Our Former President Should Just Go Away

I keep asking why we continue to fuss about the things Donald Trump says now that he’s a private citizen again. Of course, one could argue that that he’s never been a “private” person or his craving for publicity, attention and press supersedes the privacy any normal person would assume.

Now with the Trump Organization’s CFO being charged with more than a dozen counts of fraud and a 15-year duplicitous tax scheme we can’t avoid the continuous storm of bombshells. The Wall Street Journal has this interesting update, “The Trump Organization has removed longtime finance chief Allen Weisselberg as an officer at some of its subsidiaries. The removal of Mr. Weisselberg as an officer from multiple Trump Organization entities comes amid discussions of potential changes in the chief financial officer’s duties, responsibilities and possibly title at former President Donald Trump’s company, people familiar with the matter said. Mr. Weisselberg, who has worked for the Trump family since 1973, is expected to remain at the company.” Really? He is accused of all that stuff, and he’s removed as an officer yet he remains employed by Trump companies. Why?

Most any other business would have reacted with, “Wow, we had no idea, and we’re going to clean house.” But, no, Trump never said what Mr. Weisselberg did was wrong. His sons Eric and Don Jr., officers of the company, claim they did nothing wrong and every firm gives top executives the same kind of perks and treatment. Okay, but when Jamie Diamon gets a jet from JPMorgan Chase, he declares the jet’s value as income. Why would Weisselberg cheat the treasury out of $1.7 million when he doesn’t need the money? He could have simply paid for all that stuff or declared it as income. It makes no sense that an accomplished CFO would put himself in jeopardy. This situation isn’t as bad as that of Bernie Madoff, but maybe it’s that same thrill of getting away with something knowing he might get caught.

All that bullshit that blew out of Trump’s mouth at his rally in Dallas last weekend might have been great fertilizer for a prize-winning tomato plant, but it contained nothing important or truthful to us. Why do legitimate press outlets keep replaying and regurgitating the lies? They might say it’s just a route to more ridicule and repudiation of the old fool, but the more they talk about him the more people believe it’s all true.

No Vax, No 5G, No Face Mask

During the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) hoedown in Dallas, the crowd decided to cheer when one of the speakers mentioned the country not achieving Joe Biden’s vaccination goal of 70% by the Fourth of July. Mitt Romney called that CPAC crowd cheering “grossly unfortunate.” Well, I guess that’s the best Mitt Romney can muster. It’s funny to me that Donald Trump is fully vaccinated but his loyalists are against vaccination. Where’s the logic in that?

So, why does the press need Donald Trump? We know that Fox News wants as much as they can get of the demigod, but MSNBC and CNN have taken the position that until the guy is dead and buried he’s a danger to America. Okay, he might be, but really, just replaying and repeating his lies ad nauseum doesn’t erase them.

A business can mount a court case if someone publicly promotes a lie about it and get a judge to pump out a gag order making that person shut up. It’s exactly what those two voting machine companies are doing with Rudy Giuliani and his lunatic cohorts. Those assholes are using the Big Lie to malign, slander and devalue those companies.

Why doesn’t someone launch a class-action suit against Donald Trump to get a court to gag him? Oh yeah, First Amendment, but large groups of citizens should have the right to sue someone who is doing harm to the whole nation. Doesn’t that give them standing in any court? It’s our country. The courts cannot rule over content published on Facebook even when it’s false or hateful. It’s Facebook’s company, not the government’s.

Content moderation would take a ton of money but it’s a good idea. Should that happen though, Trump and his idiot friends would squawk all over TV about how the left is out to get them. They would claim they are somehow being violated. Now we all know that any publicity is good publicity, but there comes a time when someone should tell a loser to just shut up and go away. Why is any of this important to you, Mr. Trump? You cried wolf about a rigged election and can never take that back. You have no way out of your stupid lies. You are the target of jokes told around the world. They say you’re a sore loser, a guy who just isn’t big enough to take it like a man. Daddy would be so proud of you Donnie! I wonder if your older sister still has the energy to pour a bowl of mashed potatoes on your head to shut you up.

The only people who care about Donald John Trump are those who have never been able to love themselves. They see the former president as their savior, born to make their lives, what? Better? Did his presidency help them? No one gets anything from Trump other than cons and lies. I would love to see a military transport drop all the ballots he didn’t win on the front lawn of Mar-a-Lago with a giant sign that says: COUNT THEM ALL, ASSHOLE!

Maybe then the world could go on.


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  1. It looks to me that broadcast media is slowly achieving some level of restraint on his coverage, but the insurrection, and his yet-to-be-proven link to it certainly keeps him in the news, as does his financial misdeeds. We’re going to follow this nut whether we want to or not. Other events of consequence will eventually overtake his spot on the stage, but he’s always going to be yelling “look at me” from the wings. I think it’s childish that some news outlets refer to him as “the old guy,” or “the former guy.” He was elected president. He is the former president. Refusing to say his name does not make him go away — like Beetlejuice. But the fact remains, those of us with a lick of common sense still need to know the breadth of his crimes, so we can spot his like in the future. Much as we wish we could just wake up from this bad dream, it ain’t over till it’s over.

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