Trump Denies Virus and Stock Market Drop

Donald Trump must wake up every morning and discuss with himself what he will say that is contrary to anyone with knowledge of a matter might pronounce. I know this might sound mean, but he reminds me of a decrepit, homeless guy sitting on an old, greasy, wooden crate outside the convenience store giving advice to those just wanting to buy a newspaper. The difference is the penniless man could never afford the makeup Trump wears and, quite frankly, wouldn’t emasculate himself by wearing it.

With Bernie Sanders running around America screaming his dogma to rabid crowds of under-thirty-somethings who want someone to erase their college debt and spread the wealth to those who have been screwed by the 1%, we still have to face some facts.

The US has increased its debt substantially under Donald Trump’s rule. The federal government wouldn’t start paying down debt for 15 years, but Trump promised he’d do it in eight years. Gee, I guess he lied. According to NBC News, “…even under the rosy projections of Trump’s budget-writers, Washington would run annual deficits adding to a red-ink total that already stands at more than $22 trillion.” The headline in NEWSWEEK states it more clearly, “NATIONAL DEBT INCREASED BY $3 TRILLION DURING DONALD TRUMP’S THREE YEARS AS PRESIDENT.”

The world is interconnected environmentally, economically and human health wise, and Trump is doing more harm than good on all three levels. Let me pour salt into the self-inflicted wounds of the Donald by quoting an article recently penned on by Chelsea Clinton, “Unfortunately, President Donald Trump has taken actions that many doctors and experts agree will leave the US less prepared to respond to COVID-19. He has eliminated the position of Global Health Czar and has repeatedly proposed cuts important to global health funding — thankfully that have failed to pass in Congress.” So, Trump’s thickheaded and incorrect opinions on science and medicine are just one reason why he’s a terrible president, but on this one he’s going to actually kill people.

Economically, his vindictive and vile attitudes toward countries which make parts for the economic and manufacturing machine here in the US proves that he and the lightweight experts he’s assembled don’t quite understand that his America First chant will not quickly and productively change a perceived imbalance. It affects everyone when a Subaru dealer tells you that he thinks the coronavirus could interrupt deliveries of 2020 automobiles. When the stock market falls one-thousand points in a day we see proof that smart money managers know more about how the global economy works than the President of the United States. Who put this idiot in charge?

Trump makes a 24,000-mile round trip to India to bask in the sun and hundreds of thousands of sycophants who mirror the xenophobic rants of Prime Minister Modi and, in a way, Donald Trump. While Trump is away, he says the coronavirus is under control and the stock market is just fine. He believes he can bend metal with his lies and change the course of rivers with his “wisdom.” He’s making as much sense as the guy sitting on the wooden crate, begging for a dollar to buy soup. You might hand him a buck, but his medicine doesn’t come from the soup kitchen.

Just when you think Trump’s global disconnect couldn’t possibly get worse, he turns his attention to domestic enemies. He has declared war on all government employees who he believes are not loyal to him. The reports claim that the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is putting together a list of people to fire or replace. Who put her in charge of anything related to our government institutions? As I recall, she’s nothing but a right winged, opinionated nut job.

As for the Supreme Court, a Donald Trump tweet, has asked that Justices Sotomayor and Ginsberg recuse themselves “…on all Trump, or Trump related matters!” Yes, folks, he has ruined the Republican party, thus lowering the standards of the Legislative branch, he has destroyed the Executive branch with his people and policies and now he’s going after the Judicial branch. He’s nothing more than a homeless, heartless, fat, old man with the power to fuck up our entire country. Someone, or something must stop him. Congress should have removed him when they had the chance.

Trump’s handling of the virus spreading across the world will clearly demonstrate his lack of wisdom and respect for science. When George Washington came down with a bad cold the week of December 14, 1799, he kept saying he didn’t need a doctor. His advisors told him he should have a medical professional look at him. He finally agreed and the first doctor said he was very sick, and he drained some blood from the retired President, following the available science of that time. When George didn’t get better, another doctor came by his Mount Vernon estate and drained yet more blood from the father of our country. By the end of the night, George Washington was dead. it wasn’t that science lost; it was just bad science. Washington died because he and his advisors just didn’t know any better.

Trump doesn’t know better, because he doesn’t try to know better. He sees enemies in every shadow, trickery in every negative news story and a lack of desire to get to the bottom of anything. He knows it all and never needs to ask. He will never be a good leader and the title of statesman will never be spoken with his name. We need someone who thinks. Donald Trump doesn’t think; he just argues.

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