Donald Trump’s America is Sickening

Tomorrow, millions of people will cast their votes for President, Vice President and thousands of Congressional and state seats. My final argument in this last post before the election is not in support of a candidate. It’s against Donald John Trump.

Goofy President

I have never liked Trump. He was a silly publicity whore in the city that never sleeps and most intelligent people in New York didn’t take him seriously. He was a harmless game player when not in power and an insufferable braggart when he was. People got sucked into the myth watching him play fake boss on the Apprentice TV show. We love a drama and are intrigued by conflict. We get drawn into storylines that make no sense at all but still we want to predict the outcome.

I remember two co-workers at the water cooler having an intense conversation about a person named Omarosa. I was amazed at the emotional intensity of their conversation. I later realized that she was a reality TV character whom everyone seemed to hate. She was a villain of sorts in a show where the person who fired everybody was a hero?

As I watched the news yesterday and saw hundreds of Trump supporters surround the Joe Biden campaign bus in Texas, forcing them to cancel a stop on the trail, I wondered about the things Trump has done. He’s a huge part of the “cancel culture” he derides and the villain of free speech. The Donald attempts to intimidate with his tweets, speeches and rallies, but he’s just a greedy fool. Once he recovered from COVID he didn’t care if anyone else became infected. This is the scum Trump is leaving behind — EMPATHY FREE AMERICA! Who would want to live there?

After Trump was elected President, he named Omarosa, the antagonizing villain from his TV show, as the Director of African American Outreach. I’m not sure what she did in that role, short of just sitting behind Trump during meetings, but she eventually saw the light and turned against him. She was reimaged as a disgruntled, fired employee who the cult of Don did not take seriously. Those people would demonize Jesus Christ himself should he dare question Trump.

The fired-up followers use the word “traitor.” That’s the label they slapped on John Kelly, James Mattis, Stanley McChrystal, H. R. McMaster, Martin Dempsey, David Petraeus, Paul Zukunft and Joseph Dunford. These high-ranking Generals and Admirals have been disgraced by their Commander in Chief. Why? They have been demeaned not for losing a battle, but simply because they spoke out against Trump. The scum this president has slathered over the military is appalling. Notice how these days Trump talks more about police departments than the military. Donald, local cops will stand down when the military steps in, so don’t count on them for your coup.

Disbelief in Science Look

One of the things Trump doesn’t comprehend is that YOU CANNOT FIRE THE VIRUS. And this needless attack on Dr. Fauci for telling the truth is a desperate act of a delusional lunatic.

If Trump is such a great president, why do so many people hate him? Why do so many people talk about rescuing democracy by voting him out? Why are so many people voting? Ensconced in his bubble of enablers and co-liars Trump believes they are his supporters getting out the vote, but statistically a greater number of voters tend to help Democrats. Donald was never good with money or math.

The scum that Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Mark Meadows and the rest of the cult capos initially spread across this democracy was thought to be PARTY FIRST, but now it’s become TRUMP IS INFALLIBLE. They know it’s not true, but they are weak human specimens. If they genuinely believed they were protecting the country from unnecessary spending, then they made a huge mistake. President 45 has taken them to the cleaners. When Trump leaves office America will be trillions in debt, so why is keeping Trump in power so important to them? MONEY, their own money.

Almost half of those in Congress are millionaires. They earn more than $400K per year and they will have to give up some of their money when Biden takes over. They are part of the ever-growing 1% wealth class who will do anything to keep their cash, including committing murder. They don’t care about pre-existing conditions.

People get their underwear in a knot when I talk like that, but there is no way to tighten Donald Trump Junior’s briefs firmly enough. Why is that guy allowed to speak in public? He makes the characters in the TV show Succession seem empathetic and likeable. Trump Junior said the number of Americans dying from the coronavirus amounts to “almost nothing.” If fact, as I am writing this, there are about one thousand American COVID deaths every day. Hey Trump Junior, if one of your kids or girlfriends was dying, maybe you wouldn’t think it was nothing. Oh, while I have your attention, GO FUCK YOURSELF!

Dumb Don Jr.

I have always been opinionated and firm in my beliefs, but since Trump has been in office, I’ve become a monster. I got thrown off Twitter, for life it appears, and my posts elsewhere have become more direct and vitriolic. I deeply want to wash this scum off my body and mind this week. I can only hope that Trump is not the sore loser we have seen over the last four years. If he’s thinks it through, and that is not a given, he will take a potential loss properly, by just smiling and walking away. If he does anything illegal to attempt a takeover of the United States, we will march to Washington and remove him from office. That’s what good Americans do when our freedoms are challenged.

The stench and scum of this presidency will last for a long time, but here is a start. William Barr should be disbarred and charged with malfeasance of duty. Dr. Scott Atlas should lose his medical license. Mitch McConnell should be forced to resign from Congress. Lindsey Graham, if reelected, should be stripped of all committee assignments. Congress should get to work on strengthening our oversight laws and creating a firm punishment protocol for those who ignore subpoenas. And finally, while we reform the top judicial processes, let’s add two Justices to the Supreme Court and not replace the next two who die or resign. It will be a rejigger of the juggernaut. Term limits on all elected officials should be imposed at the federal level, including judges. No one is above the law and no one should be gifted a job for life.

If you are shortsighted and ignorant, go ahead and vote for Trump. Satisfy your greedy needs. Since you are reading this you are probably already in the choir, but I warn you it’s not over yet. We have a long way to go to fix the Donald-damage. I just hope I live long enough to see him GONE. Should you want to give me a Christmas gift, an orange winter jumpsuit to match his makeup would really be a nice, warm touch. Okay, it’s time now to VOTE FOR AMERICA.

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  1. I, too, can’t wait to return to my real self. I kind of wish the president WOULD declare victory on election night. It would make it that much more humiliating if he is found to have lost, and that clip is played over and over again. While he may always have been a buffoon, I don’t think he was ever harmless. During his first campaign there were stories of small businesses he stiffed, loans he defaulted on — why were these not a warning that the was someone you couldn’t trust? We have a chance to fix this NOW — a chance that may not be there if we have four more years. And I have suspected that his recklessness would encourage Congress to rein in the power of the presidency, but I thought it would begin to happen immediately after he took office. I did not count on the enablers. Now, the concern will be that, should he lose, Congress will render the presidency toothless. That could be a problem of another stripe. But we must move forward, and deal with what happens as it happens. Where we are now is a very bad place, indeed. GO VOTE!

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