The Donald’s Delirious Defect

I competed in a lot of sports when I was a kid. Between hockey in the winter, baseball in the summer and football in the fall, I was constantly on the field and working hard to win. Most of my coaches preached the old maxim, “There is no ‘I’ in team.” We all learned the lesson of teamwork; the game is not about any individual.

When I grew and began working, I became wary of any manager who spoke in terms of “I did this” or “I decided that” or “I am the sole decider.” A person who constantly micromanages hardly ever asks their workers what they think. When there is success, they take the credit, but when something goes wrong they blame someone else. This is the hallmark of poor leadership.

This headline comes from Forbes, the well-respected magazine and website, “Trump Takes Credit For Vaccine Created By Others, Including Immigrants” The story points out that after the election Trump alleged that Pfizer withheld the positive results of the vaccine trials to hurt him politically. In fact, the pharmaceutical company did not receive the results of the trials until November 8, 2020, five days after the election. While Trump and his COVID infected lawyers are running around like decapitated chickens claiming huge election fraud, Trump is trying to take credit for a vaccine that he had no part in developing.

Yes, the US government stepped up and guaranteed payments for a certain number of doses, but that is something the NIH, CDC and Homeland Security could have pushed through using their budgets. I am amazed at how my Republican neighbors are quick to point out that Joe Biden had nothing to do with this vaccine. Yes, okay, true, but then Biden isn’t the president yet. How can you blame someone’s inaction in a process when they weren’t involved? It’s equally absurd that anyone would applaud the guy in the White House even when there is an “I” in vaccine. Thousands of people worked on this cure for decades, but the fat orange guy has no time to name them. He’s far too busy shoving them all aside as he stomps his way to the front of the line.

Do you remember the time when Trump pushed others aside to get farther ahead in line at the NATO Summit? If you forgot that moment, here’s the video to refresh your memory. Was that move obvious, totally, and it was not only embarrassing, but a great demonstration of Trump’s fragile ego. It’s ironic that the Donald denigrated NATO and its members for years, but when the cameras were on, he tried to look like a leader.

Trump’s actions, words and deeds regarding the COVID-19 global pandemic have been shocking and abysmal. They have led me to a new stance on the man’s competence. If you don’t believe Trump screwed us, I have no need to argue with you. It’s just a waste of energy and time to explain a truth you will never see. When the person at one of Trump’s “super spreader” rally events said, “I’m not afraid of COVID. We all got to go sometime,” I wonder how they would feel in a hospital ICU gasping for their final breaths. What a terrible way to die.

The farcical and fucked up way Trump’s legal team is shitting on democracy and our Judicial Branch is unforgivable, but our system of checks and balances will survive even if only one of its three pillars stands. When the Supreme Court was asked to take up the faulty, flimsy and fallacious case brought by US Congressman Mike Kelly, they didn’t take much time to render a decision. Kelly and his suit sought to throw out 2.5 million Pennsylvania mail-in ballots, attempting to undo President Donald Trump’s election loss there. The Supreme Court slammed the door in his face.

The Order on the Pending Case read: “The application for injunctive relief presented to Justice Alito and by him referred to the Court is denied.” Now, don’t get focused on Justice Alito’s name, that’s just a formality denoting the person who processed the application, not an indication of the order’s authorship. Because the order had no opinions, either pro or con, it’s clear the application was not considered at all but merely swatted away like an annoying fly buzzing around the lemonade pitcher on the back porch.

Since Trump wants credit, let’s applaud him for pissing off judges, spreading COVID to more than 52 members of his inner circle and being a buffoon on the international stage. Judge Emmet Gael Sullivan, who serves as a judge of the Washington D.C. United States District Court, wrote a 43-page opinion on the dismissal of the Michael Flynn case. He made the point that even though Donald Trump pardoned the lying, former Security Advisor, it doesn’t mean Flynn is innocent. Sullivan alluded to the possibility that Flynn could still be prosecuted because specific crimes were not listed in his pardon. That would be a challenge to the power of a presidential pardon, and someone should go down that road.

As for today, the needy guy in the Oval Office wants us to praise him for all the vaccines coming our way, even though his malfeasance is one of the major reasons why every state in the union is suffering with record numbers of daily cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

Trump’s need to take credit for the COVID vaccines is tantamount to my taking credit for the six Superbowl victories of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I was there, cheering, wearing my team shirt and being loyal to the club and its players. I tell you, people, IT WAS ALL ME! I am the smartest football fan and the most stable genius motivator of victory in the history of American pro football and, dammit, I want credit. Sure, there are some years when my team doesn’t win, but that’s not my fault. Sometimes the players don’t get it done, but when they win it’s all me.

If that sounds irrational, then you get it. If you believe me, I have some vaccine in the trunk of my car. Only $500 a shot. You in?

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One thought on “GIVE ME THE CREDIT!

  1. I can’t tell you how little I care who gets the “credit” for the vaccine. As far as Trump goes, history will decide what credit he receives, and based on history’s view of fascism and power grabs, I think “credit” for the vaccine, should it be awarded to him, will ring hollow in comparison to the other things in the life our democracy — or its demise — that he gets “credit” for.

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