Trump’s Insidious Truth-Bending

The President of the United States is claiming that foreign nations or domestic bad actors broke into our election systems to change the vote counts against him. Now you might think I am exaggerating this, but here’s a Twitter quote from the man himself: “REPORT: DOMINION DELETED 2.7 MILLION TRUMP VOTES NATIONWIDE. DATA ANALYSIS FINDS 221,000 PENNSYLVANIA VOTES SWITCHED FROM PRESIDENT TRUMP TO BIDEN. 941,000 TRUMP VOTES DELETED. STATES USING DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS SWITCHED 435,000 VOTES FROM TRUMP TO BIDEN.” Let me add some clarity to his words. Dominion Voting Systems is a corporation that makes and sells electronic voting hardware and software. Dominion is a Canadian company with US Headquarters in Denver. They have strongly and convincingly refuted Trump’s claims.

Internet messaging protocol suggests a person posting in all caps is SCREAMING! So, our crazy, current president is screeching his claims of fraud. His tweet inspired action in the intelligence community and they quickly responded with a news release. The group, including the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the National Association of State Election Directors, issued what appears to be a definitive coda to the 2020 vote.

“There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised. All of the states with close results in the 2020 presidential race have paper records of each vote, allowing the ability to go back and count each ballot if necessary. This is an added benefit for security and resilience. This process allows for the identification and correction of any mistakes or errors.” Do you know what? I’m going to believe these guys and not the President.

Biggest Crowd, PERIOD!

We are 69 days away from removing this narcissist from the White House. Most believe he will never concede to Biden or admit that he lost. As he has done over the last four years, Donald Trump seems to take joy in making things up, even if they embarrass our country or mislead our allies. Everyone in the world knows this man cannot be trusted, and many of them are lining up to phone Uncle Joe and congratulate him. They know it’s over; why doesn’t Trump?

This just in: the Pennsylvania law firm to bring the suit against the state wanting them not to count any mail-in ballots that arrived late but postmarked before or on Election Day, withdrew from the case. In the motion filed at 11:53 p.m. on Thursday, Porter Wright lawyers Ronald Hicks and Carolyn McGee — who work out of the firm’s Pittsburgh office — said the campaign was “in the process of retaining and causing other counsel” to take over the case. The attorneys said they and the campaign had agreed on the withdrawal, but Hicks and McGee were vague about the reason for their exit. I guess one cannot just make things up in court?

It’s shameful that the US State Department is not forwarding messages they receive addressed to President-Elect Joe Biden. It reminds me of a romantic breakup in high school, where two immature ex-lovers take inappropriate steps when ending their relationship. Yes, Donnie, it’s hard to take but can’t you suck it up? Everyone in the world thinks you’re a cry baby, even the Republicans.

Not letting GSA Administrator Emily W. Murphy execute the transition paperwork to facilitate activities, budgeting, office space and, most importantly, daily national security briefs for Biden is a childish, high school maneuver that will be challenged today by several high-ranking Republicans. The President is more focused on firing people he doesn’t like before Christmas, than fighting the virus or facing the fact that he lost the election! Get over it, Donald!

Truth-bending is just as harmful as lies, and some of his supporters say it’s just Donald’s “cute way.” The truth is, Trump’s main method of operation is always based on made up stuff because he won’t take any time to understand the truth. I’m sure you have known people who grab onto a belief early in life and then make it a focus. A well-respected businessman once told me to never trust a man who smokes a pipe. Okay, lots of smart and worthy men smoked pipes but this guy locked onto that one incorrect belief.

Bad Face Day

I have this thing about Trump’s makeup. A few men in my past wore makeup. One professor I studied under wore a light covering on his face. I always thought he was covering up his closeted homosexuality. I worked in theater and was around a great deal of makeup in those days, but that had a purpose of entertainment. Why is Donald John Trump orange?  Seriously, why? When he holds his hands up near his face you can see the vast difference in hue between his mug and fingers.

The lawsuits and the scam of raising money to help him save America from this “rigged election” precisely align with his usual ways of dealing with life challenges. He never looks in the mirror, takes off his makeup and calls it a day. He is driven to call people late at night to bolster his frail and damaged ego. What is most disturbing is the way his rhetoric and deceit have been adopted by other people in high places. When Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick was confronted with the findings of the Heritage Foundation that no widespread voter fraud was uncovered in America, he bluntly blurted, “They are wrong.” That’s it, Dan? That’s all you have? Where’s your evidence or proof? Remember, the Heritage Foundation is a conservative think-tank that picked all of Trump’s Supreme Court nominations. Just saying something is NOT TRUE doesn’t make it so. It makes the person speaking the words look stupid.

Without facts and evidence, no one should believe anything Trump says. I cannot believe I am saying this about a US President, but it’s true. Trump lies about almost everything. Those times he uses an unrelated fact to “prove” an untruthful statement are nothing more than lies. It’s similar to the way some believe that that saying, “All Lives Matter” defeats the slogan Black Lives Matter, which they fear means “White Lives Don’t Matter.” A bad cop, regardless of race, is a bad cop. I don’t have to add that “not all cops are bad” to soften the danger or reality of bad cops.

The best thing now would be some adult forcing Trump into normal order so our long-standing traditions can move us toward a peaceful transition. I don’t need to see Joe and Don sitting in the Oval Office, awkwardly and uncomfortably posing with each other. I don’t need to see Donnie and Melania standing behind the Chief Justice swearing in Joe Biden in as the 46th President of the United States. Those things would be nice, but realist-me understands they are not likely.

Nothing about Trump is nice. We wish him well, but good riddance! “Don’t let the door hit you where you sit.” Oh, and see you in court, Donald!

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  1. The president isn’t “in denial” about the election and is not “slowly coming to terms with his loss.” He is very deliberately trying to embarrass the incoming administration — and the nation — by forcing some kind of action against him. We are being punished.

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