Marjorie Taylor Greene & Ilhan Omar

I have remarked many times that people say stupid things, including myself. It’s true. I’ve been known to make some really off the wall declarations that I now truly regret. Today, however, we’ll focus on how difficult it is to remain in the center and not overreact to insipid comments made by people who get paid $174,000 every year to represent us in Congress.

I have difficulty believing or even listening to things that both Marjorie Taylor Greene and Ilhan Omar say each time they open their pie holes. In the past, I committed to digital print all the outrageous and dangerous utterances of Taylor Greene, the junior representative of the 14th district of Georgia. Ms. Omar serves the Minnesota’s 5th congressional district and has been in office since 2019. She presents herself as a member of the Democratic – Farmer – Labor party (DFL) of her state. Let’s see why these districts voted for these two new members of Congress.

Ms. Greene won her district by 74.6% and Ms. Omar won hers by 63.4% when elected for her second term in Congress. These representatives are extremely popular in their districts, both of which are as polarized as the candidates they’ve elected.

Omar’s district in Minnesota turned Democratic in the early 1960s and has never changed. Its main political party is the DFL, outside the traditional two-party concept we see in most of America. The ethnic makeup of the 5th is 63% White, 17% Black, 9% Hispanic, 6% Asian, 4% Native American. In Minnesota’s 5th, 14% were born elsewhere — 26% were born in Asia and 34% Africa. So, Representative Ilham Omar is of Islamic faith, like her constituency. Even though non-citizens cannot vote, their influence in her community is great.

Taylor Greene’s 14th district of Georgia has a foreign-born population of only 6.83% and 95.4% of that part of the state are American citizens. Whites make up 65.4% of the district, Hispanics 16.1% and African Americans 10.5%. The area is 56.58% blue-collar and 43.42% white-collar. One statistic best illustrates the loyalty of Georgians in the 14th district; 79% of their 2020 votes went to Donald Trump.

Yesterday, more than a dozen House Democrats publicly criticized Ilhan Omar accusing her of giving “cover” to terrorists and suggesting her remarks about Hamas and the Taliban reflect a “deep-seated prejudice.” Omar equated the United States and Israel to Hamas and the Taliban in a tweet about “atrocities” she claims all four have committed. Okay, where do we start here? First, we truly need a new rule. Congresspeople should be allowed to use Twitter or Facebook only to post press releases from their offices. That way, each post would be an official document rather than an off-the-cuff comment. It will prevent wrong messages being sent because staff members would have to review each post for clarity and correctness. Why are we, the taxpayers, footing the bill for these staffs who aren’t doing their jobs?

In my opinion, neither of these women are adept at the English language. Think of Sarah Palin. She believed many of her statements made major contributions to the spoken word and culture of America, but careful examination of her words reveal they’re all bullshit. I don’t care about their party affiliations, both Greene and Omar are an embarrassment to America, and they shouldn’t be in Congress.

Why should Ms. Omar or Ms. Greene get to determine anything about basic American freedoms? They are narrowminded people interested only in minority viewpoints rather than all the people in their districts, let alone the whole country. I know each has only one vote, but when their public pronouncements produce violence against minorities or other citizens, we have an obligation to stop their shouts of “Fire! Fire!” in a theater with no flames.

Marjorie, the election wasn’t stolen. There are no Jewish space lasers causing fires in California and most of that other chicken shit you scrape off yours shoes and slap on Twitter are lies. Ilhan, nothing good happens when you rachet up distrust and attack the Jews. Funny how the two people we are talking about today have this thing about Jewish people. Don’t you think it all comes off a bit, may I say it, Anti-Semitic?

These two women engage their mouths before their brains. Yes, they talk the talk and walk the walk for their homies, but many of the rest of us wish they would just eat a heaping plate of SHUT THE FUCK UP.

There, I’ve said it. They don’t need to be canceled, they just need to slow down and ask the question, “Is what I am about to post true, and will it be helpful for all of America?” The “Oh, I was just being sarcastic” excuse that Trump constantly used doesn’t cut it. He’s gone and it’s time for a return to truth, or at least stop making up things that distract from the important tasks at hand. Omar and Greene do not have effective communication skills. Neither has done anything to prove they are worthy of the chairs they sit in. Time to find better people.



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  1. I suspect much of the “fringe” on both sides of the aisle subscribe to the political school of thought that believes it doesn’t matter what is said about them, as long as their names are spelled right. It’s pretty hard to stand out in the Republican Party these days — the field of kooks is pretty deep. I think Greene relishes being the trustee on the ward. As far as the Democrats go, Omar may not want to see her left of center philosophy get swept aside in the name of compromise — and there’s that standing out issue. It might be interesting to know the breakdown of “collars” in Omar’s district — blue v. white. Could present a whole different perspective on why she cannot bring herself to temper her speech, EITHER. e.e.

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