American Justice on Display

It repulses me that a mother would permit, aid and abet her son to travel from his home state to another with a scheme of “protecting” storefronts with an AR-15 automatic rifle. I would never put my child in such danger but promoting the use of force and murder because of a disagreement with protesters, regardless of their cause, has to be the lowest point of parenthood.

Wendy Rittenhouse

I don’t know Mrs. Rittenhouse but I am wondering if she would like to go back in time to stop her son Kyle from going to Kenosha for a fun night of target practice on real live humans. Now we have a theory from his defense lawyers that 17-year-old Kyle was shooting in self-defense. I suppose it could be seen that way, but he did kill two protestors and wounded another.

The problem here is that Kyle carried a “legally obtained” and fully loaded automatic weapon to a site of known unrest. Why? We can debate whether the laws governing firearms in Illinois and Wisconsin protect citizens from misguided teenagers out for a night of protester poaching, but it’s tragic there are no federal guidelines on firearm registration for “hunting” or “sport” and which weapons may be used. Had Rittenhouse thrown hand grenades at the protesters we would have a different discussion, but the same tragic results.

We will know shortly what the jury decides in this case but judging by the conduct and comments of Judge Bruce Schroeder, the longest-serving circuit court judge in Wisconsin, it’s easy to see how he can place his hand on the scale of justice and force the jurors to consider his viewpoint just as much as the facts. Perhaps you find this disturbing, but it’s something judges have always done. Some even proclaim it’s their job to make sure the jury doesn’t get “fooled” by a wily prosecutor or slick defense attorney. That aside, it sure does seem like Schroeder would like to see young Kyle, the defender of all that is right, be acquitted.

This kind of stand-your-ground defense cannot explain to a loved one why their spouse, sibling or child is dead and will never come back. It’s based on a fear of the assailant. If one who kills was sufficiently afraid of another, then this self-defense excuse can be applied. But may I ask how scared can a person possibly be when holding an AR-15 in combat stance? Could it be that Kyle was targeted BECAUSE he was carrying a gun?

Why latex gloves?

Kyle’s lawyers can talk about self-defense until the cows come home, but it’s nearly impossible for the prosecution to prove the killings weren’t self-defense. If Rittenhouse beats the charge, what does that say about guns and extrajudicial killings in American streets? Have we returned to the lawless wild west days of gunslinger vigilantes deciding who lives and who dies?

If the state loses the case, I urge them to appeal. This kid needs to understand that what he did was wrong. We should not coddle Rittenhouse like a “snowflake.” He’s a soldier of the “cancel culture” who used an automatic weapon to stop protestors. He’s not a victim, he’s the culprit –– the very opposite of law and order and certainly not a good role model for any kid who might be tempted to play the role of a cop. Might I also add that Kyle is a terrible actor? Did you notice there were no tears when he was “crying?” That was a B-actor desperately trying look like he was oh so bothered by it all. I hope he gets at least a couple of years in jail.

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