Battered Spouse Syndrome

I’ve known several women who have endured ill treatment from their spouses, encounters which sometimes escalated into violence. No level of cruelty is ever acceptable, but the person getting the raw end of the marital stick often doesn’t leave. Can love drive a person to become blind?

One half seems blissfully accepting of being in denial, while the other blames their partner for everything bad in the relationship. The battered spouse syndrome reminds me of the conundrum we call America, with no clarity, no logic and seemingly no way out. But perhaps we can find a way to get beyond the current ailments and begin to heal.

A good starting point would be addressing the broken meaning of the word “truth.” One of the most embarrassing occurrences in the history of radio broadcasting, my career for more than fifty years, is the way broadcast companies allowed any Tom, Dick or Harry into the barn to preach. Rush Limbaugh was a destructive son-of-a-bitch who made tons of money on lies, hate and fear from the froth and rancid cigar breath erupting from his mouth.

You may remember a classic radio nut job, Christian evangelist Harold Camping. In 1958, he headed Family Radio, a broadcast group based in California. From his perch in lunatic heaven, Mr. Camping predicted the world would end on May 21, 2011. I was personally pissed off because May 21st is my birthday, and Camping was using his lies to get ratings and haul in millions of contribution dollars.

He claimed that three percent of the world’s population would be called to heaven, while all others would be destroyed in what he called the “End of Times.” Well, when it didn’t happen old Harold revised his prediction to October 21 of the same year. It still didn’t happen, then his schtick went up in smoke.

You may be wondering what happened to Mr. Camping. Well, I can predict with utter certainty, he will die on December 15, 2013 at the age of ninety-two. His demise will come because of complications from a fall at home. My point, however, is the way so many people followed this idiot. Even the blessed do fall.

Right now, America has a dysfunctional political system with one party led by the so-called “GENIUS,” Donald Trump. Despite all his lies, misdeeds and millions of ill-gotten campaign contributions, Donald Trump seems to be on the edge of once again winning the ultimate presidential test.

And just like wounded and battered spouses, all his supporters, around sixty percent of the Republican party, have come back to the person who will continue to victimize them. There seems to be no way out of this predicament.

Look, Joe Biden is no Benjamin Button, but no matter what he does or achieves Trump and his ilk have demonized him to the degree he will likely not get enough votes to stop the dictator-wanna-be. The court system is trying to help us rational ones, but the process is too slow. The concept of swift justice is a joke, a bad punch line, with that punch landing squarely on our faces.

I have heard some libertarians say we shouldn’t make fun of the MAGA crowd and instead try to talk to them. Really? I see them at rallies, adorned with their cult trappings and seething with anger, and hear them tell me how dreadful things are with Biden. Well, if things are so fucking bad then why are all of them so fat? Suddenly, the lefty over in the corner yells, “Hey, you shouldn’t fat-shame!” Then I see that college student who says he’s going to vote for Trump because he hates the way Biden is managing Israel and Gaza. Problem is, he has no idea what he is talking about. If he feels that strongly about that war, why doesn’t he fly to Israel, join the IDF and kick some butt? Oh, sorry, he already has tickets for his Spring Break.

It’s like a battered wife who “loves” her abusive husband and continues to hang with him, while the neighbors just roll their eyes when hearing the fighting and screaming in the house across the street. But then, good old Don wouldn’t do that, would he?

Yes, he would. He might even take away your guns and give them to all the January Sixth rioters whom he will pardon and induct into his personal army. I know you don’t want to think, you just want everything to be the way it was in 2016, well those days are gone. Remember what happened with Covid? Trump looked the other way and focused on giving rich people and large corporations tax cuts. As the richest got even richer, you worked from home while the wife beater in the White House gave you no comfort, only more chaos.

Some say people die when we have a bad president, and that is true. We might not have been in warfare during Trump’s term, but one million people died during Covid-19, and Ron DeSantis, who claimed he did a better job than Trump, is gone. The actual cost of Trump to the Republican party is THERE IS NO LONGER A REPUBLICAN PARTY. It’s become a personality cult. If you believe the 2020 election was stolen, you are in a cult. If you believe Donald Trump is going to solve our economic woes, the border crisis or the warfare around the world, you are in a cult. Can’t you see this unstable cult leader will eventually ask you to drink the Kool-Aid and send your kids off to war? How many more beatings will you take?

The thirty to fifty percent of Americans who genuinely believe Trump is a better alternative to Biden will never tolerate a Democrat president. The “American Dream” has become bullshit. Rich people get away with murder, rape and fraud, while the little guys, especially those of color, are tormented by the system and made to fall in line. It’s not time for a revolution, but certainly we must figure out how to prevent bad people from getting too much power.

From the very moment I became aware of Donald Trump, I didn’t like him. His style, poor sense of humor, lack of class, and narcissism turned me off. According to author Bob Woodward, this man wears a diaper. It doesn’t matter to me if you take that as truth or not. I just want to know how often he changes the diaper because he’s really stinking up the joint. He won’t grow up because he was raised to be deeply in love with only himself; nothing else matters. His parents should be locked up, along with Rush Limbaugh, Harold Camping and Charles Lindbergh, wherever they are. It’s the parents’ fault, you know, and America deserves better.


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  1. Boy — a lot here. Your example of battered spouse syndrome is a good one, to a point. But your suggestion that the battered stay out of some misguided understanding of love and loyalty misses the mark. Those who have worked with victims of domestic abuse know the real driver is fear. They have been conditioned to believe they don’t deserve better and warned that, without the abuser, they are “nothing.” It doesn’t even have to become physical before it becomes almost fatally damaging. But among the biggest fears is what the abuser will do if he finds his escaped victim — retribution. The current Republican candidate, in threatening those who oppose him, is also sending a message to his followers. “You are with me,” he tells them, “and without me you could become as worthless as THEM.” As worthy of retribution as “them.” Suggesting Trump’s victims don’t KNOW the truth is the same as saying they are too blinded by “love” to leave. They are blinded by fear of who they will be and what will become of them if they accept the truth — if they “leave.” Their safety lies in accepting his protection and wisdom. It is a cult.

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