His Departure Will Make Us Stronger & Greater Again

President Donald Dumbass forgot that he needed to win an election to stay in office. He didn’t believe he would triumph in 2016, so he never bothered to write a victory speech. Then for the next four years he adlibbed and lied his way through the most important job in the world. On the eve of the 2020 election, Trump really believed he would win. In fact, he said he would lose only if the election was rigged.

This stratagem, however, did not eliminate Trump’s need to gain the greatest number of votes, and that didn’t happen despite his lies to the contrary. There is something to be said about liars in America. Consider one of the greatest con artists in the history of the United States. He was so good at what he did that we gave his name to the concept of his scheme, Ponzi.

Charles Ponzi

Charles Ponzi lived in Boston, Massachusetts in the early 1900s. The scam he developed was based on one lie that he exploited for years. He claimed he was buying US Postal stamps for a lower price in one country that had a devalued currency and then selling them here in the USA for a higher price. The people who were swindled never saw the stamps; they simply believed. Ponzi fooled them into thinking he was doing masterful work and convinced them their money would double in a short time.

Ponzi bilked people out of substantial amounts of money, their life savings in some cases, then used those investments to pay off earlier investors. Had anyone done the math they would have understood the impossibility of his high-volume stamp purchases in Europe keeping ahead of the quickly fluctuating currency rates. While he may actually have made money for a while, the scheme was not sustainable.

Ponzi eventually was charged in the US with mail fraud. He served more than twenty years in jail, until he was deported. He died in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1949. To put Mr. Ponzi’s dirty deeds in perspective, Bernie Madoff’s 2008 schemes cost his investors more than 53 times as much as Ponzi swindled from his believers.

Donald Trump either did or didn’t do many things during his term in office that must now be examined and reformed to improve and stabilize our government and the presidency. Let’s take a look.

First is the issue of transparency. In a story released over the weekend, we learned about Trump’s administration hiding information, destroying files and blocking Inspectors General from doing their jobs. American Oversight announced their document preservation initiative to ensure the Trump administration complies with federal public record laws. They’ve previously obtained more than 800,000 pages of documents from the Trump administration through public records requests and lawsuits, and they are prepared to litigate under the Freedom of Information Act and the Federal Records Act to ensure that outgoing Trump administration officials do not remove or destroy documents. The fix was in from the very beginning as administration workers moved various electronic files to super secure servers to hide Trump’s activities. Assuming those electronic assets haven’t been deleted, President Biden can and should declassify them.

Secretary of the Treasury, Mnuchin

Just as I was putting the final touches on this post, this story appeared in the Washington Post, “The Trump administration bailed out prominent anti-vaccine groups during a pandemic. Five groups got more than $850,000 in PPP loans to help small businesses through the pandemic.” These recipients are the very people who are trying to convince people not to take a vaccine while the US Government is spending billions on inoculations to end a pandemic. Let’s find out how these decisions came about and revamp the process accordingly. Stephen Mnuchin, Secretary of the Treasury, was supposed to insure this didn’t happen.

We need to take a good, long, hard look at presidential pardons. Should their absolute power be retained going forward? Debtors’ prisons never existed in America because of the way Great Britain abused them throughout their history to incarcerate innocent people. It’s now clear that we must maintain a certain level of punishment for those who have wronged society. A president should not be allowed to award a pardon to any government official found guilty of heinous or corrupt activities while in office. This will take a Constitutional amendment.

The idea that Trump could appoint a political operative to the position of head lawyer for the NSA right before he leaves office is an outrageous overreach and violates the intent of the appointment system. Can a new president fire the person in such a position? It appears that Trump’s actions are intended to handcuff President-Elect Biden as he assumes office. Why should such behavior be tolerated? The House, Senate and White House will soon be in the hands of Democrats. Hopefully, they will eliminate bad policies and executive orders and replace bad federal agents with qualified appointees so we can get our country moving in the right direction.

I would love to see Congress pass a resolution that says nothing Trump did while in office sets a precedent. He did so very little that was authentically worthwhile that ignoring everything would not be a big mistake. We also need to tear up those agreements and treaties he signed that are not keeping America safe.

Here’s a great story from Bloomberg News showing how we lost Trump’s Trade War with China. Read it for yourself. Trump’s maneuvers to lower the trade deficit didn’t work. The deficit was actually higher than it was in 2016. Worse yet, China’s retaliatory tariffs on our goods saddled average Americans with higher prices and damaged the profits of our farmers and manufacturers. And what about Trump’s bragging that he demanded that China buy more of our goods? Well, about half of his $172 billion goal was not realized during his term in office. Maybe it’s time for Congress to scrutinize all of Trump’s treaties and give the people a say in these issues, just like states have referendums.

We should not have to adhere to anything Trump said or did while he was in office. We need to open all the files, study his conversations and see his tax returns to know exactly how he governed. Without a full understanding of what he did, there will be no way of stopping such bad things from ever happening again. We need to understand Trump’s corrupt behavior and learn from it so we can devise proper governance guidelines for our future. Then we need to make sure Donald John Trump goes to jail.

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