Time to De-Trump the Elephant

There is a certain ebb and flow to the American political system. The principles of balancing and reshaping are fundamental aspects of how we nurture and grow our democracy. The time is right for the next big change, and I’d like to propose a new political party. I call it the New Republican Party (N.R.P.).

Most pundits and even armchair quarterbacks say that Donald Trump is going nowhere. Well, he’ll certainly leave the White House but, like Dr. Evil, stroking his own ego, the orange guy is already plotting his next move. Republican resistance to Trump by the likes of Mitt Romney, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski has been weak and wimpy. Perhaps others, like Nebraska’s Ben Sasse, will figure out the path ahead for the Grand Old Party.

It mystifies me that the Republican National Committee would maintain its leadership and titular head after Donald Trump lost the election by more than eight million votes. Ronna Romney McDaniel, the daughter of Mitt’s brother Scott Romney, has been the chair of the RNC since 2017. Why are they keeping her in that role? Why is the person who lost the election, you know, THE LOSER, being given so much power and influence over the future of the party? The sun has gone down, but Trump refuses to accept defeat, and that’s one of the key reasons why the Republican party is being destroyed.

Core Republican values have been sacrificed by those ambitious fools who followed Trump into the black hole of defeat. Oh, some will justify their loyalty to Trump and Ms. McDaniel on the merits of down ticket wins, but maybe a new message will penetrate their thick, uninformed skulls should Georgia elect two Democratic Senators.

It’s like the college football coach who is beloved on campus but loses games more often than he wins. The board of regents will delay the inevitable, but eventually commit to their senses only when confronted with the reality that the guy is a LOSER! In the case of the Republican party, however, the best way out for party loyalists now is distancing themselves from this trashcan fire.

Before starting a new party, one must research ownership of the intended name, brand, or trademark.. According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the name Republican National Committee Unincorporated Political Association is trademarked, so that’s not a viable starting point for naming a new party. Interestingly enough, no one owns the name New Republican Party. The only similar trademark is New Jersey Republican Party.

So, there is a starting point. Some group should trademark the name New Republican Party, and appoint a leader or chairperson who is not presently in office to insure there would be no conflicts of interest as they begin to form the N.R.P. By the way, the Constitution does not speak of parties. All of the rules, procedures and policies related to parties were conceived, designed and implemented by Congress. The rules of majorities, minorities, caucuses and committees were the invention of politicians, not statesmen. In fact, George Washington feared that political parties would be the ruination of a more perfect union.

Our Founding Fathers

Political factions or parties began to form in 1787 during the struggle over ratification of the Constitution, but the present two parties were late to the party, so to speak. The Democratic Party was christened in 1828, while the formation of the Republican Party didn’t happen until 1854. Over the years, we’ve had Independents, who usually work with and vote with the Democrats. Currently we have a vital but weak Libertarian party. Along the way, other third and fourth parties, like the Green Party, have popped up in random places at various times, but our system works best with only two parties because that is the way it was designed.

The Speaker of the House is elected by the majority party in the House and the Leader of the Senate is elected by their majority. In fact, the sitting Vice President is the “President” of the Senate, and his or her biggest responsibility is breaking tie votes. The Speaker and Leader have amazing powers, and it’s unlikely that a third party would ever become a majority in the House or Senate. My intent with the New Republican Party, however, is not the establishment of a third party but rather a replacement of the existing, cancer-ridden Republican Party.

As a cult leader, Donald John Trump is amazingly effective, but as a politician, his leadership and communication skills are Neanderthal and ineffective. He says something, then takes it back, and then introduces a whole new concept based on the unknown electrical arcing within his brain. Without a platform based on thoughts, plans and words, the current Republican Party is but a toy for the madman, forced to bend to his whims, lies and un-Republican acts of sedition and treason.

Within the N.R.P., the intelligent, old-line Republicans would have a place for their loyalties and previous principles. If the founders of the New Republican Party were to write a platform that the members could read and understand, perhaps they would realize just how far they have strayed from the original values, principles and dogma of their group. It could be a starting point to forget about Donald Trump and his losing ways.

Trump is not a moderate. He’s a “free radical” which, in chemistry, denotes a molecule that contains at least one unpaired electron. Most molecules contain an even number of electrons, and the covalent chemical bonds holding the atoms together within a molecule normally consist of pairs of electrons jointly shared by the atoms linked by the bond. Donald Trump’s unpaired electron is his brain. He cannot escape it and he will never change. Words like “Trumpean” and “Trumpism” have sprung up in our language to describe his illogical moves, but they’re all wrapped up in one person. Let’s not forget that people die, and once gone any attempt by another to emulate them falls far short of the original. Thank God.

Mitt Romney is so entwined in old-line Republican thinking and his Mormon faith that many see him as too weak to lead the party into the future. The fact that his niece runs the party is a bit strange, and they will probably put losers in charge of their party. Could a name change to the Trump Party be a good idea for the RNC? I doubt such an extreme measure will happen, but Trump’s hijacking of that political party should be setting off alarms. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham have been so deeply kissing the large, white buttocks of the Donald that it’s no longer country first or even party first. It’s become a frenzy of false prophet worshipping. These folks should NOT be allowed to join the New Republican Party. Only REAL Republicans should be welcomed to participate.

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One thought on “THE BIRTH OF THE N.R.P.

  1. They can’t call it N.P.R. Then they’d have to vote to defund themselves, ala National Public Radio! It is entirely possible that a third party will emerge, but my guess is it won’t be a new Republican Party. It will be a party of fiscal and social moderates gleaned from BOTH major parties, who are discovering the furniture in both “homes” has been rearranged, and not to their liking. By catering to the extremes on the Right, Donald Trump has invited us to see what empowering extreme viewpoints on either side can produce. He could be as damaging to the Democratic Party as he is to the Republicans. Time will tell.

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