The Mission Statement

This site was created to be a motivation for the discussion about how to make changes in government between elections. We take no money from any organization, company or Super PAC. We appreciate your dialog and ideas to bring better people into the government of the United States.

Time has changed and the speed at which we get our information and the amount of same, makes the timetables, rules and customs of the past less operative in our daily lives. Can the electorate make a mistake that must be lived with for four years or more? The answer is yes, but the defense of ‘there’s nothing you can do about it’ seems a bit senseless in a world becoming more absurd with every newscast and blog post. We have codified the term ‘fake news’ into our nomenclature and normal daily lives. Let’s start with one proposition, that America shouldn’t have to wait four years to fix mistakes and adjust our leadership to the sanity the world demands. The citizens of this great land must take the next steps to reform the rules and laws so that we actually do have a way to change people. And where did it say that term limits were a bad idea? We put them on a president, why wouldn’t all levels of government demand that elected officials have term limits? Why wait 4 years to get rid of people we don’t want running our country? That is what we are about. Please join the cause and spread the word.