Writing Bad Laws & Just Looking Away

Have you ever worked with someone who went out of their way to make it seem they were always busy and working hard when they really weren’t doing much of anything? When asked for an answer, they will likely issue a long memo with self-aggrandizing rewrites of history and finger pointing. Well, after losing a big election, the Republican party is going out of its way to appear they are very, very busy but they’re only being noisy while making America worse.

First, based on the big Trump election lie, they are pushing more than 170 laws under the guise of battling voter fraud but most of that legislation will only make it harder for people to vote. They big goal is clamping down on mail-in voting, even though that method has been used successfully for decades and some states use it exclusively. Many of these new laws just restate things already on the books but with more intimidating and stern language, while making voting more difficult for low-income folks, rural dwellers and those without a government ID.

Small Minded DeSantis

Next, some Republican governors took a stand against vaccine passports attempting to appeal to libertarian values. They don’t have the power to tell any company what to do and this will be determined by the courts in those states, not the governor.

And then, Florida passed an anti-riot act which codifies punishments for protesters who go too far, but it’s so poorly written that one could get arrested while crossing the street during a protest the authorities have declared is a riot. Nowhere in the law does is define terms, and peaceful activists will have no idea if part of their crowd has put the whole assembly in jeopardy of a felony. Here’s the best part. This proposed law gives anyone the right to drive their car into protesters who are blocking a street. Can you even believe that? It’s a kind of “stand your ground” with a two-ton weapon and it literally grants the driver immunity from prosecution. WTF?

And while the pen is still wet, governors like Florida’s Ron DeSantis have tried to limit liabilities for insurance companies after a disaster destroys people’s properties. Homeowners and attorneys have testified before the state House Commerce Committee that the new legislation would make it easier for insurance companies to lowball payments to homeowners with legitimate damage claims. Who are these people?

The Republicans come off like whiny little bitches when screaming about Dr. Seuss and the “Cancel Culture.” On top of that, they want to keep trans kids from playing sports. Not even a doctor’s verification that the student has gone through one year of hormone change therapy and deemed “NON-MALE,” will guarantee these kids a chance to engage in a sport of their choosing. They want to codify trans-gendered people as a separate class. Maybe they should take a page from history and declare every trans person as three fifths of a “regular person” and then just look away.

We have crumbling roads, bridges ready to fall into rivers and millions of Americans barely getting by during this pandemic, yet the Republicans have decided to attack and destroy democracy rather than working to make things better. I just don’t get it. Are they catering only to those who are ignorant about the dire need for action? Are they focusing their work solely on the sycophants who believed all of Trump’s bullshit? They are making no attempt to broaden their party and they’re not smart enough or talented enough to find a better path.

The Republican Party has come to a fork in the road. Many of them are doubling down on Trumpism and following the lead of Fox News. It’s funny to me how an entire political party has been hijacked by an idiot and continues to be manipulated by C-student talk show hosts. Sad.

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  1. The Republicans in the federal government are doing exactly what their constituents sent them there to do, “Stand athrwart history and scream no!” as William Buckley said. They no longer even try to distinguish between progress that probably has SOMETHING wrong with it, and any change that is truly harmful. In fact, if it is legislation likely to drive the loyal opposition crazy, they sit right down and say, “Tell me more.” To them, all progress, all change is suspect. But it’s a lot of hard work to turn back the clock, you see, so they’ve settled on throwing sand in the gears whenever possible. I don’t know how they live with themselves.

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