Be Careful with Your Wishes

Most people are stupid about technology, even when they think they understand it. I have heard the painful words, “That’s not how it works,” from more than one smarty-pants, holier than thou, know-it-all developer during my time in the software business. We are in trouble when people who know absolutely nothing about the colossal intricacies of software development are allowed to comment, or worse, are given the power to make the rules.

The US Government has no reason to ban TikTok. First, it’s against our laws for “the state” to control the press, media or other means of communication, read this amendment, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

That amendment forbids the passage of a law that reduces the rights of social media platforms, which are publishers in a true sense. Everyone who posts on those platforms becomes a part of our ever-growing network of press outlets. See, you don’t have to be big and rich to qualify as a publisher. I am a publisher. I own WhyWait4Years.com and I have the very same first amendment rights that the New York Times has. So, hey, big brother, what the hell are you doing?

Imagine Congress deciding that Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram and other social media sites were somehow threatening national security and they shut them done. I have a strong legal position on that one, but I also have a political opinion.

As a father of adult children between the ages of 35 and 40, I don’t suffer from the Bill Maher induced attitude that young people today don’t care as much as we did at their age. It’s not their age or empathy, it’s their time crunch. They are having babies, managing households and trying to keep the basics together, but they do care about their country and all the strange restrictions that are popping up in the name of protecting them.

Then there’s the generation that grew up with iPhones, iPads and a me-me-me attitude that says that they don’t have look at you or hear you. They would rather look down at a screen. Some sociologists might suggest their screens are a second or third parent. So, I say to all those old-fashioned, naïve people in Congress, BAN TIKTOK!

When you do, you will ignite the next generation and make them politically aware and perhaps active, at least on this one subject. All the kids and parents who have experienced a school shooting become more active and want to change things. Sad that it takes a tragedy like murder to turn some into strong, involved citizens.

Biden is wrong, and Trump is wrong. Biden wants to win an election, while Trump is blowing Xi Jinping with the idea that he can get things from him if he becomes president again. I cannot believe that staunch conservatives and whacko MAGA types are lining up against the banning of an app that makes fun of their stupidness.

Majorie Taylor Green was asked about Jewish Space Lasers by a reporter recently, and she turned with anger, “Why don’t you tell us about them. FUCK YOU!” Yes, and you will not see that on network TV, and maybe not even Cable news, but 170 million Americans can see it on TikTok. Well, maybe X (Twitter) as well because they never censor anyone. If you want to stop TikTok, you might as well add X to the list.

That old yarn about being careful what you wish for plays quite nicely here. All those old assholes and young brainwashed goofballs in Congress are marching toward an enemy that isn’t a democrat or republican, but an app. Funny, they talk a big game about social media and have all these hearings but then don’t do a damn thing about it. The law in Florida restricting social media use by 14-and 15-year-olds, and the complete banning of social media for any kid in the state under 14, will be struck down by the high courts. Just who the fuck does Ron DeSantis think he is? God? Putin?

The real evil at work here is the use of FEAR to take away rights. We saw it after 9-11 and all those restrictive patriot acts have never been rescinded. The state, the government, the power structure in American gives the Justice Department a wide net to go after, well, anybody.

The thing that pisses me off most is that the radicals on the right keep complaining about the DOJ because they are doing their job with Trump and Hunter Biden, but those chickenshits advance no notion of pulling back the same branch of government they constantly complain about. They will give them MORE power with the TikTok law. I guess they could arrest kids for using a foreign IP address to continue to get what they want, just like they do with the kids in Turkey who surf the web.

Don Lemon – Elon Musk

Elon Musk allows all the misinformation about Chinese data collection to be promoted on his X platform, but does anyone truly believe that the Chinese need TikTok to get our information? That is the most absurd aspect of this discussion. They are already in our computers, phones and banks.

What is next, banning Lenovo computers? That company’s hardware and software patents were originally owned by IBM for use in its ThinkPad laptop. Adding gateways or chips in their hardware would give the Chinese Communist Party all the data they could ever want. To crunch the data they would probably buy our AI tech and use it against us. But why just focus on China, remember North Korea hacked a SONY PICTURES mainframe and extracted tons of data. What did we do about it? Nothing, as far as I know.

Russia has a full-time army of programmers fueled with top-notch vodka to get into all our apps, computers and financial institutions. What is Congress doing about them? If Trump gets back in, Russia will run right over our security teams and will never be questioned about it.

TikTok isn’t the only time bomb out there. Our next election and our systems will be hacked by some Americans known as Republicans. They will cheat to try and get Trump back in. You didn’t convict those bastards on the 2020 election and the January 6th Insurrection, which is tantamount to permitting another 9-11 to happen. The jerks in D.C. just don’t get it. Go ahead, waste your time on TikTok. You are all so naïve!


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One thought on “TIKTOK TIMEBOMB

  1. Of two minds on this one. I can’t help but notice that internet “publishers” are only publishers when it suits their needs. The rest of the time, they are “just platforms.” Free speech is only free when it doesn’t damage someone else, and if unfettered access and influence to the electronic devices of millions allows you free rein to abuse the privilege, then the real potential for damage is there. If I were someone with tech skills for days and a desire to make money, I would be working on a chip that could be added to devices, voluntarily, that would block EVERYONE — governments and businesses — from “reading” the content of our devices. I can’t imagine the US government would approve THAT. I, however, have seen one too many apocalyptic movies to be nonchalant about just any old government following me, including my own. Perhaps apps SHOULD be licensed — as are broadcasters (and, if you want to split a fine hair, as are newspaper publishers who have to obey the rules of getting a postal permit). I’d like to think this flurry of legislation is intended to induce Tiktok to sell to a less “interested” party. At least if they sell, they’d get SOMETHING out of it. But I have no doubt that should Tiktok be banned from the American market, there will be another “platform” established to do roughly the same thing in about 20 minutes. Only this time, the government following us would be ours. I think safeguarding the freedom of all Internet communication — business and personal — is going to require some regulation. We need to decide the least intrusive way to do that.

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