Lee Abrams: The New Mainstream

America appears broken on many levels.  In fact, the whole world needs therapy. The voice of sensibility is muted by the insane effects of uncertainty and unrest

The solutions to calm a crazed planet will likely emerge when institutions sync up with the realities of the new mainstream, led by independent thinkers with the knack of creating ideas that connect with the new mainstream.  Some will be discovered and corrupted by the traditionalists while others will stay true and find ways to create change that’s in harmony with the era. Maybe a few will succeed.  It’s the era of the big idea from the world changing Amazon’s or Musk’s to the more granular that merely change industries of all sizes

We’ll never return to the past but we sure can make the future more interesting with a chance for a return to mass optimism.

But we are in the time of average and an adherence to the old playbook being acceptable and even encouraged.  All in a period of massive change.  It’s why I use the term NEW mainstream.  The old mainstream is a relic of past decades that defined what is average, yet media, is living in and targeting the old mainstream.

We are seeing it in aerospace, technology, distribution and some commerce.  In most other areas, not so much.  Information presentation (news) and media standing out as being locked into the past.

Lee Abrams, Media Expert

For example, in news, without new thinking being generated, organized and presented, informational insanity creeps in:

Mindless conspiracy theories fueled by social media.  Some, if not most, are beyond ridiculous presented by “truthers.”  Low IQ theater at its finest

Magnet news sources that draw individuals that may skew a certain direction, plummeting into the extremity mode.

Lies. Plain and simple. Amplified by compelling presentations along with the magic of photoshop and other modern transformation tools.

Safe and comfortable presentation/production at a time when things aren’t safe and comfortable…sameness in an era of change. One solution resides in the new ways of presenting information…that connects…to the new mainstream.  New thinking.  New approaches.  Newness that touches the nerve center of the new mainstream.  Marrying extreme journalism with extreme creative and unafraid of reality — the good, bad and ugly is one way.

In whatever the endeavor, the barriers of tradition are mighty and well defended, but the possibilities are endless for those focused over the horizon.  2022 will be a good time to bend culture into the shape of now.

To learn more about Lee Abrams, click here. And Lee recommends these links to better understand the need for change in media right now.


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  1. It is absolutely true that a new approach is needed, and that part of that effort includes a willingness to look at things differently — certainly something mainstream media should have a role in — but our dilemma goes much deeper than that. In graduate school in 1985, one of the discussion points about the future of media was that those involved in it at practically every level are NOT mainstream. They may have grown up in “average” middle-class families, but even by 1985, they were better educated, of higher income, generally (or destined to be), and more attuned to world view than the “average” citizen. The days when a guy (emphasis on the guy) who had a great voice or a way with words could stumble out of the military and into a studio or newsroom were rapidly passing. Now they’re gone. Alas, instead of “bringing along” the great unwashed with our media’s more sophisticated view of the world, we’ve focused almost exclusively on the like-minded. The people who “get the joke.” We’ve found our tribe, and we’re happy there. We seem unable to bring along those who ended formal education with high school or trade school because, like it or not, we pander to them. We assume a lower level of understanding and appreciation, and it doesn’t help when, sometimes, we’re right. Mainstream media is highly distrusted. Trying new platforms will only go so far in “fixing” things. If you want to fix the media and society, you have to fix education. When people graduated from high school in the 1940s and ’50s, they left with as much “culture” and civic understanding as teachers could cram into them on their way out the door. Now, students take the classes they NEED to earn a living, and by junior year, can leave the building by 10:30 a.m. to go to a job. We’ve stripped education to “career” prep, with little regard for the person we are turning out. And modern media is split — some catering to that level of education, while some caters to those who are “smarter.” We can’t fix our society until we recognize what it takes to be a discerning person, and start sharing it at a much earlier point in the lives of US. Being an “American,” a “citizen of the world,” takes more than a focus on earning and spending capacity, which has to be the primary concern of those who make their living selling media. To see the rifts in our social structure as they are now suggests even the “great unwashed” knows this. When will the rest of us figure it out?

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