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All men and women are created equal, right? And all laws are applied equally to the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker, right? And should you be thinking we no longer have candlestick makers, look no further than the recent tornado disaster in Mayfield, Kentucky. It’s comforting to believe everyone has equal protection under the law and no high powers who break laws are treated differently than Tom, Dick or Harry. Unfortunately, that ain’t America, buddy.

I don’t need to review what happened in Washington DC on January 6th of 2020. We all watched it live on TV and have now seen countless videos from multiple sources that show us in high definition exactly what occurred. So, why haven’t there been more arrests?

Yes, some 500 people have been found, booked, arrested and charged for their 1/6 crimes, including Proud Boys, MAGA loyalists and members of an American and Canadian far-right anti-government militia they call the Three Percenters. Their name is styled in a variety of ways such as 3 Percenters, 3%ers and even III%ers, but their name is derived from the actual amount of brainpower they use in decision making. Okay, these goons have been given justice, but what about the perps who planned, promoted and pounded out the lies that led up to the riot?

As we are learning from the massive text dump that former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows released to the 1/6 Committee, it’s apparent that there were forces inside the White House participating in the promotion and planning of the protest that led to the Capitol insurrection. In a more perfect union, the motivators of the riot that caused loss of life while trying to prevent the solemn act of accepting the electoral votes would have already been arrested.

Those who urged the protestors to fight, an activity that goes far beyond our First Amendment rights, should have been arrested that very day. To my way of thinking, Mo Brooks of Alabama, Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump, Jr. and his old man should have been rounded up and tossed in the hoosgow. It’s clear we have two classes of citizens and we must hold hearings for the elite rather than charging them with conspiracy.

As people are subpoenaed to appear under oath in Congress, why must they go through an arduous process of committee actions, votes and political carefulness? If you or I did the same thing, just like the 500 minions who obeyed the orders of the orange-faced conman we would have already been tracked down and put in jail. Why not arrest the people who caused the riot? Death is death, crime is crime, and those responsible rats may never go to jail, but they certainly should not serve in office ever again.

Sean Puff Daddy Liar

The text messages and emails released by the committee this week do show that some pushed back, like Fox News “personalities” and inner circle and family members. They were urging Trump to do something to quell the riot, which in my opinion they are equally guilty of creating. Why are some Congresspeople’s names redacted in the evidence? Why this lack of transparency? We need to know which members of Congress were communicating with Trump and Meadows, whose text said the National Guard would protect the MAGA people the next day. Is this not evidence of treason? Mark Meadows shouldn’t be held in contempt of Congress; he should be arrested for seditious acts against the United States. Why are there two sets of books?

The QAnon guy who came to D.C. the day before the insurrection brought many guns and tons of ammo. He also sent a text message to his family saying he would kill Nancy Pelosi. He just got 24 months in jail. Why is Mark Meadows not serving time for plotting an incident to bring down the government? What the fuck am I missing here?

Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity, who were outed by the emails and texts they sent during 1/6, went on TV last night to say they’ve been consistent in their reporting on the riots, but with many qualifications. Ingraham said she was against the riot, “but it wasn’t an insurrection.” She wants to live in a denotative world but turns to the connotative dictionary of lies to present her defense. She’s full of shit.

As for Hannity, he’s always been so far up Donald Trump’s ass I am sure his blood stream is 90% methane. They speak no truth about the Covid vaccines, even though they had the shots. Similarly, nothing they say about January 6th it is truthful. I get it, they are carrying water for the loser and that’s on them.

Can we please get this behind us, America? Arrest the people who committed the crime, all of them. Don’t let one single asshole wearing a “Don’t tread on me” flag think they can shoot up a pizza joint or shit in Nancy Pelosi’s office and get away with it. We have fewer armed robberies in America because the penalty is tough. I live in Florida where armed robbery is a felony offense, and a conviction may result in life imprisonment as well as a $10,000 maximum fine.

If we only had caught him, we would have been tougher on that twenty-something guy who murdered his girlfriend, stole her van and quickly disappeared from his parents’ house than we are being with the perpetrators who tried to kill our Constitution. Why are we not arresting Mr. Meadows and making him answer tough questions? Maybe we should release him in a swamp and let an alligator bring him justice. After all, he is originally from Branden, Florida, the very same place where a large confederate flag flies along I-75.

It’s high time to stop the media frenzy. 1/6 is a crime we all witnessed. We know they were trying to overthrow the election; we have fat-ass Trump on tape asking for an election official in Georgia to do just that. Why hasn’t he been indicted?

When Steve Bannon and Mark Meadows say they will not engage with the committee because False Prophet Donald Trump told them not to, that is WITNESS INTIMIDATION, which is a crime. Will the Department of Justice please grow some balls? Remember, Republicans screwed the man running that department out of a lifelong job on the Supreme Court. Mr. Attorney General Garland it’s time to act.

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