The Lingering Stench of Trump

Some people just don’t how to pick people. Donald J. Trump will go down in history as a person who assembled the wrong people for the wrong reasons, then did everything he could to get in their way and make things worse.

The latest flaw in the Washington slaw is the process that Trump has brought to the selection of Supreme Court picks. He jobbed out the real work to the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation, without any regard for vetting. What a mess we now find ourselves in. It shows that the good-old-boy network sees only the good in whatever boy they fancy.

The headline blazing across my local paper reads: KAVANAUGH ACCUSER COMMITS TO HEARING, while my phone is buzzing the bulletin: SECOND ACCUSER COMES FORWARD. The new allegation comes from one of Kavanaugh’s classmates from his early years at Yale University. This basketball lover and sports fan pledged a fraternity at Yale that was less about intellectual endeavors and more about “party-party” drinking and hanging with the ladies. So, now we have one accuser from high school and one from his undergraduate level. Can law school be far behind?

There was something born out of the women’s movement in America that labeled certain men male chauvinist pigs. In the locker room, there was a lot of “boy talk” that involved scoring in several ways. It was important to win on and off the court. But before the gray haired, over-the-hill gang on the Senate Judiciary Committee rolls out the “boys will be boys” excuse for these alleged infractions of decency, we must wait for the “girls” on the same committee to stir up enough dust to make Thursday’s hearing must watch TV.

In this #MeToo era, will male chauvinism get acquitted or will America throw the book at the person who really deserves it, Donald Trump? Trump has walked away from similar allegations scot-free. Without proof of the Donald’s actions, we have only his words on the Access Hollywood tape. We heard his belief that because he was a celebrity he could grab women, any woman, in the crouch. This proves his chauvinism and pushes him into the pig club, yet some of the country still elected him President.

The people who most want Brett Kavanaugh on the high court are the same people who gave the Donald a pass on his pussy grabbing. The evangelicals in America should pray that God will have forgotten their misjudgment on this ghastly, horrible President when judgement day comes.

The suburban, educated women in America are not going to take this malpractice in the highest office in the land. No, they will try to vote for some control over this clown car of a presidency. It’s now clear why the Republicans were rushing a vote in the Senate to confirm Kavanaugh. They were worried about more women coming forward. This Bill Cosby – Harvey Weinstein time in space shows we are getting better at public power to moderate government, but it cannot stop with this loser Kavanaugh. There is an orange cancer on the head guy of this presidency.

The Bob Woodward book FEAR demonstrates in exactitude the ineptness and lack of thoughtful direction in this White House. The problem is Trump, and nothing will ever get better while he remains the President of the United States.

There are moments in history that attempt to force us backward. How we respond to those unnecessary divisions and diversions is a real shining light on the hill moment. We either wake up to that fact that these old white men on Capitol Hill want our daughters to be controlled and used by men, or we sit back and close our eyes to bad people. We need to be better than this.

Our daughters know that sexual misconduct is not okay. Our daughters will rise to this occasion and take a stand. Maybe treating women poorly is not a high crime, but, in my book, attempted rape and indecent exposures are, at least, misdemeanors. Funny how quickly Al Franken was sent packing, while the Republicans enable Donald Trump and his lack of proper judgement. They see only THEM, not the American people. Trump focuses on his base, while the rest of America is finally seeing he’s an idiot.


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