The Ayatollah of Mar-a-Lago

Third-world dictators are watching with great interest as Donald Trump continues to deny the results of the 2020 US election. Who is this fat man in the suit and tie? Will he regain power and ascend the throne once more, or is it all pure political theater that will only cement the lowest Congressional approval ratings of all time?

While we are trying to recover from a coronavirus and economic downturn, some people are more driven to protect, defend and serve their master, Donald John Trump, instead of helping the American people. You know who I’m talking about.

Liz and Joe

Liz Cheney’s role in the Republican caucus has no bearing on this country’s ability to pick itself up from the mat and become a respected world power again. That’s on Joe Biden and his policies. However, the way Republicans will turn on their own and publicly demote a woman is damn embarrassing. And why will she be fired? Because she has decided that truth is more important than Donald Trump. I assume she believes that Trump caused the insurrection on January 6, 2021, which he did.

It’s not only the “Big Lie” that gets in the way, but bad thinking also plays a role. Over the last 24 hours, I have heard dozens of Republicans say that Facebook is bad because they have no rules, and they arbitrarily censor conservatives. That’s a fucking lie. I’ve been thrown off Facebook for posts I’ve made, and I am hardly a conservative. By the way, that social media behemoth does have rules and they also created a phony “supreme court” so that little Marky Zuckerberg can disavow his power. Don’t fool yourself; he’s in control. And if you think I am pro-social media, said the guy banned from Twitter for life, you should buy this book and read the chapter titled Social Media Menace. It’s abundantly clear that social media companies don’t at all care about privacy or people. They’re in it for the money.

Facebook continues to ban our lunatic former president from the service because should they allow him to return, they know he will proceed to say he won election. He will get a warning, get tagged and then do it again. A second warning will follow, which he will ignore and get bounced again, causing more elephant underwear to tighten up across the country. You see Trump wants the power but without all that “work stuff” that comes along with being president. If you want one-way communication, check out his damn website/blog. Most of use who think he’s a danger to democracy would love to see him back on Facebook. We would drill the site with lots of anti-hate messaging, but he would unfriend us or delete our posts. Donald Trump would be just another Facebook poster with all the rights afforded that status.

If the wannabe dictator thinks that one day he will march back into the nation’s capital like the Ayatollah did in Iran, he’s dead wrong. America is better off without Trump involved in any element of government. Many of those who praise the fallen leader are banking on his power never diminishing. Well, it has, and it will erode further with each month he’s out of office. Donald thinks his policies can be kept alive by sycophants like Florida’s Ron DeSantis, who signed Senate Bill 2006 into law Monday. It bans the use of Covid-19 “passports” in the state and blocks businesses from requiring proof of vaccination. It is, as they call it, “red meat” for the base, but a terrible law. In his effort to please Trump, DeSantis cost the state money.


Florida’s new law may take a toll on its cruise business. According to CNN, “The CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. said Thursday it could cause the company to suspend Florida departures and move its ships elsewhere.” Oh yeah, DeSantis forgot that cruise ship companies are NOT Florida firms and they must abide by international law. The company can be sued should a cruise passenger contract COVID-19 and die. This new law doesn’t help business, it demonstratively hurts it.

The new laws restricting voting by making it harder to vote are being pitched to us as a way to improve confidence in voting results, but the only people who aren’t confident are those who lost the election. It comes off to me as sour grapes and sore loser shit. The important point is this. People who want to vote in these defensive red states will just have to work a little harder to get past the roadblocks built by insecure little minds being led by a failed former President whose ego is more important to him than morality and the Constitution.

Let me conclude with this. People need to stop calling him “President Trump.” He should always be referred to as the “former president.” The US has only one president, and right now it’s Joe Biden. Fewer people are dying from Covid and the stock market is up, so Republicans should shut up and stop playing stupid games. Liz Cheney is the least of your worries. You don’t have a platform. Trump is a loser and you have become a failed party. Take that and smoke it.

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One thought on “FAKE POTUS & FACEBOOK

  1. You do have to wonder where all of this is going to lead. Is Liz Cheney angling for the support of moderate Republicans and independents in an attempt to run for president herself some day? If it’s possible to believe she truly CARES about banishing the big lie, she certainly would present a viable candidate in the next presidential election who checks a lot of boxes — conservative, competent and sane. If there are still enough Republicans and conservative independents out there who want that. It will be interesting to see what she does next.

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