Presidential Clarity Is Imperative Now

This is painful. It’s hard to stay inside and not get close to people. The COVID-19 crisis has placed a cloud over the world and it’s damn depressing. People are dying and medical workers are ill equipped to deal with these health emergencies. To add to this sense of malaise, Trump’s poll numbers are going up. The fact that he denied coronavirus was a problem, made fun of it at a rally and was paralyzed with inaction makes those numbers quite numbing. I believe the figures are caused by surveying the same people who are hoarding toilet paper and eggs. Of course, we cannot blame Donald Trump for the virus, but it’s important that we know as much as possible about what he did and didn’t do to help America.

It’s no big secret that I have always felt that Trump is unfit to be president of our great country, but when we turn to our leaders during horrific events, we want them to lead and succeed. There are times when people should come together and unite. There were even a few times when Trump got my attention and made me feel a little better, but all too often he screws up the message and the feelings with his attacks on people. His blatant appeal for praise and the notion that those states which treat him right would get more attention and supplies was disgusting. This is not the time for a president to take on a mafia-like philosophy of “you are either with me or against me.” Trump is too lazy to bring people together and has a serious and tragic personality disorder that makes him pick fights and cause pain.

Life is too short to demand that your fellow citizens kiss your ass for vital health services, medical supplies and coronavirus test kits. We should all be aiming to shorten the life of this virus and, when we achieve it, maybe we need to pick a different President. When the Donald lies it hurts people and impedes progress. The long inconsistent, vindictive and misleading press conferences are total bullshit! People are dying. Finally, Trump comes to his senses and extends the quarantine until April 30th. Why did he tease Easter?

If Trump makes the mistake of opening sections of the country for commerce and trade and normal activities, he could trigger the spread of COVID-19 in those areas. What convoluted logic brought Trump to this idea? Oh yeah, the drastic stock market declines. He’s obsessed with money and truly believes a stock market failure will be his Waterloo.

Donald John has another misconception that hurts us even more. He sees territories, borders and boundaries as hard-fixed containment areas. He has told us that Mexicans were rapists and we must keep “them” all out of our country. These lies and generalizations are harmful. When he talks to people like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a small-minded man at best, he gets all tweaked up on the idea of state borders being lines of containment. The assumption is that everyone from New York is a risk and DeSantis wants to check people at the Florida border and demand those from the Empire State self-quarantine for 14 days. The checkpoint was so disruptive and caused such a traffic jam on I75, it was closed after a short while. What a waste of gasoline. The equally stupid Governor of Rhode Island, Democrat Gina Raimondo, has ordered law enforcement officers to stop cars and knock on doors in coastal communities to identify people who’ve been to New York State. Yes, that is just what the people need, Rhode Island State Police breathing right in their faces. The number of coronavirus cases in our police forces is frightening. We are the United States of America, not independent units of chemical containment.

We cannot and should not stop truckers and trades people who form the critical supply chain of food and medicine. They must be able to freely cross state borders without being delayed or stopped. Yes, they could unfortunately be spreading the virus but that is not their fault. It’s demonstrative of the virus’ disrespect of borders and walls. A virus is not a Mexican rapist, Mr. President.

I don’t care what kind of poll-bump Trump gets from his grandstanding and misinformation occasionally cloaked in care. I do love our country and want this purgatory to end soon. The fact is that America was woefully unprepared for this crisis. We didn’t plan for a pandemic because the guy at the top doesn’t focus on science and has no interest in discussing it. If you don’t understand climate change, how could you possibly wrap your head around a virus that could bring the world economy to its knees?

We will learn much more over time, but do we have time? When Trump eventually pulled back from his loosely referenced and vague quarantines of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, but not before he commanded the Centers for Disease Control and Protection to issue a 14-day travel advisory. He obviously doesn’t comprehend that most people in those areas are already sheltered-in-place and going out only to buy food or get tested for the virus. He is incapable of critical thought and information processing.

Right now, we need clarity. There is no one managing Trump’s messaging. There is no General Kelly to suggest ways to get the message out without belittling the messengers. Why spear the media, when it’s doing all it can to get the message out to all Americans? I don’t have time to wait through the long commercial breaks at Fox News to witness their viewpoints and propaganda. I want to know what to do today.

The daily press coverage of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is most helpful and sometimes inspiring. Trump’s daily cameo appearances at the Task Force press briefing only make me angry. Why is Donald Trump making anyone angry right now? He doesn’t get it. If only he could blow off his bullshit bluster right now and become a leader, he might just merit another term. If we had Trump and Cuomo in an election today, Trump wouldn’t win.

We desperately need presidential clarity right now to protect lives. Trump immediately needs to lose his negativity and over-analysis. He’s not a straight shooter and his laborious status reports dilute the useful dissemination of important information. Trump is presently overthinking the obvious actions and underthinking the quick fixes that could make a difference. He’s a deer standing in the middle of the road and staring at oncoming headlights, not knowing which way to go. Instead of standing and staring he needs to be enacting a plan to have companies manufacture medical items needed now. He’s unable to see that having both the states and FEMA compete for supplies is appalling. Trump is not the president for a crisis. He’s just a former reality star who fails to see and deal with reality. We keep saying we are in this together, but most days I don’t believe Donald Trump is with us at all.

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