The dream of converting everyone, just like ISIS

Thomas Jefferson is in his grave, snugly entombed on the property at Monticello, and if the man wasn’t such a goddamn racist his Black mistress/slave/wife would be right there alongside him. We don’t know where Sally Hemings is entombed. In fact, she was never officially freed, but after Jefferson’s death, she was allowed to live in Charlottesville with her two sons, Madison and Eston, who were granted freedom in Jefferson’s will. So, the white father took care of his Black boys, but not the Black mother who birthed them. Nice guy, huh?

Dwight and Thomas

The Supreme Court, which seemingly has found Jesus in everything they do lately, is part of the twisted belief system that is eroding the checks, balances and separation of church and state in America. That church part was of great concern to Thomas Jefferson, who was probably not a genuine Christian, but his slave ownership kept him in the bible club. Consider what John Adams could have said, “Most of the time, he sounds like an atheist, but the guy does own slaves, so I guess he’s in with the plan.” Now, exactly what plan was that?

You see, back in those times men used to quote the Bible when they were asked about this horrible, immoral institution known as slavery. Slavery’s free labor made them wealthy men, so how could they possibly do without it? It’s right in there in Ephesians 6:5-8: “Slaves, be obedient to your human masters with fear and trembling, in sincerity of heart, as to Christ.” The apostle Paul was plainly instructing slaves to obey their masters, and that became justification for slavery. I am certain this will never be taught in any Florida school, because it’s now against the law to make students feel guilty for the actions of their ancestors.

The Bible rules against having another God, making “graven” images or taking the Lord’s name in vain. It instructs us to keep the Sabbath day Holy, whatever that means, to honor our mothers and fathers, to not kill anyone, to not steal and to not screw someone else when you are married. The Bible instructs against bearing false witness against our neighbor and prohibits coveting. Nowhere does it say don’t have an abortion. Nowhere does it say we have a “right” to kneel and pray on public land after a trivial game of football. And nowhere does it direct us to put our hand on a Bible and swear to God that what we are about to say is truthful. These are manmade rules and conventions. Now, I can respect the value of good ideas, but I do not have to ordain the words of those 70-80 BC salesmen/writers. They were simply making it up as they went along.

Some Supreme Court Justices said, under an oath to God, they believed Roe Versus Wade was law, fixed and decided. However, God works in mysterious ways and if your purpose in being appointed was to eliminate a law, you had to deliver the goods. They said, let the people decide and let the states decide what is moral and good for their territory. Oh really? What is it about the word “Supreme” you don’t get?

It’s hard to ignore the fact that we have six Catholics on the Supreme Court. While I would never want a person’s religious views to affect their job hunting on the open market, the ideologies of those seeking this lifelong job, should be open and honest. I am sure had you asked Amy Coney Barrett, Brett “I like Beer” Cavanaugh or uncomfortably aloof Neil Gorsuch if they would never overturn Roe, they would have taken the fifth. The good news for Brett is beer doesn’t come in fifths. Sorry for this jurisprudence joke, but seriously, they lied under oath. Some say they just cloaked their true feelings in ambiguous words and weren’t outright lying, but it’s technically false witness, right?

When I was slapped on Facebook for some of my radical posts on the Roe decision, I responded with a blunt question to the maniacal pro-lifers, “So, how many unwanted babies will you be adopting five, ten, fifteen or more?” That shut them up in the string of comments, but will not change their desires that everyone think exactly like they do.

The movement of evangelical Christians to take power and rule would piss off the late President Jefferson. Their desire to force their values on all Americans is disgusting. What’s next? Will prayer become mandated in schools? Do they want our kids to be “good Christians” or help them understand and love America, with all her pimples and problems?

Never Peace, Always Power

I am sure most Christians don’t see their “movement” in the same light as ISIS. The Islamic terrorist group, much like the Taliban, wants everyone to be of one religion and to follow the laws created under that dogma. They don’t give a shit about women’s rights or civil rights. It’s so much easier for small minds to follow the ancient text and Muhammad’s demands and dictates. I am sure there are lots of devout Christian men in America who believe it’s their decision about if and when their women get an abortion. Worse, there are some more hardened zealots who actually believe a husband cannot rape his wife. Really?

Here’s a fucking newsflash for all you “patriots” of Jesus; America wasn’t built to be one religion. We ran away from that to form a more perfect union, and we don’t need people who follow one document, the Constitution, but let another document, the Holy Bible, overrule our true beliefs. Let me boil this down. We need to impose a retirement age on those who serve on the Supreme Court. Older members can become senile or totally controlled by their right-wing white witch at home! Hint: Clarence Thomas. It’s time to move to eleven justices, you know, so they can take longer vacations where they talk to real people and learn what American’s genuinely think and believe.

If they sit in judgement of how America should work, we have a right to sit in judgement of them. Giving a corporation the same rights as a person is a colossal mistake. Thank you, Neil Gorsuch. Saying a doctor who increases a patient’s Oxycontin dosage until they become addicted cannot be sued is unbelievably uncivil and wrong. Yeah, they just did that.

Thankfully, we now have a new member of the Court, and hopefully she can talk some sense into six people who have lost their way. They are no longer just following the law; they are rewriting America in their own craven image. As I sit right here next to Thomas Jefferson’s grave, we both concur that it’s no longer a court, it’s a cabal. I think it would be positive to have one brilliant atheist on the court What? Is that too much to ask?










  1. I have resisted the suggestion that the Supreme Court be expanded, but lately I’m having second thoughts. The Court’s “teaser” that next term they intend to take a look at election laws was chilling, to say the least. We could LOSE our voice in government based on a lie — which should be of no concern to those justices who lied their way on to the Court. You know, it has long been a Christian ethical standard to teach “The end does not justify the means.” It’s called situational ethics. This concept seems completely lost on both the Supreme Court and the Republican Christians of Congress. It’s embarrassing for those of us trying to be good Christians. Gives us all a bad name.

  2. you’re preaching to the choir. Oh, don’t get me wrong it’s an elegant sermon with passion and truth and I love it and I get it.
    i’m just concerned that in this fractured mediascape the folks that I would love to read it simply aren’t tuned in to your channel.
    there’s this great divide and all the bridges across it seem to have been burned lately.
    we are raw. we try to make sense and even when we do we need to proceed it by making connection.
    somewhere in the ether there is a Common story. It needs to be found, told, and taken in consciousness.

    How to bring that about beats the hell out of me. I’m willing to take the first steps with you and see who we can get to join us. maybe some of these religious zealots on the court and the court of opinionight believe in the miracle it’s going to take.

    Those are my thoughts. Kind of given up on prayers. Even on the 50 yard line.

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