A classless society is beyond reach

One lesson in the teachings of a holy man two-thousand years ago truly stuck. Here it is, “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them” (Matthew 7:12). You can call it the “golden rule” or you can call it the overarching philosophy of Christianity, but I call it freedom to pursue happiness, peace and self-esteem.

Let me place this in a modern perspective. I would never tell the Governor of Florida what he can or cannot do in his bedroom, and I certainly don’t want him to restrict my actions or freedom of speech based on his personal dogma, but that’s exactly what he does. As an older, retired person who is financially comfortable, this is more philosophical than a face-to-face fight, but for many poor or disadvantaged people this is the large boot on the neck that Justice Ginsberg talked about, a metaphor for control through laws and proclamation.

Let’s consider this first bit of reality, Roe vs. Wade. You can talk about what is or isn’t moral or what was decided rightly or wrongly, but by eliminating convenient and legal family planning you are pushing poor people of all color back into a box of arrested development. When a woman cares for one or more children, she necessarily must give up other things. If the child is unwanted because of rape, incest or a dominate male who was more interested in sex than support, she will likely enter the unending circle of multiple jobs, lack of money, and in some cases, lack of supervision of those she brought into the world. How can any sane democracy allow their government to dictate such a personal decision? When the laws of the land impose a ceiling on economic and upward mobility, it’s simply war on the poor.

We would rather shovel up the sleeping homeless and dump them in a camp outside of town than confront the problem of how they got there in the first place. It’s totally amazing to me that in the richest country in the world we have many families without food, and what some experts believe is close to half a million homeless people. How can we let this happen and still claim to be a moral nation? The reality that we throw out 80% of the food grown or processed, is unforgiveable.

Now, there is another virus going through the land based on the stupid concept that college is too expensive and not necessary to be successful, but I find it annoying that people put down education. Oh, I get it, some neo-conservative and libertarians claim college educators with tenure are there to groom our precious offspring and lure them into a liberal, bullshit-laden, cancel-culture American cult, but I thought going to college made one smarter.

People with college educations live better and vote differently than those who wander around the capitalistic bullfight ring trying to spear a high-paying job. Sometimes they get “replaced” by more educated and smarter people, then they walk around with a chip on their shoulder labeled “disenfranchised.” College is hard, and the discipline to get to the promised land comes with a judgement of who you are compared with others your age. When you get booted out for goofing off, that’s on you. If you leave early because you have a huge business dream, like Mark Zuckerberg, you might find yourself not driving a plush car when the marketplace rejects your idea. Hey, college is a fantastic way to find out what you might have in the brain of yours.

The real driver here is the cost of education. There is a general resentment that after you did the work you must constantly excel to pay off the debt. Bill Maher, who tells jokes and has stood out in his craft, berates college because of what they have become not what they offer. A person highly gifted in a certain discipline, software coding for example, can go places without an education, but working in an advanced science like nuclear engineering requires a college education.

But let’s get back to the war on the poor. We know that minorities and less advantaged people in America have a harder time qualifying, staying in and graduating from school. Of course, highly valued student athletes don’t need a piece of paper because of their gift, but the number of those lucky ones is so small we shouldn’t even consider their stories. The focus should be placed on the people who spent their whole life training, working and exercising but didn’t make a professional league. They may have enjoyed sixteen exciting Saturdays in their college life, but then… nothing. And the question arises, what are they qualified to do? There aren’t that many professional sports organizations in other countries to take all these former college “stars.”

Conservatives rail against socialism but liberals don’t have an answer, a plan or the will to pass Bernie Sanders’ proposal of free college for everyone. Okay, but Bernie, college is not for everyone. Its very nature limits access to those who qualify, but then, many desks, dormitory rooms and books are held by those so-called “legacies,” the offspring of the parents and grandparents who attended the same school. It’s a hierarchy that defies logic, but those older family members produce large endowments and cash flow and we look the other way when a C-student takes the place of an A-minority with no athletic prowess. And so, the beat goes on.

Attending college will neither lower crime nor produce an idyllic, equal and happy society, but it will make people smarter. Sadly, the lower percentage of college students these days will likely bring us more Marjorie Taylor Greenes. By the way, she attended a university and look what happened. She has a business degree from the University of Georgia, a great school, that produced a total idiot. How did she even graduate?

The poor are being pressed to the sidewalks of America by a new class of bigots, fools and racists. Those who fight against affordable housing are waging war with the poor. Those who want a total ban on abortion are declaring war on women, particularly poor women. And those who put down college education, are myopic misfits. Why the war on science, education and the poor? We quoted Jesus to start this post, and it’s clear that many Republicans in Congress don’t give a shit about poor people; or even obeying the “golden rule.” And I’ll go so far to say they are the money changers. They are changing your money into big houses they give to their children.









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Big Fat Loudmouth, Loser and Liar

We live in what must be the most attention deficient country in the world. One moment, my phone is blowing up with news about the raid on Donald Trump’s broke-dick mansion in Florida, and the next all those alerts are replaced by notifications that Serena Williams plans to retire. Okay, suddenly that has become more important.

I chuckled last night when I heard the news that Mar-a-Lago was under “siege” by members of the FBI, who spent hours at the former President’s residence confiscating what are probably government-owned documents. Of course, I was not at all surprised by the outcries of Republicans and right-wing lunatics. They turned on the Capitol Police and now they’ve turned on the FBI. Why? Because they somehow believe they are perpetrating a political action brought on by the “deep state.”

If you are wondering about the reason for the pre-dawn raid I’ll start at the beginning, but full disclosure first. Yes, I am one of those people who never liked the Donald when I lived in New York, hated his TV show and became depressed when he was elected President. I didn’t think Hillary Clinton was special, it’s just that I knew Trump would never take his presidency seriously. Throughout his life he has lied about everything, and I never want a liar to be my president. That is why I wrote and published this book two-hundred days into his first, and hopefully only, term.

First, why did the search take place so early? Well, that’s simply what the FBI does. Their raids and search warrant executions always take place early in the day. Next, why so many agents? Well, the more agents the faster it goes, and the procedure is then less onerous. Then there’s that word “raid.” Make no mistake, it was a true FBI raid and those who oppose use of that word are pedantic losers. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is part of the Department of Justice, and they always operate politely when executing a search warrant, unless they fear violence, death or harm to the public, in which case they break and enter with guns at the ready.

Yes, there was a search warrant, and if the lug-nuts over at Fox “News” would have taken the time to file a freedom of information act request they would have gotten a copy. A credible and respectable news outlet would have researched and revealed why the FBI was executing a search at a former president’s home. The fact that the home is also a private club probably complicated the issue, but still, no one is above the law.

Yes, the raid took place when Trump was away, but there’s nothing conspiratorial about that. Donald was in New York for a deposition by the state’s attorney general concerning possible state and federal tax violations. The FBI and Secret Service coordinated the raid; they both knew when and how it would go down.

Are you wondering what Trump did to deserve a search warrant? Well, the 45th President removed government owned documents from the White House and brought them into his home in violation of  The Presidential Records Act of 1978. The National Archives and Records Administration requested that Trump return all records and he didn’t, so the government had every right retrieve them. Should Donald be convicted of this crime he will never be able to run for Federal office again, no matter how popular he might be with the MAGA-heads. Of course, the jury is still out about the kind of brains in those heads.

I suppose the National Archives told the DOJ that Trump didn’t comply with their request and thus came this very public raid, which could lead to an indictment and arrest. If they find stolen materials in Trump’s possession, and he claims he didn’t know, that won’t fly with a federal judge who would most likely issue an arrest warrant.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if such a petty crime would finally bring down Teflon Don? Here’s this loudmouth, loser and liar of a man busted for shoplifting. It’s not surprising he might get caught up in a technical issue rather than a seriously smoking gun with his fingerprints all over it. He’s the complete idiot I have always known him to be.

Donald J. Trump’s ego and narcissism are so powerful he cannot believe any person or institution has the right to control him. He will continue to claim the 2020 election was rigged because his fragile ego will not allow him to think he lost , and his followers feel the same. Well, get it through your thick heads; he got fewer votes than the other guy. It’s over, and a true political leader would have long ago conceded and moved on. Trump can’t, however, because he’s addicted to the cheers and love he didn’t get as a child.

I, like many Americans, don’t need to see him behind bars, although that would be a righteous outcome in so many ways. I am sure Joe Biden would never pardon him, but the next Republican president probably would. A proper compromise would be banning Donald Trump from ever again running for federal office. I am not willing to allow his mental deficiencies to ruin the country I love.

It’s time for Trump’s sycophants to stop whining about this raid. Sure, have your hearings and confront law enforcement in Congress, but just remember to keep your nose clean, because if you break the law you can expect to be investigated. That is what the term Law and Order means. Got it?










The Way Justice Works

You might be wondering what Grigori Rasputin, Jeffrey Epstein and Matt Gaetz have to do with each other. First, notice I didn’t call them gentlemen. Each of these three had or have a perverted and socially unacceptable viewpoint about women.

Let’s start with a look into Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin. This chap was a peasant from Siberia who gained power through his convincing fraud of healing the imperial couple’s only son Alexei, who suffered from hemophilia. He was a divisive figure at the court of Emperor Nicholas and Empress Alexandra after being endorsed by some leaders in the Russian Orthodox Church. Although Rasputin held no position in the church, he was touted by many as a mystic, visionary and prophet, but he was nothing but a charlatan.

The Empress believed Rasputin helped Alexei and rumors swirled that he had seduced not only her but also the four grand duchesses. Eventually the truth behind Rasputin’s power over the Czar and his wife led to the belief that he was harmful to the empire and nothing but a “false prophet.” Some deeply religious types labeled him as the “Antichrist.” In 1916, they all killed him.

Rasputin, Far Right

Okay, let’s discuss Jeffrey Epstein; a guy you probably know about. He was a self-made financier and conned many smart and powerful men who elevated him in the world of investment banking. He convinced powerful politicians, attorneys and royalty that he was a legitimate businessperson who could make them loads of money. Two notable examples are  A.G. William Barr’s father and the men who ran Bear Stearns. Epstein was fired from Bear Stearns, and, to this day many cannot  figure out how Jeffrey attained his wealth. Maybe his “hobby” provided a way to influence and control powerful people. Epstein was into sex trafficking and, like a drug addict who gets into the business of drug sales to satisfy his own addiction, Jeffrey’s control of underage girls was part of his plan. He sampled the goods, gave some of the stock to his friends and targets and used evidence of the escapades to increase his personal cash flow.

After buying his way out of trouble several times, Epstein was finally nailed to the cross by Julie K. Brown, a tenacious investigative reporter for the Miami Herald newspaper. Her reporting disclosed Epstein was given an unbelievable deal while exposing the corruption of R. Alexander Acosta, the federal prosecutor in Florida who brokered the deal for Epstein. When the story broke, Acosta was Trump’s Secretary of Labor and forced to resign. Coming back from one of his many offshore love nests, Federal Marshalls arrested Epstein and incarcerated him without bail in a New York prison. After an alleged attempt on his own life, Epstein was found dead in his jail cell. Suspiciously, that night the security cameras were turned off and the guards on duty claimed to have fallen asleep and missed their rounds. Experts have doubts whether Epstein committed suicide and many facts raise the specter of murder. There are powerful people who would have wanted him silenced.

Yes, I hear you saying those are really horrendous things, but how can Matthew Louis Gaetz II, US Representative for the First District of Florida, be compared to Rasputin or Epstein? Let me help you with that.

It would be easy to state Gaetz’ undying love of Donald Trump is somehow at the root of things, but he shares that flaw with many in Congress. His father, who was the most powerful Republican in Florida for years, is also named Donald. Perhaps Trump is a surrogate father, but let’s move on. Trump isn’t relevant here.

In December of 2017, Gaetz was the only representative to vote against the Combating Human Trafficking in Commercial Vehicles Act, a bill allocating additional government resources to help combat human trafficking. The United Nations defines human trafficking as “The recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons for the purpose of exploitation.” Gaetz tried to justify that his vote against this was driven by his “small government principles,” but something else soon surfaced that made his vote disingenuous.

Chuckie & Matt

In January of 2020, the US Secret Service received a tip that, in April 2018, five months after his vote, Gaetz along with his friend Joel Greenberg, the Seminole County tax collector, were allegedly involved in producing fake IDs. Greenberg was indicted in August 2020 on an array of charges, including sex trafficking a seventeen-year-old girl in 2017 and creating fake IDs to facilitate other sex trafficking exploits. Remember what Gaetz voted against?

Federal officials next investigated some of Gaetz’ related activities. In late 2020, the Justice Department opened an investigation into Gaetz for allegedly sex trafficking the same seventeen-year-old girl in 2017 and whether he had violated federal sex trafficking laws by paying her to travel with him across state lines. As part of his plea bargain, Greenberg cooperated with the investigations into Gaetz and others. Remember, this took place in the State of Florida, where officials looked the other way in the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking case.

If you’re thinking “witch hunt,” you are wrong. Greenberg has testified he used a website to lure young women for sex. He introduced them to Gaetz who also had sex with them. Evidence, including mobile payment receipts, suggest Gaetz had illegally exchanged money for sex. Investigators found a 2018 Venmo transaction record showing Gaetz sent nine hundred dollars to Greenberg, containing a memo that named the woman. The disgraced tax collector then relayed money containing the memos “tuition” and “school” to three women, one of whom was eighteen years old.

So, why hasn’t Matt Gaetz been indicted? Here we go again friends, it’s another lucky sperm rich kid who has the power to stop an investigation and charges. Will politicians ever gain respect for law enforcement and the judicial process? Here we have an alleged sex trafficker who is not only allowed to be free but has the power to vote against the laws to protect the victims.

I was so proud of the way former Mike Pence Chief of Staff, Mark Short handled Gaetz’ prediction that Pence will never be president, “Well, I don’t know if Mike Pence will run for president in 2024, but I don’t think Matt Gaetz will have an impact on that. In fact, I’d be surprised if he’s still voting. It’s more likely he’ll be in prison for child trafficking by 2024.”

News and social media are making a big deal about that putdown, but they should be nailing Gaetz to the wall about his pronouncement that “Women who support abortion rights are too fat and ugly to get pregnant.” I wonder what his mother thinks about that line. Maybe we should interview his wife about her husband’s constant misogynistic comments, actions and crimes? In August in 2021, Matt Gaetz married his girlfriend Ginger Luckey, who is the sister of Oculus VR founder and major Republican donor Palmer Luckey. I guess Ginger is no longer lucky because Matt continues to view women, politics and power through a virtual reality headset where he always wins and gets the girl at any cost. I wonder when the cost of sex trafficking is going to be paid.










The Secret Service was in on the Coup

I could be snarky and just say Secret Service personnel are loyal to a fault. Or maybe I could ask, “What don’t you get about the ‘Secret’ part?” and walk away. One thing’s for sure, I am not buying into the lame excuse the Secret Service lost date because they updated their phones. That is highly improbable, if not impossible.

Anyone with knowledge of databases and software knows a backup is typically an automated process in which a central server stores all data. When migrating to new hardware or software, the best practice is first backing up globally. I am sure the Secret Service did this, and it’s my contention that if any texts were deleted from their system it happened because someone ordered it.

As we learned as a result of a particular individual constantly whining about Hilary Clinton’s missing thirty thousand emails, both personal and official, there are ways deleted data can be retrieved. Then there’s the National Security Agency. Wouldn’t they have stored data from an entity as important as the Secret Service?

The creation of the United States Secret Service had nothing to do with protecting the President. The agency was created in 1865 to end rampant counterfeiting. By the end of the Civil War, nearly one-third of all US currency was counterfeit. To stabilize the country financially, the Secret Service was established as a bureau of the Treasury Department. Abraham Lincoln started the discussion for a secret police force to get after counterfeiters. Then, when President William McKinley was assassinated in 1901, Congress requested the Secret Service provide presidential protection. Later, the agency assumed full-time responsibility for presidential protection. Currently the people of the Secret Service are responsible for not only presidential protection but also for investigating currency and credit card fraud.

According to their website, the Secret Service employs approximately 3,200 special agents, 1,300 uniformed division officers and more than 2,000 other technical, professional and administrative support personnel. This is a small group, which should be easy to manage. By comparison, the Office of the Inspector General has approximately 1,600 personnel. Note also there is one more institution involved in this caper. It’s the National Archives, which keeps records and data for future generations and, in a sense, acts as an arbitrator of truth.

There is no question that the Secret Service broke the law by not having all texts and messages from January 5th and 6th, 2021. Donald Trump’s ripping and flushing of written matter shows he understands the power of physical records. Remember, he had his minions move the transcripts of calls with leaders, like the one in Ukraine, to a super secure server so only he could control the information. That makes Trump more a cagey crook and less a mastermind. He cherry-picked information to release with the primary goal of making him look good. He characterized his phone call with Volodymyr Zelenskyy as “perfect,” yes, perfect enough to get him impeached. Trump’s judgement on what is good and bad has been way far south of dependable throughout his entire life.

Secret Service agent Bobby Engel knows what happened on January 6, 2021, and he should be asked to come before the Select Committee hearing and testify. I suspect he won’t do that because there might be evidence he ordered the deletions because such evidence would make Trump look bad. It’s strange to me a man who can tell us what happened is not going to be put on the stand. What country is this? This was an insurrection ordered by the President of the United States, and people like Engel are part of a lengthy line of Cult of Protection members.

It’s amazing how much the Secret Service did not reveal about various presidents over the years. They protected FDR’s wheelchair as much as they protected him. They were also less than open about JFK’s assassination. They use the phrase, “taking a bullet for the president” as their mantra but depending on who the president is they will stray from the creed. When Trump was hospitalized because of Covid, he made his Secret Service team drive him around the neighborhood to wave at fans. Some believe a few of those agents contracted Covid from Trump, which is not exactly taking a bullet but that foolish misuse of protection was unnecessary.

Engel to far left

The Secret Service text messages are not the end-all and be-all in the case of the insurrection. Even if we never see the chatty-Cathy messages between agents during Trump’s speech on January 6th, it’s clear many of them were on the Trump train, liked his style and maybe even liked him personally. They were out to protect him then and they are out to protect him now. They probably said some embarrassing things about “Mogul” and may have revealed some of his astonishingly treasonous maneuvers that day. Mogul was the Secret Service codename for Trump.

I doubt the Secretary of the Treasury has much to do with the Secret Service regarding the protection of federal officials, after all, they were moved to Homeland Security after 2003, but wait for it, the Treasury controls the Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence for laundrying and fraud. Do you feel safe? But Congress and the Office of the Inspector General should have responsible oversight. The Secret Service knew they were going to “lose” the text messages of its agents because they told them to individually back up their data, but it’s not their data. Those are federal employees, so why doesn’t the agency and Homeland Security have a copy of all communications?

Here is some terrible truth. We’ve lost faith in the White House. We’ve lost faith in Congress. We’ve lost faith in the Supreme Court, and now America is watching the Secret Service running an inside game to protect their boss from bullets and bad news coverage. They were so worried they would look like partisan hacks they erased their messaging. Their lack of transparency will destroy any respect we have for them. If the Secret Service is not open to investigation, it makes them no better than secret organizations like Yale University’s Skull & Bones. When gross and ill-informed Steve Bannon talks about administrative and deep state operatives, he’s talking about a secret organization being controlled by a few in darkness. Ah, yes, the Secret Service. It’s all in their name.










Birds of a feather flock together

It would be easy to simply say “bad hair” and walk away, but there are other similarities between the two goofballs listed at the top of this blog. There is an old song by The Who that goes something like this, “Now he’s dropped on to the floor, heading for the bedroom door. Maybe he’s as scared as me, where’s he gone now, I can’t see – Boris the spider – Boris the spider.” The song written by Who bassist John Entwistle is fitting because of the ending, “He’s come to a sticky end, don’t think he will ever mend, Never more will he crawl ‘round, He’s embedded in the ground.” And thus ends the almost three-year reign of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of the UK.

Unlike US politics, when the Prime Minister in the United Kingdom’s parliamentary-based system loses the confidence of his or her own party, they get the boot. Now I’m not talking about that place we call the trunk, although, I’m sure some UK politicians would like to put Boris in a trunk and drive him away. The good news is Mr. Johnson cannot claim the voting was rigged, because everyone has stated their position against him on TV. In a rather transparent and efficient way, the majority of the Houses has decided Boris is a goner and he’s now embedded in the ground for good.

Donald & Boris

Boris Johnson was once called the Donald Trump of British politics, and he didn’t push back at all; he rather liked the comparison. His trademark messy hair as well as his brash and common language may have massaged the working class, but his position on Brexit created momentum that landed him the job. No one in either House, and probably the Queen herself, had faith in Teresa May to bring the Union Jack back to full power. Johnson may have done a fantastic job with that massive change, but his lack of transparency and ducking the rules mortally wounded him in the end.

You may or may not care about UK politics, but let’s hope there’s a smooth transition of power and the next PM staunchly supports Ukraine. Boris should have just apologized and rode into the sunset, but baby-minded people like Trump and Johnson don’t have the wherewithal to admit they’ve lost and move on. Trump wants to be loved more than anything else, and his oversized ego will not allow him to even realize the cut of defeat.

Johnson, could come back as an “I told you so” politician later in life, but for now he’s not going to immediately step aside. Trump thinks he is still President and close to announcing whether he will run for President in 2024. Should that happen, it will send the RNC and the Republican party into a panic room. If the Donald runs again, the party will be divided right down the middle, those who believe the “Big Lie” and those who do not, and something will have to give.

As for Johnson, when he got caught in lies, he did not admit he was wrong. He thought doing so would be acts of weakness. When pictures of his staff having maskless parties in the cabinet room surfaced, he eventually had to admit he was wrong for doing it and then wrong for trying to cover it up. When a government operative was accused of sexual harassment and public lewdness with young men, Boris used the old “trumpian” response of “forgetting” about the accusation against the man. That was a bold-faced lie, and everyone saw straight through it.

Consider these lines from Trump’s, “I hardly knew the woman,” and “that person was only a coffee boy,” and then, “that person wasn’t very good, no one liked her, she was a leaker and a never-Trumper.” Well, if all these things are so, Mr. Big Pants, why did you have so many of these types of people overseeing the most sensitive issues and projects in your White House? Check me here, but after firing more than one hundred people doesn’t that point to the man at the top being a terrible judge of talent?

It’s highly unlikely Boris Johnson can claw his way back to being the leader of the UK’s Conservative Party, and that’s a good thing. It implies fresh ideas and forward momentum. The peaceful transition of power we brag about so much here has been forever stained by Donald Trump’s inability to just fucking admit he lost the election. If I see one more sign in the front yard of an American taxpayer screaming “TRUMP WON” I will vomit. It’s okay to be an idiot in the USA, but to publicly advertise your stupidity and lack of awareness, well, that’s on YOU.

Lies of a liar

Both Trump and Johnson think they are the smartest person in the room, and Boris actually has some credibility on the intelligence side of things, but that doesn’t give him license to throw away the rules and skirt traditions. British people understand language, much better than Americans I might add, and when you use a new lie to beat down your previous lie, the common folk will say, “Hit the road, you wanker.”

Had the Republican party truly wanted to make their brand stronger, they would have impeached and convicted Donald Trump for the January 6th insurrection, voted to disqualify him for future office and moved on. Sadly, they have too many members who will hold on to the Donald like he hugs the flag, even if it means their own political incineration. There are so many Congresspeople who are damaging democracy, and in any other country they would have been arrested and disqualified to serve. Our founding fathers laid out rules to prevent “dumb people” from being in control. Remember, they originally allowed only white men who owned land to vote. Native Americans, women and slaves did not have a voice. They figured that would keep the “dummies” out of office.

The forces in British politics will go through the pain of campaigns, rhetoric, and falsehoods to find their next leader, who will be just another politician having the challenge of always telling the truth. If that sounds a bit negative, well let’s just say I’m a realist. If Donald Trump runs again for president, know now that if he loses again, he will try to steal the position. Why? It’s plain and simple; he is a dishonest man. Boris Johnson is an example of what can happen when a smart man runs a country. Trump happened because dumb people wanted him to run this country. Don’t let it happen again. STOP HIM!










The disease of the overly devout

If you study history, you will see a major flaw in law, order and the sense of democracy. It happens when a man or woman in power decides, on their own, that they have an authority derived from and anointed by a supreme power. With the reign of a living person codified by God, who could rightfully, morally or even politically challenge their preeminence?

When early humans couldn’t explain things like eclipses, earthquakes, floods or natural disasters, they created a belief system to keep sanity and order. People knew they had an internal consciousness, you know, those mental thoughts or even voices we all have. Now, it’s only natural to wonder about the origin, the source, of these mental maneuvers. Lacking the knowledge of how the brain works, these humans concocted imaginary, mysterious characters as the source, and that lead to the belief of some force or entity who controlled what was happening.

All Hands on Dick

Perhaps we started out with some beings or forces both divine and natural, like Sun gods, Earth gods, Moon gods or Water gods, and over time these were mashed up into one Supreme God. The conflict between the powers populating Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythologies not only gave the storytellers some drama, but also served as a basis for creating laws, rules, traditions and executions.

To have healthy crops, you might have had to sacrifice a young virgin woman to the god of agriculture. If a lousy growing season followed the sacrifice, the high priests claimed it was because someone must have sinned, or another god destroyed the crops and denied a good harvest for its own nefarious purpose. The people who controlled the narrative had to bend beliefs and rewrite history. If you only have one capital-G God, there is no other god to blame for the failures of the faithful.

But man, always needs conflict and a side to join. If you don’t belong to something, you are probably not worthy of life itself. Just ask Jesus. So, the authors of morals and religions needed to create a fear, a supernatural power that could match God and be the provider of all punishments. And don’t you know, along came capital S Satan and his Greek counterpart capital-D Devil.

The Latin/Greek word diabolos is the origin of the name devil, meaning an accuser or slanderer, but things go much deeper. The word diabolical means an extremely evil or cruel person befitting Hell. So now our supremely evil entity has not only immense power but also a home, HELL. In all religions, myths and folklore, Hell is the afterlife destination of evil souls, where they are subjected to brutal suffering, most often through eternal torture after death. You know, that’s powerful voodoo to slap on a young mind. If they do something bad, they will be tortured, for the rest of time. Little Johnny better eat his carrots.

Before we get lost in word spaghetti, let’s straighten out the reality of faith and religion. How was America created? Well, lots of our ancestors made their way to the New World to escape the ever increasing religious-based nationalism sweeping across Europe.

If you were a German Hutterer belonging to the Hutterites sect, a communal, ethnoreligious branch of Anabaptists with roots to the Radical Reformation of the early 16th century, you were harassed, persecuted and even burned at the stake. Many such folk came to America and are now part of the Amish and Mennonite communities.

Puritans and Quakers also came to America for religious freedom. Both of those groups believed in God and both had a desire to create a society that would purify the Christian religion. That word, “purify” is of special interest in this discussion.

The Puritans and Quakers waged persecution and harassment against the freedom seekers who voyaged to America. These were their weapons against people who didn’t go along with their definition of faith and “purification.” Ask the Salem witches how open minded the New England Puritans were.

I suffer a nasty, sour taste in the back of my mouth whenever I hear a politician and evangelical Christian talk about our “Christian-Judeo” values. I am not sure how the Jews, who don’t recognize Jesus Christ as their savior, were given membership into the club, but the agenda of the people who forced their power at the Supreme Court are the same sect who would have Christianity declared the official religion of the United States of America. Sorry, everyone else, we are in power, we are in control, and we’re being neither coy nor clandestine about it.

Last week, Colorado Republican and United States Representative Lauren Boebert said, “The reason we had so many overreaching regulations in our nation is because the church complied. The church is supposed to direct the government. The government is not supposed to direct the church.” Boebert then amplified her outlier position with, “That is not how our Founding Fathers intended it, and I’m tired of this separation of church and state junk. That’s not in the Constitution. It was in a stinking letter, and it means nothing like what they say it does.” Okay, this pro-gun zealot and fire-breathing bim·bette has no idea what she is talking about, but she keeps getting elected.

Mitch McConnell, the “overreaching” government ruler who shaped the Supreme Court to end women’s rights, is now telling us that if the Republicans get back into power in the House and Senate, they will enact a nationwide ban on abortion and other rights you’ve been taking for granted.

Colorado Witch

The far-right controllers and the overly devout in the country want to make the United States of America a theocracy. They are the deep state you’ve heard about. And it won’t be the God of Moses or the God of Mohammed or The Flying Spaghetti Monster, it will be the God of the protestant flock, with only “acceptable” Catholics. Or maybe we just turn over our democracy to the Pope. There is a cancer on America, an understandable reaction to rapid change, but it’s going to kill democracy.

One of the things we keep hearing since the insurrection is that many of the people arrested and those who enabled them in Congress, are pledging loyalty to a man rather than the Constitution. They claim the “big lie” is true and will destroy America. Yes, that is stupid, but equally disturbing is that many of these people are also devout followers of Christian Nationalism. They see Donald Trump as a tool of Jesus Christ himself. They can throw him away now; they got what they wanted. If you select the people deciding the laws of the land (Supreme Court), you don’t need a big mouth fool to lead you (Donald Trump). They will make America God’s Place, if it fucking kills them.










The dream of converting everyone, just like ISIS

Thomas Jefferson is in his grave, snugly entombed on the property at Monticello, and if the man wasn’t such a goddamn racist his Black mistress/slave/wife would be right there alongside him. We don’t know where Sally Hemings is entombed. In fact, she was never officially freed, but after Jefferson’s death, she was allowed to live in Charlottesville with her two sons, Madison and Eston, who were granted freedom in Jefferson’s will. So, the white father took care of his Black boys, but not the Black mother who birthed them. Nice guy, huh?

Dwight and Thomas

The Supreme Court, which seemingly has found Jesus in everything they do lately, is part of the twisted belief system that is eroding the checks, balances and separation of church and state in America. That church part was of great concern to Thomas Jefferson, who was probably not a genuine Christian, but his slave ownership kept him in the bible club. Consider what John Adams could have said, “Most of the time, he sounds like an atheist, but the guy does own slaves, so I guess he’s in with the plan.” Now, exactly what plan was that?

You see, back in those times men used to quote the Bible when they were asked about this horrible, immoral institution known as slavery. Slavery’s free labor made them wealthy men, so how could they possibly do without it? It’s right in there in Ephesians 6:5-8: “Slaves, be obedient to your human masters with fear and trembling, in sincerity of heart, as to Christ.” The apostle Paul was plainly instructing slaves to obey their masters, and that became justification for slavery. I am certain this will never be taught in any Florida school, because it’s now against the law to make students feel guilty for the actions of their ancestors.

The Bible rules against having another God, making “graven” images or taking the Lord’s name in vain. It instructs us to keep the Sabbath day Holy, whatever that means, to honor our mothers and fathers, to not kill anyone, to not steal and to not screw someone else when you are married. The Bible instructs against bearing false witness against our neighbor and prohibits coveting. Nowhere does it say don’t have an abortion. Nowhere does it say we have a “right” to kneel and pray on public land after a trivial game of football. And nowhere does it direct us to put our hand on a Bible and swear to God that what we are about to say is truthful. These are manmade rules and conventions. Now, I can respect the value of good ideas, but I do not have to ordain the words of those 70-80 BC salesmen/writers. They were simply making it up as they went along.

Some Supreme Court Justices said, under an oath to God, they believed Roe Versus Wade was law, fixed and decided. However, God works in mysterious ways and if your purpose in being appointed was to eliminate a law, you had to deliver the goods. They said, let the people decide and let the states decide what is moral and good for their territory. Oh really? What is it about the word “Supreme” you don’t get?

It’s hard to ignore the fact that we have six Catholics on the Supreme Court. While I would never want a person’s religious views to affect their job hunting on the open market, the ideologies of those seeking this lifelong job, should be open and honest. I am sure had you asked Amy Coney Barrett, Brett “I like Beer” Cavanaugh or uncomfortably aloof Neil Gorsuch if they would never overturn Roe, they would have taken the fifth. The good news for Brett is beer doesn’t come in fifths. Sorry for this jurisprudence joke, but seriously, they lied under oath. Some say they just cloaked their true feelings in ambiguous words and weren’t outright lying, but it’s technically false witness, right?

When I was slapped on Facebook for some of my radical posts on the Roe decision, I responded with a blunt question to the maniacal pro-lifers, “So, how many unwanted babies will you be adopting five, ten, fifteen or more?” That shut them up in the string of comments, but will not change their desires that everyone think exactly like they do.

The movement of evangelical Christians to take power and rule would piss off the late President Jefferson. Their desire to force their values on all Americans is disgusting. What’s next? Will prayer become mandated in schools? Do they want our kids to be “good Christians” or help them understand and love America, with all her pimples and problems?

Never Peace, Always Power

I am sure most Christians don’t see their “movement” in the same light as ISIS. The Islamic terrorist group, much like the Taliban, wants everyone to be of one religion and to follow the laws created under that dogma. They don’t give a shit about women’s rights or civil rights. It’s so much easier for small minds to follow the ancient text and Muhammad’s demands and dictates. I am sure there are lots of devout Christian men in America who believe it’s their decision about if and when their women get an abortion. Worse, there are some more hardened zealots who actually believe a husband cannot rape his wife. Really?

Here’s a fucking newsflash for all you “patriots” of Jesus; America wasn’t built to be one religion. We ran away from that to form a more perfect union, and we don’t need people who follow one document, the Constitution, but let another document, the Holy Bible, overrule our true beliefs. Let me boil this down. We need to impose a retirement age on those who serve on the Supreme Court. Older members can become senile or totally controlled by their right-wing white witch at home! Hint: Clarence Thomas. It’s time to move to eleven justices, you know, so they can take longer vacations where they talk to real people and learn what American’s genuinely think and believe.

If they sit in judgement of how America should work, we have a right to sit in judgement of them. Giving a corporation the same rights as a person is a colossal mistake. Thank you, Neil Gorsuch. Saying a doctor who increases a patient’s Oxycontin dosage until they become addicted cannot be sued is unbelievably uncivil and wrong. Yeah, they just did that.

Thankfully, we now have a new member of the Court, and hopefully she can talk some sense into six people who have lost their way. They are no longer just following the law; they are rewriting America in their own craven image. As I sit right here next to Thomas Jefferson’s grave, we both concur that it’s no longer a court, it’s a cabal. I think it would be positive to have one brilliant atheist on the court What? Is that too much to ask?










The Supreme Kabal Has Spoken

For all those people who believe precedent means something in the United States of America, you are wrong. For all those women who think your state government will protect you from a lifetime reminder of incest or a violent rape, you are also wrong.

I will say this once, only once, and you can either puke your guts out or follow my advice. If you are a woman in this country and no longer want to be a second-class citizen, you need to follow the dogma. The religious right has taken control of the Supreme Court and part of the reason is because of the appointment of Amy Vivian Coney Barrett. She is not an unbiased jurist. The only way you will gain control of your body and mind is to VOTE ALL REPUBLICANS OUT OF OFFICE!

Oh, you might complain that I am being political, but just about everything in this country becomes a political matter sooner or later. Most of the Republicans in office are NOT serving their states and citizens. They’re zealots on a crusade to reestablish male dominance over American women.

You can sit there and say this Supreme Court decision doesn’t affect you, but it does. Alito’s majority opinion declares Roe versus Wade divided the country, when in fact the majority of Americans believe the right to an abortion should be maintained. The Supreme Court has divided the country more than any other institution this year, and their latest decision does further damage.

The Supreme Court consists of a deceptive group of “ELITES” who want to impose their rule on you. By striking down Roe versus Wade, the Supreme Court has signed a document that says women in the USA are three-fifths of a citizen. They want you to SHUT UP and make babies. ALITO, THOMAS, CAVANAUGH, BARRETT, and GORSUCH lied under oath to get seated on the Court and they should be IMPEACHED.

As in The Handmaid’s Tale, it’s time for American women to put on red capes and headdresses, YOU NO LONGER OWN YOUR BODY. Let the vomiting begin. John Lennon got it straight in his song Woman is the Nigger of the World.

Some will say people are being overly emotional, but I think it would be interesting to know how many abortions were paid for by the Congressmen who claim to represent women. It’s a sad day, but also a bad day for America. The legal bombshells that will land in the state courts will tie up the judicial system for years.

Blame Mitch McConnell for his devious tricks that stacked the court with justices who would do the bidding of the “moral” Republicans. To be a bit crude, 165 million women in America just got screwed by the ugliest man in the world. I say WE should stack the court. That body needs to have eleven justices and this should happen RIGHT NOW.

When a woman is raped, some of the conservative males in this country say, “She probably asked for it.” If that turns you off, it was meant to. If you don’t understand women’s feelings and realities, you shouldn’t be making laws that restrict their rights. It’s time to push it. Short of another insurrection, the court must change. If you ever wondered why we needed an Equal Rights Amendment, you now know the exact reason.










Can there be a winner in this debate?

I recently subscribed to a magazine that has led me to some deep thinking. I highly recommend the Skeptical Inquirer; you can learn more about the publication here. Two of its articles immediately caught my attention because they deal with a current and critical aspect of American society.

The first was their cover article, The Social Dynamics of Conspiracy Rumors by Jeffrey Victor. His piece states that we should be using the term “conspiracy rumors” instead of “theories” because that’s exactly what they are. Let’s recall the old demonstration of twenty people in a circle where the moderator whispers a two-sentence story in the ear of the first person. The story is then passed on and heard by each group member. Of course, it gets embellished and changed along the way, and by the time the last person reveals what they heard from the nineteenth group member the story has substantially changed since it was told to the first person. I call the collection of folks in the group “interpreters,” which is the precise role they’re playing.

In 1993, Mr. Victor coined the term Satanic Panic and wrote a book having that name along with the subtitle The Creation of a Contemporary Legend. The book currently retails in hardcover for sixty-six bucks so it must be great, or did I just exploit another contemporary rumor that the more money something costs the better it is?

I don’t want to push us out to the sea of obtusity here, so I’ll move on. Victor’s point is we humans tend to spread rumors. Once we finish talking about the weather, the next step of routine human conversation may be adding perceived value, “Hey, did you know Beverly is having an affair with the boss?” It isn’t a fact, it’s not even a theory, it’s just a question. When asked how the rumor-sharer knows this, they will likely say, “Well, I can’t swear it’s true, it’s just something I know. She’s been so happy lately.”

The conspiracy is hatched prematurely by the rumor mongering and the “could be true,” for many becomes “absolutely accurate.” Think about the recent comment of a county official in New Mexico who refused to certify their local primary election. When asked if he has any proof there was fraud in the process, he said, “I have no proof, I just know it’s true.” There you have the essence of a conspiracy rumor.

Poor Beverly, unknown to anyone else, has just gotten pregnant by her husband of more than fifteen years. She’s not having an affair; she’s ecstatic to have finally been gifted a baby after a decade of trying. Yet a co-worker is all too ready to read into her joy and spread a false and damaging rumor.

Election fraud is a serious offense in America we must all take seriously. Donald Trump is driven to constantly repeat the lie that the 2020 election was rigged, and massive fraud took place. He does this solely because his adolescent ego cannot allow him to admit he lost. The man will risk going to jail, having people killed and destroying our faith in democratic elections just because he cannot say, “It was a fair and free election and Joe Biden won.” As we have witnessed, his rhetoric led to “self-righteous vigilantism,” causing people to be injured and killed.

I’m sure Mo Brooks, who just lost his primary election runoff in Alabama to Katie Britt and will no longer be on the ticket for the US Senate seat, could very easily say, “The election was rigged,” but what good would that do? Brooks spoke at the Stop the Steal rally on January 6th, 2020 but arrived on Trump’s shit list because he did not fully support Trump’s election lies. Trump first endorsed Brooks then pulled his support, and most experts will say that is precisely why Brooks lost. You see, being loyal to Trump is not a part-time job; you must be all in or not in. It’s like the old mob boss warning, “You are either for me, or you are against me.”

People on the far right and in deeply red states have faith that Trump knows better than they do when it comes to candidates. He could endorse a full-on Nazi or KKK member and they will look around the facts and truth to blindly put the future of the republic in his hands. Why? This brings me to the other article in the Skeptical Inquirer.

That piece concerns a lawsuit the Center for Inquiry (CFI) has brought against Boiron, Inc., one of the largest manufacturers of homeopathic products. You probably know someone who has confidence such medicines actually work and bring them health and happiness. Large drugstore chains such as Walgreens and CVS sell these products and make healthy profits on them, yet scientists claim they have no therapeutic value.

Fake Medicine

The article explains that the CFI investigators and lab techs found one product touted as a cure for nervous agitation in children was nothing more than table sugar diluted in water. You need to know CFI is the parent organization behind the magazine Skeptical Inquirer, but that doesn’t make their claims less true. They are working to get the FDA and the US Department of Health and Human Services to do something about Boiron’s labeling and claims. The CFI believes the company knows there is next to nothing effective about most of what they sell, and even some of what they market, like the Saccharum Officinale mentioned above, could be harmful to those who take it, like kids with diabetes. There are no warnings on the packaging.

Now we arrive at the title of my blog post for this day, Critical Versus Faith-Based Thinking. If these homeopathic fake meds were a vaccine, most Americans would want the FDA and the CDC to verify every aspect of what they will put into our arms or mouths. On the other hand, these potions have been marketed and sold as medicines for so long, we just believe. Why?

The human body is less a mystery than ever before and we should trust and follow the kind of critical thinking that flows from science. Suppose I offered you a six-ounce bottle of a colored liquid to cure lethargy for only twelve dollars. You might be tempted because the bottle is thick and handsome and bears a fancy label with a medical-sounding kind of name and a list of ingredients. If you’re a critical thinker, you will probably check the details on that impressive label to discover one of the ingredients is eight percent dog urine. Would you still want it?

Dr. Oz

I bought a bottle of a vitamin supplement to give me energy and make me lose weight. I thought my doctor had recommended the vitamin and it was also endorsed by TV Doctor Mehmet Oz. After taking it for a few days I learned that my doctor’s portal had been hacked and the recommendations weren’t coming from her, but a nefarious player in this product’s company. Dr. Oz also said he never endorsed the supplement, although he didn’t sue the company. I eventually learned it was nothing but water containing just a bit or red dye and sugar. I threw the bottle away.

Donald Trump is a snake oil salesperson who still has customers giving him money because they simply have faith in what he sells; they don’t read the label. Congress and the January Sixth Select Committee are doing a fantastic job of exposing him and all his criminal activities, but there will be others selling the same sugar water. If you believe a molecule can cure what ails you and God will make it all work, bless you, but what should you do when that one molecule is gone and you’re left with empty promises and nothing gets better? Maybe it’s time to leave the stupidity-inducing conspiracy rumors behind and become more critical about your own safety. Might I remind you that a million people died of Covid-19 and their families know that death is not a rumor.