What is the Department of Justice Doing?

Often, I read the details of a legal case and completely understand it. It’s rare that I hear something like I’m about to share with you and have difficulty finding well-defined logic or reason for what’s in play. I’ll start with this reporting from CNN, “The Justice Department argued in a brief filed Monday that it should be permitted to substitute itself for former President Donald Trump as defendant in a defamation lawsuit brought by a longtime magazine columnist, E. Jean Carroll, who accused Trump of rape.”

E. Jean Carroll

Well, the statues of limitations might prohibit Ms. Carroll from bringing that serious allegation of sexual assault to court, but Mr. Trump’s comments while he was president included statements that questioned her credibility in terms that were, according to the Department of Justice (DOJ), “crude and disrespectful.” The DOJ continued, “But this case does not concern whether Mr. Trump’s response was appropriate. Nor does it turn on the truthfulness of Ms. Carroll’s allegations.” Okay, so this writer must now ask, “Just what is this case about?”

The DOJ takes the position that Trump was an employee of the government and that he acted “within the scope of employment,” and that he shouldn’t personally be the defendant in the case. WTF? The government didn’t attack the woman’s credibility, Donald John Trump did. This is another gesture that makes it seem the Chief Executive of America is above the law.

We cannot know what happened in the dressing room where Carroll claims Trump sexually assaulted her, but we do know that Trump’s reaction was highly vindictive and crude. It’s important to point out that in October 2020, a district judge rejected the Justice Department’s attempt to replace Trump in the lawsuit. Had the department been allowed to intervene in the case, it likely would have l been dismissed, because the government cannot be sued for defamation. So, here’s the legal fork in the road. Is the President of the United States an individual or the government itself?

What is missing here is comprehension that a president’s words could plunge a product, kill a company or destroy a person’s reputation and their ability to get work. This DOJ announcement claims a president cannot be sued. Why? Had Trump’s comments been made when he wasn’t in office, the DOJ would have no grounds to get involved. That proves that the flimsy argument they are making is wrong and should not get this case dismissed.

Their words “within the scope of employment,” imply that the statement of any government employee that hurts a person or company is protected speech. That’s incorrect. Most government employees are restricted by rules and policies regarding their public statements and if they mess up, they get fired. Such claims are investigated by the Inspector General’s office.

We have clear evidence that Donald Trump is a prolific liar. The Washington Post claims he lied 50,000 times while he was president. We also know our ex-president likes to defame people; he’s been doing that all his life. As for rape, well until someone brings a better case with evidence and witnesses, we will never know. All that aside, Donald is getting a huge gift from the DOJ and many Democrats and those on the far left will be asking the same question. WHY?

Letitia James – Attorney General of New York

I have a theory and it’s not good for the former President. I suspect that the Justice Department knows what is coming from the Southern District of New York, the Attorney General of New York and from the IRS, so maybe they are taking this possible precedent setting action because they know the shit will soon hit the fan. Speculating a bit further, what would keep a person, without merit or proof, from bringing the same kind of suit against President Joe Biden? Could it be that the DOJ is protecting the office of the president and not one, specific man?

Justice moves slowly in America and only time will tell, but I guarantee that if the judge accepts the DOJ reasoning the case will be dismissed and, once again, Trump will get off Scott free. How can this continue to happen, or are other clocks ticking down to some other major problems for the former president? Sadly, this drama will never end until Trump is gone and muzzled. Yes, the Donald needs to be canceled.



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  1. The situation is baffling. It would be nice if the Department of Justice would explain its thinking on this. I thought the days of the Department of Justice stepping in on behalf of Donald Trump were over.

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