Big Fat Loudmouth, Loser and Liar

We live in what must be the most attention deficient country in the world. One moment, my phone is blowing up with news about the raid on Donald Trump’s broke-dick mansion in Florida, and the next all those alerts are replaced by notifications that Serena Williams plans to retire. Okay, suddenly that has become more important.

I chuckled last night when I heard the news that Mar-a-Lago was under “siege” by members of the FBI, who spent hours at the former President’s residence confiscating what are probably government-owned documents. Of course, I was not at all surprised by the outcries of Republicans and right-wing lunatics. They turned on the Capitol Police and now they’ve turned on the FBI. Why? Because they somehow believe they are perpetrating a political action brought on by the “deep state.”

If you are wondering about the reason for the pre-dawn raid I’ll start at the beginning, but full disclosure first. Yes, I am one of those people who never liked the Donald when I lived in New York, hated his TV show and became depressed when he was elected President. I didn’t think Hillary Clinton was special, it’s just that I knew Trump would never take his presidency seriously. Throughout his life he has lied about everything, and I never want a liar to be my president. That is why I wrote and published this book two-hundred days into his first, and hopefully only, term.

First, why did the search take place so early? Well, that’s simply what the FBI does. Their raids and search warrant executions always take place early in the day. Next, why so many agents? Well, the more agents the faster it goes, and the procedure is then less onerous. Then there’s that word “raid.” Make no mistake, it was a true FBI raid and those who oppose use of that word are pedantic losers. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is part of the Department of Justice, and they always operate politely when executing a search warrant, unless they fear violence, death or harm to the public, in which case they break and enter with guns at the ready.

Yes, there was a search warrant, and if the lug-nuts over at Fox “News” would have taken the time to file a freedom of information act request they would have gotten a copy. A credible and respectable news outlet would have researched and revealed why the FBI was executing a search at a former president’s home. The fact that the home is also a private club probably complicated the issue, but still, no one is above the law.

Yes, the raid took place when Trump was away, but there’s nothing conspiratorial about that. Donald was in New York for a deposition by the state’s attorney general concerning possible state and federal tax violations. The FBI and Secret Service coordinated the raid; they both knew when and how it would go down.

Are you wondering what Trump did to deserve a search warrant? Well, the 45th President removed government owned documents from the White House and brought them into his home in violation of  The Presidential Records Act of 1978. The National Archives and Records Administration requested that Trump return all records and he didn’t, so the government had every right retrieve them. Should Donald be convicted of this crime he will never be able to run for Federal office again, no matter how popular he might be with the MAGA-heads. Of course, the jury is still out about the kind of brains in those heads.

I suppose the National Archives told the DOJ that Trump didn’t comply with their request and thus came this very public raid, which could lead to an indictment and arrest. If they find stolen materials in Trump’s possession, and he claims he didn’t know, that won’t fly with a federal judge who would most likely issue an arrest warrant.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if such a petty crime would finally bring down Teflon Don? Here’s this loudmouth, loser and liar of a man busted for shoplifting. It’s not surprising he might get caught up in a technical issue rather than a seriously smoking gun with his fingerprints all over it. He’s the complete idiot I have always known him to be.

Donald J. Trump’s ego and narcissism are so powerful he cannot believe any person or institution has the right to control him. He will continue to claim the 2020 election was rigged because his fragile ego will not allow him to think he lost , and his followers feel the same. Well, get it through your thick heads; he got fewer votes than the other guy. It’s over, and a true political leader would have long ago conceded and moved on. Trump can’t, however, because he’s addicted to the cheers and love he didn’t get as a child.

I, like many Americans, don’t need to see him behind bars, although that would be a righteous outcome in so many ways. I am sure Joe Biden would never pardon him, but the next Republican president probably would. A proper compromise would be banning Donald Trump from ever again running for federal office. I am not willing to allow his mental deficiencies to ruin the country I love.

It’s time for Trump’s sycophants to stop whining about this raid. Sure, have your hearings and confront law enforcement in Congress, but just remember to keep your nose clean, because if you break the law you can expect to be investigated. That is what the term Law and Order means. Got it?










  1. In the spirit of be careful what you ask for, the DOJ has finally moved against the former president, and what could come of this could be every bit as dangerous to the future of the country as if they refused to investigate anything having to do with him. I have to wonder if this move, and the fallout we have yet to see, will energize Republican voters for the midterm in the way overturning Roe has engergized Democrats. And Kevin McCarthy’s threat to investigate the Department of Justice is just downright chilling, and so in keeping with the authoritarian turn of what was once the Grand Old Party. Right now, I can only hope the Justice Department and the FBI have opened their textbooks to the pages that explain EXACTLY how to do this, because if there is so much as an ill-timed sneeze in the request for the search warrant, those who have darker designs on the future of the United States will seize and politicize it.

  2. Not sure it is really true that Donald Trump could be prevented from taking office again if convicted of a felony. We aren’t even at indictment, yet. Constitutional requirements do not exclude felons from serving and a later law that rules out anyone who engaged in insurrection from holding offices would require Trump to be tried and found guilty of insurrection before he is elected. I don’t see there being time for this to happen before the next election. At this point, we THINK the FBI was looking for purloined documents — a felony, for sure, but not insurrection. Back when I was still an optimist, I thought Trump’s “unprecedented ” behavior would prompt leaders from both parties to enact legislation to curb the power of the presidency once he left office. Close some of the loopholes he exploited so successfully so no future president could wield that kind of reckless power. Perhaps that will be one of the outcomes from the Jan. 6 Committee, but it is clear Trump has no intention of standing idly by while the government investigates him. Our long national nightmare might be only beginning!

  3. Kevin, I think it is the law overseeing classified and other government documents that spells out that someone convicted of mishandling these documents will lose their federal job and never be allowed to hold another one. That’s apparently what this is all about, although that was not known last night when the news broke. So Dwight’s right. If Trump is charged and convicted with taking classified documents home with him, he could be prevented from holding office again. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the law he accused Hillary Clinton of violating was the same one that took him down? You know what they say about karma!

  4. Betsy, I read this morning that constitutional scholars are not convinced that the Presidential Records Act — that’s the law you are referring to — would preclude Trump becoming president again. I think there needs to be a law called the Trump Can Never Be President Again Law. You know, it’s possible that, while we watchers are reading all kinds of things into this raid, that it’ll turn out that the National Archives will turn to the FBI and say, “Thanks for getting those records back,” and that will be the end of it from their end. But it will do will be to bring these documents to a place where the Jan. 6 committee can get a look at them. Of course the investigation into Jan.6 would NEVER veer into an investigation into Fatman Orange in general. That would be political! Trump is right about one thing, though. All of this is showing the incredible reach of the Federal Government when you are in its sights, and it is frightening to think the same wheels grinding Trump to orange juice could be used against any one of us!

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