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Right before Trump left office, he put together a commission to study and address schools applying a more accurate history curriculum about slavery in the US. It was mostly motivated by the 1619 Project published by the New York Times. One of the first things the 46th President Joe Biden did was to sign an executive order to dissolve the 1776 commission. For you to fully understand the context of this letter, you unfortunately might have to read this report: The-Presidents-Advisory-1776-Commission-Final-Report

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the 1776 Commission:

I read the lengthy complaint letter to America titled The 1776 Report and want to share my feelings and thoughts about what you and your cohorts have written. I read it all with an open mind, attempting to grasp your purpose and intent. As someone who cares deeply about this country and the issues you covered, I am compelled to express my raw reactions.

Here’s my basic understanding. The United States of America is not a person who needs its large ego to be defended but rather a homeland that needs to be protected. So, I assume your first goal is protecting American citizens from misinformation and bias. That’s noble, but sadly, it’s not the overall thrust of what you have produced.

I see this warning draped in flowery language, “…unrealistic hopes and checks against pressing partisan claims or utopian agendas too hard or too far.” Are you speaking about anyone who disagrees with your version of the truth? You quickly add that America has its “share of missteps, errors, contradictions, and wrongs,” and while that is true, your statement about being governed with “consent” is highly inaccurate. Not a single slave ever gave consent for their condition and women did not agree to being prohibited from voting for 144 years. Those are facts.

I’m glad your first report was your last because your findings prove a dramatic need for truthtellers and historians to put America’s errors and wrongs into proper context. Why should you get to write your “truth” without giving voice to those who endured the deep pain of their fight for equality? You point out that one of the tenants of our founders was to have “limited government,” but that government has evolved and has now paid you to provide your version of its history. Why is that? Has the Federal Government hired you to tell us citizens how we should think?

You talk about the “more problematic” movements that “seek to reject the fundamental truths of the Declaration of Independence and seek to destroy our Constitutional order.” Which movements are these? Why didn’t you name them? Are they the same boogiemen seen by McCarthy, John Birch and the KKK, or are they the immigrants seeking asylum in this free land only to be arrested at the border and have their children taken from them? Maybe you can’t point a finger right now because you’re far too busy trying to figure out who deserves those “eternal truths” and the “priceless inheritance” you mention.

You hide behind the smoke screen of a learned scholar while denouncing higher education itself as a bastion of communism, socialism and American haters. You cast the first stone yet also claim that anyone who calls our founders hypocrites is doing “enormous damage” and having a “devasting effect on our civic unity and social fabric.” Can you even imagine a young Black man in America pointing out the words “…all men are created equal…” and then asking why his ancestors were enslaved and treated like animals? Would you say his question was damaging our social fabric? How would you answer him? If your document is the answer, then you have profoundly failed every African American.

You write that “the institution of slavery has been more the rule than the exception throughout human history,” but you started that sentence using the words “the unfortunate fact…” Does the fact that it happened pervasively somehow make the reality less than immoral? Wrapping the word “fact” around tragic historical events doesn’t make them right, it just makes them indisputably horrible.

Senator Tom Cotton and President Donald Trump were behind your whitewashing of our history and much of what you have written is simply wrong. George Washington paid hunters to track and return some of his escaped slaves. Sure, Thomas Jefferson condemned the notion of slavery but ask Sally Hemmings how much she was paid to bear his offspring. The founding fathers were intelligent but flawed human beings. More to the point, they were HYPOCRITES. Now don’t get all ruffled here. To this very day there are still many hypocrites in Washington, and that is unlikely to change in our government.

The Slave Trade

Great Britain banned slave trade in 1807 and outlawed the practice of “owning” people long before the United States did the same. Check your calendar.  President Abraham Lincoln issued an executive order named The Emancipation Proclamation on September 22, 1862, long after Europe and Great Britain ended slavery. Since you are selling us on the need to understand facts, perhaps you should get yours straight.

Your explanations of the various dogmas and principals of tyrants and totalitarian governments reminds me of what J. Edgar Hoover tried to do to Martin Luther King, Jr. If one finds fault with America, then accuse them of being a communist, or worse, a Democrat. Your use of the term “Identity Politics” does not mask your clear “partisan claims or utopian agendas.” Caught you!

You advanced a lofty claim that everywhere “American troops went, they embodied in their own ranks and brought with them the principals of the Declaration, liberating peoples and restoring freedom.” What are you talking about? Did you forget about Vietnam? How about those “weapons of mass destruction” and other fabricated foes in whose name we gladly spit all over the Declaration of Independence? Have you noticed there’s not much liberation happening in Iraq?

I love America, and the strong feelings I hold for my home will not allow me to sit silent and watch your biased, politically motivated piece of misinformation being marched down Main Street masquerading as a parade of truth. Get this straight. A person who points out brutal truths can still be a patriot and a law-abiding citizen. America is getting better, but your commissioned report isn’t worth the price of the ink that printed it.

Thanks for your time.

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  1. You know what they say. Dissent is Patriotic. Divorcing history from the people who shaped it is no way to teach the lessons of the past from the people of the future. President Biden was right to cancel such a simplistic view of the American experience.

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