The Curse of Always Being Right

Some men are driven hard by two different heads. One is logical and kind while the other will do anything he can to get what he wants.

I’m sure you know that the Attorney General of the State of New York, Letitia James, held a press conference to announce that her investigation of Governor Andrew Cuomo is now complete. The findings are serious, saying that the governor sexually harassed at least eleven women and also retaliated against a former employee who complained publicly about his conduct. So, no arrest? When a state’s attorney general holds a press conference to announce that someone committed a crime, they often give a lowdown on an arrest. What gives?

Letitia James

Within minutes of the press conference, Governor Cuomo released a recorded response to the report. Framed by a soft lens, muted lighting and wearing no expression, Cuomo declared, “I never touched anyone inappropriately.” So, now the party begins. Here’s another man who denies the accounts of more than a hundred witnesses, including a New York State cop, and claims he has just been misinterpreted. Cuomo must not be a very good lawyer, because the explanation of his interaction with one accuser gives the prosecution an example of his use of power to further harass an accuser.

There’s an interesting pecking order in this country. We elect hometown do-gooders to be our mayors and county commissioners. They establish themselves, and sometimes go on to serve in state senates and assemblies. Then, if bitten hard by the power bug, they advance to running for governor. As you know, there is no testing or formal qualifications for that job. We have had cases where a convicted criminal still serving jail time has been elected to public office. I have no idea why there isn’t a law against that.

In old-school street talk, Andrew Cuomo is “lucky sperm” or a “made-man,” the offspring of a famous leader getting weaned on politics and power from the very beginning of his life. Mario Cuomo, Andrew’s very famous and powerful father, served as New York’s Governor for twelve years, which gave his son an opportunity to jump into New York and Democratic politics with both feet. Andrew, who is one of five siblings and the firstborn male, was destined to become New York’s Governor from birth, and now he’s there and in hot water. Today’s big topic is whether Andrew Cuomo will resign after the release of some very damaging information. But before we get to that question, let me tell you a story.

For a while in the early 2000s, I dabbled with Democratic politics in the small town of White Plains, New York. Because of my background in marketing, some of the candidates asked for my help with their video ads, positioning statements and political strategies. While working with one candidate for mayor, I realized some contenders didn’t have the intellectual depth to grasp the power of my recommendations. I became disillusioned with local politics and eventually worked only with those whom I thoroughly vetted. I didn’t consult Adam Bradley, who campaigned to become the Mayor of White Plains and won the election. I was never much impressed with him, but the people spoke and he became the first Democratic mayor in decades.

One evening shortly after he took office, I looked out the window of my sixth-floor apartment and saw the glaring lights of half a dozen TV satellite trucks on my street. I turned on the news, and there was the same scene I was watching out my window. The Fox newscaster had a glimmer in her eye as she announced that the Democratic Mayor of White Plains was charged in City Court with assault in the 3rd degree, a class A misdemeanor. Adam Bradley’s wife, Fumiko, filed a domestic violence complaint against her husband, alleging that he grabbed her left arm, placed it on a door frame and slammed the door on her hand. Bradley acknowledged that he and his wife had problems but denied that he assaulted her.

Soon after, the local Democratic Party held a giant “come-to-Jesus” meeting, where the mayor presented his argument for staying in office. It was embarrassing, with the mayor proclaiming that he would not resign unless he was told to do so by the governor. So, Governor Andrew Cuomo called the embattled mayor and said, “It’s time.” The disgraced mayor then resigned and another council person was put in his place.

Andrew Cuomo

You see, there is always a higher power. When asked the other day, President Joe Biden said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo should resign. It’s the same kind of judgement Cuomo faced years ago in the White Plains matter, and he made that decision before any legal findings in the former mayor’s battery case. There are times we shouldn’t wait for a judge or jury to decide. The people don’t need liars in office. Haven’t we learned that lesson over the last four years?

There is an important footnote in the Mayor Adam Bradley case. In 2013, a six-person jury found Adam Bradley not guilty of all his criminal charges, three counts of harassment, one of attempted assault and one of criminal contempt. He probably wouldn’t have done a good job being mayor while having to spend hours of his time defending himself, but that doesn’t mean a snap to judgement is always right.

Andrew Cuomo’s lying about these eleven women and using his power to discharge their accusations indicates his ego is more important to him than doing what’s right for his state. The donut ladies at the PTA didn’t handle the investigation, it was conducted by the Attorney General and lawyers from his own administration. If Andrew Cuomo doesn’t believe them, then who does he believe?


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Imagine if everyone told the truth

I’ve always reacted strangely to the term “family values.” Maybe it’s because of the Soprano family. If you said the wrong thing there, you might end up sleeping with the fish. Could it be because of the Mansion family? If you didn’t kill as directed, you would be shunned by the group and banned from having sex with the cult leader. As for Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York State, the case against him is raw and unseemly.

The Cuomo Family 1977

Let’s start with some basics. Andrew is the middle child of three who Mario and Matilda Cuomo brought into this world. Mario was the Governor of New York for eleven years. His father, Andrea Cuomo, was from Nocera Inferiore, Campania, Italy and his mother, Immacolata (née Giordano) was from Tramonti, Campania, Italy. Andrew’s grandparents ran a grocery store in South Jamaica, Queens.

This story is legend. Mario, the current governor’s father, played baseball in college and was signed by the Pittsburgh Pirates for $2,000. Cuomo played center field in the minor leagues and he had a .244 batting average. He was struck in the back of the head by a pitch, there were no helmets back then, and was hospitalized for six days. Mario left baseball, went back to school and became a lawyer. The rest, as they say, is history.

Andrew Cuomo followed in his father’s footsteps. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Fordham University in 1979 and a Juris Doctor degree from Albany Law School in 1982. He was paid one dollar a day while working for his father in Albany. Andrew was known as the “enforcer.” It was said that his father played the “good cop” and he played the “bad cop.”

Margaret, Andrew’s older sister is a board-certified radiologist who specializes in body imaging, involving CT, ultrasound, MRI, and interventional procedures. Much of her work has been dedicated to the diagnosis of cancer and AIDS and she is the author of the book, A World Without Cancer: The Making of a New World and the Real Promise of Prevention, which certainly speaks to her mission in life.

Andrew’s little brother is Christopher and he also has a legal background, having earned his undergraduate degree at Yale and his J.D. at Fordham. You know him as Chris Cuomo, the better-looking brother and nightly news anchor on CNN.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo

Cuomo family members are overachievers and, until the death of Mario on January 1, 2015, the family was a typical tightknit Italian group overseen by the patriarch. Mario died just a few hours after seeing his son sworn in as Governor, which in New York takes place on the first day of the year.

Now, there’s a major story about Andrew being accused of some terrible conduct. His years in politics and being the Governor of New York certainly have painted a giant target on his back, but his own behavior may also be in play. There was the appointee donations controversy, during which Cuomo collected $890,000 from 24 of his appointees, as well as $1.3 million from their spouses, children and businesses. Some donations were made to Cuomo just days after the donor was appointed. Cuomo disbanded the very ethics commission that was to investigate him. Then there was the Hurricane Sandy controversary, where it’s alleged that the Cuomo administration used $140 million, including $40 million of federal disaster relief funds, to buy national TV ads pitching new business investment to New York State. There’s also political corruption. In 2016, Joseph Percoco, a close friend and righthand man to Cuomo, was indicted as part of a bribery investigation, The Governor was not charged in that matter, but it’s easy to see that Andrew Cuomo is not a stranger to controversy.

After being the calming voice of reason and handing out strong advice daily on COVID-19, Cuomo made a colossal mistake. On March 25, 2020, he and the New York State Department of Health issued a directive requiring nursing homes to admit COVID-19 patients. This order was revoked on May 10, 2020, after widespread criticism from medical experts who claimed as many as 4,500 COVID-19 infected patients had been sent to nursing homes in New York State and over 6,000 nursing home residents had died of COVID. What is now known is Cuomo ordered the mislabeling of COVID deaths so he wouldn’t have to endure any sharp criticism from former President Donald Trump. Bully avoids bully.

That, however, was a single shoe. The other one dropped on December 13, 2020, when Lindsey Boylan, a former aide to Cuomo alleged, “[the Governor] sexually harassed me for years. Many saw it and watched.” Boylan further alleged that Cuomo “exists without ethics,” and “takes advantage of people, including me,” and she added that he ran a “toxic team environment.” Well, that was one person’s opinion, but it didn’t take long before other women, both in and out of government, came forward with their own sordid stories.

As of this writing, there are seven accusers. The firestorm ignited a rage against Cuomo that motivated the two US Senators of New York, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, to issue a joint statement demanding that Andrew resign as governor.

Through a weird concoction of words, Cuomo is refusing to resign and has taken the right-wing slogan “cancel culture” as a shield to protect him from his accusers. WTF? Yes, seven women are not on par with Harvey Weinstein’s accusers, but it’s disturbing when there’s even a suspicion of a public figure exhibiting such overt, aggressive behavior to women. It’s not like he paid a porn star and Playboy bunny to shut up about affairs. He wasn’t accused of pinning someone up against a wall in the dressing room of a well-known store and having his way with her. I mean, who would do that? In the Cuomo matter, however, the people of New York deserve the truth.

Just once, I would appreciate a direct and honest statement, something like, “Okay, you got me. I was raised to be a good Catholic, and I go to confession, but let me confess to you, the American public. I am a regressive, old-fashioned male chauvinist pig. Yes, I assumed the women would just let me do whatever I wanted, after all, I am a powerful man who thinks he’s a good-looking guy. Okay, not that good looking, but better looking than my dad. I figured if I just went for it, they would melt like chocolate in my hands and put out for me. I wasn’t hitting on dogs, those chicks were hot! What would Frank have done? Sinatra, Sei scemo!”

I can imagine the reporters writing as fast as they can while raising their hands, but he cuts them off, “Yeah, I lied. That’s what you do when you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar, or anywhere else. Hey, it’s obvious that these women are just out to get me. They don’t know what they’ve been missing. Let me be perfectly clear, I did not have sex with that … oh, wait, that line’s already been used. I never ever touched anyone inappropriately or harassed anyone. Yes, there’s a fucking picture of me doing that but, seriously, I am all powerful and I get to decide what sexual harassment is, and what corruption is, and I was born to be the governor. Do you know who I am? I am not going to leave, and you can all go ‘Vai a cacare!’”

Here’s one more point from me, your writer. I get the point about “due process,” but what exactly will an investigation show us? Will it codify and legalize the statements of each woman? Of course, it will be on the record, under oath and all that, but is it necessary? Why would any woman go public and make a statement that she was touched or harassed and then change it under oath? Why would she put herself through so much grief and embarrassment; just to stick it to the man?

What would the final report of the investigators say? “Yes, Mr. Cuomo engaged in inappropriate behavior, but didn’t break any laws.” Of course, it’s not against any law in the USA to be an asshole, but a commission cannot fire a governor. They just tell us what we already know. What if the opposite happens? Say that the investigative body reports they didn’t find the accusations credible. Well, it would be the same as has been seen in thousands of American courtrooms throughout our history. An official body of the government would say, “The women were lying.”

Why do we need an investigation? It’s not “cancel culture,” it’s bringing down a vulture. He’s probably always been in search of meat (love), but this time CUOMO is the MEAT. The lust he was after is not the lust of the mob, who want to pull him out of office and onto the thruway. He’s going to get impeached and convicted of being himself, just another privileged politician who failed to realize one simple rule: Don’t eat where you work. Unless he gets hit in the back of the head with a baseball, he will never change. I feel sorry for his mother, Matilda. And to think some people wanted to change out Biden for Cuomo. Sleepy Joe is exactly who we need now.

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