Sooner or Later, We Move On

After a cop was killed on Capital Hill on January 6, 2021, many people who flew both the Trump flag and the Blue Lives Matter flag put the Donald’s banner away, at least for now. Waving the colors of the election loser was bad for business. They are probably still disappointed and buying into the Big Lie about the election being stolen, but they don’t want to be associated with thugs storming Congress with a plan to kill the Vice President.

Our mainstream media outlets keep talking about Trump not so much because they want to give him oxygen but because it helps their ratings. Meanwhile, the “leaning towers of lies,” like Fox News, One America News Network and Newsmax continue to shovel the former president’s shit like the PTL Club used to sell Jesus. Do they really think that perpetrating the lie that Trump won the election is good for their brands? I guess so.

I’ve seen a lot of fads come and go, like hula-hoops, yoyo’s, Davey Crockett hats and fidget spinners. Social media is also a fad of sorts, one that’s really worn out its welcome, but with the start of each obsession a back-timer begins ticking down, and when it reaches zero, we slowly move away from whatever latest craze had hooked us.

In a sense, we have lived through several whims at once. I can best describe it as the era of “fake grievance.” The gap between the rich and the rest of us has grown, and we must wonder how rich people can ever expect they will become a credible voice of the downtrodden masses. But hey, you can’t possibly judge a flawed messenger when you perceive whatever he’s done as being good for you.

Donald Trump began by stoking hate and prejudge and then rode that to the top of the Republican heap. His regressive policies were never successful. If someone were to take the stage at a political event to proclaim, “We must do everything we can to make it harder to vote in this country,” most Americans would say that jerk is a jackass! However, those folks who believe in Don above Democracy don’t have the capacity to see that voter suppression is a form of racism. Even if they could understand that it wouldn’t make a difference. They don’t care about racism.

From the year 1619 to, like yesterday, racism was a craze; but the ticking timer has stopped, and the fad is fading. People do things that are far more subtle than locking their car door when they see a person of color approaching. Keeping Black people from voting wouldn’t be such a big problem for conservatives if people of color would just vote the way the Republicans want. Has the GOP never considered it’s their product that people don’t like? Even before I knew Ted Cruz was a Republican, I didn’t trust him. He came across as a fake grievance person.

There are folks spreading the lie that living in this evil country brings torment to their lives. Reality is not that exciting, so they follow some turd named QAnon and support  “his” fanatical stories to protest against the dark forces trying to topple their cult leader-handler. Trump doesn’t believe any of that shit. Hell, he can’t think much beyond a double-cheeseburger and dessert.

The 45th President spoke at the big CPAC coming out party, but his words and the rest of the gala were less than newsworthy. After a while, the same material is, well, the same. It’s all so boring and anyone with half a brain would ask the fallen leader, “If you are so damn smart and powerful, why aren’t you the president anymore? How did you let your election get stolen?” Oh, he can blame the Supreme Court, you know, the one that he claimed would “do the right thing” for his all-powerful self. He can also rag on Liz Cheney and other Republicans who had the balls to vote against him, but that all comes back to this question, “Then, you aren’t really a stable genius, are you?” The loser president publishes his enemies list, but who cares about who he hates?

Even this blog must find new ways to promote good government and change out the bad policies and politics that got us here. We cannot wait four years to change things; we’ve got to be active every year, every month, every day. Today we know that that the heir to the crown in Saudi Arabia ordered the murder of a journalist, yet we all sit numb. Why?

Mitch McConnell will look back on his part in history and probably ponder what would have happened had he convinced his caucus to convict Trump and disqualify him from ever again holding office. The poison will go away only by cutting into the snake bite and sucking out the venom. Mitch’s testicles couldn’t follow his heart. He’s just another political crack-house whore who won’t stop doing the heroin until he dies of an overdose. There you go, another fad of a person erased.

Trump told us that Obama is the founder of ISIS, a mean and unfair quip, but that’s just who he is. I say that Donald John Trump is the founder of CANCEL CULTURE. Yes, I know it was around before him, but he’s been the grand promoter of denigrating and dismissing others. He’s the person who verbally attacks others and they then pay the price instead of him. This must change. It’s time we hold Trump accountable for ruining people’s lives. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the wacko from Georgia, will pay the price. She needs to be canceled from the US Congress. Who is better for America, Representative Greene or Liz Cheney? Even this liberal can tell you, it’s Cheney.

Like all fads, Trump will slowly fade. Oh, he’ll continue to be in the news, for this lawsuit or that accusation of rape, for tax evasion or breaking laws to make more money, but in the end, his stickers, flags and signs will be in garages gathering dust and this stupid era of America will end. The Southern Poverty Law Center is currently tracking 838 hate groups in America, and they have published a map to help you find them. Thank you, Donald Trump, for leaving us this legacy. Your lack of attention gave them permission; your inciting rhetoric made them murderers. What a guy.

It’s a huge problem when grown white men need to buy guns and spread fear because they’re intimidated by people of color. America can never be united while some of its citizens misinterpret this amendment, “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” I sure would like to see that “well-regulated” part kick in right about now. Let’s start by getting to know the member names of each militia. That’s totally legal.

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One thought on “OBSESSIONS & FADS

  1. You packed a lot into this column. First of all, I would argue that mainstream media reports on the activities of Trump and his followers simply because it helps their ratings. There is a surveillance function to media coverage that tells us what we need to keep on our radar for potential developments in the future. We cannot IGNORE Trump away — as much I wish we could. We need to know where he, and his nightmare movement is headed. And I’m not sure how much of a “craze” racism is. Craze suggests something, usually benign, that will pass with time. There is no evidence that racism is going anywhere, just because we call it out for what it is. It is encouraging that some businesses have come to the conclusion that wearing bigotry and hate like a badge of honor does not help the bottom line. But that doesn’t mean they are over it. They’ve just learned what not to say. All the more reason we need to keep an eye on what seems to retreat in our society, but never really go away.

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