Presidents & Bad Poker Players

I consider myself reasonably intelligent, although I am extremely cognizant of the fact there’s much I don’t know. Lately, lots of libertarians and liberals are claiming that the America’s university system is broken. Rather than blaming the kids for being immature and unreasonable, this is the age of attacking the institution.

From a very early age, I communicated using my mother tongue and words to clearly and succinctly transmit my meaning. Yes, I had some wonderful teachers along the way, some of them during my three years in college. I left college early not to “drop-out,” but to take a job that paid a handsome salary. I was in school to learn things that would help me get a job, but here I was being offered the exact profession I wanted. Why did I need college when my new employer was ABC, the American Broadcasting Company?

Outspoken TV host Bill Maher has been on a crusade to convince young people to stay away from college. He claims upper education has been poisoned and soiled by the “woke.” This comes from a gentleman who has a BA from Cornell, an Ivy League school. I am sure when the founders of Cornell established the institution in 1865, they saw it as doing “God’s work” to educate the privileged.

The act of college presidents being called before Congress to testify about how they were handling hate speech, tropes and antisemitism was remarkable on several levels. First, many top universities are private institutions, and although they get research funds from taxpayers they are NOT government (state) schools. Next, the idea of Republican Elise Stefanik of New York thinking she has any credibility to question these highly paid executives of private schools is far-fetched, at best. What Ms. Stefanik did was clearly unconstitutional and oxymoronic. It’s worth mentioning that Elise believes the 2020 election was rigged.

What really made me fall out of my chair was the university leaders’ responses to the questions. Jesus Christ, was there no preparation by these highly educated leaders? Why didn’t they sit down with their well-paid legacy lawyers to design official pronouncements on the matter? Even a baby poker player can buff better than these obvious titular heads. If they cannot clearly state college policies and the actions being taken, then why are they holding uppermost jobs at these amazing universities?

Most uneducated, cult-like followers of Fox News and Donald Trump probably believe our schools are attempting to brainwash their students into being liberal, devil-worshipping zombies. That’s far from the truth, but then no one really wants the truth anymore. They just want to shellac their misconceptions with a thick layer of “we’re right and you’re wrong so go fuck yourselves.”

Who are the colleges and universities hiring to run their institutions? I live in Florida where colleges have been firing smart people and replacing them with semi-literate political appointees. The first thing the new guy does is spend millions of taxpayer dollars on football teams, new buildings and getting rid of great professors who teach critical thinking. I get quite fracked watching this happening in our society.

Nick Saban

Just like any institution, a university is only as good as the people who administer and teach there. But there is another issue with our colleges, they are spending billions of dollars on programs that have nothing to do with education. When they find a good football coach, they reward them. Nick Saban, the football czar at Alabama, has an annual salary of $1,105,000. However, the head coach also makes a “talent fee.” For 2022 and 2023, that stipend is $9,595,000. I am sure he produces the best, just ask the NFL. Maybe this gives talented athletes a chance to be millionaires, but wait, we were talking about unruly kids and genocide.

I was certainly unreasonable back in my college days. Along with a bunch of fellow hippy students, we demanded an end to the Vietnam War. I was aware that the president of my school had no power to stop the war, but he did finally acknowledge it was better to close the school for a day rather than call in the National Guard to shoot us. I am not making this up.

Protesting babies and women being killed on both sides does not automatically equate to a pro-genocide agenda. It seems we are willing to do anything to protect a fetus inside of woman who might not be ready to birth a human, but we certainly don’t seem to flinch when we drop heavy armaments on hospitals and hostage centers killing unknown numbers of babies and children. The “free” Arab press outlets claim, “Israel has dropped 18,000 tons of bombs on Gaza.” This probable fact doesn’t mean I am against Israel, but it was an act of a radical terrorist group posing as a political party called Hamas who attacked Israel. Any political party that engages in violence should be outlawed, just as the Nazi party is forbidden in Germany. No matter how liberal you are, you need to research and learn the history of a place before you psychologically vomit on others.

If this was a different time and space, the United Nations would step in and draw new borders to give the Palestinians their own country. Then if another terror attack was planned in, supported by and launched from that independent state, Israel could declare war and do just what they are doing now.

A better question for all these smart-ass college presidents would be, “What would you do to solve the crisis?” That phrase “paralysis by analysis” comes to mind, and that is not what you need when you are playing poker with a politician. The hearings seemed like a waste of talent to me, so no “talent fee” for any of them. The next leaders will continue to be faced with the same campus crises, and “free speech” has nothing to do with it. University leaders need to declare their positions in clear and precise ways.


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