters of political correctness or human suffering. He has just equated himself with the KKK and Neo-Nazis, does he realize that?

If you treated people with respect, you would see that your confederate flag-waving is a little wink-wink for the White Nationalists. If you want to protect your heritage and culture, erect a statue of a large pig on a spit with a bowl of grits and leave racist politics out of it. And if you are making grits, would you please add cheese? I prefer a little color in mine.