Trumpty-Dumpty Sat on a Wall

Trump time in America has been more cartoonish and Shakespearean than real. It reminds me of the old, storied nursey rhyme named “Humpty Dumpty” which was the nickname of a large cannon used during the English civil wars of 1642-1645. The cannon was placed atop a wall by Scottish fighters who were protesting England’s governance. A strategic shot from a Parliamentary cannon destroyed the wall beneath Humpty Dumpty. The cannon tumbled to the ground and gave us this great yarn, “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, Couldn’t put Humpty together again.”

Now that you know the rhyme is about a cannon and not a king it may make more sense. King Donald John Trump has been a loud and overly powerful weapon against democracy and lots of people have been shooting at him over the last four years. The only shell that landed anywhere near to the old, fat man was his impeachment, but that proved to be mostly a dud. It hardly phased him.

Trump’s resistance tried to destroy the king by hitting underneath him. While he kept saying he was a “stable genius,” his presidential footing was never firm. Trump broke the rules and then complained endlessly about how poorly he was treated. The final act of this drama has our spoiled brat president playing the martyr card right to the very end. He told us he couldn’t possibly lose to Joe Biden unless the election was rigged against him. Well, Donald, Joe got more votes, and you are the big loser.

The grand fall took place on November 3, 2020, and most of his power was obliterated as he dramatically tumbled to the ground with tens of thousands of lies swirling about him. He broke into many pieces, maybe as many as eight million, and all the people who could have helped put him back together are long gone. Trump is surrounded by lowlifes and grifters who would rather echo his lies than protect our democracy and Constitution. We’re all sick from four years of suffering this wretched egg allergy. It’s rotten and it stinks.

We have seen the worst from this President. Since Richard Nixon, we’ve had mostly normal and sometimes even boring presidents, but Trump takes the cake. He gets the extra scoop of ice cream because he believes the world owes him everything, when in fact most of the planet just laugh at him. Even the people he thinks are cool, like Putin, are now worried because Trump is fading away. Donald’s own actions and words show just how much our “great” leader was manipulated by Vladimir and others.

The stunt our President pulled last week by not signing the bill to keep the government running, to release state vaccine distribution funds and to provide Americans some financial relief from the pandemic was nothing short of demonic. His game playing went beyond the pale, a reference originating in 14th century Ireland which means going far beyond the boundaries of acceptable behavior.

Our media outlets have said various things about Trump’s behavior, but I salute Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post for soundly slapping the President. Their front-page editorial was straightforward, honest and clearly designed to sway the master liar’s game plan. “Give it up, Mr. President — for your sake and the nation’s” was a direct and hard-hitting headline, and it holds some water. After all, no matter what Boy Donnie says we all know he craves the respect of New Yorkers.

It’s not that the New York Post wants to stomp on the remains of Trumpty-Dumpty. It’s clear that his pieces cannot be glued back into any sort of decent human form in the next 22 days. The Post needs to get real! Trump is still going to pardon everyone he thinks could testify against him, could help him make money or has something on him — like photos or stories. Should President Donald Trump pardon Ghislaine Maxwell before he leaves office, I will take that as an admission of his guilt. Does Ms. Maxwell know something about Trump that could destroy him? Okay, maybe that sounds like a conspiracy theory, but it’s out there.

Jared Kushner got what he wanted, a pardon for his father. I guess that was more important to him than “peace in the Middle East,” and I’m sure he will counsel Trump about other lowlifes to set free. There truly are many lessons to be learned from this presidency, but how does an old nursery rhyme play into the Trump tale?

Humpty Dumpty is a story of risk, failure and perseverance. Consider Mr. Dumpty to be an anthropomorphic egg who tried to defy the odds but was met with disastrous results. Remember, Humpty Dumpty was the big cannon deployed by the rebel troops in their quest to overthrow the British government and restore a Scottish king to the throne. By 1645 the Scots were defeated, and then all holy hell came down upon my Scottish ancestors. The Brits even banned the tartan.

There are rich analogies between Humpty and Trumpty. Trump’s mother is Scottish, and according to Mary L. Trump’s book and recollections, Donald was raised to be the “chosen one.” This egg-shaped, belligerent, blowhard cannon, sitting on the wall with his little crown above his big fat shell, believed he could resist any attack with the shield of his next big lie. He was wrong. And we must never forget that whether it’s neo-Nazis, Confederate statues or election fraud myths, Trump is always on the side of losers.

Donald Trump’s logic and lies get more and more unreasonable and ridiculous because they are motivated by his inability to deal with either being criticized or losing. Most folks realize that he cannot apologize for anything, even when he knows he has royally fucked up. That’s the textbook summary of a pathological liar. Hey, look it up.

The Biden Embrace

Most of what Donald Trump says now means absolutely nothing. I watched Joe Biden on TV last night and empathized with those in Nashville and so many others who have suffered incredibly tragic losses during these holidays. The commentator followed up by saying, “President Trump has yet to comment on the Nashville explosion.” I looked at the TV and said, “I don’t need Trump to comment, I have already heard from my new president.” Biden is already assuming the role he’s has prepared for his entire life. He’ll know what to do. He’s already broken the Humpty Trumpty egg. Now it’s time to have some fun and fry the omelet.

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One thought on “ALL THE KINGS HORSES…

  1. I’m not sure at all that Trump is a “loser.” In the popular sense of the word, sure, but when you look at the amount of money that poured into his businesses from government coffers, the amount of publicity he got (and you know what they say — as long as you spell my name right), and the ATTENTION he garnered, I would say he had a very successful four years. I don’t even think he’s upset about losing the election so much as he is about losing the stream of government income that will dry up like a desert at the end of next month. Being a former president has a certain cachet, if you know how to use it, and I have no doubt Trump will try. But he and his devoted followers live in a universe all their own. Donald Trump will never be a loser to them — until the next shiny object comes along.

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