Clearing Trump’s Debris Field

I was living in Washington, D.C. when Jimmy Carter was elected president. Right after his win, I began seeing many Georgia license plates on the cars around town. It was an amazing, visual representation of the changing of the guard in the nation’s capital.

I am so curious about what will take place at the White House on January 20, 2021. Traditionally, the outgoing president and first lady host the president-elect and their spouse before going to the Capital together for the swearing in ceremony. The attendees usually include the vice president, members of Congress, Supreme Court justices, high-ranking military officers, former presidents, living Medal of Honor recipients, and other dignitaries. Only five former outgoing presidents have chosen not to attend the ceremony, and that list will likely grow by one this year. I can’t imagine Donald John Trump allowing himself to be seen in such a defeatist setting.

JFK, 1960

Trump would much rather have the title “former president” rather than “loser” or “one term president.” Still clutching the myth that he won the election, I have a feeling he will hold a rally during the inauguration, just to pee in the punch bowl. He’s never shown respect for America, democracy or our Constitution, and I’ll go out on a limb by saying he has no respect for the Holy Bible on which he laid his hand four years ago. However, maybe I should temper myself and allow a person without sin to throw the first stone.

Trump’s debris field is extensive. Here are some big picture items. First, let’s consider executive orders and the implications of each. To date, Trump has signed 203 orders. The new administration will have to review each one to determine if it can be unplugged by a new executive order, and how that might affect process and policy. Big job.

Next, we need to unravel the disastrous environmental changes and terminate agreements that upheaved areas such as the US-Mexico border. We must halt the destruction of federal lands and reverse the ridiculous Trump policies that disregarded climate change initiatives and increased pollution. There is nothing more important than our environment.

The wealth inequalities in our country have been skewed by Trump’s non-middle class tax cuts that gave more money to the upper 20% and cheated the lower 80% out of a better life. The deficit the Donald created with his foolish gift to corporate America must be reworked to get more tax dollars into the Treasury to pay for the COVID disaster. Yes, I’ll say it again. The pandemic’s damaging impact would have been must less if only the Trump administration had effectively managed it.

Unlike many others, I am not jacked up on the theory that more conservative judges means less democracy. Our judges looked directly through the eyes of justice when deciding the more than sixty lawsuits brought by Donald Trump in his feeble attempt to overturn the election that Joe Biden fairly won. Now they might overreach in the future on healthcare or pro-choice issues, but basic law precepts require a plaintiff to prove their case using facts, not fantasies. Yes, a new president will appoint judges of their choice, but the net effect will be a stronger judicial.

The biggest job Joe Biden and his team will face is using words and acts to restore confidence in our basic institutions. We must believe in the FBI, ATF and Homeland Security so that we don’t have to fear those miscreants who want to bomb and shoot us. We need to believe in the CDC, WHO and the National Institute of Health and rely on their medical guidance.

It’s time to end this hyper transactional attitude that has dragged down America these past four years. Productive and progressive life cannot be based on an endless “quid-pro-quo stream” in which decisions are based on the personal gain of the president rather that appropriate action for the masses. We need to stop the Trump minions from outrageous and idiotic acts such as placing the entire country of Cuba on a terrorist list. Policies like that are more vindicative that logical. Trump lost a past bid for a hotel-casino in Havana, and that is the reason he pushes normalization away from Cuba.

We must educate the masses about many complex concepts and challenging conundrums. Take China, for example. Our outgoing President has blathered on about China’s trade imbalance and theft of American intellectual property, but there are much deeper and darker problems there. The Chinese government is rounding up people of certain religions and cultures and making them work in labor camps. Human rights issues such as these must be confronted, but it’s complicated. We rely on China for their production lines and products and we will suffer for years without a proper peace treaty that reconciles their governmental overreach with our needs.

The most important goal of our new government is facing the COVID crisis and overcoming institutional inertia so we can start to make progress in fighting the virus. We must get 75% of the population vaccinated and bring forth a viable healthcare system for America’s future. We were totally unprepared for a global pandemic and its fallout will linger for a decade or more. Trump spent so much time, so many words, spreading misinformation about Obamacare that people have no idea how a more robust national health plan would have saved hundreds of thousands of lives. It’s time to be smarter and sharper. An effective health system is needed to keep our workers healthy and, oh yeah, working.

I don’t care what Donald Trump will do when he leaves Washington. If he starts a cable network, I won’t be watching. If he tries to force his kids on the Republican party of Florida, good luck with that. Here’s my big closer. We need more long-term planning and less government-by-tweeting. I don’t need a daily diatribe of the top guy’s grievances; I would much rather know what challenges we face and which improvements we made today. Where are we going and how are we going to get there? Over time, the answers to these daily questions will make America great again. Donald Trump is the conundrum. Ironic and simple, isn’t it?

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  1. I think the difference between the past and incoming administration is already evident, and will become more so on the first day. You point out that the Biden administration will have to review the 200+ executive orders to see which can be unwound. The Trump administration didn’t bother with that nicety. It merely swept aside anything that smacked of progress or thought, and instituted new fiats. Let the peasants figure out how to live with them. I sometimes wonder if the first four years of the Biden administration will be enough time to pull the brakes on the runaway garbage truck that is the legacy of the current occupant of the White House. I look forward to the future!

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