What could bring down Orange Jesus?

Just today I realized that I never talk with my shrink about my intense feelings of dislike for Donald J. Trump. Up until today it didn’t seem to be worth the time and money, but now I’m wondering if my sentiments should be examined by a medical professional. Where do I start?

I almost barf every time I hear a talking head or self-described expert say how Trump is invincible and those who adore him will never withdraw their approval rating. That is why Liz Cheney’s tagline “Orange Jesus” is so priceless. Even the Romans couldn’t convince those they conquered that the guy from Galilee was a fraud. When they finally came around, they forced all to convert, and those that didn’t were killed by blood-thirsty Christian armies. It’s called spreading the word.

Orange Jesus

It’s strange to me that the evangelicals see Trump’s flaws, but dammit, they follow him anyway. They made a deal with the devil, and just like in the movie, Damn Yankees, they wanted to win the World Series. They relish that ban against abortion more than keeping democracy safe. Creating more people at this moment in our history will destroy natural resources and kill the Earth.

I’ve been pondering some events that could possibly change minds and bring people to their senses. What on earth could turn most Trump followers against him? I know, I know, it’s a waste of time, but hey, that’s what fucking bloggers like me do.

Let me start with the most powerful voting group in America —women. You see, they network, communicate with others and, most importantly, they vote.

Now, let’s say Melania Trump holds a press conference to announce she is leaving Mr. Trump and will sue for divorce as soon as possible. She reveals wounds on her face and explains her husband frequently beats her. I’m thinking that’s worth a dip of maybe 15 to 20 percentage points in the polls. Women would turn against him, but many of the hypocrites in Congress who have declared their undying love for Trump would use the banal line, “Well, if that is true… that would be bad.” Those self-righteous bastards would believe the husband’s denial over the wife’s bruises. They would then launch a harsh campaign to discredit the “immigrant spouse.”

Donald Trump shared national security secrets and put you and your children in harm’s way, yet he claimed, “I did nothing wrong.” All the sycophants believed him and crawled right back into their cocoons of misinformation.

I am sure it would outrage a mass of people if we learned that Donald Trump was selling those secrets to Russia, North Korea and the Saudis, with the proceeds being used to fund an international child trafficking endeavor, but once he denied it all no points would leave the scoreboard.

What if evidence was uncovered that Trump had a young man come to his bedroom every night to pleasure him from January 6th to now? Well, few would believe it. Oh, some goodie-two-shoes might start to accept it but when asked, “If he is the candidate in 2024 would you vote for him again?” they would firmly answer, “Yes.”

What if Jesus returned to the Earth? The first strident complaints from the MAGA crowd would be, “That’s not Jesus. The son of God is not a colored man.” Those posters of Jesus with movie star hair and deep blue eyes do NOT represent Jesus’s appearance. Most expert genealogists say he probably looked more like bin Laden than Brad Pitt.

As our made-up story continues, Jesus finally breaks through with millions of followers on Facebook, and during his electronic sermon on the Meta he declares that Donald Trump is the devil. Nothing happens. There is no movement away from the cretin. If you believe Trump is without sin, then you wouldn’t believe a modern-day redeemer, even though the 45th President of the United States is a devil in many ways.

If you believe a liar and pledge your undying love for him, then you will never find the truth. With more than 60,000 documented lies spoken while in office, it’s clear Trump’s no-brainers don’t want the truth. They say they do, but they follow only their own opinions and unscientific information. Who follows a liar? Let me give you one example of selective prejudice and close-mindedness.

Many of the far-right ingrates hate the government. They vociferously exclaim they want to destroy the administrative state. The crazies in Congress and politics want to eliminate the people who work for us, the administrators. This anti-government obsession with the myth tied to a deep-state force that is out to get them has never been proven, but it persists.

That brings me to the latest round of idiocy with some folks believing the government has space alien body parts and is withholding that information from the public. We humans have blasted a lot of stuff into space, and with all the trash floating up there these days, who the hell knows what will fall from the sky. But I have a question for those hard-core conservatives who also profess an undying love of God, Jesus and the Holy Bible. Why the hell would you want to rip that band aid off such a deep cut?

If indeed the government came out and said, “Okay, you caught us. We know all about UFOs/UAPs and extraterrestrial beings.” Then what would the holy rollers do? Such a revelation would prove that all the writings in the ancient scrolls are lies. I’m sorry, but you cannot have this all-powerful God and think that the aliens coming here are large and in charge of humanity. Ooops! Be careful what you wish for.

What really needs to be exposed, isn’t the origin of alien meat in a locker, but the fact that Donald J. Trump might be an alien. And if he is an alien, we will have to beam him back up; to the moon, Alice!

Trump’s Achilles heel is his ego. If you want to destroy this boychild, you must cut through the narcissistic armor. He must be brought to his knees, psychologically.

What most of his followers would truly hate to hear is that Trump, deep down inside, believes they are disposable. If he outright said, “YOU ARE ALL STUPID and I don’t give a shit about you,” no one would believe him. The truth won’t kill the liar, only a better lie will. Maybe we need the military to declare, “We now know that Donald Trump is an alien.” Even then, people would still support and vote for the jerk off.


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