The Choice Between Cheney & Greene

The madness surrounding the newly elected representative from the 14th Congressional district of Georgia is a great example of how the Peach State has not only amazing power on the Hill but also a huge ability to stay in the news. Currently, hubbub is swirling around Roman Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. She’s from the small town of Rome, Georgia with a population of 36,000.

Cheney Vs. Greene

So, we have this brand-new Congressperson, who has claimed that tragic school shootings were stunts to make conservatives look bad, now assigned to the Education Committee of the House of Representatives. Excuse me, but this is goofy. At another time in our history, Greene’s videos, comments and posts would have kept her from getting elected to Congress in the first place but remember that her Democratic opponent dropped out of the race and the replacement candidate was hardly known.

But now, what to do about her? While the Democrats and reasonable Republicans want her to be punished in some way, there is also a group of about a dozen Republicans who want Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney to resign because she voted to impeach Donald Trump. So, we see tough working conditions in the body that governs working conditions. It’s funny how the US Congress often ignores its own rules. It was only a few years ago that they enacted stronger measures for handling sexual harassment in their chambers.

While millions of people are on unemployment insurance and hundreds of thousands of families are dealing with death from COVID, our congressional knuckleheads are dragging their feet about providing relief. The remains of a Capitol Hill Police officer are lying in state in the rotunda while these political losers want to argue about the mythical benefit of a “targeted” relief package. There is no way Congress can discern those who are unemployed. Even the Treasury Department doesn’t have that data; it’s secret, like Donald Trump’s tax returns. Quit quibbling and send out the money!

We have a vaccine that could end America’s COVID crisis, but its rollout is crippled by lack of supply and scattered distribution. It’s clear we need a national strategy, but don’t hold your breath because the people we sent to Washington won’t support a strong planner. They feel a need to mess with every niggling detail and their lack of focus prevents progress.

Here are my thoughts. First, let’s throw Marjorie Taylor Greene out of Congress and ask the Republican Governor in Georgia to send a more worthy representative to fill the seat. It’s a legal step and should be taken. Next, anyone who attacks Liz Cheney or demands she resign from Congress should lose all their committee positions. If Congress cannot uphold its own rules and policies, then they have no right to complain that Donald Trump’s impeachment trial is unconstitutional. The insane statements of Congressional members undercut citizens’ confidence in the body.

I know my position would raise concerns about the leaders in Congress undoing the vote of the people, but it’s done all the time. Florida voted to allow ex-cons to vote, yet the state’s Governor and Legislature created a law that prevented thousands of them from voting applying what amounted to a poll tax by using their debt against their right to vote. The 2018 amendment, which was approved by nearly 65% of Florida voters, ended the state’s permanent disenfranchisement of felons, but the politicians circumvented the peoples’ will by taking vote away from 1.4 million felons. Many of those were low level, non-violence drug law offenders.

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is a spineless human being who is not concerned with the voters. He’s focused on how Donald Trump will view him. What a weak leader! McCarthy cares less about what Marjorie Taylor Greene said about executing members of Congress and more about an ever-eroding base of voters who might storm the Capitol again. Trump and his mob have Kevin by the balls.

I am a Democrat who proudly defends Liz Cheney. She voted her conscience in an honest belief that Donald Trump incited the riot and presents a true threat to the long-term course of the Republican party. Sure, some accuse her of trying to up her brand and enhance her chance for more power, but that’s too simplistic. Liz’ Father Dick Cheney doesn’t like Trump and sees him as a short-term exploitation artist. Dick is not dumb; he knows how Washington and the world work. Liz is her own woman, but such a true replica of her father that he should be proud. Wait, did I just write that? Wow, out of body experience!

I suggest that when a crime is committed or a rule broken, we follow the guidelines of proper punishment and stick to them. If one promotes insurrection and a riot then takes place, the promotion becomes insurrection in and of itself. The penalty for insurrection is ten years. Maybe we should give the fat, orange guy five years and call it a day. We’ve got better things to do.

If we are truly a law-and-order country, we must stop applying rules differently across various classes of people. If we believe all men and women are truly created equal, then we must apply our laws equally. We need to stop wasting our time talking about stupid people and move forward. Creating divide does not achieve unity.

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  1. Anymore, when the Republicans cause a dust-up in Congress, I wonder from what they are trying to divert our attention. They know forcing the Democrats to force Taylor Green off committees creates ammunition for her to run again, and opens the door to them to do the same thing the next time they are in the majority — although their antics may make the majority not as easily attained as it usually is in mid-term elections. But what it really masks is the pants-wetting fear many Republicans have of their “base.” It was time for someone to stand up and say, “This behavior is NOT CONSISTENT with Republican values, and we are not going to serve it.” I applaud Ms. Cheney for her courage. Now get back in the kitchen!

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