Demented Man Behind the Curtain

Donald John Trump is an endangered species. If we were watching a TV show, this villain would escape from the prison/hospital to infect the populace and create a zombie apocalypse. You know, that’s not far afield from where we are now.  Trump is doing everything he can to hurt people, and it’s astounding that old-line Republicans are looking the other way. They are complicit and have lost all control of their dark, dumb, spellbinding cult leader.

I tried to muster some sympathy for the orange pumpkin, but his words and actions have more than angered me. I get it. He’s a showman with all available gray matter directed at his next stunt. This pompous desire for publicity comes at any cost, even his own life. It’s almost as if he has a death wish, but there’s a bigger problem. He’s willing to kill you to get want he wants. I have zero sympathy for this derelict, damaged man.

Here is an idea to consider after all this is said and done. The doctors who attend to the President’s health should NOT be part of the military. That’s patently unamerican. They are under his command and, in this case, are obviously being manipulated for political gain. Shameful.

Now we learn that the White House disagrees with the CDC guidelines and will not permit them to do their job with contract tracing of those who attended recent political events that turned out to be super spreaders. The West Wing is riddled with positive COVID-19 cases, and Trump has decided to go back into his den of disease, mask-less. There are those political figures who repeat, “Nothing to worry about, I’ve been tested.” Getting tested doesn’t mean you are immune; it just indicates that you are negative AT THAT MOMENT. Constant testing does not protect a person. These people are more than idiots; they are putting themselves in harm’s way. Do they, too, have a death wish?

One of the things Donald Trump repeated to famed reporter Bob Woodward is that he wants to play the virus down which, in a sense, is a denial device. Every now and again we all use that trick to fool ourselves. When I see a young person smoking a cigarette, I often toss a snarky remark like, “You know, those things can kill you?” The person usually looks up and says, “I know. I’ve been trying to quit.” It’s immoral using lies to numb citizens to a threat against their health and life. I don’t care about Donald Trump. I just want to reduce unnecessary death in my country.

I don’t want Donald Trump’s opinions on anything. I wouldn’t let him handle my money, I wouldn’t permit him anywhere near my family and I certainly wouldn’t trust him with my health and life. For him to portray himself as an expert on anything, other than being a Trump, is pure fantasy. I have never liked him, respected him, trusted him nor wanted him anywhere near the leadership of this country. From his first day in office, he has demonstrated his lack of concern with the commonwealth and common good of our people. He’s a fool, an ass, a halfwit, a nincompoop, a dunce, a dolt, an ignoramus, a moron, an imbecile, a dope, a dullard and a douche bag. You get the picture.

According to Donald’s first wife, Ivana, Trump studied Adolf Hitler’s speeches in bed at night. Maybe that can help explain his reluctance to putting down Neo-Nazis and white supremacists in this country. Trump admitted to Bob Woodward that he likes the tyrants more than the allies. Why? He couldn’t answer that.

In 1927, Donald Trump’s father was arrested after a Ku Klux Klan riot in Queens, New York. Newspaper articles list Fred Trump, of 175-24 Devonshire Road, as one of those arrested. According to the US Census, Fred C. Trump lived there with his mother. Was Donald’s father a devotee of the KKK or just an everyday Nazi sympathizer, or did he just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? There is evidence that Donald’s father was anti-Semitic, racist and pro-Nazi. Did his son acquire those biases?

Many of us have been in a car with a driver who had too much to drink. The first thing we try to do is get that person to allow someone else to drive. Typically, they are belligerent and difficult and cannot process warnings about dangers on the road ahead. Right now, we have a drooling drunk behind the wheel of the White House who is hopped up on steroids and other COVID meds and he’s not about to relinquish the wheel. Trump says he’s never used drugs, but his grand hospital escape proves that he shouldn’t be left alone with those drugs. He’s addicted to fame, and the steroids will only amplify that human flaw.

Many of the Donald’s supporters are walking away now. The stock market hates uncertainty, but I hate insanity, especially in a person when rules my life. Trump isn’t personally controlling me right now, but if he gets reelected there is no telling what he will do next. I am certain America can never maintain its greatness and regain health with Donald Trump in the White House. If I could push a button to remove him right now … ah, already pressed, didn’t work, yet.

The book that tells it like it is…

Gold, God, Guns & Goofballs: If you only read one chapter of this book, try “Take a Knee for America” and think about our never-ending conflicts between minorities and the police. I’m not asking you to take a stand but having a deep and honest conversation about why some people think the way they do would be productive. This is a book for the moment which seeks to start a conservation about peace. And if you are worried about social media, you really should check out the chapter called “Social Media Menace.”

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