The Ending Has Been Written

RANT #101 Does anyone else see the irony in the fact that a party that protects white nationalism, puts down immigrants, sat there last night and cheered on first generation immigrants who lectured on how America is messed up and only they know how to fix it? Strange. While Vivek skreiches about us helping Ukraine deal with being invaded by Russia, and Nikki Haley weakly defends our involvement there, I must ask some basic questions. Which side are these people on? Next, did affirmative action help Mr. Ramaswamy get into Harvard? How did his parents get into America? Did they buy their way in? Did Climate Change make them leave INDIA? Russia if you are listening, are you going to help Vivek in the next election, because he’s certainly your man.


So, let me save everyone some time. This was a two-hour commercial for Donald Trump. THEY ALL LOST. Here is why. If they say they will pardon Trump, they should be disqualified. Other than Hutchinson, they all said they would vote for Donald Trump if he was the nomination. SPINLESS TRAITORS to their own words. So, they ENDORSED the DONALD last night, WTF? THEY DON’T REALLY WANT TO BE PRESIDENT! They just want to be on stage and famous. They are nothing short of 14-year girls on Twitter. The guy from North Dakota is a NOBODY, cancel him. Nikki Haley is the schoolteacher who thinks she’s righteous, she’s just another gold digger. Chris Christie is a big fat bully, who is just there to mess with Trump. He’ll never be President – even people from his home state hate him. Asa should just go home and pray. Vivek is a cheap Trump-Hitler-Modi racist wannabe! Without his money he would be serving you vindaloo at the restaurant and kissing your ass for a big tip – or doing your taxes. Mike Pence, the holier than thou white savior is as plastic as a fast-food utensil. He knows how government works – FULL STOP. Tim Scott is a reasonable person, but when he’s not doing chores and propping up evil people (who would hate him dating their daughters), is just another Republican do-gooder without a soul. Someone should ask him if he has a soul. Pence and Scott are the yin-yang of the race and would make a good ticket, but in the end, they will never get into the White House.


Ron DeSantis is going to be the whipping boy (Little Marco) and when it’s all said and done, he will NEVER NEVER NEVER beat Trump! Why? Because no wealthy donors and large corporations will back an Anti-Business candidate. He cannot be trusted with their money, ask Disney. What a totally useless group of idiots. Trump is right, he’s too busy being arrested to do debates. And when someone else (not trump) possibly sneaks in the backdoor to be nominated, this is what will happen. READ THIS:…/Progressive_Party_(United…

And just like in 1912, the third party will take the all the marbles away from the RNC. So, people, wake up and smell the cappuccino, this is a charade. The Republican party MUST nominate Donald Trump, or he will run against them. And if he does officially get the nod, as embarrassing as that is for America, it doesn’t matter because he’s going to lose again! Nobody wants a rapist in the White House. The Republican party is too asinine and feckless to understand what is really happening. TOO MANY PEOPLE, even me, are talking too much and not thinking. Trump = Jesus. Remember the Romans tried to kill Jesus and he didn’t die. Good Luck America. If he is resurrected, he will destroy the Earth for the next one thousand years. Who needs the devil when you have “the Donald.” Stronger sentiment to follow.


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