Evangelicals, Conspiracy Nuts & Whack Jobs

There once was a time when we all discussed things, and at times spun up some dust, but after the vote we counted the ballots and walked away knowing we had to abide by the will of the majority. Even politicians would say,”Hey, it’s what the people wanted.” We no longer live in that world.

I’ll begin by saying there is no deep state movement that tampers with our elections. Sure, Uncle Larry voted for his dead wife, but he cast that ballot knowing how she would have voted had she still been on the earth. Minor, isolated events like this have become cooked into the mind of a loser, and like a snappin’ turtle he’s not about to admit he’s not as popular as daddy always said he was.

Even though the Democrats won the White House, the House of Representatives and found a path to work their will without the Senate, they seem to be getting in their own way. The majority is now succumbing to the power and volume coming from certain minorities. The “TRUMP WON” campaign on display in the front yards of America is embarrassing. He lost big time. Then there are those people from the “far-crazy,” mainly followers of QAnon, who believe that in some “new future,” Trump will stride triumphantly back into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and everything will be “solved.” These buffoons weave a tale about a cabal of Democratic Satanists who will be removed from office and arrested because “incontrovertible evidence” proves their transgressions.

With Trump and QAnon pushing these lies, state legislatures have gone against all logic and law to construct procedural walls between the ballot box and elderly, minority and low involvement voters. They did this not because of any voter fraud but, like gerrymandering, they are building an artificial advantage for the next election. There’s one question that hardly anyone asks these zealots. Will their actions, policies and laws make it harder to vote? The answer is definitely, YES! So, why are these good actions?

The cowboy hat and boot wearing posers in Texas have just passed an anti-abortion law most likely to get them a primo parking spot at the Baptist church. They claim to have fought against those who follow the “heathen gods” who permit a woman to not only have the right over her own body but also to “murder” a fetus. Hello, most research shows over 60% of American voters think that banning abortions is a bad idea, but these jackasses don’t care.

Now that the Supreme Court has been stacked with ultra-conservative judges, they no longer can see America for what she truly is. Chief Justice John Roberts thinks we don’t need a federal mandate of fair and honest elections because the states will police themselves. Boy, is he ever wrong! And the three stooges, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Cavanaugh and Amy Conehead Barrett, are not at all worried about voting fairness. They are far more interested in creating a “handmaiden” state.

Women have long been the target of male dominated jurists, legislators and business leaders who think they know what is best for the females of our land. California has a Republican candidate running in the recall election, Larry Elder, who wants to eliminate all pregnancy leave from his state. God help California if this wanker gets elected. He’s simply not promoting a majority concept. Women make up 51% of the population, and I am sure there are millions of California men who need and appreciate the ability of their spouses to care for their newborns in the first few months of their lives.

I might suggest a late-term abortion for some sitting on the Supreme Court bench, but that would be murder, even though some of the justices don’t appear to have a heart let alone a heartbeat. The Texas law contains a diabolical way to police “illegal abortions” by using citizens to out the offenders. I hate to do this, but I must. In Nazi Germany, Hitler came up with the idea of brown shirts, youth who would rat out citizens for their transgressions against the state. Isn’t that what this is? Heil Abbott!

I feel we have too many Catholics on the Supreme Court. Catholics make up about 20% of the US population but we have six of them on the high court, I did the math, that’s 66.6%. Strange that it’s not legal to ask a job applicant about their faith, but we make a big deal of religious affiliation when it comes to Supreme Court nominees. Why is that? I have another question. Why are there no agnostics or atheists sitting on the Supreme Court?

The problem, my friends, is this. If you are raised from childhood to believe that abortion is a sin, eating meat on Friday will send you to hell and your religions institution demands loyalty to a church above state, how can you possibly be unbiased on matters involving morality? Your moral judgement has been baked in an institution that thwarted the law, abused thousands of children and covered it up for decades.

Throughout my life I’ve read about faith, religion, politics and people. With each passing year I have less faith in people, a growing disdain for politics and outright distrust of religion. Evangelicals push their agenda on all of us because of a strange intellectual flaw that their faith and belief system should be imposed on everyone else, period. Okay, but I don’t want to play that. I have four kids and I wouldn’t want any one of them to be taken away from me or my family. Amy Coney Barrett and her husband have seven children, two of whom were adopted. Okay, I have no problem with how she created her family and I have no problem with how she lives. Why can’t she let other people live the way they want? It’s simple. She cannot separate her judgements from her religion. I thought we were supposed to replace only ourselves, meaning two kids per family, to keep the planet from overflowing. But who am I to talk? I have four kids.

The Supreme Court has an interesting ego which appears at many obvious points in history. They don’t like to admit they were wrong, but at the same time they try to avoid stepping on the traditions and precedents of their former members. They must move on, however, or we would still have slavery, women prohibited from voting and LGBTs shunned as a subhuman set of citizens. If you rigorously followed the Holy Bible, women would be totally avoided during a certain time of the month. Leviticus 11:1-15:33 states that a woman undergoing menstruation is perceived as unclean for seven days and whoever touches her shall be unclean. Wow, now there is some pure handmaiden horseshit!

Abortion will be the true test, and some are skillfully arguing against the procedure by using technological advances in medicine. A woman cannot get an abortion until she knows she’s pregnant, and six weeks is too early to know in many cases. The Texas law was made in a way to trick the courts. Can a fetus survive birth at six weeks? No, but we know babies can be made in test tubes. Oh, it’s coming folks. You need to go back and read Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

Here’s the most destructive part of the new law in Texas. If a man or parent forced themselves on a woman, and the victim became pregnant and then got an abortion, that man could sue the woman for restitution. This Texas law has effectively codified a man’s penis as a legal weapon against women. How will those evangelicals and political whack jobs justify this horrible law to their God, or could it be that the core of religion is chauvinistic?


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  1. The issue is a lot more complicated than merely weaponizing body parts. After all, there are those who might argue men have ALWAYS been able to weaponize their bodies when it comes to women with little consequence. In fact, that’s practically the definition of rape. However, laws that do not allow women to decide what is, or is not, the right path for them in pregnancy suggests those making these restrictive laws have the right to PASS JUDGEMENT on the pregnancy and the pregnant woman. Judgement is God’s job, not ours. Pregnancy should never be a punishment for what someone else decides is questionable behavior or poor judgement — especially if that behavior is illegal. Completely apart from being unfair to the woman, it is unfair to the child. Those who usurp the right to make that decision never seem to have a “plan” for what comes next. Spare me your heartfelt sentiment about the sanctity of life, if your “solution” to this problem is to just pat mother and child on their heads, and send them on their merry way. How dare you consider yourself THAT important?

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